Yamaha YAS-109 Review (2.2 CH Soundbar)

Yamaha YAS-109 Review


2-Channel Configuration


Built-In Wi-Fi & Ethernet Connectivity


Up to 120W of Total Power


Amazon Alexa Built-In





  • Clear, crisp sound signature
  • Multiple sound modes
  • Alexa and Spotify Connect built-in
  • Wi-Fi connection


  • No discrete subwoofer
  • Virtual surround can add sibilance

This has been long time since we continue checked what Yamaha offers to the noise bars . And if they may possibly perhaps not have such routine annual releases and also wide line-ups like any other makers as LG and Samsung the couple versions they attract in the marketplace have acquired incredibly favorable opinions by the buyer industry.

The Yamaha YAS-109 can be really a solid bar that goes back from the lower-middle grade segment along with a price near $200 that can be an extremely competitive spot to become using an immense number of audio bars combating to the very best location. This version has been one solid bar device with no passionate subwoofer and since such is aimed to become utilised in rather tight areas and chambers and also in overall in locations in which a subwoofer has gone going of this matter.

However, exactly what does such a device contributes to the dining table? In theory that really is really a 2.2 channels seem bar of course in the event that you would like to know about any of it numbering we’ll assess it again shortly. It’s an overall total of 120 volt of electricity, also it supports Dolby Digital, DTS and DTS digital:X, also is sold with WiFi and Bluetooth and can be built with loads of further features such as Amazon Alexa, Spotify along with Amazon Music streaming, higher Resolution Audio and program controller which will surely create such a very low priced option even more fascinating.

However while further features are fine to have people have experienced that an growing quantity of lowcost noise bars that offer lots of extras too it is while in the noise performance at which this conflict is going to be set. Thus without a further delay let us start this particular investigation.

Design, Inputs and Features of Yamaha YAS-109


Yamaha audio bars not functioned to its design awards regardless of matter which version you want. Their designs targeted chiefly for an extremely unbiased appearance, yet one who wouldn’t draw out the look or attention complete superior also it appears their hottest releases comply with precisely the exact same rule too.

Even the Yamaha YAS-109 really is a reasonably compact component which measures only 3-5″ x 2-1/8″ x 5-1/8″ (890 x 5-3 x 131 mm) plus a burden of 7.5 pounds (3.4 kg) it produces positioning either to a single home furniture or onto a wall socket much simpler than you could consider. With such a brief period the audio bar may match well below TVs which are smaller compared to 49″ and consequently which makes it perfect to your broader audience.

For whatever rationale Yamaha made a decision to wrap the noise bar totally at a dark fabric that goes to both sides and then cuts the top rear. To have this in-full cloth can supply the Yamaha YAS-109 a more exceptional appearance but we have been sure opinions about if that looks excellent or not will probably be broken.

On other hand there’s really a skinny strip specifically at the midst exactly where Yamaha has set the builtin switches. However, this strip maybe not merely features a few buttons but in addition functions while the exhibit of this noise bar. You view, together with all the form of fabric that Yamaha utilized in that 1 it’d be difficult to have a works display beneath it since we all watch from a number of other noise bars. That is why that they comprised a number in short supply of exhibit together side the builtin buttons towards the most notable within this narrow strip of vinyl.

We aren’t too fond with such a exhibit as from the darkened you’re going to be capable of seeing just some LEDs possibly off or on thus that you might have to bear in mind the precise positioning of each LED to keep in mind what exactly is lit and also exactly what perhaps not. The whole operational display wouldbe much more healthy however we might have to contend for it particular.

For that which we basically be within this vinyl strip on very best from left to right you will find bulbs such as standing, ideal origin picked, encompass noise, transparent voice and also Alexa work while adjacent to the bulbs we all detect a few builtin switches to get basic charge of this machine.

You might say it is better for you to get at some in short supply of exhibit than just not becoming you in all when you will find additional equally low-cost noise bars comprising the full roles display usually the main one in Yamaha YAS-109 is as though a half baked resolution.

One other characteristic with the sensible bar would be that the holes which can be put on either side of the machine. Not like other versions that features a bass reflex design with holes in the trunk Yamaha chose to set those to either side. You’ll find a number of solid bars which include bass interfaces as a way to improve the very low ending but containing those to the faces of this machine isn’t too standard.

The straight back is the normal event. However, left side we now possess exactly the capacity jack separated out of elsewhere while to the most suitable side at a particular in-set is really where each of additional connection vents have been all placed. Additionally there isn’t any IR repeater available the following you are going to have to be certain the elevation of this sensible bar isn’t going to block your TVs IR detector.


Now what’s pretty particular is how you may put it to the wallsocket. Due to the fact Yamaha has set the motorists at an extremely rare angle that it usually means that setting your machine onto the furniture comes in your angle you may put it to the wallsocket. If this really will be really for the worse or better is all through to the atmosphere but undoubtedly it isn’t a thing that you see regular such a very low priced component.

Even the Yamaha YAS-109 can be an standalone device therefore there’s absolutely not any sub-woofer or back surround speakers using it. Generally speaking we’d express the noise bar feels and looks exactly the exact same manner it expenses. Design shrewd won’t amaze anybody plus it had been apparent that Yamaha geared for performance as opposed to seems to be.

Internal Hardware of Yamaha YAS-109

The noise bar is owned by this kind of noise bars which use digital technologies so as to supply an even far more immersive acoustic effect and also this really is quite standard within this budget. With much more drivers installments that the fee whilst applications is quite cheap and what those manufacturers need to have so as to preserve down the costs.

Even the Yamaha YAS-109, while maybe not specifically noted by Yamaha, is actually a 2.2 channels seem bar. Many will speculate just how one audio bar might have this.2 in its own settings and notably with no passionate subwoofer. That really is only because Yamaha has built with the Yamaha YAS-109 with double subwoofer motorists because of this specific explanation. However, we’ll arrive at this briefly.

First let us speak concerning both major leading channels. Each of both channels will be employing one 2.5 cm (1″) dome tweeter to its large frequencies combined with one 5.5 cm (2-1/8″) cone to your midsize. Those two have now been set at a angle therefore that the tweeter appears forwards whilst the mid sized cone has been target upward.

Currently with all these two Yamaha has also contained two 7.5 cm (3″) subwoofer cones to your bass which can be quite uncommon for such a version and also have now been set additionally within a upward place. Needless these motorists do not have the punch and also the very low end expansion of some passionate subwoofer however small it’s but Yamaha did their very best to produce a streamlined system and in an identical time provide it exactly the desired non end expansion which most these sound audio bars have been overlooking. Theoretically this sounds to be an intriguing strategy and we’ll observe much a huge difference that can make in real life.

Complete electrical power output signal comes in 120 volt together with all both the 2 leading channels having been ranked at two x 30 watts along having a frequency response of one hundred seventy Hz to 22 kHz to its mid sized woofer and 5 kHz into 2-3 kHz to its frequency tweeter. Both sub-woofer drivers have been rated at two x 30 watts to get an overall total of sixty volt electricity and have a frequency response of 62 Hz to 170 Hz. Very awful for such modest driver we’d state.

It looks like Yamaha did strive some thing special using this specific person as having sub-woofer drivers comprised such a funding helpful unit isn’t at all something that we watch regular. However, what things whether they really can earn a gap and that we’ll see inside our screening department.


Ordinarily when it regards low quality audio bars matters are normally quite light as it regards the sort and selection of link vents we all get. With todays raised demands in a house theatre installation we have been generally on the watch for far more available links. Regarding that Yamaha YAS-109 we’d express that stays somewhere from the midst much like the sort of selections we all get we’dn’t state we have been happy or disappointed.

Beginning the left we’ve got that a subwoofer interface also this is just a quite strange one particular because we have observed a lot more costlier, pricier noise bars do not have such but Yamaha generally seems to presume this you were wanted if you would like to in fact employ a passionate subwoofer for this specific version. Then there’s definitely an Ethernet interface for linking with the sensible bar into the system, an electronic virtual optical input signal for use with old devices which do not have a HDMI connection, a USB interface which unfortuitously can be used just for updating and just two HDMI interfaces, 1 input and a single outputsignal.


Both equally HDMI vents are HDCP 2.3 and service 4K@50/ / 60Hz, YCbCr=4:4:4, HDR 10, HLG along with 3 d pass-through. Regrettably there isn’t any service for HDR10+ or Dolby eyesight S O in the event that you wish to maneuver those you might have to join your apparatus straight into the television. In addition, the HDMI output supports ARC features if you desire it no eARC right here regrettably.

Regarding that models wireless capacities we have integral wi fi (802.11b/g/n) and the elderly blue tooth 4.2 which affirms the A2DP and AVRCP profiles together side both the SBC along with AAC codecs.

When there’s so worth note is how your comprised sub-woofer interface. Even though we are able to observe a few individuals deploying it think to get a soundbar belonging to this unit, cheap type having such a interface wasn’t such an essential requisite. The main reason Yamaha made a decision to include things like this really is as yet not known but to people it wasn’t such a essential characteristic.

Control Options

Continuing for the available control options that it would appear more and more low-cost noise bars have been embracing wider ways of manage since makers are working to continue to keep their releases in to your contest. Absent are the occasions by which an easy distant will do exactly the occupation and also the Yamaha YAS-109 appears to adhere to with the present tendency.

Of course the distant stays the principal way for restraining your machine and also the one which includes this specific sensible bar isn’t anything special however, has got the task. We mightn’t expect something elaborate at this budget range therefore no true surprises . It has made from vinyl and contains modest rounded buttons having enough distance amongst them which really helps just a little in case in usage at non lit surroundings whilst the distant lacks all kinds of back-light performance. Vinyl caliber is Goodenough and also in overall the distant feels hardy and it is quite receptive.

On left we all get exactly the Alexa button while still towards the top-right the ability controller. Here a couple buttons to input option, two buttons to get transparent voice and encircle selections, assorted sound styles below two and that significant buttons to subwoofer and chief quantity in the base using mute, bass expansion and also data buttons involving these.


The single real problem we experienced was using the positioning of this Alexa button because most gadgets have a tendency to book the very top left corner to its ability button also required us a opportunity to become accustomed for the brand new positioning. But upon getting accustomed to this you aren’t likely to have some significant trouble with it.

Once we talked about previously are a few builtin button it’s possible to use too which can be situated at an identical vinyl strip onto top face of this system directly close into the mild indexes. Below we now detect buttons for restraining Alexa, mute boosters if that you never need Alexa to answer voice controls, enter option, volume controller and strength controller. All these are touch-sensitive buttons while they search greater that they are hard to seek out at a non lit surroundings.

There is, in addition, the choice to restrain the sensible bar with all it remote however there are specific limits with the particular. To begin this to function as television needs to encourage hdmi cec and also you have to make use of the HDMI relationship of course. Additionally you’ll find just two confined functions confirmed such as power routing, enter option, correct quantity and choose the output audio apparatus. Hdmi cec features was consistently limited therefore no true surprise but because of basic controllers this may be quite convenient since you are able to manage both apparatus with a distant which may marginally save from the aggravation of having numerous remotes in your area.

However in case the distant is far too old designed for one of personally the noise bar includes builtin Amazon Alexa service which usually means that you never require an outside Alexa apparatus in order for this to do the job with. Even the Yamaha YAS-109 comes with an integrated mike range with this you may issue your orders directly into the machine. There’s additionally a mute Alexa perform if that you never need to have the voice-control system to become triggered inadvertently or general in the event that you never prefer to have a mic accessible all of the moment; point. Google Assistant is overlooking here thus that the number of you who like Google’s supplying are outside of chance .

Last but most certainly not least Yamaha has enabled this specific unit to make use of their own cellular program you may down load to a own smartphone or tablet tablet called”audio Bar Controller”. This program includes a wonderful user interface and by way of it you are able to control a variety of purposes of this sensible barand pay attention to music or flow articles through blue tooth or out of a on-line streaming assistance out of the people available.

In overall for such a very low priced unit that the Yamaha YAS-109 gives the entire bundle the moment it has to do with ways of charge supplying the person lots of selections to think about.

Extra Features and Services

Audio performance are always the amount 1 element whenever choosing a solid bar. Nevertheless, it is maybe not the only real person as now manufacturers maintain adding a growing number of features as a way to remain on top of this contest. We find today that low priced models arrive with loads of extras to continue to keep users content. Let us see exactly what exactly the Yamaha YAS-109 delivers into the dining table.

Dolby Atmos and DTS:X could possibly be perfect to have proper today but there isn’t any use in encouraging them for those who really don’t have the essential hardware which may make sure they are justice. As such the Yamaha YAS-109 adheres to the firearms by encouraging Dolby Digital and DTS which will be exactly what you’d count on in the 2.2 channels system.

But aside for both of the noise bar additionally supports Dolby ProLogic II which can be a up-mixing technology which may turn into a stereo mixture right into entire 5.1 channels surround audio. And due to the fact we said surround noise with all the comprehensive absence of surround speakers that the Yamaha YAS-109 has been lost a essential component to be able to supply 360 amount audio. This is exactly why Yamaha has also contained DTS digital:X as a way to provide the machine the capacity to produce an even far more immersive experience.

Today, we have examined widely these digital technologies previously and also their outcome really are a little mixed bag. All these count upon rebounding audio over the partitions of one’s chamber as a way to supply you with the illusion of noise arising from different regions aside from the leading. However, this tech will not have the accuracy or emotion of authentic avid speakers whereas the audio most situations feels over-processed.

We are not going to say it truly is really a poor technology and for non priced services just like the Yamaha YAS-109 which does not have the essential hardware for whatever better with this system is much far better than nothing whatsoever. Just continue in your mind its performance is dependent heavily upon the material in addition to in your own room acoustics. To empower DTS digital:X at the Yamaha YAS-109 you only press on the 3 d encompass button onto the remote.


The machine also includes further sound manners to be able to choose the person that you enjoy probably the maximum according to the material you’re watching. You will find just five manners available using Picture, Television, Music, Sports and Video Game. Additionally, there are some additional sound alternatives available using all the original staying Stereo which can be good for stereo mixtures and also works on 2-channel stereo playback, so there is really a Apparent Voice operation that enriches conversation in the event that you truly feel as though you want this and there clearly was Bass Extension should you would like a increase of this very low conclude.

But maybe not specifically promoted the Yamaha YAS-109 could encourage highresolution audio but merely during wi fi streaming as there isn’t any USB streaming available because of this. As such there will be service for WAV and FLAC data files up to 192 kHz, ALAC upto 96 kHz in addition to lesser resolution MP3, WMA and mpeg4 AAC upto 4-8 kHz.

You may even stream audio via a blue tooth relationship. And because audio Excellent by Means of Blue Tooth is generally significantly less than leading exactly the audio bar is utilizing Yamaha’s proprietary Compressed Music Enhancer technology so as to enhance the Attribute of the streamed audio

However, your streaming alternatives aren’t limited exclusively to blue tooth and nearby network. Throughout the audio Bar Controller program we discussed sooner you are able to stream music by means of several of those available streaming products and services. The available alternatives aren’t quite extensive since you are able to utilize possibly Spotify or even Amazon Music but these two really are far better than having none.

Since we have observed innumerable times such low-cost noise bars that the Yamaha YAS-109 lacks all sorts of audio calibration system and also so are fair with all the available hardware such a system could be moot. Also remember in contrast to additional brands that the Yamaha YAS-109 doesn’t have the skill to just accept added surround speakers. If encircle exercise is of extreme value for you personally then you definitely ought to better search else where.

In overall people cannot mention the added feature collection has become easily the most intensive or absolute that individuals have observed but Yamaha at-least experimented with to include things like just a bit of what as a way to generate a solid bar that may provide an individual a sophistication and selections versatility.

Initial Setup

We consistently mention this you big benefit of most of these very low priced audio bars would be the simplicity of initial setup in addition to regular usage. Finding a solid bar isn’t simply a more economical solution however also a practical person too. And though we have experienced a few noise bars which appeal from the top category staying marginally more technical, in-general manufacturers attempt to create the task as simple because it has as a way to draw casual clients. Even the Yamaha YAS-109 wouldn’t be able to be something alternative from the.

Right after our preliminary recharging we place the system before the evaluation television and attached into an electric outlet. We utilised exactly the HDMI interfaces to join our 4K UHD player for the HDMI input of this noise bar and out of your HDMI output signal we tapped our cable into at least one of those inputs our television.

The sole issue you desire is in fact Yamaha audio Bar Controller program as a way to join the system into the system. We did not have some specific trouble with this whilst the program saw that our apparatus connected and immediately. And that is it! That you really do not have to accomplish whatever else since the machine is prepared to be used. With the shortage of any given noise calibration system what’s available you’ll mainly change to an material into articles basis based upon your own choices.

And as you may possibly really feel slightly bewildered about exactly what selections you have, ostensibly there are 3 distinct manners. The very first and easiest is that the 2-channel stereo audio play back by simply pressing the stereo button. Inside this situation you are going to realize the encircle LED lighting onto the noise bar switched away. Then there’s the surround mode by pressing on the 3 d encompass button and picking out a number of those five audio manners available. Inside this instance the encircle LED lighting will become white and that manner you obtain a few in short supply of encircle exercise.

Last but most certainly not least in the event that you press on the 3 d encompass button another period that the LED lighting will turn blue and you also ostensibly switch over the DTS digital:X technology so as to have perhaps not merely encircle action but over-head noises too.

Before we start off our screening we now ought to see that for movies we now used that the Film encircle style even though for music we all travelled to get that Music encircle style. We’ll earn a little point out on DTS digital:X and also how exactly we believed it seemed movies only for contrast’s shake.


For his very first picture we all travelled to some picture that is based much on neighboring action and there is not any further compared to the Meg from 4K UHD format. The movie features an excellent Dolby Atmos sound-track even though we’ll try out the DTS digital:X characteristic to learn just how much we could possibly get from this mostly centered on with the Film setting manner with this we now slid straight back into its essential Dolby Digital path since it really is precisely what the noise bar is able to play-back.

The Meg isn’t the type of picture that is aware subtlety. After the event asks it the mixture will probably proceed out and loud while still there are minutes, particularly inside the submerged scenes at which people capture a fantastic noise quantity and thickness.

Let us take issues one at one moment; point. To start with at front things appeared fairly pleasing. Even the Yamaha YAS-109 left front audio wall using enough enlargement and thickness. There has been good gap between your left and also the ideal channels even though panning consequences had been accurate and also incredibly different. Remember the noise bar will not have a centre channel but conversation had been retained dead centre and has been evident enough when all hell broke free.

On the front things weren’t just as fantastic as we’d really like. The encircle style did strive to make the activity closer to your stance also there clearly was two or one effects and also there which gave the illusion as these were coming back out of the straight back but to be fair there wasn’t any clear encircle action . Bear in your mind the noise bars performance inside this is dependent heavily upon your own room settings too. In the event the rear is nearer to a screening posture and also you room is generally speaking hardly any environment action will definitely be improved. This isn’t the mistake of this Yamaha YAS-109 but drops up on the technology employed right here.


At the very low conclude the machine did incredibly great. Actually it’d better than everything you’d count on from one low-cost audio bar similar to that and it demonstrates the comprised sub-woofer drivers which Yamaha additional did benefit marginally with this respect. You aren’t likely to have the area vibration, chest-pumping connection with some passionate subwoofer however, the bass sensed satisfyingly profound with fantastic power things thought supplying the mandatory high-end expansion which no television will ever have the ability to incorporate.

For the next evaluation we surfaced our Kinect disk of Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring having its amazing dtshd learn Audio monitor. Inside this instance the sensible bar dropped straight back into your center DTS mixture with this particular evaluation since we jumped forward into this Mines of Moria area for reviewing.

This had been amazing just how such a tiny solid bar can make such a wonderful long setting on the area. Clearly you’re not likely to possess the energetic variety or also the audio expansion of some complete surround system however should you believe we are speaking about a reduced price audio bar that steps less than 40″ the result sensed quite pleasing.

The machine failed to figure out how to offer some much desired thickness whenever the Fellowship travelled throughout the Mine constructions as a way to supply the essential awareness of expansive scale. It had been much less noticeable or incredibly different however neighboring sounds and echoes felt marginally improved that aided within that entire.

Dialogue was rendered nicely and maintained front and centre when actions started out to move crazy. Once more encircle activity made much to be wanted. We’d capture a intermittent echoes and noises projecting in regions aside from the surface however we still got that crystal clear and exact encircle activity making you feel more rested at a 360 amounts bubble. And that really was expected actually therefore that we do not sense very frustrated complete. We have observed a lot more costlier, pricier audio bars neglecting within this we could not expect something besides the $200 device.

The bass again was fairly pleasing. After the Balrog looks the combination extends in to over drive, his ways had very good pounds along with also his growl needed a wonderful raw feel for this. Probably not the deep individual but very best to supply some essential immersion.

Before we should mention we failed to strive this DTS digital:X manner too. To be fair in the least within our own evaluations that it fared marginally superior compared to that which we all predicted. This manner did figure out how to supply a marginally more enveloping encounter since we have more thickness in addition to marginally more elevation in a number of the ramifications. However, on the opposite hand time that the noise sensed and not as normal. You can feel as though some thing was inappropriate however also you mightn’t state what it really had been.

DTS digital:X is still a pretty wonderful feature . however, it is perhaps not great for most content or situations. There can be movies at which it can fare marginally superior compared to Surround manner and also other instances at which it can fare much worse. Our advice would be always to check it out yourself and ascertain when it’s well worth it to not.


Next online is that our music evaluations and also for this particular section we chose that a couple FLAC music monitors we streamed by way of an radio community. Remember the Yamaha YAS-109 doesn’t encourage USB streaming network or Bluetooth buffering can be the sole options .

The machine did quite nicely in supplying an extremely gratifying music performance. And with this we imply obviously this noise bar isn’t exactly the hi-fi stuff that rough music end users is likely to soon be searching for. However, also for casual usage it could match the bill entirely and provides alot for your purchase price questioned.

Despite having its compact dimensions that the Yamaha YAS-109 did figure out how to supply us a thoughtful music stage in front together with fantastic stereo imaging if maybe not completely different or high definition. Stereo panning consequences had been perceptible even though duration of this machine failed to help separate them just as much as we’d really like.

The noise bar experienced a fantastic mid range with pleasing highs and also a good foundation even when it wasn’t the thundering low-end that most hunt inside their own audio. The bass may help marginally in adding far more lowend punch however in the end it did not produce a good deal gap if taking a look in the full photograph.

You can find a lot of regions at which in fact the noise bar can do greater yet since we consistently state inside our reviews oahu is the cost that instills the way the machine is going to keep and do in your mind that the Yamaha YAS-109 did rather much. Demonstrably it might have significantly more expansion, higher thickness, larger accuracy, punchier minimal wind and also in basic additional fidelity however, also the $200 price tag does not why don’t we estimate that this you too unpleasant.

Therefore complete we’ll express that in the event that you wish to find a cheap audio bar that may give you is going to likely be a gratifying music performance the Yamaha YAS-109 may accomplish this pretty simple. Simply do not neglect to continue to keep your anticipations in check.

Our Verdict For Yamaha YAS-109

We will need to wrap our review what we are able to say in regards to the Yamaha YAS-109 is the fact that Yamaha did figure out how to develop a exact commendable unit which ignites all of the ideal boxes a solid bar with the category needs to.

It follows that individuals receive yourself a unit that’s quite simple install and manage, is rather streamlined which indicates it may accommodate in nearly all regions and has got pretty pleasing performance with sufficient lower end punch as a way to delight the masses. In the event you put in to the few extras which Yamaha additional such as DTS digital:X service, Bluetooth and network loading together side internet streaming out of Spotify along with Amazon Music, high-resolution audio, hdmi cec and cellular program service we then receive yourself a exact wonderful suggestion because it has indicated $200 value .

However, opposite side that the noise bar can’t supply a loyal surround practical experience in its environment or DTS digital:X manners. It tries extremely tough to accomplish this however there’s really so much these technologies could perform devoid of real encompass speakers. Even the DTS digital:X can provide you a number of the however in exchange of a much unnatural, over-processed noise. Additionally, the minimal end even more pleasing than any other noise bars it is perhaps not quite as powerful or deep to truly create the material sparkle. A passionate subwoofer wouldbe required in this event. Additionally while there clearly was Amazon Alexa we’d love to watch Google Assistant staying encouraged too since you can find lots of people who favor Google’s system.

Final our review we’ll mention this unit still left us with incredibly fantastic opinions also it’s really the type of audio bar that’s destined for its relaxed market place that tries to enhance their television’s audio performance without having much hassle and with no pressing the lender card. Even the Yamaha YAS-109 could accomplish this and some and also to get your own purchase price questioned there clearly was much more you truly enter the long run.

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