Yamaha RX-V685 Review (7.2 CH 4K AV Receiver)

Yamaha RX-V685


Native 4K resolution


Picture Quality


Ease of Use


Set-up and Installation





  • Great Dolby Atmos performance
  • Excellent build quality
  • Many features and streaming options
  • New remote design and user interface


  • Not huge update over the previous year
  • We lost the front HDMI input
  • No backlight on the new remote
  • Price on the high side compared to competition

Yamaha was from the AV receivers industry for all ages today having generated several remarkable types and have created a title for themselves inside this respect. But rivalry inside the mainstream AV receivers market place is ferocious also to keep ahead you want in order to give the comprehensive deal that unites not just excellent top quality and good performance but aggressive expense too. Even though Yamaha consistently had quite high standards so far as quality is worried they dropped somewhat behind using their pricing plans. In the modern Yamaha RX-V685 review we’ll be analyzing the very best version inside their RX V string to specify whether it’s exactly what is necessary to manage the center income contest.

Yamaha consistently had divided their AV receivers into two line ups. Even the RX-A versions which include their Aventage top quality show and also the RX V models offering excellent noise and features at an even cheaper value. The Yamaha RX-V685 we’ll be analyzing now is your very best version within this mainstream RX V sequence and can be thought of as the top midsize apparatus which attempts to unite good construction and better performance having lots of features but nonetheless stay near the 500 -£ 600 budget range.

Even the Yamaha RX-V685 is a 7.2 channels receiver using 90 volts of electricity, supports Dolby Atmos along with DTS:X, also features YPAO-RSC, and features a broad selection of further features which includes High Placement Audio, digital DSP, MusicCast along with air-play two and voice controller and also multi-zone capacities one of the others. However, really are typical these whistles and bells ample to resist your contest or will be the version misplaced in a sea of high-priced but fantastic types from some other producers? Continue reading in order to learn.

Design of Yamaha RX-V685

Even the Yamaha RX-V685 is a 2018 re-lease with Yamaha releasing a trio of mid-sized AV receivers during enough full time of the among the absolute most high priced and show whole and contrasts 20 17’s RX-V683. If it regards these annual releases maybe not lots of matters change since manufacturers commonly put in a couple of more features, smack a brand new band in their design, and discharge them new. It follows that lots of occasions designs additionally remain exactly the exact same rendering it nearly impossible to tell them aside. Within the instance of of this RX-V685 the outer shell feels and also looks exactly the exact same but having a tiny gap which we are going to chat about fleetingly.


When there are only characteristics in-all Yamaha designs is the front experience is broken up into two segments plus also we observe the same getting used also. The very best half with a polished finish casing the fundamental acts display having one row of miniature round buttons sitting down under it. All these switches comprise generally zone radio and 2 controllers one of the others. At the best, we now get one round button for pure guide whereas onto the still left the normal powerButton has been followed with the YPAO mic port.

The lowest 50 percent on the opposite side features a brushed aluminum feel whereas the switches settings look totally unchanged. Around the top into a significant quantity, the knob stands prominently while to the still left side a headset jack provides quiet screening. At the center, we now have four enormous landscape buttons below you can find controllers for both enter selection in addition to many apps. Between those buttons and also the quantity knob we now find a USB interface you may join outside storage together with one analog audio input signal.

Here generally seems to become the sole change in comparison to this preceding RX-V683. You notice, at the 20 17 version there has been an HDMI input at which in fact the USB is while the USB was next into the cans jack. It appears in the Yamaha RX-V685 they chose to clear away the HDMI input signal and then minding the USB interface at its set. The main reason for this particular may perhaps not be a clear person but we’ll discuss it somewhat further in this report. But however, you find it’s removing the rectal HDMI interface is regarded as a back-step in outside novels even as we detect it much used recently.

If it comes to build-quality demonstrably the majority of the eye drops upon the Aventage show which Yamaha heavily promotes to their high excellent audio elements and also attentively believed design. But as such, it won’t follow the RXV is an afterthought for Yamaha along with also the Yamaha RX-V685 can be really a prime instance of the maintenance their engineers choose for each of their goods, even the far cost ones that are friendly.

As such this receiver features totally different electrical power amplifiers so as to generate as nonstimulation as you possibly can and features different pure strength provides because it has analog and electronic circuitry. Even the Yamaha RX-V685 includes armed with 4 Burr-Brown 384 kHz/32-bit DACs which simply take good care of all of the conversion responsibilities with each of them additionally having separate power equipment so as to create High Contrast Audio without having unwelcome sound. Last but most certainly not least we’ve got that a fresh top sound excellent IC used for quantity controller whereas the usage of heat sinks have the capacity to curb vibrations.


Since you are able to know from your preceding Yamaha leaves almost nothing to chance as well as at this cost-friendly scope what’s used inside those components is caused by attentive and detailed technologies.

Even the unit total size shows extremely much it has center tier naturel. Measuring 17-1/8″ x 6-3/4″ x 14-7/8″ (435 x 171 x 378 mm) along with weighting 23.1 pounds (10.5 kg) it might be among those larger ones people have observed however it requires a particular distance at which you put it as well as many components of the course you’re likely, not likely to maneuver it about constantly.

When there’s a single item which Yamaha fully changed inside their 2018 line-up would be that the comprised remotes along with also the Yamaha RX-V685 employ a fresh design when compared with this 20 17’s release which might perhaps not be each night and day gap however, is still one around the most suitable route. As the total quantity of switches isn’t radically distinct the appearance in addition to the size of buttons that have been piled collectively would seem more elegant and simpler to determine whilst the design is far more favorable to a person’s attention.

In the center, we now see the customary navigation controls together with the spectacle input signal and pre-set buttons while playing back and assorted audio placing buttons sit directly below. The distance is comparatively large and we’d want an even compact design to become fair as the deficiency of backlight makes matters tougher in case you would like to make use of it at the darkened.

Final this portion of the review we all can declare we tend to be somewhat more than pleased by everything we watched. Construction can be as you’d count on from Yamaha even though matters haven’t changed much in comparison to its design the overall appearances and design did not require any striking changes. When there’s a single item we ended up frustrated with was that the omission of the front HDMI port. The added remote can be a more clear advancement in comparison to the previous individual but using all these switches without a back light the moment it regards usability at the darkened never much have changed.

Audio Quality of Yamaha RX-V685

Even the Yamaha RX-V685 sits at the peak of the consumer-friendly RX V collection. Together with it has ninety watts of electricity getting pumped with it has built-in amplification for each channel (8 ohms, 20 Hz — 20 kHz, 0.06percent 2ch driveway ) this device may easily operate it has magical up-to mid-sized chambers and home theaters. Being fully a 7.2 channels receiver you are able to go to get an elderly 5.2 or even 7.2 channels installation or pick the most this device needs to give having 5.2.2 channels for Dolby Atmos consequences.


The receiver will encourage the most recent audio formats such as Dolby Atmos in addition to DTS:X however, in addition, supports up-mixing technologies at the enjoys of Dolby Surround and DTS Neural:X together with which you may get pleasure from multi-channel encompass audio in simple stereo and legacy combinations. However, the machine will not cease there since we all additionally receive a couple of digital technologies that we have been just about to test.

Because it takes place together with Yamaha receivers this machine comes armed using Cinema DSP 3 d that’s clearly a proprietary noise picture invention technology with it that the receiver is still effective at replicating a variety of distances, concert halls and sports arenas providing you the illusion of truly staying there. Since you are able to comprehend that this will have numerous amounts of succeeding whilst the ending outcome greatly is based upon the origin substance along with the standard of this.

The ending effect a few times could seem incredibly synthetic and over-processed whilst still, there are occasions at which it’ll provide you with a superior feeling of distance and quantity. However, this really is absolutely an exclusive preference therefore that we advise one to check it out to find out whether you prefer it. Cinema DSP 3 d to your Yamaha RX-V685 comprises 17 diverse DSP apps to choose from.

However, this technology is additionally the heart of its machine’s virtual capacities. The features that are encouraged by the Digital Cinema DSP comprise Digital Cinema Entrance, Digital Existence Speaker, Digital Surround Back Speaker, and SILENT CINEMA. Using digital Cinema entrance you are able to have encircled effects by simply setting the surround speakers in front if that you never have the capacity to spot them from your screening area.

The digital existence Speaker characteristic may make Atmos top impacts without even having any Atmos speakers put in whereas digital Surround Back Speaker may cause encircle task minus the utilization of surround speakers in any way. Last but most certainly not least SILENT CINEMA may be utilized to relish sound or surround subject effects using only using cans.


Much like all 7.2 channel receivers we chose to proceed to get a 5.1.2 channels installation which comprises two Atmos ceiling speakers that can be put at the exact middle of the testing spot to supply one of the most correct over-head benefits. Currently, you will find tons of alternatives and stuff to proceed with as in regards in Dolby Atmos now but we chose to proceed to get a picture that’s shown us of it has caliber combination plus there is not any difference compared to 4K UHD disk of a battleship.

You may say everything you prefer around Peter Berg’s blockbuster but when there’s a single thing which cannot be discounted is it really is astonishing DTS:X trail in regards with all the We located the movie really enjoyable with a few of those most useful sea conflicts lately blockbuster heritage. Therefore let us focus on the very first experience of this Alien boat contrary to a bunch of folks Destroyers.

Even the Yamaha did an exact excellent project in replicating the assorted alien-ish noises of this submerged boat as it had been concentrating on the united states boats. If it launches the volatile barrels we have high over-head activity in addition to channels changing whilst the pins traveled across our minds until finally, they reach their goals. Sound experienced fantastic precision and clarity whilst conversation had been replicated with top-notch, outstanding resolution without sensed Over Lapping using the remainder of the activity. After the pins burst and slice on the Destroyer by 50 percent of the receiver left confident to nourish our sub-woofer including all of the needed info to provide the agreeable vibration you try to find.

When particles began falling around we have a very wonderful disturbance in the distance that sensed true with good consent. We also attempted one of the very last moments by which in fact the submerged mother ship went contrary to the 2 Missouri. When projectiles began flying out of the battleship you’re able to distinctively listen to them traveling round the channels hitting their own target. An exchange of fire involving your 2 ships generated a remarkable volatile immersion all around us who is going to continue to keep you glued into the display while the top conclusion.

We’d strive to shove on the amount degrees above what’s deemed okay for seeing as a way to learn just how much penalizing the receiver could choose throughout busy minutes also it can simply take a good deal. Of course with ninety g per channel that really is maybe not because of its extreme however, it packs significantly more than sufficient juice to help keep you amused and joyful in pretty large volume grades. When pushed into than okay quantities that the receiver loses a number of it has equilibrium but we still usually do not feel that many people who go for such a receiver could drive it much therefore that you won’t need to be worried somewhat. All with an exact nice performance that’s ideal for such rough side effects-driven movies.


We proceeded onto your music screening and also with this particular part since we consistently work with todo we chose that a collection of FLAC music monitors we streamed throughout front USB interface. As the receiver will not encourage Top Placement Audio there’s is certainly absolutely no superior approach to decide to try what this device is really capable of. Having attempted some other Yamaha receivers from yesteryear we realized just about exactly what things to anticipate as Yamaha gets us found in supplying incredibly excellent benefits within this respect.

We attempted various paths with various tones and rhythms and also the Yamaha RX-V685 did give us some exact fine acoustic performance having a rather sleek and all-natural noise. We consistently make use of an immediate manner as a way to avoid just as much processing as you can however, as some circuitry is obviously demanded we’re quite delighted about how it managed all. The midsize, the highs in addition to the decreased regions of the frequency scale had been delivered using very restricted hands and finesse. No Thing felt from the area whilst precision and shifting between front channels were put on.

There’s not anything much better than listening to the favorite music how that it was made to and also the Yamaha RX-V685 did an awesome endeavor at the which will be an incredible accomplishment for a center category AV receiver.

Currently, 1 thing that we must not neglect to say is this unit cannot just stream music out of the front USB jack but additionally, for those who have a system drive or NAS server associated with the community network. That was really a broad array of file formats encouraged from famous brands MP3, WMA along with mpeg4 AAC in addition to High Placement Audio data files, for example, ALAC up to 96 kHz / / 24-bit, FLAC up to 192 kHz / / 24-bit, WAV / AIFF as much as 192 kHz / / 32bit along with DSD up-to 11.2 MHz.

Ports and Connectivity

Let us have a peek today about what’s being contained so considerably as input interfaces and connectivity are more worried. Fully being truly a mid-level device usually means we usually visit manufacturers seeking a well balanced in between providing sufficient although perhaps not overly much which will hazard getting up the cost. Once we talked about over leading part of the system comprises a headset jack, the more YPAO mic interface, an analog audio 3.5millimeter input in addition to being a USB interface for linking external storage together with the single big omission having an HDMI input signal which can be actually a pity indeed.


In the rear of this system that the very first thing we all observed will be the two speaker terminals available by which just seven may be utilized simultaneously together with the built-in amplification. At the top, we’ve 5 HDMI inputs combined side two HDMI outputs which will be ample for your type of audio systems this AV receiver may encourage. And it sounds like the reason why we shed front HDMI input signal. Seemingly Yamaha made a decision to take away which entered signal and as an alternative incorporate another HDMI output signal that wasn’t available from the RX-V683 version.

We actually don’t know whether they traveled with this particular change as of industry research another design reasons nonetheless it sounds this really is the reason why the leading HDMI experienced to move. In the event you would rather have another HDMI output alternatively of the following HDMI input signal is an individual thing however because of people front interface provides much additional usefulness and ought to be contained.

All-the HDMI interfaces with this version are HDCP 2.2 also there’s an additional eARC service which really is a pretty wonderful add-on to have. Regarding the remainder of the specs, we now receive 4K ultra HD online video pass-through (comprise 4K/60, 50Hz 10/12bit), 3D video clip, HDMI get a handle on (CEC), Automobile lip-sync, Deep coloration, “x.v. Color”, H D audio playback, Selectable HDMI input HDMI standby manner, 21:9 aspect-ratio, BT.2020 Colorimetry in addition to HDR assist.

Let us find out exactly what is available today. There are a single component and just one single composite video input signal, about three analog stereo inputs combined side the other dedicated to phono, two coaxial and 2 optical digital audio inputs, a 1 2 horsepower activate, one particular distant input, and a single output signal, an Ethernet interface for wired links into the world wide web, zone-2 out-put signal, 2.2 channels pre-outs and last but most certainly not least the customary FM and AM antenna interfaces.

In terms of wireless connectivity, we now receive precisely the conventional wi-fi (2.4/5GHz) in addition to blue tooth V-4.2 for streaming wireless music.

When we’d to assess this Yamaha RX-V685 together with all the prior RX-V683 we can locate a handful of differences. Even the Yamaha RX-V685 generally seems to have added that the 2nd HDMI output signal that individuals talked about in exchange for the HDMI input signal but also includes included that the 2.2 channels pre-outs which weren’t available init’s predecessor. Therefore within this respect, we all can express things have improved marginally as well as in all honesty exactly what we now do buy is much less based on a center income system.

OS, Apps, and Features

Let us move ahead today about which further features are packaged on this specific unit. First of all, we all will need to say that the audio calibration system along with usually the sole that we do arrive listed here is Yamaha’s YPAO — R.S.C. (mirrored audio manage ). The fundamental YPAO system is effective at quantifying the place acoustics along with also the speaker’s characteristics as a way to achieve the most effective acoustic response potential. The Yamaha RX-V685 includes the excess R.S.C. characteristic which can be accountable for adjusting premature resumes and supplies DSP Impact Normalisation throughout the Cinema DSP parameters based on those sounds that are mirrored. This ends in an even healthier effect in comparison to this simple system also it might strengthen Dolby Atmos and DTS:X performance.


That which we do cite all of the time about those systems is the fact that for newbie people or the ones that do not have expertise in caked independently their systems that this automobile calibration system may offer the second most useful item. Having enhanced through time people can now become very fantastic results out of those with minimal input which makes them user-friendly and more practical than ever.

Together with voice get a grip on being fully a normal item now it really is a good idea to realize this unit supports probably the many known types. As such, there is certainly Amazon Alexa in addition to Google Assistant service but demonstrably you are going to require an outside speaker so as to use them just like an Echo Dot or even Google property apparatus. However, you have the choice to make use of Apple’s Siri throughout the Airplay 2 program you may download for your cell apparatus if you tend to be prone to the Apple man.

If it regards flowing we receive the normal features which have MusicCast which usually means the receiver may associate to additional MusicCast empowered apparatus and speakers on the residence. Touse you have to download another MusicCast program that’s available and provides you with lots of alternatives and controls. There’s additionally air-play two which will be Apple’s remedy into some multi-room atmosphere for air-play 2 empowered apparatus and speakers. There’s also another program for air-play two you may see in Apple’s internet shop. Last but most certainly not least in the event that you would like to use a wired relationship there’s clearly was Zone 2 service for incorporating some of the speakers into some other chamber using wires.

During the aforementioned programs, you have the capacity to flow music using much different on-line streaming services-including Pandora, Spotify, Sirius-XM internet-radio, TIDAL, Deezer, Napster, and much more. Some are demonstrably put located thus consistently be certain the streaming agency you want to know more about is encouraged at which your home is.

An individual Interface that includes the machine stipulates a simple and easy means to navigate via the assorted alternatives and preferences. It looks like Yamaha has enhanced the UI in comparison for a prior release and whether it mightn’t on the level into that which a television UI could possibly provide as an instance, it really is unquestionably a measure about the most suitable route. Their most recent image shake supplies you using a fine and transparent high-resolution image having one pillar onto your left group all menus along with the most suitable region of the display screen revealing all of the particulars.


Contributing to this consumer experience may be your Yamaha AV Receiver set up Guide Program which can be definitely a program you may download into your cellular apparatus and certainly will direct you step by step including all the current settings and connections that you have to execute. An exact practical one particular in the event you’re a newcomer person. Last but most certainly not least we ought to say the machine might be manipulated through it has dedicated program in addition to the net.

But further features do not quit there thus let us say the rest of the features which can be integrated. The receiver supports the MusicCast fifty along with MusicCast 20 wireless loading speakers just in the event you would like to make Yamaha RX-V685 use of wireless back speakers to get encircle. Even the MusicCast SUB a hundred is likewise encouraged in case of this interests you.

To get blue tooth streaming we now receive precisely the Compressed Music Enhancer out of Yamaha which accounts for optimizing the standard of the streaming audio owing to transmission lack in caliber. There’s also HDMI to HDMI up-scaling in case your television isn’t effective at the or when it is maybe not specially very good at it, then HDMI cec by which you can get a handle on the receiver together with your television’s distance and therefore reducing the range of remotes you have to use, bi-amp capacities together with which you can utilize an external amp to generate front channels supplying improved performance and audio excellent and an ECO manner in case it takes place one to truly be environmentally friendly and you also desire the cheapest energy consumption potential.

From all of the above you’re able to receive yourself a pretty excellent thought the Yamaha RX-V685 packs silent a little value together with everyone the added features and whether it’s lacking a couple of features here and there’s really nothing major was abandoned outside. It has really a fairly standard pair of features with this particular midst category group and Yamaha failed to accompany that tendency inside this respect.

Final Thoughts

The receiver we’ve analyzed here now is really an exact good supply of this center tier section plus it virtually includes got the Yamaha postage all within it. If it involves it has the performance we have less exactly what we anticipated at the price whether the added features do abide by your rivalry on the sure level. Yamaha RX-V685 Matters really are a little more obscure here in comparison to the budget-friendly and superior grade models like climbing features and price ranges that could be your principal consideration for the majority of manufacturers within this respect.

Even the Yamaha RX-V685 can be a Dolby Atmos empowered AV receiver permitting one to proceed to get a 5.1.2 channels installation with it has 90 volts of electricity it may satisfy out a center sized space including all the current audio immersion you might require. Build construction and quality were incredibly characteristic of Yamaha caliber, it features that the Yamaha RX-V685. Audio calibration system whereas the sum of additional features incorporates Cinema DSP, MusicCast along with air-play two, voice controller service, higher Resolution Audio, bi-amp, wireless speakers along with eARC capacities. Last but most certainly not least the user interface and also brand new distant design are unquestionably incorporating points whilst the previous ones ended up in desperate need of the re-vamping.

Now that which we did not enjoy about doing it. To begin most compared to this Yamaha RX-V685 it is perhaps not per night and day gap but that is expected using a yearly release. We also did not enjoy the omission of the front HDMI port which has been forfeited to your brand new HDMI output signal that has been inserted in the rear. Additionally, the brand new distant even now feels littered with switches and also could surely love when you can find much less of these touse since there isn’t any backlight to greatly help to tackle it from the darkened. Last but most certainly not least the cost tag on this machine is around the other hand in contrast to additional receivers inside an identical course and Yamaha has to rethink a little pricing plan.

Finally, in the event that you wish to find 7.2 channels, Yamaha RX-V685 Dolby Atmos empowered AV receiver to get a little to the moderate-sized area exactly the Yamaha RX-V685 can be quite a severe competition since you are certain to receive yourself a unit which features Yamaha’s caliber and performance along with adequate features that’ll cover your entire demands to get a center income system.

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