Yamaha RX-V485 Review (5.1 CH 4K AV Receiver)

Yamaha RX-V485


Native Resolution


Picture Quality


Ease of Use


Set-up and Installation





  • Good sound quality
  • Many audio features
  • Extensive online support
  • Easy to use


  • No Dolby Atmos or DTS:X
  • Limited connections
  • 4 HDMI ports may not be enough
  • Not the most cheap 5.1 channels unit

If it regards mainstream AV receivers Yamaha is now an organization that unquestionably knows just how to earn quality services and products also stays for years a favorite one among lots of home theater and music fans across the globe. Now inside our Yamaha RX-V485 review, we’ll be taking a look at a few of these funding models which fit from the RX V collection. This lineup includes 4 versions along with having currently analyzed the RX-V385 and RX-V685 we have just fantastic stuff to mention regarding their performance.

And though the RX-V385 has been the lower unit at Yamaha’s arsenal that the sole we’re awaiting now is 1 phase over offering both in electrical power and also features attempting to generate an even far more feature unit. Even the Yamaha RX-V485 could be your next and previous component which just affirms the elderly Dolby TrueHD and also dtshd learn Audio formats whilst the second inline RX-V585 supports the brand new thing-oriented audio monitors. Together with 80 watts of electrical power each channel, YPAO audio calibration system, higher Resolution Audio, MusicCast along with air-play 2 service together side voice controller, blue tooth streaming plus some other additional features this receiver may be an ideal match for everybody who does not worry about Dolby Atmos or even DTS:X.

However, these features indicate almost nothing should performance isn’t up to price and degree isn’t after the competition so. Can exactly the Yamaha RX-V485 offer excellent and performance, which Yamaha is therefore famous around, for individuals seeking a funding pleasant AV receiver however at an identical moment want a device which likewise provides a little additional sauce aside from the bare-bones RX-V385 that sits in the base of this line-up? Continue reading in order to get outside…

Design of Yamaha RX-V485

If it regards the typical design of this machine there isn’t much change in comparison to other models from the RX V spouse and children. The truth is that the gaps are so modest you could don’t differentiate them. Aside from the marginally bigger shell that the Yamaha RX-V485 is equal for it’s the younger brother, ” the RX-V385, which we had analyzed just lately.


Adhering to precisely the exact same fashion because the remainder of the line up that the Yamaha RX-V485 features a gleaming end while in the top front confront which integrates the exhibit lifeless center that’s accountable for revealing a variety of purposes of this receiver including entering, quantity along with audio arrangement has been performed. On the far, there is really a modest round button to get Immediate and onto the much left over the interface to linking the YPAO mic and also the customary button. Exactly under the principal screen, there’s a collection of 8 little circular switches for tuner controller, recollections, and assorted data.

The base of the front facial features a brushed alloy aluminum complete which in conjunction together with the glistening top half offers the machine an exact different Yamaha appearance that a number of these units utilize. In the center we now have four huge picture buttons below you can find far more manage buttons comprised which will be utilized for input signal and app array, tone controller, and also one Straight button. At the most suitable side, we now receive a major knob for both volumes and also onto the much left with a headset jack.

Between your right and quantity controllers, we now find one USB (5V/1A) interface together having the analog 3.5millimeter stereo input signal. A fairly usual installation plus something which is all but equal for the complete sequence. Even though we dwell in an age that onscreen person interfaces are much visual and user-friendly manufacturers insist on making use of lots of built-in switches which we have been convinced can proceed mostly fresh. Additionally when there’s a single factor we miss can be that an HDMI input since they can certainly be exceedingly helpful for the uncomplicated and speedy relationship of input like a notebook.

If it comes to quality Yamaha never ever disappoints since they placed precisely the exact same type of focus on their non-budget components since they are doing at the premium Aventage line-up. And though the Yamaha RX-V485 could function as the second-most cheap version they provide manages to develop having an exact hardy and powerful design even though there clearly was also the attentive design of it is innards as a way to execute like the potential in that price selection.

As such we’ve got that a different amp configuration so as to decrease distortion whether it captures individual power provides to each one of their digital and analog circuitry. Yamaha has utilized three Burr Brown 384 kHz / 32bit DACs who are accountable for several audio conversions and also use separate power tools. A fresh high audio excellent IC can be useful for volume control whereas high heating countertops ensure significantly fewer vibrations.

It is rather characteristic with all the Yamaha RX-V485 currently being step upward at the performance ladder we additionally get ourselves a small rise in the magnitude of this machine in comparison to this RX-V385. But so that the receiver stays somewhat tiny therefore the theory is that you must not have an issue acquiring some room to suit it into. Using a diameter of 17-1/8″ x 8-7/8″ x 12-7/8″ (435 x-rays 225.5 x 327 mm) and also weighting 17.2 lbs (7.8 kg) how big is simply about correct to this’s the course. Perhaps not exactly the bigger we all have observed nonetheless it can’t compare for greater components in Yamaha’s lineup.


Let us look at the provided distance today. Initially the remote would seem like this main one we’d used throughout our RX-V385 screening however up on more assessment we recognize a few small changes which had been desired to comprise a number of those Yamaha RX-V485 further capabilities. The distance could be the customary vinyl using rubber switches distant which will be by substantial uninspiring but of course, we must not whine to this within this budget.

The switch positioning is just the exact same but exactly what changes would be that the excess Zone A/Zone B switch towards the most effective whilst there is certainly also one button in the place of 2 to your FM and AM bands. In this manner, an excess button has been discharged for use for web operation that’s contained from the Yamaha RX-V485. Everything is just the very same which additionally signifies no backlight work which isn’t therefore surprising.

This receiver has been a clear step upward from your decrease RX-V385. Together with increased features and far more electrical power, it employs a marginally bigger chassis whilst the design is just the very same which we do not have some complaints regarding. Internal elements have been carefully picked and imply Yamaha listen to their cheaper services and products.

Audio Quality of Yamaha RX-V485

The receiver would be your next and previous component at Yamaha’s line up which just supports 5.1 channels therefore demonstrably the type of setups you may go to get is quite confined. Purchasing such a receiver usually means which you going to use it has encircled capacities while you may make a more 2.0, 2.1 and on occasion maybe a 3.1 channels audio installation you’re probably planning to get a surround system using two surround speakers which could be exactly the most useful that you may opt for. With only 5.1 channels it really is pure never to find any sort of Dolby Atmos or even DTS:X service, but we have noticed a couple of receivers who get aid for them, and alternatively you have to be in for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Learn Audio which in every honesty really are simply nice for the ones that hunt a few encircle immersion minus the should really go off using ceiling speakers along with those enjoys.


Being a real step upward from underneath ending the receiver receives a small raise in electricity having 80 g per channel (8 ohms, 20 Hz — 20 kHz, 0.09percent 2ch push ) which may be sufficient for just about any sort of small to mid-sized place or press space. In the event that you might also bi-amp front channels afterward expect you’ll have enough ability and caliber in the low unit.

Yet we detect Yamaha’s proprietary noise subject technology which mimics many different areas and spaces throughout using algorithms and processing. That was an extensive choice of such surroundings which have music theaters and sports arenas one of the lots of far more producing a completely new degree of immersion.

Just this time around people now get yourself a somewhat updated edition with the technology which goes on the title of Cinema DSP 3 d. We have spoken a lot of days before concerning Yamaha’s DSP technology and the way that it attempts to mimic each diverse DSP application. The final result can significantly change from really fantastic to extremely awful as well as in our view it is based very much around the original content material. Often situations that the noise feels incredibly unnatural and snobby however there might be circumstances in which in fact the noise feels much more and better immersive. The Yamaha RX-V485 comprises 17 diverse DSP apps you may choose from providing you with a lot of selections.

Up-mixing technologies could not be lost using the so that we can possess the standard Dolby ProLogic II and DTS Neo:6 which can be the expectations for anyone receivers who encourage that the elderly formats and also certainly will up-convert heritage monitors such as stereo mixtures to an entire surround audio.

Last but most certainly not least the Cinema DSP 3 d brings special digital technologies to the drama which the receiver could utilize based on the circumstance. As such we receive digital Cinema DSP which enables you to like encompass audio minus the usage of industrial encompass speakers. This is sometimes quite practical in the event that you’re not able to utilize encompass speakers for any explanation. There’s also a digital Cinema entrance which produces bronchial consequences by setting the environment speakers in front of their listening location. The next is digital existence Speaker that may make the elevation of this 3D sound field with no usage of almost any weather speakers. And is SILENT CINEMA which you’ll be able to utilize to relish immersive surround audio by means of cans. Lots of technologies that you play.


The picture we first analyzed on this particular unit has been that the blu ray model of Gravity which possesses a remarkable dish learn Audio monitor. This picture includes a rather characteristic combine because you will find long strings of quiet which can be unexpectedly interrupted by explosions whilst at most scenes tiny environmental noise clips such as breathing, and small vibrations and the bending of these distance matches and tv stationery generate an exact strong and spooky setting. You can find lots of digital camera panning especially throughout certain action scenes and also the surround speakers accompany precisely the onscreen actions so by altering the ramifications around the channels at an exact accurate and persuasive method.

You’ll find lots of dialog-driven minutes and also the receiver feeds that the center channels together with distinct and clear audio. Bass and non-frequencies felt sturdy and also the subwoofer was fed each of the info required to shake off the room once all hell broke free. However, if there’s just a particular second we enjoyed was when explosions ended up projecting debris all around round and also the digital camera began turning we may hear many sounds around all channels providing you the sense you’re now out there.

A superb picture having a remarkable audio monitor whilst the Yamaha RX-V485 ensured to replicate it reliably. Sturdy performance with really excellent precision and resolution throughout all of the channels.Very fine for such a cheap receiver revealing which Yamaha created an excellent job for this particular one.

If it has to do with music that the Yamaha RX-V485 can be just a significant step upward from it has decrease brother since it could be the initial receiver at the line up which gets substantial Placement Audio assistance. As such apart from the decrease in excellent MP3, WMA, and AAC structure we additionally get hold for WAV / AIFF as much as 192 kHz / 32bit, ALAC up to 96 kHz / 24-bit, FLAC up to 192 kHz / 24-bit along with DSD up-to 11.2 MHz.


Inside our instance and also for the testing we’ve chosen, since we all do with receivers that encourage, to choose a range of FLAC data files which we all streamed across the contained USB interface. S O just how such a very low wind device fairs using music? Quite excellent because of it’s classification, of course, it can’t reach the noise quality of those greater end components which utilize higher level DACs and audio parts but such a component that’s chiefly meant for the casual person precisely the final result might become satisfying.

Truth in distance had been amazing because we can pinpoint the standing of each musical tool whereas channel altering was really precise and accurate with no audible flaws or sync problems. Mid-range felt amazingly steady and powerful while they felt rested and smooth into the ear. The bass and also very low end retained pushing our sub-woofer and also extra volume along with the essential enhance to each trail creating a complete very agreeable hearing session.

The receiver may manage a whole lot of penalizing and pushing to elevated heights of a quantity however when pushed just a touch overly much time it began to free a little attention and equilibrium which will be very ordinary because of this’s the course. For the ordinary amount, we are not able to state there is such a thing particular we did not enjoy but since we all said that the noise you buy isn’t anything to become worked up about, it is only greater than just enough to meet the ear.

Ports and Connectivity of Yamaha RX-V485

We have been just one step upward from your very low conclusion here naturally we ought to find yourself a pretty comparable installment towards the RX-V385 using a couple of minor improvements. AV receiver producers tend to scale maybe not the added features but likewise the sort of relations and vents we buy even as we move higher at the performance ladder. However, the Yamaha RX-V485 continues to be fairly much a simple component and that means that you must not place your expectations high.


Bearing this in mind we will need to remind one of those ports we discussed somewhat sooner that comprised a headset jack, the more YPAO mic jack, a USB interface for loading articles by an outside memory apparatus together having the analog stereo input The many prominent vents in the trunk would be the 5 most speaker terminals and also the four HDMI inputs together side an individual HDMI output signal.

The remaining part of the connections comprises 3 composite inputs and one output, 3 analog stereo inputs which can be just one significantly more than that which we all watched from the RX-V385 device, two electronic coaxial inputs and even optical, one sub-woofer interface, an Ethernet interface for wired links into the world wide web which has been likewise missing from your more compact apparatus and ultimately the customary FM and AM antenna interfaces.

A few items that have to be noted is the fact that most HDMI interfaces are HDCP 2.3 empowered and comprise 4K UHD online video (which include 4K/60, 50Hz 10/12bit), 3D video clip, eARC (Audio Yield Channel), HDMI get a handle on (CEC), Automobile lip-sync, Deep coloration,”x.v. Color”, H D audio playback, Selectable HDMI input HDMI standby style, 21:9 aspect-ratio, BT.2020 Colorimetry, and also, therefore, are HDR suitable (HDR 10, Dolby eyesight, HLG). Additionally, all speaker knobs utilize binding articles in the place of these cheaper spring clips which will be unquestionably a bonus.

The receiver includes integral wi fi that supports both the 2.4 and 5 GHz platforms whilst it comes with blue tooth V-4.2.

That was an evident upgrade while in the linking capacities of this Yamaha RX-V485 much around the bodily connectors since there’s just an individual analog stereo input but also the added wi-fi together side the more recent blue tooth ensures that this receiver is still able of encouraging every one of the on-line works which we’re utilized to detect within that era.

OS, Apps, and Features

Together with all the RX-V385 being somewhat light on features the Yamaha RX-V485 we have the following together with us now looks like the initial the one which has an extensive collection of services that are supported that’s mostly as a result of the ability of the receiver to attach into the world wide web since the majority of those acts such as voice and streaming control demand a wired/wireless relationship so as to do the job.


However, earlier we proceed comprehensive about these we shall discuss the added audio calibration system that’s Yamaha’s YPAO system, which stands to get Yamaha Parametric Room Acoustic Optimizer, as its the most introductory shape. It really is just the exact same variant we watched from the simple RX-V385 which system may ostensibly discover the speakers that you have attached to the receiver, assess the exact distance they have in the listening location, and also make the essential alterations while in the amount acoustic and balance parameters so as to provide you with the finest achievable consequence for the specified listening and setup region.

YPAO features an integrated magician and by obeying on-screen instructions you may complete this automatic installation with-ease even although you aren’t too tech-savvy.

However, just before you make this noise calibration that you want to follow along with exactly the initial setup as a way to join all to this receiver. Matters are rather uncomplicated here when you have completed some primary relations earlier and also you shouldn’t have some problem completing this portion quickly. However, even when you have some issues Yamaha has generated the Yamaha AV Receiver set up Guide Program which really is a passionate installation program you may set up for your cellular apparatus, choose the proper AV receiver and also stick to the guidelines to create the essential cable connections.

This program if liberated to obtain and can be available for both the i-OS along with Android apparatus and offer you quite easy visual info about what steps to take to best to join all for the particular system. A wonderful small program and but maybe not a lot are definitely going to make use of it, even in the event that you’re new to this afterward you definitely may surely locate that one particular very convenient.

Let us look at the machine’s multi-room and loading capacities today. To start with there will be served for both equally MusicCast which really is really multi-room assistance that allows you to join numerous MusicCast empowered speakers round your home towards the receiver. However, if you should be a lot more of the Apple man then there’s additionally air-play two service which really is just a similar ceremony except also for Apple apparatus. Last but most certainly not least the machine additionally supports Zone B as a result of a wired relationship. Together with all the MusicCast program, it is also possible to join the receiver using wireless surround speakers just like the MusicCast fifty or even MusicCast 20 if you enjoy a cable totally atmosphere.


However, the MusicCast program isn’t limited to linking together with different apparatus. It’s possible to even put it to use in order to restrain the receiver throughout your cell apparatus in the event the added remote is maybe not for your own liking. Last but not least you might also put it to use in order to stream audio throughout the many on-line companies available that comprise Pandora, Spotify, Sirius-XM internet-radio, TIDAL, Deezer, Napster, and giving you loads of versatility and selections within this respect.

But streaming isn’t on it has on the web services since you could also make use of the receiver to flow audio via the NAS network or server drive you have attached to the community network. We mentioned previously it has USB streaming capacities in order that the previous factor we must say is how it has blue tooth assist. The machine is sold with blue tooth V-4.2 plus it may be utilized to stream music into some blue-tooth enabled speaker or cans. In addition to Yamaha’s Compressed Music Enhancer, you may get pleasure from heavily compacted audio such as MP3 and WMA into bigger compared to quality because this technology employs particular algorithms and processing so as to enhance the audio alongside it is original pristine kind.

Voice controller is likewise contained with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and also Apple Siri being encouraged. Thus if you detect with a distant or perhaps a portable apparatus for controller uninteresting and desire a bit higher tech the Yamaha RX-V485 has made you covered. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant demonstrably require a proper speaker apparatus to work as for Apple’s Siri that you are able to make use of the air-play 2 program.

However, the added features do not end. There’s also HDMI to HDMI up-scaling into 4K resolution in the event that you would like that to be achieved from the receiver rather than of one’s television. Today in the event that you ought to utilize this not is dependent upon how competent your television is indeed it’s that our proposal that you take to these two manners as a way to decide on which person is best. There’s also HDMI cec with which you may use it’s remote to restrain both the receiver and therefore reduce the range of remotes you have to utilize into your home theater.

Biamp capability can be encouraged in the event that you’d like to induce the low and high levels of front channels using separate amplifiers which may enhance the acoustic effect and performance of the front sound stage. And if that really is really an advanced feature we don’t see someone with it if obtaining such a very low ending AV receiver it certainly is a good idea to have this an excess feature plus yet one which most home theater lovers really do love.

Last but most certainly not least there’s an ECO manner you may utilize to decrease the energy intake of this machine up to 20 percent of ordinary use based on Yamaha. With all the ECO mode empowered one enables the receiver to modify it has strength output signal so in case you prefer it consistently to work its summit it truly is much better to make this flipped away.

Even the Yamaha RX-V485 can be just a significant step up in features in your entirely standard RX-V385. It has means to join on the web has allowed the designers to incorporate plenty of features and providers which individuals usually see in each of internet enthusiastic receivers bringing that this one nearer into the remaining part of the package inside this respect.

Final Thoughts

Hunting the Yamaha RX-V485 for an entire we enjoyed very much how well-balanced that the receiver feels. And with this, we imply that in the event that you seem one different model previously and under it, then the RX-V385 function as a minimum and also the RX-V585 function as very first Dolby Atmos empowered receiver, a device similar to the person that we analyzed now was that the ideal in shape to bridge the difference between these.

Even the Yamaha RX-V485 normally takes all which the RX-V385 added and offered far more and during relation to performance, the changes we all see really are extremely little that this unit handles to have a huge step of progress seeing it has internet performance. As such this device is sold with 80 g each channel using support for both Dolby TrueHD along with dtshd learn Audio, features Cinema DSP 3 d and many different up-mixing and digital technologies, higher Resolution Audio, has all the YPAO audio calibration system also it has a thorough collection of streaming and online features and products and services, for example, MusicCast, air-play two, blue tooth and USB streaming, Voice controller and internet providers service.

Alongside several different extras that have HDMI upscaling, both eARC along with HDMI cec, bi-amp along with ECO style this version handles to offer you a nearly whole on-line feature collection.

The drawbacks? If you’re searching to get a Dolby Atmos receiver this really isn’t for you personally but also for a fundamental 5.1 channels receiver that really should not be described as a bidding bargain. We’d also want to understand a leading HDMI interface as they can certainly be such a benefit having one particular along with the distance feels somewhat cheap but we cannot whine much at this budget. And ultimately concerning the price tag, since the receiver is owned by the decrease end of the purchase price spectrum contest is more ferocious and also there are certainly a couple of cheaper noninvasive Dolby Atmos receivers around there.

And now as you might be asking yourself, in the event that you wish to find a noninvasive Dolby Atmos receiver also you also don’t worry concerning internet functionality that the RX-V385 could possibly be described as a superior choice since it includes very similar performance however with of the excess on-line features. In the case on the opposite side you desire some on-line performance then your Yamaha RX-V485 is definitely a great choice since it unites Goodenough performance to get an easy 5.1 channels installation and sufficient on-line works to continue to keep your loading demands in check.

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