Yamaha RX-A780

Yamaha RX-A780 Review (AVENTAGE )

Yamaha RX-A780


Power and Processing


Digital Music Options


Audio Performance




4K and 3D video



  • Good audio performance
  • Lots of features
  • Low price


  • No front HDMI
  • Not suitable for large rooms
  • No Google Assistant support

Yamaha’s Aventage lineup reflects their top-tier set of AV receivers. Even the Yamaha RX-A780 is just one of many most recent amps to combine with the bar. Yamaha’s Aventage lineup is imbued with heavy layout and structure. Yamaha assembles these receivers by up the ground with all the only purpose of eradicating any interference which may distort the receiver’s noise output signal.

Even the 780, such as most of Aventage designs, comes with a square-foot that’s connected with the center of the receiver’s under-belly which behaves to soften vibrations. If this is insufficient, leading part of the amp includes thick aluminum protecting to safeguard its circuitry from outside disturbance and radiation.

Why Yamaha RX-A780 AVENTAGE

Yamaha RX-A780-Review

So far as characteristics, the Yamaha RX-A780 has a lot of those. The receiver has got large 4K video clip art. Its 5 HDMIs service HDCP 2.2, HDR 10, Dolby Eyesight, HLG, along with BT.2020. As an example, the 780 integrates both Bluetooth and wi fi. Its own blue tooth is bi directional so it can’t just get a radio sign, nonetheless nevertheless, it can additionally ship you. That is perfect in case you own a pair of wireless blue tooth cans that you wish to utilize along with your Sky. Even the Yamaha RX-A780 additionally supports Zone two sound, this usually means that you may establish a couple of speakers in a different place whilst appreciating 5.1 sound on most of your listening field.

The 780 can also be a multi-room champ because of the addition of Music Cast so that the receiver may function as the basis of the multi-room sound installation. Air-play 2 grip includes a part and parcel with all the receiver also it is compatible using Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant should you throw in a few wireless Music Cast speakers just like the MusicCast 20s or even 50s plus it’s possible to ditch the wired surround speakers.

Sound of Yamaha RX-A780 AVENTAGE

For sound partitioning, the Yamaha RX-A780 supports both the Dolby Atmos along with DTS:X. Together with all these two sound formats, both sound engineers can just set sound in 3 dimensional distance that creates pictures far more immersive. Even the 780 is maybe not only for motion pictures . Yamaha never forgotten its own genres. Even the Yamaha RX-A780 is really on shop shelves today awaiting the upcoming one who wishes to up grade their own listening encounter.

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