Yamaha RX-A680 Review (7.2 CH 4K AV Receiver)

Yamaha RX-A680 Review






Ease of Use





  • Dolby Atmos, DTS:X capable
  • HDR10, Dolby Vision, 4K Upscaling, 4K Passthrough
  • AirPlay 2 via firmware update, MusicCast
  • Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  • USB and Phono inputs


  • No Front Wide Channel Support
  • No IMAX Enhanced
  • No Audyssey Dynamic EQ
  • No VRR
  • No FireConnect

There certainly are a small number of makers from the AV receivers department and also yet one with plenty of lovers globally is no more different than Yamaha. Together with their hottest releases in 2018 Yamaha’s Aventage show would be your very best premium line-up they have established which is composed of 6 units so as to meet all budgets and needs. Having analyzed nearly most their Aventage models there has been one staying and also this is that which we’re getting to get this now. Inside our Yamaha RX-A680 review we’ll be studying the very reasonably priced Aventage device that they have being offered for the very day.

Even the Yamaha RX-A680 could possibly be absolutely the absolute most elementary Aventage you are able to obtain nonetheless it has a few characteristics that could permit it to become classified like a superior receiver plus this has generally regarding selected elements within it has structure which are common among Aventage models together side specified specifications which we find just within this superior classification. Together with 7.2 channels of builtin amplification along with 80 watts of energy that this receiver includes support for Dolby Atmos along with DTS:X, now has loads of up-mixing and digital technologies, comprises High Placement Audio play back together side an abundance of further features like MusicCast, air-play two, voice controller, blue tooth and USB streaming, wireless speakers service, e-ARC along with biamp among some others.

Since we have experienced all the other components inside our prior testings, by your directly second in-line RX-A780 all of the best way for their high flagship RX-A3080, Yamaha has gained plenty of awareness of their superior line-up of AV receivers. What exactly will probably the affordable Aventage device handles to offer you exactly the exact same once-again or again coming to the end end of this performance ladder simplifies it has performance? Let us put this on this exam to learn.

Yamaha RX-A680 Design

If it regards overall design and seems to be Yamaha retained just the exact same chassis to that Yamaha RX-A680 in your prior RX-A670 and that means that you are going to be difficult to come across any gaps between these. In reality except for your naming at top left aspect we all managed to see only a tiny gap within the 680 which we’ll cite briefly.

Yamaha is having the exact same characteristic design generally in the majority of these units also that you can possibly be different. It follows that front is fundamentally divide to just two or three parts. The top aspect residences the work display from the midst also has a glistening finish. On left side there’s the energy button together side all the YPAO mic jack whilst to the best people we now get yourself a tiny button for Immediate audio.

Exactly under the exhibit we now get one lineup of switches also it comprises data, memory, Pre Sets assortment, FM, DAB and trimming controls. It looks like the 680 changed the AM button to get DAB one particular plus also this really is obviously the sole change that the 2 designs have inside their design. The base has a aluminum complete plus has a small angle for it. Below we’ve got two enormous spinning knobs at each facet to volume onto the correct and enter on the rear side. At the midst we now get the normal 4 Scene buttons whereas particularly under them you can find certainly a couple additional buttons for both tone controller, app selection as well as right.

Yamaha RX-A680-review

Last but most certainly not least you’ll find some front vents available and all these comprise a headset jack and also precisely in the trunk of this amount knob an analogue audio input together side an individual USB jack (5V/1A) for linking storage. When there’s a single item we do skip this could function as the leading HDMI port which we have locate to become quite functional and ought to really be a benchmark for a great many AV receivers.

All-the Aventage AV receivers reveal a couple of structure characteristics which could provide them this additional some thing so as to generate the best within their own class. Even the Yamaha RX-A680 staying among the absolute most cost-effective component looses a number of those premium excellent enhancements however, it manages to hold a number of those.

To start with when it regards the internal hardware Yamaha has again adopted their”Complete Purity Concept” which is a portion of exactly what creates the Aventage show exceptional. This features high generate Blackberry technology, higher purity pre-amplification, antivibration technology and separate pure strength provides.

The receiver features a premium excellent quantity IC and separate pure strength source together side non jitter PLL circuitry which will help maximize noise imaging. Audio transformation obligations are handled by 4 Burr Brown 384 kHz / / 32bit DACs whereas the machine additionally uses what exactly is extremely characteristic from the Aventage string and can be called Anti-Resonance Technology (A.R.T. Wedge). This really is basically a fifth foot which is set in the exact middle of the receiver and also can be accountable for even more decreasing vibrations and also optimize equilibrium.

However, the remainder of the ft will also be particularly designed with a stretchable construction which uses two kinds of inner ribs — both curved and straight — to increase stamina and damping performance revealing just how much care to particulars Yamaha is placing even to both ft of those components.

Of course using such diminished specs when compared with other components the magnitude of this Yamaha RX-A680 was jumped if you ask me personally bigger together with this specific one quantified at 17-1/8″ x 6-3/8″ x 1 3″ (435 x 161 x 330 millimeters ) minus the antennas with it’s burden staying 18.3 pounds (8.3 kg) we’d say that this one includes the average dimension because of it has course.

Yamaha RX-A680-side

The added distant still left us having marginally mixed emotions since it isn’t exactly the exact same since the main one that we watched from the RX-A780 and follows a old design layout. Coupled having a silver/black combo, buttons are rather tiny and we’d enjoy them marginally greater. The switches design is quite fantastic as what’s sprinkled into a sensible and simple to obtain means. Towards the most effective we now capture all of the input with spectacle selection under. Volume and program controllers come alongside the standard navigation buttons sitting down at the centre.

In the decrease section we now receive play-back buttons having a couple solid manner keys sitting down in the exact base of this distant future. The design absolutely is as if it goes at the prior creation of receivers and also we expect that at the subsequent re-fresh Yamaha will choose to change the distant within this version. Something else which ought to be noticed is this remote contains no back light work hence deploying it at the darkened could be catchy on occasion.

Final this portion that which we are able to declare is the Yamaha RX-A680 has specified matters overlooking we watched from one other Aventage models but that has been certain to take place for this specific one being diminished priced. But as such the RX-A680 possesses enough regarding design and excellent audio areas that Yamaha is known for offering inside their Aventage collection.

Audio Quality

Even the Yamaha RX-A680 can be really a 7.2 channels receiver which may be the smallest you may move in the event that you’d like to earn a more Dolby Atmos audio installation. Yamaha is currently in overall a little behind rivalry inside this respect as to be able to get a 9.2 channels installation you’ll have to proceed much increased at the performance ladder completely into second in accordance RX-A2080. Bearing this in your mind together with all the Yamaha RX-A680 you may select the essential 5.2 or 7.2 channels settings or even advanced 5.2.2 channels using 2 overhead channels and double sub-woofers to get a Dolby Atmos or even DTS:X replica.

If it involves it is amplifiers that the machine may lead 80 g per channel (8 ohm, 20 Hz — 20 kHz, 0.06percent 2ch driveway ) which can be marginally less compared to that which we’d enjoy with this particular money and ergo is perfect for just limited to moderate sized chambers and press are as. We must not neglect to say the machine supports biamp connectivity if you intend to make use of that characteristic.

Inside this component we receive Yamaha’s Cinema DSP 3 d which will be the exact same variant we additionally found at the RX-A780 and RX-A880 and really is down a step from your HD3 variant we buy from RX-A1080 and also above. Cinema DSP 3 d may be your technology accountable for producing natural jelqing sound areas such as picture theatres or concert halls and there’s an overall full of 17 diverse DSP apps you may choose from to that Yamaha RX-A680. Essentially this tech will procedure everything audio sign it gets and also at an manner boost it relying in your own selection.

Panasonic DP-UB820-quality

This form of tech could cause some amazing results but since we constantly prefer to convey the effect really is dependent upon the origin stuff & the majority of time the final outcome is quite unique from your founder’s goals whereas the noise comes from fairly artificial as well as non-meat. As audio purists we like in order to avoid just as much processing as you can although you may possibly find this to your liking so that it’s always best to check it outside .

However, Cinema DSP 3 d isn’t just effective at mimicking numerous audio surroundings but can be accountable for its unit digital features. To begin Virtual Cinema DSP the machine may replicate surround noise with just front speakers attached. In addition, we come across digital Cinema entrance and also this can be a wise quality which allows you put your surround speakers in front and get encircle activity about the rear part of the listening placement which is often quite convenient in the event that you are unable to put your encircle speakers in the rear of

In addition, we locate Quiet Cinema with it one you are able to benefit from sound and surround discipline effects using just your own headset. The other attribute is digital Reality Speaker with it that the system may virtually replicate the elevation of this 3D audio industry with no existence speakers attached. And last but most certainly not least there’s digital Surround Back Speaker with this that the system may practically replicate the noise area of their setting rear speakers they truly are available or never. If it includes these digital technologies that the receiver comes totally outfitted.

1 feature overlooking here in addition to from the higher grade Aventage AV receivers is encompass:AI which will be retained just for that RX-A1080 and also above.

Moving to your picture analyzing we chose to tryout a few of those movies that assure to provide a more memorable encounter and can be exactly what we now had to try this out Yamaha. As such we chose our 4K UHD disk of Kong: Skull Island and hauled it at our Panasonic UHD player for its screening to roll up.

The movie has a volatile Dolby Atmos mixture and at our instance we elected to get a 5.1.2 channels Dolby Atmos system using just two overhead channels which were set while in the exact middle of the seeing area together side an individual subwoofer which has been housed at front corner of our installation.

Today Kong: Skull Island could be the type of picture that captures you in the very first time and we’re bombarded with some sort of War two dog-fight together with all the Yamaha generating excellent focus with these panning consequences. Sound arrived on the scene very realistic and natural as front soundstage felt alive with all the fighter airplane’s engines roaring since they struggled to help keep the metallic bodies of these airplanes in fair rate. Machine gun firing provided several fine and exact channel altering around the full noise field as the sub-woofer appeared very low and gave us exactly the mandatory vibration these motors may deliver.

You can find a lot of equivalent scenes from the movie along with also the Yamaha did actually shine in supplying crystalclear audio with quite excellent detail along with all-natural design. After the helicopters armada is attempting to drive the island storm can be a superior scene by which panning consequences require a huge step of progress and also the Yamaha RX-A680 looked to interpret what together with top-notch, outstanding accuracy. There clearly was not any lagging or fighting contrary to your receiver to replicate exactly the essential ramifications depending on that which we watched onscreen. Rotational action was living and twisting, the stage was incredibly immersive and authoritative as the over-head coating offered the mandatory additional immersion.

Much like behavior we additionally detected if we ended up to the staircase along with demonstrably if Kong was on-screen the Yamaha were able to deliver the needed scale so as to generate his dimensions realistic and believable. With each of the steps that our chamber awakened whilst his roaring arrived on the scene very natural and harsh.

And though the machine could move fairly loudly and keep it has controller and equilibrium it truly is once pushed into quite high degrees we felt as though it had been nearing a few of the attributes we heard. Demonstrably with 80 levels of strength that really is actually the weakest of all their Aventage receivers and ought to really be dealt with as such. For smaller to moderate sized chambers it may just do nice in much increased volume ranges however for large bedrooms it can come to an end of juice fairly rapid.

Complete the receiver may also certainly will supply you with excellent picture adventures. It isn’t the type of receiver which would ground you together with it is performance yet that’s maybe not it is intent. It is going to surely attract you in using it has caliber, detailed and extremely accurate noise as the overhead and surround channels will probably ensure immersion is equally like it receives. At the long run is not exactly that which we have been completely looking to receive from the system in this way?

Then in lineup as consistently would be that our music examining plus Yamaha has consistently pleased with all the performance in these receivers within this respect. Because of this we chose some favorite FLAC data files which we streamed throughout front USB interface as a way to receive the optimal/optimally quality potential. Yamaha receivers consistently needed a exact characteristic music performance along with also the Yamaha RX-A680 was not any distinctive. Even the Aventage receivers had been consistently competent of offering people with exceptional music fidelity along with also the Yamaha RX-A680 adopted to an identical course.

Of course with music we now seem largely at front audio stage since it could be definitely the most busy here and also the Yamaha supplied amazing noise imaging in addition to amazing dispersion in front. Audio preciseness and fidelity was very large as just about every noise was simple to spot it has origin. Mid range felt limited and controlled, dips were decent whilst the very low wind presented the essential burden to each acting monitor. Even the Yamaha RX-A680 needed a exact organic audio replica no matter the sort of music we snapped in it, both or not it’s stone, jazz, digital music or classical music, all interpreted since it needs to also using a rather natural feel into your noise.

Much like Aventage versions, streaming with all the Yamaha RX-A680 isn’t just restricted by internet or by a neighborhood community storage or NAS server but have the potential to likewise be achieved by way of the enclosed peripheral USB interface in addition to blue tooth S O many options as soon as it comes to the way you wish to flow your music. The machine supports both the customary MP3, WMA and AAC documents together side the high-resolution Audio formats for example ALAC upto 96 kHz / / 24-bit, FLAC upto 192 kHz / / 24-bit, WAV / AIFF as much as 192 kHz / 32bit along with DSD up-to 11.2 MHz.

The receiver also features Yamaha’s Compressed Music Enhancer which is certainly effective at enhancing diminished good quality audio including MP3 data files to close Top Relotuion Audio caliber degrees. Compressed Music Enhancer may additionally sort out blue tooth which will enhances the audio good quality to fulfill the essential transmission conditions.

Ports and Connectivity

Even the Yamaha RX-A680 could possibly maintain exactly the Aventage line-up nevertheless in regards to it has connectivity that you have to not have expectations. With all the decrease price that the very first thing is lower would be that the variety of available interfaces therefore that the RX-A680 is just jump to offer you a exact basic expertise inside this respect. However, until we discuss the vents which can be at the trunk we have to briefly point out that the plantar vents which have exactly the YPAO mic inputsignal, a headset jack, an 3.5millimeter analogue stereo audio input and also a USB interface for linking external memory.

In the very first initial thing we all notice is now that the 7 speaker works enough to get a Dolby Atmos 5.2.2 audio installation. Clearly in the event that it’s the case that you never take care of Dolby Atmos or even DTS:X you may make use of the available adapters to get a 7.2 channels installation too. The 2nd main vents would be the HDMI kinds and also the Yamaha RX-A680 is sold with 4 inputs and a single output. And if we aren’t acutely troubled from just one output, to have just 4 HDMI inputs this might well not detract from most home theater systems now. Yamaha needs to have included one more to become more aggressive in this respect.

Each of HDMI interfaces assist 4K ultra hd online video (comprise 4K/60, 50Hz 10/12bit), 3D video clip, ARC (Audio Yield Channel), HDMI get a handle on (CEC), Automobile lip-sync, Deep coloration,”x.v.Color”, H D audio play back, Selectable HDMI input HDMI standby style, 21:9 aspect-ratio, BT.2020 Colorimetry and therefore are HDR suitable (HDR 10, Dolby eyesight, HLG). Last but most certainly not least we ought to say we now a firmware upgrade there clearly was additionally eARC service for people curious in it.

Yamaha RX-A680-input-ports

Regarding the remainder of the available vents even though they’re few and far in between we in fact have several composite video inputs and a single output, about three analogue stereo audio inputs and a more specialized in phono, two coaxial digital audio inputs along with a optical, an Ethernet interface for wired connectivity for the world wide web, two sub-woofer pre-outs along with also the customary FM and AM interfaces. And that is it.

The Yamaha RX-A680 includes wireless capacities as well as such it’s integral wi fi (2.4GHz/5GHz) along with blue tooth V-4.2 (SBC / / AAC) for tackling wireless buffering.

Perhaps not much to mention. Even the Yamaha RX-A680 can be actually a simple version along with the variety of vents provided signify that. We all do actually receive yourself a passionate phono interface which wasn’t available from the RX-A670 but having just 4 HDMI inputs without a one is A-Minus our novels. We can get eARC which includes come to be broadly available now.

OS, Apps and Features

If it has to do with further features as consistently first thing we all start looking to may be your audio calibration system. Yamaha is with all the YPAO (Yamaha Parametric place Acoustic Optimizer) system as well as these systems it could be scaled in line with this version. From the Yamaha RX-A680 we receive the most standard variant and exactly what this really does is always to find the speaker links and quantify the distances out of these into a listening location, after which mechanically enhance the speaker preferences, such as for instance volume stability along with acoustic attributes, to further accommodate your own room.

The entire procedure is reasonably an easy task in order to complete and also by obeying the onscreen guidelines you may end it with no problem even when it’s the case that you never have much knowledge with very similar calibrations ahead of. If there’s some trouble to the installation that the YPAO system is likely to be certain you alert you with a few communication. Generally speaking calibration systems offer you very fantastic configurations and notably for anyone which aren’t accustomed to create manual pruning it is definitely a superb assistant.

The menu would be the exact same person we watched in a few of those additional Aventage models too therefore no openings . It truly is uncomplicated yet aesthetically a little archaic and we will find some good visual visual upgrade as time goes on since lots of additional audio technology curently have inked. The menu as standard includes 2 distinct types appearing across the left side of this screen by using their sub menus along with sub-categories revealing about the appropriate side. Navigation together with all the contained distant was quick and simple and also we did not have issues obtaining any desirable surroundings.

When there’s a single thing at which the Yamaha RX-A680 looks add up to one other costlier components which are from the supported programs it may manage. As such the receiver includes MusicCast service that permits the machine to attach along with additional wireless speakers and make your very own multi-room natural environment on your home. Even the MusicCast program is no cost for downloading on the cellular apparatus and provides you with a great deal of flexibility and functions in restraining all of available features.

However, the machine isn’t confined into MusicCast because we additionally get air-play two which is targeted at Apple apparatus. Air-play two is similar to MusicCast because you possibly are able to join wireless speakers which encourage air-play and generally flow from Apple apparatus and speakers.

Last but most certainly not least the receiver now offers small wired multi-room capacities in regards with Zone B assist. But this is only able to be be utilised at case which you aren’t likely to utilize the encircle back/presence speaker terminals since these are all necessary for that essential alterations. Yet the features is currently available for people enthusiastic if exceptionally confined.

The receiver isn’t just limited during streaming via local apparatus since it supports a broad assortment of internet streaming providers which have internet-radio, Amazon Music, Spotify, Napster, Pandora, sirius-xm, TIDAL, Deezer along with Qobuz amongst some others. All these services are all always available therefore ensure that the main one which you would like is available within your region. Many massive names are accounted for as that you will definitely come across the 1 which you might be mostly curious about.

Voice controller functionality couldn’t be overlooking since it’s a normal feature one of the very low-cost units now. The receiver supports both the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant but an outside apparatus including an Echo Dot or even Google Home will become necessary for them to do the job accordingly in the event that it’s the case that you never have one in your home put together to pay for extra to this. Last but most certainly not least Yamaha has never forgot these Apple fans therefore in the event you’re employing air-play you are able to utilize Siri throughout the program to restrain this machine.

And due to the fact we’re speaking about programs we all have to state that a couple of more who are encouraged via this device. First may be your Yamaha AV Controller which essentially simplifies the added remote and also you also have the capability to utilize your cell apparatus for several purposes of this machine. As well as the moment reason is called Yamaha AV set up manual which essentially helps you along with contacts between your AV Receiver and play back apparatus in addition to overall AV Receiver installation. If you’re a newcomer to such a installations this is sometimes a exact convenient little program touse.

Just before we close that portion of the review we now have certainly a couple more added features which can be capable of mentioning. To start with there will be service for wireless speakers for example the MusicCast 20 and also MusicCast fifty encompass speakers. Additionally there’s that the MusicCast SUB a hundred sub-woofer you may join into this machine. The receiver now offers HDMI to HDMI upscaling into 4K resolution, so you also are able to stream music to blue tooth enabled cans while additionally, it features an Echo manner as a way to get a grip on it has electrical power output signal and save on vitality.

If it regards further features we are not able to express the Yamaha RX-A680 is overlooking muchbetter. The clearest ones will be definitely the absolute most fundamental YPAO system along with also the exceptionally small wired multi-room capacities it’s. Every thing is less or more available the following unless there’s something special that will be overlooking and also you want the Yamaha RX-A680 has a rather decent feature collection.

Our Verdict For Yamaha RX-A680

Yamaha made available us the following fantastic high quality AV receiver with all an Yamaha RX-A680. Demonstrably using it has lesser price in comparison with higher grade models that this 1 has been jumped to provide less round the plank, in a few areas over the some others.

However, the side the receiver gets got the high quality postage of Yamaha all it over if it will not incorporate the entire collection of Aventage special hardware which we had noticed at certain more high priced components. It supports not merely Dolby Atmos and DTS:X however, additionally all of the up-mixing and digital technologies you could ever require. In the event you contribute to the service for large Profits Audio, USB and blue tooth loading, MusicCast along with air-play two, essentially the well-known voice controller programs and also a wealth of different features which include HDMI up-scaling, biamp capacities and eARC service, it is really a pretty substantial collection of all features to continue to keep you more happy.

However, the drawbacks demonstrably using 80 g of strength that isn’t designed for major rooms whereas just 4 HDMI inputs without a one will not cut it to the demands. However, generally connectivity shrewd that the receiver provides the entire basics therefore if you request some thing that you could discover that individual missing. The distant felt somewhat old-style plus without a back-light it undoubtedly looses to the side of all things. Smallest price can be somewhat on the side but that really is in overall a Yamaha dilemma and isn’t connected with the version just. Contest is ferocious and Yamaha must believe a little more concerning their price tag plan.

Final exactly what we are able to state is the Yamaha RX-A680 can be a superior actor for smaller medium sized chambers of course should you’d like to buy for some essential Dolby Atmos installation also for several audio streaming it’s going to last just nice. It’s got the caliber which individuals have been utilised to buy from Yamaha throughout the past handful of years also it’s got the performance which you’d count on from the lowly grade, superior version.

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