Vizio SB36512-F6 Review (5.1.2 CH Soundbar)

Vizio SB36512-F6 Review













  • Great stereo performance.
  • Decent soundstage.
  • Atmos support.
  • Amazing connectivity options.


  • No Dialog Enhancement feature.
  • Surround speakers need to be wired to the wireless sub.
  • Slow, buggy, and laggy app.

As soon as we listen to that the language Dolby Atmos and also soundbars at an identical sentence commonly it will not mean fantastic stuff. And also this really is a mistake of these manufacturers by themselves even as we have observed a number of soundbars asserting to encourage Dolby Atmos whenever they really don’t have the essential hardware to encourage it. This normally happens due inside their own effort to provide low priced soundbars as they have to be dependent on digital tech to reproduce exactly the Atmos and encircle impacts rather than supplying the soundbars that the ideal tools to your own project.

And at the back circumstance we find that a soundbar which accompanies devoted Atmos or encompass speakers that the purchase price usually proceed bigger compared to that which we’d really like. Now inside our Vizio SB36512-F6 review we’ll be analyzing a soundbar which intends to really go contrary to what we understand thus considerably by supplying a legitimate 5.1.2 channels, Atmos enabled system having a cost that nearly touches the 300 mark. Yes, your own eyes aren’t deceiving you. A soundbar which employs both equally devoted up-firing Atmos in addition to surround speakers for an overall total of only £ 300. How is it potential you will ask if many other soundbars using up-firing speakers price tag therefore much more.

It looks like Vizio is decided to ruin your contest whilst the VIZIO SB36512-F6 can be really a prime instance of presenting enormous whilst asking just for the little. Without speaking about it has further features, only the worthiness of an actual 5.1.2 system simplifies by way it is selling cost. Of course a easy amount does not mean any such thing in the event the true performance isn’t quite as fantastic not surprisingly consequently with no additional delay let us start off our investigation.

Design, Inputs and Features


Earlier we talk how the machine we will need to clean the version design which can confuse a couple of you personally. Vizio is having slightly more intricate titles for his or her soundbars as it really is crucial therefore we will need to figure this out can be actually the VIZIO SB36512-F6 which features a 5.1.2 installation and has been launched in 2018. That clearly was really a similar version with all the SB36514-G6 design which is essentially a identical soundbar however using up-firing Dolby Atmos encompasses additionally leading to a more 5.1.4 installation which sells in a larger selling price.

Consequently for this specific from this way in which let us talk concerning exactly the person I will soon be analyzing now. Vizio speeds the VIZIO SB36512-F6 because of 5.1.2 soundbar and also this usually means in the box we all now get the most important unit which comprises about three drivers to front , centre and right channels combined side just two up-firing motorists to its Atmos impacts. There’s additionally a bunch of encircle wired speakers together side all the wireless sub-woofer for your own bassguitar.


The primary component steps only 36.00″ x ray 2.50″ x ray 3.19″ (914.4 mm x 63.5 mm x 81.0 mm) and weights just 5.60 Lbs. (2.54 kilogram ) which helps it be relatively little and light weight to get a Dolby Atmos enabled apparatus. The surround speakers can also be quite little in 2.69″ x ray 5.69″ x ray 2.56″ (68.3 mm x 144.5 mm x 65.0 mm) plus weighting only 0.88 Lbs. (0.40 kilogram ). At an identical manner that the comprised subwoofer is bigger compared to that which we initially anticipated and includes a dimension of 6.97″ x ray 11.42″ x ray 11.42″ (177.0 mm x 290.1 mm x 290.1 mm) and weight 10.20 Lbs. (4.63 kilogram ).

Since you are able to know in the aforementioned soundbar is designed chiefly for smaller locations and also while the machine could move fairly loudly once we’ll say at length down a bit from our own review it seems just like it had been supposed for tiny living spaces or networking are as at which it does feel at home plus it surely will have the ability to work much better.

Just since it has design goes Vizio has implemented exactly the same over all of the soundbar’s parts. As such front along with rear of the most important unit, both surround speakers and subwoofer are coated from a gray colored cloth as the trunk is plastic. Equally left and side are all covered too in vinyl but having a milder color plus features Vizio’s symbol painted in. You will find not any sharp borders within this design even as we get around corners to get a smoother transition in between front and top faces. And even though vinyl is your principal material utilized we presume that quality is great having a good structure. To get a soundbar that expenses little you must not anticipate something fancy however as such Vizio were able to build a pleasant and strong version.

The fabric which covers front along with this system may not be eliminated and reaches both leading and also up-firing speakers. On the face we have yourself a couple of controller switches which can be observed dead middle of this machine and also disguise beneath the fabric and all these comprise probably the most often encountered functions such as power routing, enter option, blue tooth in addition to volume controller. Just continue in your mind why these really are buttons and also perhaps not touch sensitive and painful kinds.

And though the total expression of the soundbar is average each in both functionality and aesthetics that which we did not enjoy was that the lack of the whole rectal exhibit. We have no idea if Vizio did this as a result of design problems or due to cost limitations however being unable to have you really is just a big disappointed rendering it nearly impossible to be aware of exactly what the soundbar does in each specified minute.

Alternatively of the complete show Vizio went to some set of led lighting they set from the left corner of front face. Based how these lighting float it signifies various purposes of this soundbar. Even though for quantity controller it truly is simple to learn far more or not exactly what exactly is happening for several the remaining part of the purposes it truly is difficult to consider them and also we are certain you’ll have to start the handbook higher than just a couple instances to observe exactly what the machine is currently undertaking. Perhaps not sensible in any way to state the very least and also this really is most likely the sole major draw back of the design.

In the rear of this machine we visit just two exclusive insets, only around the rear and right you on the proper, home all of the relations with this machine. You can find not any IR repeaters just in the event the soundbar is obstructing your television’s IR detector however in all honesty you probably won’t desire some whilst the very low account of this soundbar will not create this an essential requisite. Last but most certainly not least you will find certainly a couple of wall-mount screw-holes in the event that you wish to place this through to the wallsocket. Vizio also offers a exceptional wall-mounting template to be able to indicate the pockets accurately.

Even the Vizio SB36512-F6 can be actually a lovely appearing soundbar plus a few of those far better types we have experienced inside this budget. With visual appearance and over average quality that this apparatus scores saturated in this respect.

Internal Hardware

With all the detachable cloth pinpointing what’s beneath the hood might become somewhat tough. Yet using a little bit of digging round we could find that which causes this Vizio soundbar tick. To the principal device Vizio has already used an overall total of 5 1.89″ x 2.99″ oblong total assortment driversfor front , centre and right channels together side a couple of up-firing motorists to its rebounding Dolby Atmos consequences. For such a very low profile component comprising five identical drivers could certainly signify an oval design could have to become utilised so as to suit all of them such a decent distance.


As for its surround speakers Vizio utilized double 1.8″ complete array drivers to get each which is quite uncommon for such a little design as we largely visit unmarried motorists within this dimension. As for its subwoofer, this includes outfitted using one 6.0″ (152.4 mm) driver which accounts for each of the bass plus comes with a frequency response of 40Hz — even 100Hz. At 6″ that the subwoofer might be a big person and also to a it might appear much too little but bear in mind we are speaking to a little complete design and also the subwoofer would have to follow along exactly the exact same principle.

With an overall total of 5 motorists at the home soundbar together with both encompasses as well as the subwoofer that the system comes with a frequency response of 40Hz — even 20kHz using a solid pressure degree of 101 D B which in line to Vizio is loudly enough to its magnitude of their machine.


If it regards cable direction it’s rather somewhat complicated if you’re using numerous wires since Vizio gets split the links to two classes which really is really a little perplexing however we still suppose that this needs to complete with all the typical design of this system. About the left side inset the ability connector has been likewise seen we now receive an electronic virtual optical audio input together side some 3.5millimeter analogue audio inputsignal.

Over the most suitable in-set we now get an HDMI input plus a HDMI output signal with additional ARC service, a USB interface for linking exterior storage using limited play back functionality and also last but most certainly not least an Ethernet interface for wired link with the Web if that you never have a wireless wireless link.

The sort of all HDMI vents available is to be found either at the guide or at Vizio’s internet site however we think it employs exactly the very typical today HDCP 2.2 which signifies 4K/60p, HDR and vast colour gamut pass-through. Furthermore, you can see there are no where available the links to your own surround speakers. That is really due to the fact Vizio made a decision to set those straps onto the rear of this subwoofer rather than the most important bar in what’s an odd design choice.

Regarding that soundbar’s wireless capacities the VIZIO SB36512-F6 includes integral wi fi that supports 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac in addition to blue tooth V-4.2.

Control Options

Vizio has built with this device with assorted kinds of controller but let us view the very evident. The added remote can be just a quite distinctive design that drops out the customary vinyl using straightforward rubber switches designs we all view from most soundbars within this budget. Usually the single that we receive features that a exact uncomplicated squarish design with curved corners having an overall full of 1-1 buttons together by having a single LCD display screen in the exact top.

To be fair but the exhibit can be just a wise movement, devoid of some type of back-light it gets it fully unreadable at a non lit setting and also a waste so far as operation is involved. The remaining part of the buttons feature an electrical input and menu at the top accompanied with the normal navigation buttons which likewise behave as play-back buttons whereas in the base we now capture the quantity and mute buttons…and that is it. We really enjoy the ease of this remote plus it educated us Samsung’s one particular Remote just a bit of.


However, Vizio in addition has established an program called Vizio SmartCast that supports both the i-OS along with Android apparatus and certainly will certainly replace your distant since it permits one to not just restrain the fundamental capabilities of this soundbar but in addition most of it’s preferences. Nonetheless additionally it gives additional operation like this that you are able to upgrade the machine if essential. 1 thing we did not enjoy about any of it and which individuals have read lots of complaints regarding would be that the responsiveness of the program due to the fact that much days it had been suggested and took time to upgrade the actual condition of the machine.

Last but most certainly not least there will be service for Google Assistant should you enjoy to restrain it together with your voice. Regrettably there’s absolutely not any Amazon Alexa except also for such a cheap device having Google’s stage is really a significant plus. However, so as to make use of voice controls you’ll want to have a Google Assistant apparatus whilst the soundbar lacks all kinds of builtin amps which may be properly used for such an item.

With this particular price we might not ask to get longer. Vizio has pushed the envelop together with all the VIZIO SB36512-F6 so considerably as control options no additional soundbar inside this selling price comes close.

Extra Features and Services

Fully being a legitimate 5.1.2 channels soundbar that the VIZIO SB36512-F6 obviously supports Dolby Atmos monitors combined with Dolby’s elderly variants. However, to your great disappointment there isn’t any DTS:X which will be quite peculiar with Vizio moving right through this problem to generate an authentic Atmos enabled soundbar and perhaps not comprise DTS:X service. It follows the machine may simply decode to dtshd learn Audio in addition to comprise DTS digital:X in an additional feature if you happen to wish to make use of this.

Dolby Atmos impacts are made by employing up-firing speakers which rebound the noise of this ceiling significance depending on your own chamber settings seem might truly feel various. Since you comprehend that the low your ceiling that the further conspicuous the over-head impacts will probably be.

The soundbar is sold with 3 pre set equalizer preferences you may choose based on the sort of material you’re watching. The people available are Picture, Music and Immediate with each individual changing the noise so to offer concern to selected impacts so as to generate an even far more immersive sound stage. The 3 preferences are very selfexplanatory with Picture style better fitted to movies, Music style to music and movies while Immediate style is appropriate to everybody .

Commonly soundbars offer a couple additional manners such as for instance a voice manner that boosts the conversation but sadly the Vizio soundbar will not have that. The single other manner that’s available could be your Night manner by which the machine enhances bass levels as a way to offer an even quieter environment which may be excellent for latenight watching or in the event that you chance to reside within a apartment.

Let us now discuss your unit loading capacities. To start with there really is really a USB you may utilize to join outside playback and storage that your files such a manner. There are in reality two drawbacks for this particular we can view. To begin most having the vent from the trunk causes it to be tough to utilize it usually specially in the event that you have exactly the soundbar on certain home furniture. Once wall-mounted this really is somewhat much easier to stay with your hands but otherwise it’s really a tough to set location. The different minus may be that the confined functionality that the builtin player has since it can certainly play just MP3 and WAV documents in order to know that there are few alternatives to choose from.


One other alternative you have is as a result of blue tooth streaming since you are able to join any blue tooth enabled apparatus into the soundbar and flow music as a result of an radio link. However, the VIZIO SB36512-F6 isn’t limited merely with blue tooth. When it’s builtin Chromecast service you may tune in to music utilizing assorted streaming providers such as Pandora or even Spotify.

1 final feature that’s worth mentioning would be service to get hdmi cec. This is sometimes quite a convenient and handy attribute if you’d like to employ your television’s remote to control essential purposes of this soundbar and therefore save the issue from having lots of remotes in your own screening region. But if the soundbar will not comprehend certain orders you may ensure it is find out since there’s distant programming by manually pointing out either the television’s and also soundbar remotes about the primary device. From the guide you will find detailed guidelines on the best way best to do so particular.

In overall to get a 300 soundbar we tend to be somewhat more than satisfied with all the sort of features we be into such a specific one. You’d feel that using such a very good deal the majority of the price range is used to the authentic hardware however Vizio ensured to squeeze in several fine features. It has playback and streaming capacities are somewhat adequate should it not offer the maximum complete collection of features we have experienced. Fantastic perform from Vizio inside this respect.

Initial Setup

Even the VIZIO SB36512-F6 could possibly be described as a real Dolby Atmos soundbar nevertheless if it regards initial setup factors are rather straightforward to let you know that the reality. The handbook stipulates quite a straightforward and step-by-step guide with photographs about how best to join all and everything also we can really go so much as to mention one here provides a true self-study encounter. For those who have even tiny knowledge concerning audio products it must not require you longer than just a couple moments to have all prepared.

Thus after shooting every thing outside of this box and then set all of the speakers at their suitable locations you’ll have to choose the way of link with a television. Inside our instance we employed the HDMI outputsignal, that’s additional ARC features, since it offers the very best quality. After that you have to join the surround speakers into the subwoofer sufficient reason for the cables being color-coded it truly is difficult to join these erroneous. Last but most certainly not least you join both soundbar along with sub-woofer to an electricity plug in and allow them to link wirelessly. Commonly they really do that independently however in the back the event that they don’t really there is certainly really a matching button you may drive to execute it on yourself.


And that is all there’s for it. The machine is then prepared to be properly used. Just since it has calibration options matters certainly are a little lean in this respect. That isn’t any automatic calibration system therefore that the couple available configurations have to get adjusted by hand. Even the soundbar offers bass and treble changes in addition to elevation and also encircle speakers degree alterations. You are unable to change each speaker separately thus positioning of those encompasses have to become the exact same. On account of this given EQ presets you may fix the noise output signal to your own liking and based upon the material currently being playedwith. If what’s done and said we’re all ready to the movies analyzing.


With authentic up-firing Atmos speakers in addition to encircles available we desired to decide to try a handful movies which will benefit from them in sequence to have the ability to learn just how excellent an Atmos performance this soundbar provides. As such to our very first assessing we chose that the 4K UHD edition of Tranformers: The previous Knight. Today we have analyzed this picture with several soundbars earlier and also the overall adventure we’re getting out of almost all of those that hauled at the decrease grade class proved to be a fantastic front sound stage which can extend somewhat longer into both side however this was it. There has been no elevation activity or encompasses action which can cause us to really feel absolutely immersed.

This consists of the Vizio SB36512-F6, as in the very first scene we all tried we all undergone that a many various results from that which we acquired utilised until today. As front sound stage was hugely powerful that moment we sensed encircled from the actions whilst the encircles did create every one of the spine actions virtually. You’ll find lots of scenes using projectiles, laser weapons and fire shooting over the spot and also the soundbar made positive to help keep exactly the transitioning involving your channels incredibly true.

And though the straight back act has been busy we’d believe that the over-head coating to become living rather well with jets flying around our minds and weapon flame wheezing within our ears. 1 thing that we ought to figure out is the over-head Atmos impacts weren’t therefore pronounced or true as front or encircle noises. And also this isn’t just a mistake of this system rather than the sort of how Atmos execution we all buy from such a specific one. However excellent speakers that you have, up-firing Atmos speakers won’t ever be as like authentic ceiling speakers. That’s true plus a challenging actuality.


However, now we will need to clean up something. Lots of men and women believe this up-firing remedy snake-oil which can not become far from the reality. Could it be good as authentic ceiling speakers? Undoubtedly maybe not for all those instances ceiling speakers really are outside of this question that the up-firing speakers are much superior than having no Atmos speakers in any way.

With this specific to account that the Vizio soundbar surely could truly provide us an awareness of top if much less clear or precise whilst the true thing. A number of the over-head impacts felt just like arriving across our television whilst we experienced a obvious awareness of standing between your abandoned elevation place and one.

For the next evaluation we travelled to get a equally striking Dolby Atmos trail situated at the 4K UHD of both Pacific Rim: up-rising. The picture was as being a under average sequel into the remarkable first picture but everybody else needs to agree that if in regards to it has noise it truly is loud, encircle and over-head heavy and exactly what we wanted to all our evaluations.

Inside this picture we have just about same sort of performance revealing that the traits of this Vizio soundbar. Leading sound stage has been the principal focus on good rest between both left and right channels as the centre provided obvious and distinguishable dialog that not sensed buried below each of the activity. Rotational action was profound sufficient to make us experience as though it had been arriving out of the trunk as the over-head coating was rather fine with lots of impacts texture such as arriving over the television. With all the movement’s large-scale that the Atmos outcomes had an affect the encounter along with also the soundbar built use it has hardware to use it.

Ultimately we ought to discuss that the subwoofer’s performance which has been very nice plus it left us have that the rumbling throughout heavy actions scenes. After you initially look up on the subwoofer, it is measurement is undoubtedly somewhat neater . however, it is performance was adequate to its driver that is enclosed. You might truly feel that the vibration with just about every Jaeger’s foot-step or feel whole properties beamed down throughout the struggle from the metropolis. Do not expect you’ll draw your walls down just like a few heavy hitters may however in all honesty it wasn’t intended to take on people. It merely handles to match the remainder of the system such ways which you aren’t likely to overlook that this vibration atmosphere from your frequencies that are low.

Generally speaking it has performance we’d state was front oriented with all an surrounds and up-firing speakers operating to enlarge the immersion over and supporting us at a exact subtle manner that’s to not a own face but ample to create the adventure more alluring, enjoyable and complete gratifying.


If it regards music screening we all consistently prefer to make use of the added USB interface to all our files flowing rather than radio since it supplies the very best quality. The player of this Vizio soundbar is pretty restricted in it has play back capacities hence that our only choice was supposed to proceed for MP3 or WAV documents and we made a decision to opt to the latter.


The machine may possibly perhaps not function as absolutely the absolute most musical of soundbars but has been competent enough to offer us excellent attention around the vocals, a exact tight mid and tender highs as the bass gave a formidable performance with no moving exceptionally very low. Despite having such a little footprint that the soundbar gave us a more decent awareness of distance with great spacial sense because we can differentiate from exactly where each musical tool had been discovered out of.

Over all we’d call it has performance decent and significantly more than ideal for practically any relaxed music enthusiast. Clearly if you’re a music enthusiast you won’t be on the lookout for such a cheap alternative with all the soundbar be-ing made chiefly for movies watching. But in the event that you would like to create a rest involving your viewings using a few music songs afterward be sure the VIZIO SB36512-F6 will fit your invoice.

Final Thoughts

We have observed a number of soundbars accomplish ardently and much superior compared to their real price however, also the Vizio SB36512-F6 normally takes on this to your very different grade. Even the soundbar could possibly have the capacity togo loudly but thanks to it’s dimensions and variety of Atmos speakers it’s unquestionably chiefly appropriate to little living spaces, bedrooms and press are as. Additionally visiting with a soundbar inside this price tag that provides an actual 5.1.2 Atmos setup, perhaps not rely on digital tech can be really a truly impressive accomplishment plus we will need certainly to redesign Vizio for controlling to complete some thing which looked hopeless.

Even the soundbar can be a superior choice if you’re quite tight in the distance, it was able to carry out very well considering it has course, it provides the entire 5.1.2 channels Dolby Atmos installation in a little package deal whilst it managed to incorporate some basic extras such as USB and blue tooth buffering in addition to having Chromecast assist. In addition, should you prefer hands completely free get a grip on the added Google Assistant service is actually a significant plus. Last but most certainly not least the grade of these speakers in addition to the distant is very well over average with all the design supplying an even premium appearance to a otherwise cheap soundbar.

So much since it has downsides? Even though you will find certainly a couple of within our own heads has now adhered merely 1. No more DTS:X service. Having an excellent Atmos installation with devoted Atmos and encircle speakers and also perhaps not encouraging DTS:X is also a mind scratching conclusion. There clearly was DTS digital:X however that can not supply you with exactly the exact same feel since the actual thing. Additionally the other minus may be your principal component’s exhibit, since there is certainly none. The comprised led lighting which should provide you with an symptom of what exactly is going are an extremely terrible design and also we can not don’t forget their mixes which makes us maintain the handbook inside our control just about all of the moment; point. Last but most certainly not least even though maybe not even a true minus the wired encircle speakers could possibly be described as a limiting variable to get a couple individuals who can have chosen these to function as wireless too.

Final we might be excited about that which we found here now. This really is an wonderful modest 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos soundbar you will surely fall inlove , plus it has fantastic performance, above average construction, fantastic collection of features along with a chin falling selling price. For those who have a little region and you’d prefer a genuine Dolby Atmos soundbar that the Vizio SB36512-F6 ought to decidedly be on peak of one’s checklist.

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