Vizio SB3621n-E8 Review (2.1 CH Soundbar)

Vizio SB3621n-E8 Review













  • Excellent price
  • Satisfying bass at normal volume
  • Nice design
  • Better than average performance


  • Very few connections
  • Almost no extra features
  • No real display on the soundbar
  • No surround activity

If it regards boosting your television’s audio you may go the complex and pricey manner by having a committed environment system or you may opt for a more soundbar that’s designed to provide an even simpler and not as costlier, pricier choice. Demonstrably each one of both has it has flaws and strengths but in the event that you simply want some thing better which the average performance your glistening fresh apartment television has caring for some whistles and bells we frequently see contained afterward it’s possible to become off having a soundbar which could be cluttered cheap and offer the needed upgrade for your high quality caliber.

In the present Vizio SB3621n-E8 review we’ll be studying particularly such a soundbar. Vizio has become known caliber one of home theater lovers since they have established very commendable TVs and audio services and products through the last few years and also the machine we’ll be analyzing today is just one of these most fundamental versions. The Vizio SB3621n-E8 can be really a version which has been published in 20 17 and can be still at re Tail flow as we experienced a couple asks in this all we chose to observe exactly what it really is about.

It looks like this specific soundbar provides several of the simplest features we have found such a component in regards with a 2.1 channels system significance we all access only two channels about the principal unit together side all the wireless sub-woofer, combined with blue tooth loading plus a couple audio features which includes DTS Studio audio, DTS TruSurround along with DTS TruVolume which we’ll test fleetingly. However, when there’s a single thing which will surely turn some thoughts is that it’s selling price that during the right time of composing hovers close to the 150 mark. With such a very low priced also it’s really fully basic characteristic collection does exactly the Vizio SB3621n-E8 handles to offer you an advisable encounter or it neglects to supply items? Read since we place it into this exam.

Design, Inputs and Features


This could be the 2nd Vizio soundbar which we’re reviewing Herein property Media enjoyment along with the design can become somewhat puzzling to people who do not stay informed about the many soundbars the maker has recently released the previous few decades. Even the Vizio SB3621n-E8 is ostensibly one among those decrease grade, 2.1 channels, sub-woofer armed soundbars which Vizio has published and that is really a 20 17 unit which still may be located around available on the retail stores.

Being fully a 2.1 channels system usually means this unit is currently without lots of respects since you will find merely two channels available left and right about the primary unit together side all the subwoofer for your own bass. Even the soundbar really is actually a small a single measuring only 36.00″ x 2.10″ x 3.20″ and having a load of 4.60 pounds it is often quite an easy task to set it below your television or bracket it to the wall. Even the subwoofer is equally smaller, actually it truly is among those more compact designs we have observed within our evaluations measuring only 6.70″ x 11.80″ x 7.90″ along using a burden of 8.85 pounds.

Having such a little footprint along with elevation usually means it will likely not block your television’s IR detectors and owing to the there is not any demand for IR repeaters which will just increase the total price. With such a little measurement for the the most important unit and also the sub-woofer this version is principally destined to become utilised in little household spaces or networking centres exactly where your main aim would be to enhance your audio strategy in contrast from exactly what a television is effective at. It is compact size which makes it simply a flawless match.

Let us talk somewhat about this’s design today. During the past few years now, we have reviewed numerous low priced, entrance level soundbars even though a number were able to do over average to his or her price yet one matter that a large part of these ended up lacking were so good appearances. Vizio around the opposite hand looks pretty established to amaze us. This machine may possibly perhaps not be about an identical degree as among their high acting components but design shrewd people believe it certainly one of the best selling inside this classification. Demonstrably much to its grille fabric that wraps across the machine although chiefly on account of the mixture of this material together side all the silver sides which provides it a little premium appearance.


The design features straight lines along with rounded borders and also the detachable material grille is concealing both leading shooting drivers together side the whole front and upper faces. The remaining part of the machine is really as standard crafted from vinyl . however, it had been top caliber and also sensed pretty hardy. According to standard towards the other hand to the centre we now get yourself a couple builtin controller switches to get simple access with no distant. From left to right we receive an electrical switch, Input Signal option, blue tooth volume and function controller.

And if the Vizio soundbar becomes high-scores because it has looks one particular area at which we might perhaps not be disappointed is on the rectal screen. Actually there’s not any rectal screen, simply one vertical row of LED indicators which can be on the left side of front face also based on upon their behavior and also mixes which they signify assorted purposes of their apparatus.

Of course when volume controller it’s relatively simple to tell apart them as in regards to it has other purposes become prepared to have the handbook at a convenient location since you may probably open up it longer than just a couple times so as to learn what a more particular blend of these lights signifies. This is really a exact bothersome system and also you which takes away from your general very good appearance of this system. We have observed equally priced soundbars make use of an entirely operating display so that we are not able to picture the main reason Vizio would not utilize one too.

In the rear of this machine we’ve got two exclusive insets, 1 at each facet together with each 1 home the small relations available and we’re going to analyze those at the right portion. Even as we all mentioned that there are not any IR repeaters as well as also the only additional thing you’ll discover is particular openings in the event that you wish to wall mount the exact item. There’s a wall socket mount template so as to drill down the holes into their suitable places before setting.

The sub-woofer maintains the design of the most important device by incorporating a fabric which covers both the upper and sides surface whereas front features a silver vinyl cap with all an Vizio emblem painted onto it. This really is a tiny seeming sub-woofer however a damn fine looking person. On the rear facet we discover that the backfiring motorist together side a handful buttons for pairing, as that really is a radio , also for hammering it on/off. However, left side there’s really a two-pin strength jack while over the motorist we capture precisely the bass jack since it is a more bass-reflex design.

It’s quite uncommon to receive yourself a backfiring sub-woofer as the other very similar ones are somewhat down-firing or even front-firing variations but that assists maximize it has performance if set properly because you want to stay in your mind this is a rather small one particular thus power isn’t only one of sturdy things.

Complete the Vizio SB3621n-E8 really is a fine looking device also when it wasn’t to its front LED signs we can claim that this to become certainly one among the most useful searching models nearby the 150 cost range.

Internal Hardware

With such a easy unit there’s maybe not just a good deal you may state concerning this’s internals. Even the soundbar is utilizing two ″ complete array drivers to get each of those left and appropriate channels. Keeping it has lowprofile supposed they mightn’t move any greater than that however in all honesty we consider that it’s enough to its usage it’s principally inclined to function as even using such the soundbar could move pretty loudly. On the flip side that the subwoofer is employing one 5.25″ back-firing motorist which is very modest to get a subwoofer but as such it succeeds to create quite bass.

There aren’t a lot of information regarding the unit theoretical amounts whilst the people Vizio provide are quite sparse in particulars but that which we do understand is the Vizio SB3621n-E8 may reach A100 dB sound pressure level plus also has a frequency response to 50 Hz — 20 KHz. How these interpret you may read under our video and also music evaluations.


For such a very low spec soundbar it had been a certainty which individuals mightn’t capture yourself a whole lot of relations and really the people that we actually do get signify the very low course of this machine. With this few vents we don’t observe the main reason everything is split and also maybe not come up with in one in-set as having them would create cable direction and also our own lives so much simpler.

As we view exactly the machine out of the straight back in the left side we detect that the ability connector together side an individual 3.5millimeter analogue stereo enter and also a USB underneath that for linking external storage and also flash drives. On one opposite in-set we capture just one electronic optical and a single coaxial audio input signal and…that is all.

You can find not any HDMI vents available also we don’t get precisely the rationale supporting that particular, since the soundbar does not encourage whatever else besides Dolby Digital and DTS to desire you, we aren’t able to accept perhaps not to have one when HDMI has come to be the number only connection used now with this specific version’s limited capacities.


Even the soundbar doesn’t have any online connection it be wired or wireless also it might have to make do just using the added blue tooth V-4.0 which might be properly used for loading. Generally connectivity selections are quite lean and we did not have higher expectations to start out using we’re expecting that a HDMI interface that’s really widely utilized now.

Control Options

With such a very low price label it had been a given the soundbar will include basic control options. And it follows the single means to deal with this particular unit would be with all the remote. Even the traditional manner… once we all mentioned previously you may additionally make use of the builtin controller switches except for absolute charge of the machine you’re going to demand the distant. So that since there’s not any program or voice-control service here matters are fairly basic in this respect.

Regarding that remote which was included with an Vizio SB3621n-E8 soundbar it still includes a rather characteristic design that individuals have observed in most Vizio soundbars remotes whilst the maker enjoys to continue to keep matters organized and simple. Of course the distant isn’t just a milestone of superior quality . however, it felt hardy using premium caliber of substances, everything considered. We’d prefer a more compact size because just half it is inhabited together with squarish buttons providing you with an idea of equilibrium the manner by which the buttons have been all positioned.

In the exact top we now get about three buttons at a row to its many crucial roles which have electricity dialing, enter Bluetooth and selection performance. Below at a simple creation we capture play back and playback volume controllers while underneath , lifeless centre we now get exactly the mute button with all the TruVolume and also TruSurround buttons onto both left and right Music and Picture manners onto the appropriate side. In the exact base you can find 3 buttons for correcting the bass, treble and subwoofer levels.


As there aren’t a lot of alternatives available we enjoy how many sound and modes alterations are produced out of a press on the button since the distant comprises literally each role of this system which is incredibly sensible. You are not going to have to fool up with menus and settings . An individual press a button and button, you left exactly the desirable change. Last but most certainly not least we ought to state this is a IR competent remote and that means that you require direct field of sight with all an soundbar so as to get the job done precisely.

Complete a wonderful remote that’s truly sensible by adding that which with no really being extra low. Additionally there isn’t any back light which helps make matters pretty challenging if you love touse the soundbar at a darkened atmosphere.

Extra Features and Services

This version is really gentle on features but you will find certainly a couple which are well worth mentioning. To begin those without a HDMI vents available the form of audio formats verified is fairly confined. With all the enclosed electronic audio inputs we could possibly become just the heart Dolby Digital and DTS formats which is all there’s about it. However, to be fair that the comprised hardware isn’t effective at whatever longer thus we have to contend with this.

The machine also will come with just two audio manners and a supplementary two audio features. For that Audio manners you will find just two Picture and Music possibilities plus all these really are very self-evident of the things that it is that they should complete. However, the soundbar additionally comes with a TruVolume and also TruSurround attribute which ought to get examined a little much more. Those two belong into the DTS Studio audio platform also you’ll be able to empower them separately.

What exactly the TruVolume does will be always to quantify and also modulate real time sensed loudness gaps and maintains exactly the total amount of noise amount, with out changing lively selection. As an instance whenever you’re watching a picture and a industrial blasts on top quantity. Even the TruVolume may also the output signal and match precisely the amount you have put over the soundbar.

The 2nd feature named DTS TruSurround is obviously a sort of digital technology which from idea can cause an immersive environment atmosphere with only the utilization of both speakers. We’re maybe not too partial to these digital technologies since the majority of time that they don’t provide a true awareness of over-the-shoulder activity but we will put this into the evaluation to learn just how this behaves together with Vizio’s soundbar.


Even the soundbar supports USB flowing as a result of the enclosed USB interface however to be fair this sounds to be an after thought as it has features is exceptionally confined by just distinct wav data files. We aren’t able to comprehend why the most frequently encountered mp3 data files aren’t verified also it seems as a halfbaked remedy since it’s right today. But yet if you’re employing wav data files you are going to be happy to recognize this unit may replicate them.

Vizio is certainly caused by advertisements this version’s blue tooth capacities and also in fact here really is definitely the most functional approach to flow music. Blue tooth pairing is readily done and also the bond looked pretty nice and steady as was that the product quality of noise we all got out of it now.

The Vizio SB3621n-E8 can be really a very barebones audio gadget. It includes confined USB streaming combined with blue tooth capacities and also the variety of audio styles and audio features we receive are the total crucial that basically represent up on it has tremendously very low price tag.

Initial Setup

Enough timing needed in un-boxing to completing initial setup couldn’t be any briefer as matters are fairly straightforward. After setting the soundbar underneath our evaluation television and also the subwoofer into some large part nearby our listening location we chose to join it by way of the electronic Optical interface. Once we pushed both the most important unit and also the subwooferthe two paired nearly instantaneously. Throughout initial start the soundbar will cycle all inputs before it locates exactly the main one which you’re making use of and at our instance which has been the optical jack.

That done you’re prepared to earn a couple calibrations which can be available and readily accessible via the distant buttons. As such you’re able to correct your own subwoofer, bass and rebounds amounts for your liking, then choose preferred sound style and choose if you’re likely touse the TruVolume and also TruSurround features according to the material you’re going to undoubtedly be watching.

That is all you have to accomplish along with the moment you pick the ideal ones you’re all set. Being easily reachable implies you never have fundamentally to come across an throughout sound alternative for the system. Usually correcting the noise for diverse material each and every time may be hassle but everything is really easy you may make alterations on the fly with no should navigate via many menus or options and so supplying an remarkable user friendly encounter.


The very first picture of choice is really your 4K UHD edition of Saving Private Ryan which has a remarkable Dolby Atmos audio monitor. Of course together with all the soundbar’s confined capacities we just secured the heart Dolby Digital monitor but so that is enough for all individuals order to learn how very good that this unit would be.

Our screening has been broken up to two elements with all the original with the Picture manner with all the TruSurround characteristic handicapped. Along with exactly what additional spectacle to strive in relation to the launching section with all the landing of the Allied troopers around Omaha beach. By the very first time what’s evident may be that the advancement of front sound stage in comparison from exactly what exactly our television managed. The noise sensed alive, much more punchy and a lot more enlarged. This might be described as a little soundbar however, also the noise stretched outside of the bodily constraints of this machine. It did not stretch to such a level we had noticed at other even bigger soundbars or any models which use side-firing motorists however we were surprised with it has expansion capacities.


Even the soundbar could possibly be missing a more passionate centre channel but has been equipped to extend the conversation with great separation against one other ramifications also if the level of clarity isn’t up there using various additional components which contain a passionate centre channel. Something else which individuals taken notice of has been punchy it has performance sensed. After you at first observe that particular unit that you never be expecting it to have the ability togo really loudly but that one failed while pushing it into extreme amounts failed to create it buckle under the tension that you really can like it at higher degrees compared to that which many casual audiences hear.

Similarly we’re surprised with the small-sized subwoofer. I discovered a couple of jokes about just how small that this person was when the German artillery had been thumping on the beach nobody had been laughing . Of course do not anticipate that this to contend at virtually any form or shape to some passionate subwoofer however also for it’s size it might offer sufficient bass which will otherwise create the ability horizontal and dull.

And though the total performance of significantly more than satisfactory when there is only one area the Vizio SB3621n-E8 was lacking was it’s encircle action since there is not one. Every one of the activity had been completely in front of the us. The results which typically need to seem in the back like bullets traveling beyond our minds that their existence was felt rigorously at front.

We attempted a couple of chosen scenes once-again with all the DTS TruSurround characteristic onto see whether that period we’d find much far better final results. To be totally truthful with this specific feature over the ending consequence felt marginally enhanced. Even the soundbar manufactured a concerted attempt to provide the illusion of surround exercise along with the total sound-stage felt as though it arrived somewhat nearer to your stance but there wasn’t any true activity powering us also that is expected. This tech might accomplish that much minus the essential hardware to get the job done together with.

We also attempted a second Dolby Atmos picture while in the model of all Pacific Rim: up-rising. Yet we just must take pleasure in the center Dolby Digital monitor and the type of behavior we watched has been line with this prior evaluations. With all the DTS TruSurround characteristic handicapped and choosing the Picture manner we now have an extremely pleasing performance in front with fantastic disturbance and changing involving your right and left channels and also decent expansion in direction of the sides.

Dialogue experienced good padding and composure without felt as though we all were overlooking the guts channel. Even the sub-woofer went rather reduced because of this’s dimension and such a picture has a great deal of chances in order for this to flex it has miniature muscular tissues. Last but most certainly not least encircle immersion was utterly lost for actions. Allowing the DTS TruSurround manufactured matters marginally simpler however, perhaps not everybody is excellent as some-times seem felt processed compared to that which we’d enjoy, some thing which is certainly natural using those digital technologies.

Complete the soundbar were able to fare excellent with such actions heavy pictures as well as using it has hardware limits were able to deliver a exact pleasing and fun adventure.


Ordinarily inside our music evaluations we all like to make use of the USB interface since it supplies the very most effective potential results so much as audio quality is involved. However, even as we suppose the majority of folks will probably use this blue tooth streaming to obey music also this looks like the principal means to know audio we then chose to likewise finish this portion of the testing such a manner.

Just just how can such a very low priced soundbar fares as soon as it regards music? Much superior than that which it really is selling value is however overall it shows that we’re speaking of a non capacities version. We did not hear any significant troubles with the way music has been managed from the machine compared to your ears it even gave a exact balanced influence between your frequencies round the total dynamic selection, it really is only it did not provide anything much more than that which we now have discovered in other, too superior, very low priced versions.


Over all we’d rate it above average as soon as more using such a very low selling price things consistently seem. As you ought to think about the fee when estimating the audio performance of an audio apparatus and since such the Vizio soundbar can be a great lowcost possibility. Mid range felt sound enough, with all the highs seem dynamic with no arousing. Even the subwoofer failed to provide incredibly profound notes and hovered largely about the top low degrees.

In general that really is that which we’d predict the certain relaxed music soundbar. Perhaps it doesn’t create your jaw decline . however, it wasn’t designed to. Plus it’s going to be certain supply you unlimited hours of music satisfaction.

Final Thoughts

Even the Vizio SB3621n-E8 may be the type of soundbar you may genuinely love since it’s a fair attempt of supplying any worthy progress in excess of your television’s audio in the lowest cost. Do not expect you’ll receive any fancy specs or features and the type of performance you are certain to have represent the cost questioned.

The machine features 2.1 devoted channels, features a very desirable design and incredibly good quality and substances, it supports Dolby electronic throughout the enclosed electronic optical or coaxial interfaces and offer restricted USB streaming together side blue tooth playback and pairing and includes a couple standard sound manners along with audio features. Initial setup can be really as easy because it can certainly become as-is tackling it. With few alternatives and options available correcting the audio to your liking may be cinch whenever it is size would make it excellent for smaller roomsand living spaces or networking centres by supplying a loud and very clear performance in a high price that’s virtually a slip.

But, the drawbacks there clearly was not any encircle exercise as most of actions was securely at front folks with all the TruSurround tech empowered. Therefore, if you’re searching for an even far more immersive knowledge you should have to check else where. We also located Vizio’s LED signs that a inadequate remedy to some rectal screen since it leaves it difficult to keep in mind the mixes of these lighting fixture. Last but most certainly not least the added features and relations available will be the complete minimum although we aren’t able to request many more out of the computer device with such an amount label we are able to consistently request longer.

Finally it really is cost has become easily the most significant element. Even the Vizio SB3621n-E8 can be an soundbar that guarantees to supply you with better than that which that your television is able to perform along with can this having a punchy and loudly performance that doesn’t signify the requested cost that hovers about the 150 mark. And because of this soundbar is worth of one’s own consideration.

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