The Best Massage Chair OHCO M.8 Review 2022

Ultimate Massage Chair OHCO M.8 Review 2022

Let’s check our OHCO M.8 review. Are you suffering from chronic back discomfort? Are you fed up with going to the chiropractor for countless appointments with your chiropractor?

Are you searching for ways to maximize the advantages of doing this and also enjoy the ease of having the ability to receive a relaxing massage whenever you’d like?

If yes, you’re going to be awed by this OHCO M.8 test. It’s a modern massage chair with a stunning design.

It is packed with an impressive array of features for relaxation and convenience, the M.8 is an extremely high-end massage chair provided by a top-quality company. You’ll have to pay more for the chair however when you locate a way to incorporate the price into your financial budget, you’ll be amazed.

OHCO M.8 Review

Find out more what one of the most massage chairs that are effectively available at the present. In the following sections, we’ll tell you all the features that the OHCO M.8 can provide and give you the facts about its couple of (very very few) issues. This way you’ll have the details you require to make a decision for yourself on whether it’s the type of massage chair that you’ve been looking for.

About The Best Massage Chair OHCO

These OHCO massage chairs that we’re reviewing here are exactly the same luxurious massage chairs created by award-winning industrial designer Ken Okuyama and were launched in Q1 of 2019. If you’re looking for Dreamwave M.8 and M.8 LE chairs and are wondering what brought you here, you’re on the right path!

OHCO is merely another name for the M-Series massage chairs, which are the most carefully constructed and advanced in terms of technology for full-body massage chairs. The brand’s goal is to highlight the various ways they offer top quality design, as well as innovative functions to the market for massage chairs.

Now that this is clear Let’s look into the OHCO Massage Chair M.8 as well as M.8LE Massage chairs!

OHCO M.8 Massage Options

Massage Options

Massage Techniques

As a high-end massage chair, we’re going to have to admit that we were unimpressed by the variety of massage options that are available in the M.8. It’s true that it has the basic options that are covered but there are other top-of-the-line chairs available today that provide many different advanced massage techniques. However, the M.8 only has the following:

  • Tapping
  • Kneading
  • Rolling
  • Combination (Kneading + Tapping)
  • Shiatsu

Massage Programs

Additionally, there are fourteen preset massage routines on providing the capability to personalize your massage experience by tweaking the intensity and speed settings (three each).).

On the M.8’s remote, you’ll be in a position to:

  • Select Deep Tissue Massage mode
  • Activate Spot/Partial Massage mode
  • Create a completely customized massage experience

This is a fantastic machine, there’s no doubt about that however, it’s a little short of the expectations we had, specifically in light of the cost of the device. Comparatively against its predecessor, the Inada Dreamwave, for example, the M.8 offers just a small fraction of the combinations of massages that are possible. Although the massages you’ll find here are incredibly well-designed and are extremely comfortable, there aren’t as many as we’d like.

We were also a bit disappointed by the fact that there was only one sophisticated technique for massage. It’s not hard to find massage chairs that provide three, two, or even four massages, and given the way in which the company has implemented Shiatsu massage into its OHCO M.8 four-dimensional massager, we’d like to see what they can achieve using Swedish and Thai massage.

OHCO M.8 Massage Chair Design 


The massage chair, which is a simple item, has made a significant leap from the squealing chair you can spend a quarter on in the shopping mall and has evolved into an emblem of innovation and luxury.

The OHCO M8 is the idea of the famous Ferrari as well as Maserati design expert Ken Okuyama, with massage programs created by Japanese Shiatsu master Okabayashi.

The futuristic style does not stand out as an overwhelming, bulky piece within your living space. Instead, it’s attractive to behold and sure to spark conversation when an individual enters your home.

The dimensions of the massage chair measure 60″ 36″ 49″ and it weighs 364 pounds. This is a huge chair, therefore, small-sized apartment owners should beware.

Despite its size, you’ll be amazed at how tightly it Dreamwave M8 hugs walls. It can pivot around its base, and then fully recline and only requires 6.25″ of space to easily fit in any space.

The maximum weight of OCHO M8 is 265 pounds. OCHO M8 model is 265 pounds. It has a seat being 17.5″ large with a depth of 21″ deep. In the OHCO M8 analysis that the dimensions of these are limiting at best and don’t allow for tall or large people.

Let’s take a closer look carefully at this complete-body Shiatsu massage chair style.

OHCO M.8 Massage Chair Overview

OHCO M.8 Massage Chair Overview

Aesthetics & Design

The first thing you should note the first thing we’ll mention in this OHCO M8 test is the fact that it’s a massive chair with dimensions of 60″ 36″ 49″ (upright) and weighing in at 364 pounds. It’s also built with traditional lines, which means it looks like it’s a masseuse. They’re not ugly pieces of furniture. They do make an impact in any space that you place them in.

Both of these facts make sure that, whether you like it the way you see it, it is certain that the M.8 is likely to attract a lot of the spotlight in any room that you can locate it. Because of the size of the chair should you reside in an apartment or home that is smaller or have a tight squeeze to the point of being confined, it could be difficult to locate a place to place it.


Luckily, the chair is built with wall-hugging technology, which allows it to pivot around its base when the chair reclines which means that it only requires 6.25″ of space between the rear part of your chair as well as the wall you put it on. This is helpful for some however, don’t get it wrong it’s still a huge, bulky item of furniture.

Infinite Position

In contrast, this chair is not only M.8 an outstanding massage chair, however, but it also has an infinite recliner in any position which lets you select the recline angle you want to or simply relax and take a nap. The massage chair also can be laid flat and should you wish to take relaxing while getting massaged, you can completely do it!

Car-Door Design

One of the most innovative designs that have the M.8 sports is an ingenious design for doors, which makes getting in and out of the seat an easy procedure. They’re constructed like car doors. They open by opening from the front and then swing towards the back. You’ll see an opening on either side and you’ll be able to enter from any side you want and then settle down in the massage chair and close your door and relax.


In the massage chair is usually will just lie down. You can also do this using this OHCO M.8 massage chair or simply unlock one of the doors and walk in through the back. Its true doors are like the doors of a car. Doors are distinct from the OHCO range of massage chairs. I feel it’s something that should be included in the most other massage chairs.

If you’re old or suffer from a disability being able to get in or out of the massage chairs could be a challenge for those with disabilities. The doors will open an entirely new set of options. If you’re searching for other options, look into Luraco’s Luraco I9 Massage chair with the sliding doors.

A Few Things to Note

Despite its massive size, it is one of the few drawbacks of the M.8 at the beginning of our investigation. The seat measures 17.5″ broad and” deep. Furthermore, the chair can only hold a maximum weight of 265lbs.

According to the specs of the company according to the company’s specifications, this chair according to the company specifications, this chair is suitable for those who range in height from 5’1″ to 6’4″, but if you’re a big bone then the M.8 might not be the best choice for you, based on the dimensions of the seat and a somewhat unsatisfactory weight limit. Assuming that those aren’t important to you, there’s an impressive array of features that are available We’ll be exploring this next.

OHCO M.8 Elite Massage Chair Features

MaxTrack + DeltaWave

The M.8 features a unique track layout that is a whopping 49″ in total length. In essence, it’s an L-Track and is equipped with the firm’s DeltaWave engine that drives the quad rollers that are dynamically moving with the possibility to move off the track to better replicate the feel of human hands.

We honestly don’t notice any significant differences between the MaxTrack from OHCO and the massage in 4D offered by other high-end massage chairs when it comes to how the massage is felt, however it has one significant benefit. The M.8 is able to render massage regardless of the recline angle you’re on. It’s just as enjoyable even in Zero-G and also when lying on your back. Kudos to OHCO for pushing new massage techniques!

Inversion + Zero-Gravity Position

Zero-Gravity Position

The M.8 features one Zero-G seating position as well as the Inversion Therapy seating position that both come with one-touch ease. Zero-G is an inversion therapy position developed by NASA that puts the person at an angle where your knees are raised slightly above your heart offering a myriad of benefits for your body, particularly for people recovering from surgery. And as an added plus, it will give you the feeling that you’re not even there!

There are a small number of massage chairs available on the market today that provide inversion seating, which places an OHCO M.8 inversion into a very exclusive company in the true sense. It’s a mark of distinction which is what makes the M.8 one of the top therapeutic chairs that are available today for people suffering from chronic pain.

OHCO M8 Massage Chair Body Auto Scan + Roller Adjustment

Body scanning isn’t something new however it’s difficult to come across a reliable one. The OHCO chair is a great choice, and it’s among the attributes that are evidence of its exceptional quality.

Once you’ve sat down the body scan will be initiated as well as the rollers adjust automatically in accordance with the Shiatsu areas (neck or back seat) to provide a custom massage program.

If the scan of your body isn’t quite right the scan can be adjusted with a remote controller.

Full Body Heating


In the event that you raise the temperature when you massage, muscles are more relaxed and soothing. The full-body heat boosts blood flow and assists in the healing process of damaged tissues.

The heated rollers of the M8 make sure that you can apply heat wherever you like because each component can be independently controlled by you. The M8 even has a heating element for feet and hands.

Although heating is offered in others chairs, it’s the capability to control the location where the heat is radiated is unique to the M8 chair.

Massage Timer

Dreamwave M.8 Dreamwave M.8 does come with an auto-timer, which means users can modify their session to last between 10 and 30 minutes.

Link Your Massage Routines

If you’re unable to pick between the different routines they can be linked in a customized session lasting between 35 and 45 minutes. This is an option you can’t find on many chairs. It allows users to unwind without having to go back to reality and start an entirely new routine every few minutes.

Calf & Foot Massage Is Phenomenal!

The most significant flaw with the contemporary massage chairs is their inability to properly massage lower extremities. Sure, foot massage has vastly developed in the past 5 years thanks to the addition of foot rollers, however, everything from the feet up to the ending of the hamstrings is extremely lacking.

In the case of”lack I’m referring to the fact that either there’s the insufficient cover (since the rollers aren’t able to reach the top) and the sole way to get coverage/massage is via airbags or air cells.

I’ve stated it before, and I’ll repeat it airbag massage isn’t enough. The reason is that airbag massage is mostly superficial and isn’t able to penetrate deep. To get a good massage, the rollers that work in conjunction with the airbags perform effectively.

Night Light (M-SENSE Light Pool)

This OHCO M.8 Massage chair comes with LED lights on the chairs’ sides which can serve as a light source for night use. They make the chair appear beautiful and work well. You can have it set to turn it either on or off all every day and make it turn on Sense. With Sense, if you walk near an area where massage is available, it turns on. I’m using Sense which takes a few days for me to be comfortable with it. It’s initially difficult to wake up at midnight to drink water and walk around the chair, and then they start to turn off by themselves and it can be slightly unsettling in the event that you don’t expect it.

OHCO M8 Luxury Massage Chair Programs – Detailed

To get the most realistic massage, you must follow the assistance the guidance of a Shiatsu master. Each movement was meticulously choreographed to replicate precisely the actions of Shiatsu master Takabayashi Sensei.

You can avail 14 pre-programmed options for massage with this OHCO M8 Massage chair. The intensity and speed are completely customizable.

  • Short: a body refresher that provides a preview of the most basic options when you need some energy.
  • Full Body: Expertly created Shiatsu in order to increase blood circulation and improve mobility, and relax muscles that are stiff. The practice helps the shoulders, neck, and back.
  • The Float: The Float is a DreamWave original massage that employs the figure-eight method to rock the thighs and hips in a way that balances the mind and body.
  • Unwind: The program slows the pace, brings you back to the present, and welcomes relaxation.
  • The Stress Relief Method: Busy day? This massage targets your brain using repeated, dance-like moves that relieve tension.
  • Stretch releases tension, and moves the shoulders, neck, and back, allowing for better alignment and healthy extension.
  • The morning: Long night? The massage energizes your mind and stimulates blood flow to get you going for the day.
  • Nacht: If your body is tired, but your brain can’t allow you to rest This simple movement pattern will calm your mind and helps you drift off to sleep.
  • Sport Recovery: The best way to ease muscles that are tired and sore after intense exercise or sports.
  • Neck and Shoulders: The massage session is focused that targeting your neck and shoulders and upper back, using various kneading patterns.
  • Low Back: Utilizes tapping motions to release pressure in the lumbar region and hips.
  • And Glutes: It lets users adjust their exercises to reduce tension and soreness in their glutes, back, as well as thighs.
  • Feet and Calves: Make use of TheraElliptical technology in order to compress the area while making a knead. Rollers are placed in each leg port to focus on the calves and reflexology points.

Full Body Air Massage

This massage package is a unique one that provides head-to-toe massages with an airbag that is strategically placed in this chair.

Some people don’t want a hefty massage. The air massage is a gentle alternative that can make you feel like floating in the clouds.

OHCO again gives you complete control using the zone control that lets you separate specific body parts, and alter the intensity.

Be aware that other chairs might have larger airbags however OHCO shows that size doesn’t matter if the placement and design are in line.

The airbags are found in the following locations:

  • Arms (forearms)
  • Calves
  • Feet
  • Hands
  • Head
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Neck
  • Seat
  • Upper arms
  • Shoulders

DREAMWAVE M.8 Massage Chair Accessories

The word luxury is the name of the game in this case, which is why Dreamwave M8 provides two-fold luxury by offering excellent add-ons to improve your experience and take you away into a tranquil world.

  • The Smart LEDs detect your movement and light up a path toward the couch.
  • Chromotherapyshines soft, diverse colors of LEDs to calm the mind.
  • It’s Air Ionizer inside the headrest will massage your skin with gentle cooling breezes while you massage.
  • The built-in diffuser allows you to add a few drops of your most-loved essential oils to create an aromatherapy session.
  • Its USB port for charging allows you to connect your tablet or smartphone to listen to music.
  • Slot Holder Slot Holder can be used to keep your remote in place or mobile.
  • With built-in Bluetooth speakers are connected to your smartphone for better sound quality.
  • The white noise fan located in the headrest block out any sudden noises, and helps to establish an atmosphere of peace.

Pros & Cons of OHCO M8 Massage Chair

Although this OHCO M.8 massager isn’t the ideal Massage chair this is still an extremely appealing design that has plenty to offer both as regards the therapeutic as well as practical features.

What we love most about the style:


  • Zero-G seating, as well as an inversion posture, both of which offer tremendous therapeutic value.
  • Massage rollers with heated heating for complete body heat.
  • This is a major bonus for people suffering from therapeutic issues.
  • Controls for heat that you can adjust and use to activate the body zone.
  • A variety of preset massage options to provide single-touch ease.
  • Massage of the deep tissue is yet another beneficial therapeutic function.
  • The most extraordinary neck and head massage are uncommon in the world of massage chairs.
  • A truly amazing Calf massage as well as a foot massage. This “car door” design makes it extremely accessible for those with severe mobility issues to enter and out of the.
  • The device is packed with additional features and finishing elements such as smart lighting, chromotherapy aromatherapy air Ionization, etc., and integrated Bluetooth speakers that deliver the highest quality sound.


  • OHCO massage chairs price- extremely expensive, and out of the reach of many.
  • A weight limit of only a few pounds could not be suitable for larger-sized individuals.
  • A limited number of advanced massage techniques are available.
  • It might not be as intense for everyone individuals, even with the most intense setting.

What we don’t like the least about the design is:

However great all of this is but there are a few disadvantages to our opinion. One of the biggest is of course the cost. The chair can cost you the same amount as a decent used vehicle and will, unfortunately, be able to make it unaffordable access for many.

Another major point that we see as a weakness is the tiniest capacity to support the weight of the user and that’s what renders it unsuitable for a tall and large crowd. In the ideal world, we’d love to have at the very least one more sophisticated massage method in particular, given that the chair is priced at but it’s definitely not a major issue for many people who love the massage chair industry.

Our view is that the benefits are far more important than the cons. When you look at an item like this that attempts to do everything, the aspects aren’t well-implemented and the end result is looking messy. This isn’t the case.

Each feature is executed using skill and precision that leaves the chair appearing and feeling extremely polished and powerful.

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OHCO M.8 Review Conclusion

OHCO M.8 Review Conclusion

In my review of the OHCO M.8 review, It was difficult not to be enthralled by it. It’s a massage chair that’s gorgeous. It’s not just stunning, but it performs exactly as it appears. There are some peculiarities that you need to be used to however that’s like anything else that is new.

The massage is excellent and I really enjoyed the experience. I wish it had been a bit deeper or let me remove the padding. However, if you want a gentle to medium-sized massage is what you’re seeking you’ll find it. These quad rollers perform great and the program was designed and constructed very well.

This Air Compression massage is probably one of the most effective I’ve seen on any other massage chair, however, the air compressor can be quite noisy and can be distracting. I was really impressed by the arm massage as well as the Calf Massage elliptical. With all the features that it comes with, the OHCO M.8 comes with features.

Customization with customizing the OHCO M.8 is quick and simple. I didn’t give the M.8 a 5/5 rating because I would prefer that the leg rest could be powered and not spring-loaded. I would also like to modify the intensity more or add a quick amount of duration to the massage. Additionally, the ability to link with an additional program so that you could do two back to back was quite cool and I noticed that I was using it often.

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