Kahuna SM9000 Massage Chair The Best Review 2022

Ultimate Kahuna SM9000 Review 2022

You’ve heard about the new Kahuna SM9000 and you want to know what all the hype is about? We are too.

Kahuna is among the most well-known massage chair brands we have had the pleasure of studying.

Every time we perform analyses of the chairs they use, we get the most favorable results in favor of their clients.

Customers just like Kahuna’s chairs have rated them at least 4.3 five stars on the famous marketplace.

The SM9000 is a massive model of chairs. It features AIR FLOAT technology, which creates the illusion of floating in the air, sound reduction design, heated rollers, and more.

Let’s take a look at the review.

Ultimate Kahuna SM9000 Overview

Ultimate Kahuna SM9000 Overview

Another amazing model from the company that is known for its amazing models. This is the Kahuna massage chair is a sturdy chair with a tremendous therapeutic massage value.

Recommend for casual users will appreciate its additional features, while those suffering from chronic leg or back discomfort will appreciate its amazing worth.

Kahuna SM9000 Specs

Weight245 lbs
Dimensions Size51 inches x 29 Inches x 49 inches (Length, Width, and Height)
Voltage110 - 120V
Net Weight189 lbs
Gross Weight220 LBs
ColorBlack and Brown

Are you suffering from persistent leg or back pain? Are you in search of a powerful, high-end, and fully-featured massage chair that gives you all the benefits and benefits of a trip to your chiropractor at your home?

Perhaps you’re a fanatic seeking a comfy massage chair that comes with options and additional features, provided by a firm that has a good reputation for high-end products.

If you’re in either of these situations, you’re going to enjoy our comprehensive Kahuna S9000 review.

Although this chair isn’t ideal There’s plenty to appreciate about it which is why we were enthralled with it almost instantly. Kahuna is among our top brands and it’s always exciting to see them introduce an innovative model.

In the next sections, we’ll go over the features that their latest model will be able to do and, with a fair touch, inform you about areas in which we believe that the SM9000 isn’t quite as good. In the end, we hope you’ll have the knowledge that you need to make a decision on whether this is the ideal massaging chair you’re looking for.

Are you ready to start? Let’s start and see what we can accomplish. achieve!

An Overview of the Kahuna SM9000 Massage Chair

Hybrid L/S-Track & SIX Rollers!

This section is among the best parts of this Kahuna SM 9000 review. While quad rollers are the standard for the market but we’re beginning to see some chairs with 6 rollers(two sets of three placed in a triangle which has two rollers at each end and one on top).

Quad rollers are extremely popular because they feel like human hands. And the six-roller option is more comfortable on this front. This is massive, and exactly what you’d expect to find in a top-quality massage chair at this price bracket and provided by a firm that is known for its dedication to high quality.

The existence of the six-roller array in itself is incredible However it’s Kahuna that we’re talking about and they’re much more than that.

These rollers have been heated to provide comforting heat throughout the entire length that surrounds your spine. Add to that it being constructed around an L-Track, which runs underneath the seat so that the rollers are able to massage the lower back of your thighs, and you’ll get an incredible massage experience that is extraordinary.

Subliminal Yoga Stretch

One of the most notable aspects of the chair’s features one of its best features is its body stretch feature. we’ll call it one of the most effective available. Most chairs feature the ability to stretch your body however it’s not easy for you to discover one that gives an effective yet soft stretch.

Kahuna is a brand that has been around for ages. Kahuna brand is famous because of its “Yoga Stretch” which isn’t overly radical, but it is effective in treating chronic pain in your back. It’s similar to a chiropractor’s adjustment one that can be obtained from your own home.

3D Wrap-Around Squeeze Foot Massage

3D Wrap-Around Squeeze Foot Massage

Another feature that stands out includes the massage for the feet. Three different methods (scraping or rolling, and kneading) are all applied at the same time to all of the feet with rollers. Also, feet are covered in airbags!

You can alter the level of airbags by using the remote. Additionally, you can include an element of heating to maximize your therapeutic advantages. If you’re in search of a massage chair to cater to injured ankles or feet that are painful or have an injury, this is the best option to provide the relief you’ve been searching for.

Zero-Gravity Seating

Zero-Gravity Seating

To enhance the overall massage experience even more The Kahuna SM9000 also offers a Zero-Gravity position.

It’s a fantastic finishing touch that will leave you feeling light as you take in your massage. It makes use of the basic force of gravity to push you further into your seat back which lets the rollers massage you more deeply.

It’s a definite plus. Our only complaint is the fact that considering the name of the company and the cost of the chair We would expect to see more Zero-G seating options available but the SM9000 only has one.

This isn’t a huge deal however, it left us wanting more.

Body Stretch

Kahuna is widely considered to be the most effective stretch for the body in the market and it’s no wonder that it’s prominently displayed in the Kahuna massage chair SM 9000.

“Yoga Stretch “Yoga Stretch” the brand is renowned for isn’t too violent, but it is extremely efficient. If you have an ongoing back pain issue, the yoga stretch can aid in the same way the chiropractic adjustments can, with the added benefit that you are able to avail it at any time you’d like at the convenience at home.

Another feature is high on our favorite list. And honestly, If we had to choose just one feature and declare it our number one choice we’d have a hard time choosing.

Footprint and Aesthetic

One of the first things you’ll see about Kahuna SM9000 is that it’s an enormous, massive piece of furniture having dimensions that are 53″ in size by 29″ 48″ and weighing over two hundred pounds. It’s designed specifically for large and tall individuals and you’ll be able to easily fit in it even if your weight is over 300 pounds or are high (up at six feet five inches” at the height of 6’5″).

Although some massage chairs are made so that the leg ports are able to fold away from view when they are they are not when in use however this one isn’t one of these, so it’s obvious that it is an actual massage chair. It’s certainly not ugly however, depending on the style of your home it may stand out as the unwelcome thumb.

Although it’s huge it’s built with space-saving technology which means you’ll be able to relax in it even if it’s 3-4″ from the wall you put it next to. However, due to the size of this piece, should be constrained by space, it may be difficult to find a suitable home for it.

The SM9000 is also equipped with the option of chromotherapy which is soft blue LED lights that are located on the sides. Although it’s not an extremely effective feature, many claim that the soft light can help them relax and, ultimately, make the most of their massage experience and gives the chair a futuristic appearance.

Amazing Heat!

Amazing Heat!

This is a crucial aspect of our Kahuna review of the SM9000. And although we’ve had a few quarrels regarding the manner in which the company has implemented certain features we’ve discussed to date We don’t have any issues with this.

As we stated in the beginning that the rollers are heated, meaning you will benefit from warmth and massage on all of the back. The majority of chairs that provide warmth do not do this only within the area of the lumbar spine. This method of treatment is a game-changer.

It’s getting better, however. Its seat cushion also has heating in the lumbar region and provides an intense, soothing heat in the area as well as the footwells, also heated to provide pain relief to your sore foot and calves. If you have persistent leg pain or an occupation that requires you to be working on your feet for the duration of the day you’ll find this to be your most-loved feature (and we’ll get into the massage of the calf and foot later!)

Our only complaint is that considering the cost of the chair we would have liked to see an option to adjust the temperature, which would allow you to set your personal preferences. There aren’t many chairs that offer this however we’ve come to anticipate great things from Kahuna and that’s the reason we’re expecting greater from them.


There’s not a huge assortment of accessories that come in this Kahuna massage chair. However, that’s okay because you’ll find the ones that matter, and they are top-quality.

High-end Bluetooth speakers allow you to sync music and experience massages for a wonderful sensory experience. Its music player allows you to connect your favorite metal music while receiving massage therapy if that’s what can help you unwind.

Kahuna SM9000 Features and Benefits

The S Inflammature Air Float 3D massage uses airbags, heated rollers, and an inclination of zero to give you the feeling that you’re floating in the cloud.

When you are in this posture, the pressure is removed from your spine, and blood circulation improves due to the compression of air throughout your body.

The SM9000 is extremely silent. They improved the forward sliding mechanism, so it reclines when reclined it’s much more smooth and quieter.

It’s great to have Infrared-heated rollers are fantastic since the heat doesn’t feel static. It feels as if it’s bouncing as if the hands of a masseuse.

The infrared portion allows heat to penetrate the muscle and improve blood circulation.

There are five techniques of massage: kneading, tapping knocking, kneading, kneading, tapping, and finger kneading.

The foot massager is 3D. It employs three methods: scraping, rolling, and kneading.

Kahuna SM9000 Features and Benefits

The first time that we’ve had a foot massager gives this much coverage.

Adjustments comprise three speeds as well as air pressure and the width of the roller.

The ability to adjust the width of the roller is helpful for those with different shoulder widths.

The Acupoint Position technology locates the crucial body points so that rollers can pinpoint them accurately.

There are also a variety of new signature auto-programming programs: Renew, Relief and Recovery, Yoga, Music Sync stretching, and relaxing.

I love the fact that these programs are peaceful and serene as opposed to the competition that offers active massage programs such as golf mode and sports.

Naturally, the chairs of Kahuna are designed to accommodate larger and more wide-bodied people.

As tall as 6-foot-5 inches tall and 320lbs. As an American, I’m grateful for this!

Don’t forget that for an additional fee you can request the white glover delivery in which they move the chair to the location that you prefer, set it up and then take away the garbage and other debris.

It comes with a 5-year complete warranty on parts and labor and their customer service is excellent. (Please be sure to sign up before 30 days from the date of delivery otherwise, the warranty will be null and void! ).

An Above Average Number of Options

Ultimate Kahuna SM9000 Review 2022

Okay, we admit it. We were not impressed with this review, even though it’s real it is true that the SM9000 has the most choices.

Regarding massage techniques, you get:

  • Kneading
  • Tapping
  • Knocking
  • Kneading & Tapping
  • Shiatsu which can be described by the name of “Finger Kneading”)

That’s the basic with one additional technique. This isn’t bad however in this instance Kahuna’s name for quality can be a hindrance to its quality to a small degree in addition, for a chair at this cost we would have expected more, possibly another sophisticated method.

The company compensates for its lack of a product by providing amazing auto-programming software. They include:

  • Recovery 10-minute vigorous massage that is designed to ease the muscle tissue and muscle pain that occurs after exercise or another strenuous physical exercise.
  • Stretching 10 minutes of a program that includes a relaxing massage, and is accompanied by easy stretches that are perfect to relax after a tiring day.
  • Yoga. A more powerful variation of stretch massage with a higher roll intensity as well as more aggressive stretching.
  • Relaxing The short (ten-minute) massage blends the gentle massage roll action with the ebb and flow that is created to help you relax and aid in sleep.
  • Renew A well-balanced short massage that lasts a duration of 8 minutes which includes a bit of everything, with one quick stretch.
  • Relief – A soft yet deep massage using various strategies and heating to reduce muscle pain. This is the longest chair massage at 20 minutes.
  • Music Sync – Even though it’s not technically a “technique” or an unprogrammed massage, it’s the way it’s described and we’ll follow to the tune. In this case, the action of the roller is timed to the rhythm of the music you’re listening to. According to your tastes in music, the result could be pleasant, relaxing results, or appear as if your chair wants to beat you up to death. It’s a lot of fun to play with, however.

We are awestruck by all of them as well, and Kahuna has done an excellent job in making them look different and distinctive However, we do have one issue.

It’s impossible to prolong the time of massage. Given the cost of this chair, we’d have expected this however it’s somewhat annoying having to allow the chair to complete an exercise and then stop after which it will start again when you’d like to extend it.

It’s not an issue however, we find this to be a serious mistake on the part of Kahuna. Kahuna makes some up by addressing other issues it allows you to alter the speed of the roller and massage intensity, and also active zone massage that lets you focus on the areas where the roller is most painful.

Pros & Cons of Kahuna SM 9000 Massage Chair

There’s so much to love regarding Kahuna SM 9000. Kahuna SM 9000 that it’s difficult to decide where to start. Since it’s virtually impossible for us to choose one feature as our absolute favorite one, we’ll just give our top picks, in no order of preference:


  • A lot of heating
  • Extraordinary foot massage for the calf
  • The famous company’s Yoga body stretch
  • Very different, excellent pre-programmed massage features
  • A surprisingly intense air massage
  • An unparalleled roller-based massage experience thanks to the six-roller array, heated rollers, as well as the Zero-G seating
  • Chairs are suitable for tall and big people (and there aren’t many chairs that can be used by tall and tall people)


  • There is no way to alter the duration of massage or the duration of pre-programmed massages
  • There’s only one Zero-G seating choice
  • It is not possible to change the temperature of the heating elements
  • We’d like to see additional massage techniques, such as another, more advanced technique

The strengths of the chair are incredible, and its drawbacks are small. According to our research, this makes it among the most durable chairs currently available for any cost.

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Kahuna SM9000 Review Conclusion

This concludes our Kahuna SM9000 in-depth review. It’s an excellent massage chair that is offered by a company that is known for quality, and they are currently offering the most popular massage chairs currently available.

Even without the large warranty of five years, we’d recommend this model to anyone who is interested in hobbies or anyone suffering from persistent leg or back discomfort. It’s a great value for the cost. A superb chair.

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