Top-6 The Best Kahuna Chair Reviews 2022

Top-6 The Best Kahuna Chair Reviews 2022

What is the best Kahuna chair? If you’re looking into your options in the massage chair industry, you’ve probably heard of Kahuna chairs. You’ll love the fact they offer a variety of options, from budget purchases to expensive purchases.

There are also specific options for features offered by Kahuna. You’ll also appreciate the affordability of Kahuna’s models. Contrary to other brands such as Osaki the prices aren’t too high however they’re not slack in terms of features.

Imagine my delight when I discovered their most budget-friendly chair at less than $1500, it was equipped to complete with zero-gravity reclining capabilities. In addition, the zero-g position was extremely well-executed. It felt like a much more expensive chair. Go through my entire guide to know the massage chair is the best currently.

What Are Kahuna Massage Chairs?

Kahuna massage chairs have low prices and are durable. The brand’s name comes from the Hawaiian word that means professional, and Kahuna is marketed as an authority on accessible comfortable relaxation.

Top-6 The Best Kahuna Chair Reviews 2022

Certain Kahuna products provide head-to-toe massage coverage and let users adjust their massages to suit their specific preferences. For instance, certain chairs come with as many as 30 auto-programs that can be modified from subtle to major in intensity as well as areas of focus. A Kahuna massage session could last for up to sixty minutes. This is usually the typical length of an in-person massage session The benefit is that you do not have to leave the house in order to enjoy the full body massage!

Kahuna has customer service as well as an insurance program that helps customers in case of any issues within the first few months of owning. Although it might seem like an unnecessary consideration, however, the caliber of a brand’s customer support is a crucial aspect to take into consideration when buying the best massage chair, along with other concerns to inquire concerning things such as sizes or delivery choices.

To assist you in making the best decision possible to purchase the right massage chair, we’ve rounded five of the best Kahuna massage chairs according to the price, features, and warranty.

SM 7300 Premium Massage Chair with SL-Track 6 Rollers Best Value

SM 7300 Premium Massage Chair

Kahuna Chair SM 7300 offers the most price for the budget. It’s a perfect massage chair frequently compared to that of the Osaki 4000 because of its characteristics. But in contrast to it, unlike the Osaki massage chair, it isn’t a snub. With a price of just over $1500, you’re buying a high-quality chair with the following characteristics:

Triple Hip Airbags. You’ll appreciate the extra focus on your hips thanks to the triple hip airbags that have been upgraded. It is designed so that they protect your hips and improve blood flow, while also providing immediate relief.

Different Massage Methods. You’ll be amazed by the variety of massage techniques on this model. You’re guaranteed to be able to experience a broad range of relaxation methods with the various massage modes designed to relax and release tension. They also improve the overall health of your body.

Flexible Versatile. This model is popular with users due to its versatility. It can easily fit almost every body type and has a weight capacity of up to 320lbs.


  • 2-Year Labor and Parts Warranty
  • Remote control that is user-friendly and easy to use
  • Yoga stretching is a feature of yoga
  • SL-Track Rollers
  • It is a recreation of a human massage experience


  • The remote might be better
  • The massage options aren’t as intensive

LM6800 – Best Budget Chair


The great thing that is unique about Kahuna massage chairs is that they will always provide efficient features, without pushing your budget. If the options are too to handle I prefer a Kahuna chair since they are always able to incorporate certain unique features in the majority of the models they make.

But can it really LM 6800 really stand up to the history of the manufacturer? Let’s see.

Relaxation and therapy

The main feature of the LM 6800 is its fantastic stretching program for the body that has amazing therapeutic benefits. It is referred to as the “Yoga Stretching Program “Or “Yoga Stimulating Program” which soothes and energizes your body. It can be used right after waking up for increasing your energy levels or to relax after a long day. What it does is it expands the entire body into a curvature that is about 180 degrees. It also improves blood circulation to provide your muscles aching with immediate relief.

Relaxation is rounded off with a unique program called SH-Chiro

Your strained muscles and aching muscles will be given an additional, relaxing treatment using the SH-Chiro massage program of Kahuna. This remarkable feature is based in conjunction with the spine and regulates electrical impulses through your body using the spin pressure relief mechanism. It is similar to the masseurs’ hands and releases all muscles knots in the region to avoid recurring pain

The L-track and Quad rollers

I would often wonder why the Chiro program worked so well that, after each use, I could feel improved circulation in my lower back region. It was then that I realized that the four rollers are the basis of this relaxation as they perfectly align with my body using assistance from the L-track systems.

The L-track technology is a norm in the market today that scans the entire spine in order to pinpoint those pressure spots. The rollers do their work by moving along the pressure points. And Kahuna LM 6800, further enhances the Kahuna the LM6800 they further increase the effectiveness of the two massage programs to hit the perfect spot for massage and relaxation.

The Advanced Airbags as well as an array of additional features

This LM6800 comes loaded with too many exciting features to not stop looking at these! The majority of massage chairs that I’ve seen tend to leave out certain body parts and leave the user wanting more. Kahuna leaves no gaps in your relaxation, which is also true for the model LM 6800.

The airbags’ 28 airbags double-layered are specifically designed to provide the most effective compression massage that works alongside the Chiro and yoga stretching programs. The three-stage zero-gravity seat makes the perfect frosting to the cake by taking all the stress off your back and delivering the perfect point of relaxation each time. You can be completely weightless in your new massage chair!

In addition, apart from this, there are six massage programs, 5 manual massage techniques, heating treatments for the lower legs and back, as well as the ability to adjust the speed of rollers.

All of these elements make for a calming experience, I am still of the opinion that the model could benefit from some improvement.

What could have been more perfect?

The model scored very poorly on installation. Making this model work was to be a nightmare at first, and then after watching a number of Youtube videos did I learn the steps. In addition, I’ll warn users that foot rollers are going to cause pain like a tiger! They’re extremely painful for my feet even with socks on, as the fabric beneath the rollers is very thin. It is necessary to hit them with a piece of fabric and only then will they perform perfectly.


  • Durable and robust construction
  • 2 unique massage programs
  • The treatment for legs is heat therapy and the in the lumbar region
  • Space-saving design
  • Real zero-gravity seating


  • A foot roller can hurt
  • Installation can be a little difficult

LM-7800 – Best L Track Massage Chair

LM-7800 kahuna

You’ve heard of the L-Track massage system in the past. It’s a major upgrade over its predecessor, it’s the S-Track system. Contrary to earlier models that targeted your thighs and glutes, this one will be either ignored or subjected to airbags and air cell massages.

The L-track method, however, is designed to follow the curvature of your spine, all the way up into your buttocks, and the thighs. You’ll be amazed by the additional attention to the following aspects:

The longest L-Track massage System. Of every Kahuna chair, The LM-7800 has one of the most extensive L-track systems. In conjunction with the full-body massage, l track system
feeling your body is being ready to enter an oven.

smart space-saving technology. If you’re short on space, or just trying to keep a minimalist style, you’ll appreciate the minimalist design of this piece. It will save you space thanks to the mechanism that slides forward in recline, which does away with the need for massive wall clearance.

FDA-approved Medical Device. If you’re not convinced about the advantages of this device, worry not. The unit is registered with the FDA. This means you’re getting a highly effective and relaxing massage chair.


  • Excellent customer service
  • Bluetooth speakers are fitted
  • Zipper covers that can be exchanged for easy cleaning
  • A home warranty is available
  • Space-saving design
  • Multi-level zero gravity positioning


  • It’s not 3D
  • This requires some assembly

Exquisite Rhythmic – The Most Beautiful Model With Head Massage

Exquisite Rhythmic

Apart from the gorgeous champagne finish on this stunning massage chair, you’ll appreciate the fact that it pampers you from head to foot. It’s one of the very few massage chairs I’ve seen in the market that pays special attention to your head.

You’ll also appreciate the following chair massage features:

Zero-Gravity Positivity -You’ll be able to relax after a tiring day of working in a nearly unweightless position. This doesn’t just stop the body’s muscles from developing additional tension and stress tension but also lets to maximize the benefits of the massage.

Easy InstallationUnfortunately there’s an assembly required to install this unit. But, it is a lot easier to put in as compared with other models.

  • If you’d like to get rid of the assembly and installation processes completely, it provides affordable and reliable white-glove assistance.

Completely Automatized -The entire massage chair is automatic. You’ll be able to enjoy your power recline as well as the auto leg extension, and the triple-level foot massage intensity controls.


  • Powerful 3D massage
  • Great Air Cell Acupressure
  • Massage for the Head to relieve stress
  • Mobile App Controls
  • Premium fitted Bluetooth speakers
  • Advanced heat therapy


  • Its setting is quite intensive
  • The remote control isn’t an excellent choice

SM9000 – Best Luxury

SM9000 kahuna

If you’re in the market for a high-end model that isn’t expensive, it’s Kahuna’s model SM-9000 is a great choice.

The following features will make you smile:

Smooth Transitions. You don’t have to be concerned about hearing squeaks or experiencing unattractive transitions while you sit in your massage chair reclines. The high-end craftsmanship on the SM9000 will ensure that there’s nothing to distract you from your relaxation.

AirFLOAT 3D+ Massage 3D+ Massage. You’ll be amazed by the top massage capabilities of this recliner. It’s equipped with the latest SL-Track system as well as 6 special infrared heating rollers. You’ll appreciate the additional heating therapy and therapeutic massage that boosts your general well-being and mood.

Space-efficient design. You’ll appreciate the upgraded forward sliding mechanism that is on this model. It will save you space when you recline because the chair can slide forward, which saves wall space.


  • Can accommodate a variety of body types
  • Space-saving design
  • The smooth glide and smooth transitions
  • SL-Track is a system to track the back to buttocks massage


  • Requires assembly
  • Astonishingly bulky design

LM 7000 – The Most User-Friendly Remote

LM 7000 kahuna

This chair is FDA-approved and has the most user-friendly control system available on a Kahuna chair. If you’ve looked at their chairs before, but didn’t like the controls, you’ll be delighted by this user-friendly and highly efficient model.

Here are a few of its finest qualities:

Multiple True Zero Gravity Stages. You’ll delight in choosing which of the three zero gravity positions best suits your requirements. Take advantage of being weightless and let your body take an opportunity to rest from supporting you all day long.

Advanced Body Scan Technology. The advanced body scan technology on this machine allows you to completely personalize your massage experience. You’ll be able to customize your massage with complete body scan technology, which is paired with the L-track roller system which is able to follow an outline of the body.

Advanced Air Cell Therapy. You will feel the therapeutic benefits of modern air massage cells on this device. The air cells are designed so that they be inflated independently, which allows them to stretch and bend your body to provide the ultimate relaxation.


  • Ergonomic side panel
  • Controls that are user-friendly
  • High-quality Bluetooth speakers
  • 5-year warranty
  • Space-saving design
  • Dual foot rollers
  • 5 manual massage techniques
  • Adjustable roller speed
  • Customizable air massage cells


  • The arm airbag massage can be difficult to master
  • The Bluetooth controls are not accessible via the chair

A Chair Comparison: Compares LM6800 To The LM6800S

If you’re not skilled at retaining the various model names and the subsequent features, you might be confusing. For instance, take for instance the massage chair recliner Kahuna LM6800 and the LM6800s for instance. They’re different kahuna massage chair models and yet what is the difference?

A Chair Comparison: Compares LM6800 To The LM6800S

The LM6800s is basically the most expensive model of the LM6800. It has the exact features like the 6800 however, it is able to execute them better.

Let’s look at a comparison of the two

  • The two massage chairs have Multiple preset programs that have multiple presets. You’ll love choosing from the various massage techniques or customizing them to meet your specific needs.
    • LM6800 6-programmes
    • The LM6800s is a 12 program set
  • Memory CapabilitiesThe LM6800s come with customized memory functions, while the LM6800 counterpart doesn’t. This is a great feature, particularly if you have a shared unit. It isn’t necessary to continually alter the settings of your chair because it can store your preferences.
  • Pressure (Air Pressure) and Speed Adjustments You’ll be capable of fully customizing the massage experience. The LM6800s are more effective according to me due to more intensity and speed levels to pick from. This isn’t to say that the 6800 isn’t adequate however, the 6800s do better work.
    • 3 adjustments to LM6800
    • 5 adjustments to LM6800s
  • Stretching Program. Stretching is an essential aspect of maintaining your well-being. It stimulates the muscles and loosens them while at the same while. This will help you ease discomfort and increase blood flow throughout your body.
    • LM6800 1 program
    • LM6800 4 programs
  • Switch Position Control. Unlike those LM6800s the 6800 does not allow the user to stop or alter the current position or program in a hurry. It’s either necessary to shut the massage chair off or wait until the program stops.
  • Arm Acupressure. Acupressure is a highly effective massage technique. This is why I prefer to seek out these features on every chair. You’ll be impressed by the air cells within the arm space that target your arms. Unfortunately only the LM6800s have this feature. The LM6800 doesn’t.
  • Zipper Cover. Zipper Cover is a great feature to have. removable foot zipper cover that can be exchanged for the LM6800s. It’s simple to clean and change it as required. But, the LM6800 doesn’t have this feature.
  • Pillow. You’ll be awed by the additional fluff of the LM6800’s foldable pillow attachment. It provides a layer of comfort that the LM6800 can’t provide. Of course, this isn’t to suggest that the 6800 isn’t as comfortable but the 6800s are more comfortable.

It’s not difficult to understand why the LM6800s could be the better option. Personally, I’d choose those features that are included in the LM6800s over that of the. If you’re looking to save money then the 6800 is an acceptable enough model, to begin with. While it’s not as big or as fancy as the six800, it offers a variety of features that you’ll appreciate.

Is a Kahuna Massage Chair Right For Me?

Its Kahuna brand is an excellent choice for those seeking a high-end massage chair with standard functions. Although Kahuna has created a solid niche in the top massage chair industry, there are many massage chair brands like Infinity and Kyota that offer the same or superior quality, personalized programs, and quality. Like any other purchase that requires a substantial expense, it’s crucial to conduct your study prior to making a long-term commitment.

In Massage Chair Store, our certified sales representatives are experts in top-quality massage chairs. If, during your search you’ve come across an item you like but you’re not sure if the manufacturer will give you the highest return on an investment staff will help you evaluate the various options that best suit your preferences. The best part is that we offer a no-cost, no-obligation consultation to all shoppers so we are able to answer any questions and queries. Contact us today for more information on what massage chair model will best fit your needs.

The Best Kahuna Chair FAQs

Where is the kahuna massage chair made?

Kahuna massage chairs are manufactured in China and distributed through AJX Distribution Inc. based in Cypress, California.

How do you reset a kahuna massage chair?

Use an electronic remote for the massage device, and hit the ‘Power’ button and ‘Kneading’ buttons at the same time. Keep the buttons in the position for 7-10 minutes.

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