The Ultimate Kahuna LM6800 Review 2022

The Ultimate Kahuna LM6800 Review 2022

Today let’s check Kahuna LM6800 Review. A single of the more intriguing features that are Kahuna LM6800 best massage chair is its price. However, affordability isn’t the only thing that is what makes the massage chair one of the most loved and highly rated. It’s the features you get for the money. Tracks with L-Track, heat therapy and foot rollers are just a number of the top features in the Kahuna LM6800. These features make the massage chair one of the top values for the cost.

As of the date when I wrote this review, Kahuna’s LM6800 massage chair is the number one selling item for sale on Amazon in the category of Salon and Spa Chairs. It’s a popular massage chair, no doubt. But why is that? Is it able to perform up to the hype? In this Kahuna massage chair LM6800 review we’ll take an in-depth review of all the options to discover. Let’s get started!

Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800 Feature Overview

Space-Saving Design

Let’s admit it. Space is a major issue. In actuality one of the main reasons people choose not to buy a massage chair is simply that they don’t have enough space to accommodate it in their home. In reality, massage chairs can be real space-hogs.

The Ultimate Kahuna LM6800 Review 2022

The Kahuna LM6800 is a large massage chair. It’s not like other massage chairs, however, because it’s constructed with space-saving technologies. If you want to recline it to massage yourself the chair pivots around its base. This means that you will only require 3-4 inches of space between your backrest and wall.

This is huge and extremely practical!

Hybrid L/S Track Design

Beginning with the basics starting with the basics, starting with the basics, the Kahuna Lm-6800 massage chair is designed around the L/S track, which is a hybrid. This is important, as even though an S-Track allows quad rollers to conform to the natural curve that the spinal column follows and result in a better back massage and a more comfortable back massage, the L-Track gives a larger massage area that extends into the glutes and thighs.

It’s not often that you can find an affordable chair at this price that is with an integrated track, which makes Kahuna L6800 more appealing to shoppers with a tight budget.

Air Massage Technology

In addition to the roller massage In addition to roller massage, the Kahuna L6800 offers toe-to-shoulder air massage. The standard massage mechanism found on massage chairs should be included on chairs with a price of $1000 or more. Air massage however isn’t the norm, which is why the Kahuna LM6800’s design that includes whole-body air massage is so compelling.

Air Massage Technology

Airbags, however, are not a rare feature. They’re actually an essential component for most massage chair manufacturers who offer all kinds of the shoulder, air, or calves massage.

Airbags function in a different way than rollers. While rollers tap, knead and get into the skin, airbags compress and release, also called compression. When you perform a compression massage, pressure is applied and then released, moving the blood inside through the region. This assists in the elimination of stagnant fluids as well as the flow of new nutrients as well as oxygen-rich blood.

Let’s look closer into what we can see in the air massage areas on the Kahuna massage chair LM6800.

  • The airbags on the shoulders expand and contract to compress the sides and tops of the shoulders. They also help to hold the body on the backrest for massage programs.
  • Hand and arm airbags are situated next to the seat at the side between the two sides. are designed to compress both the bottoms as well as the tops of forearms and hands.
  • Airbags for the hips that are located at the bottom of your back as well as the side of the chair expand and deflate in order to body stretch function and twist the pelvic region.
  • The airbags for the Calf and Feet are located around the side of the chair and make the feet and legs more comfortable. They also inflate to keep the legs to ensure they stay in place during stretching programs and to help the feet to rest on them on the foot rollers.

Heat Therapy

Although many massage chairs feature heat therapy, -usually in the shoulders or lower back, however, not all of them have calves warmth. In the Kahuna massage chair LM6800, there is a calf and lower back heating feature. This is among the largest heating systems available for an affordable massage chair for under $2000.

Heat Therapy

The traditional method of using heat is for the dilation of blood vessels which boosts the flow of nutrition and oxygen to muscles. Additionally, it improves circulation and aids in the repair of damaged tissues. It also relaxes muscles, which provides an effect that is massage-friendly that relaxes muscles, allowing the rollers to deliver a deeper and more effective relaxing massage.

Zero Gravity Seating

It’s not uncommon to find chairs at this price that has Zero-G seating, however, it’s not a common sight. What makes the Kahuna Massage chair LM6800 special is that it’s the sole chair in this particular segment of the market with several Zero-Gravity seating options.

It is important to note that there are some misunderstandings on this subject. At the time that the Kahuna LM6800 was initially released it only had the Zero-G position. It was upgraded in July of 2016 and also an additional. This is something you should be aware of, as the moment you purchase a second-hand chair, it could be manufactured prior to the upgrade.

Kahuna LM6800 real photos

The reason Zero-G is extremely popular in terms of features is due to the fact that it is able to work with the massage track of the chair and rollers to enhance the quality of your overall massage experience.

If you put yourself in a position so that your knees are just slightly above your heart, the majority of the weight of your body will be pressing against the rollers. This results in a longer, more beneficial massage. This is especially beneficial when you’re suffering from chronic back discomfort it’s a fantastic alternative to a chair.

Many Massage Options

The issue you may encounter in chairs at this price of the market is that the company tends to make a few cuts when massage options are concerned. However, this isn’t the case in this particular case. You’ll be amazed by the number of options you have out of Kahuna’s Kahuna LMH6800 massage chair, which include the following:

Massage Techniques

  • Kneading
  • Tapping
  • Combination of tapping and Kneading
  • Rolling
  • Shiatsu

In addition to the standard methods, the chair provides several pre-programmed massages that target certain areas of your body. These include:

  • From the neck to the waist
  • Lower back down to the Waist
  • Low back, Glutes, and Thighs
  • Neck to Glutes
  • Mid-Back to Mid-Back to

All of these programs are able to be customized using the remote using three different intensity and speed levels. And of course, you can keep the options to design your own massage mode.

Customization And Manual Mode Options For The Kahuna Massage Chair

The Kahuna LMH6800 is equipped with many choices for customization, considering the price:

Air Massage IntensityYou can alter the air massage intensity up to three levels.
Massage Roller SpeedYou can alter how fast the massage rollers are at a maximum of three settings to accommodate tapping, kneading tapping and Kneading (dual), and Shiatsu techniques.
Massage Width SettingsYou can alter the size of the rollers by using three options: narrow, medium, and wide.
Spot MassageYou can set your massage to a specific area.
Portion MassageYou can pick the area of your body that you would like to concentrate your massage on such as the back and waist, seat, the waist and back, the waist, and the seat. You can also choose the entire body.
Position AdjustA set of down and up arrows lets you adjust the direction of the wheels.
Foot RollerYou can switch your foot rollers on, off, or incorporate them into every massage program.
Extendable OttomanThe ottoman is able to extend further by 6 inches to accommodate taller individuals.
Removable PadsTwo pads are removable and placed on the backrest of the chair which can increase the amount of massage that is done when they are removed.

Calf And Foot Massage

The foot roller has become a common feature in recent times, and a lot of massage chair companies have been changing their chairs due to the increasing demand. The Kahuna massage chair recliner LMH6800 isn’t one of them.

Calf And Foot Massage

Apart from Airbags are also present. The calf, as well as the foot massager ottoman of the Kahuna LM6800, comes with two mechanical foot rollers that provide an effective massage to the soles of your feet, stimulating the acupuncture points. The word that is used here is power. A foot massage is not for those who aren’t confident. But a pair or padding is an easy and simple way to lessen the intensity.

Computer Body Scan

The body scan is a crucial component in ensuring a bespoke massage. Without it, the massage chair’s motions will be based on the “standard” size and height. Since no standard is in place, the rollers will always be at the wrong height or level for a lot of users. However, you don’t need to be concerned about that with the Kahuna LMH6800.

The body scan on your computer starts prior to you starting the massage program. By using its rollers and a chair, it gauges your height and form before automatically adjusting the massage area to focus on the right zones.

Astonishingly Simple Remote

In Kahuna massage chairs that have this many options, there’s bound to be an adjustment curve, but Kahuna has done a fantastic job of designing the remote. Despite the many options and features available for customization it’s all clearly and clearly laid out and you’ll be able to get the control you’re looking for.

Astonishingly Simple Remote

It’s possible to enjoy your first massage in just a few minutes. And in two hours of playing around with different settings, you’ll have the chair down. It’s quite impressive considering the many options on offer!

Handheld Lcd Remote

Handheld Lcd RemoteThe functions of the chair can be controlled by the handheld LCD remote. The top part of the remote has the display screen, which highlights every function that is active. In the middle of the remote is a set of “Zero-G” as well as “Pause” buttons that give users quick and simple access.

On the right-hand part of the remote, you’ll find your automatic massage programs: Auto, Yoga (Yoga stretching), and the SV-Chiro. Yoga and SV-Chiro come with their own buttons, however, all the four massage programs are accessed by pressing the “Auto” button. The programs run ordered as follows: Deep Tissue Massage, Stretching Relax, Rejuvenate, and off. Press and hold repeatedly to go through the different programs. The display screen will indicate which program — 1, 2 4, or 3that is currently active.

On the left-hand side of the remote, you’ll discover the manual mode settings. The “Manual” button grants you access to massage techniques. Additionally, a “Speed” button allows you to adjust the speed of massage rollers. Additionally “Portion” as well as “Spot” buttons allow you to adjust the position of your massage.

On the lower part of the remote is the circular dial which allows you to control how much to recline the backrest as well as the footrest. It is also flanked by additional buttons that can control settings like air massage, massage width, foot rollers, and the intensity of air.

Overall the remote is easy to use and simple to operate.

Kahuna The LM-6800 Massage Chair Pros & Pros

If you read our Kahuna LMH6800 review, it is clear how much effort, time, and attention to particulars went into the design of this chair. The fact that it comes with multiple features and can be priced at such an inexpensive cost is extraordinary.

Title Here


  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • 2 Unique massage programs
  • Heating therapy for the legs and the lumbar region
  • Space-saving technology design Real zero-gravity seating
  • White glove service available


  • The foot rollers can cause pain
  • Installation can be a little difficult

With that said there are at least a couple of things we’d prefer they’d done better or differently, and we’ll highlight the biggest flaws below:

The biggest issue we have is the inability to change the timer for massage on the Kahuna LM6800 massage chair. You’ll get a wonderful massage, and you have all these amazing choices for customization however the timer is as it is. The massage is for thirty minutes unless you shut the machine off.

Kahuna The LM-6800 Massage Chair Pros & Pros

This isn’t a huge deal however it’s a bit surprising considering the number of options the LM6800 lets you modify.

The absence of support for MP3 is a further minor niggle. It’s a common feature and is so well-known that it’s an unanswerable reason why it wasn’t included.

Apart from those two small issues, This is most likely the best mass-market massage chair.

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Kahuna LM6800 Review Conclusion

With a wealth of features, priced well and user-friendly What’s not to love about this? If you’re suffering from an ongoing pain issue and searching for a method to find relief with a low budget or are an enthusiast who would like access to many therapeutic benefits for your body such as this Kahuna massage chair LM8600 is difficult to pass up. It’s an incredible value for money.

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