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The Best Osaki OS 4000CS Review 2022

Let’s check our Osaki OS 4000CS review. The first thing you notice is that the 4000 series from Osaki is a well-known massage chair manufacturer, that comes filled with top-of-the-line and advanced features that the majority of users are searching for.

Furthermore, the 4000 series by Osaki is a major player for massage chairs and is a high-end, feature-rich comfortable chair. If you’re looking to treat yourself to the benefits of massage at the convenience of your own home take a look at the following Osaki OS 4000 review to discover more information about the.

Let’s first look at what OS 4000 series chairs have in common. After that, we’ll go over each chair individually to help you figure out the one that’s right for you.

Osaki Os 4000CS Massage Chair Review

This massager has upgraded from the Osaki OS-4000 as well as 4000 T versions. It is among the top-selling massage chairs in the marketplace.

This is the new design and the most innovative massage chair for your home. When you use the Osaki massage chairs, you’ll experience the sensation of a massage in the privacy and comfort in the privacy of your own home.

Osaki Os 4000CS is upgraded with upholstery, and 3 levels of airbag adjustment. This means that if you have larger shoulders, you won’t need to worry about getting squeezed, as is the case in Os-4000 or the OS-4000 and it’s Os-4000 too. This model will allow adjustment in and out to accommodate even the largest shoulders.

Osaki Os 4000CS Massage Chair Review


  • This chair is available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 5” up to 6.4 inches and up to 235lbs.
  • Osaki chairs come in three colors, which means you can choose from many colors to choose from.
  • They make use of space-saving technology so that it can be placed near the wall.
  • It includes a wireless remote control and Bluetooth speakers.
  • Osaka OS 4000 CS massage chair comes with an adjustable footrest that is spring loaded.
  • Shoulder widths can be altered to fit different body types.


  • Massage for the spine is not offered in this model.
  • Osaki chairs are costly, but I believe they’re well worth the price.
  • The chair is heavy and huge.

The cost per unit is approximately 3000$. This means that it’s not an inexpensive product therefore does it really worth the price and is it working according to the claims?

Our research team sat down with various massage professionals and asked them questions regarding the Osaki Os 4000cs massage chair as well as its strengths and weaknesses. We also compared and went through the pages for various Osaki chairs.

If you are thinking of purchasing an ergonomic massage chair, the Osaki OS 4000CS chair for massage is the best option for you. Let’s examine some of the most notable advantages of the Osaki Os 4000CS Massage chairs.

To help you choose the best model for you to help you decide, this Osaki OS 4000 massage chair review will take you through an in-depth look at the characteristics of each model in the series including OS 4000, OS 4000T, OS 4000, OS 4000T, OS 4000 LS, and OS 4000 CS.

Additionally, we have included a brief review of the more affordable Osaki OS 3000 massage chair to find out how it stacks up against that of the OS 4000 series.

Core Features Found In All Osaki OS 4000 Series Models

Osaki OS 4000 Series

Beginning with Osaki OS 4000 massage chair This is among the most massage chairs in the Osaki line of products. With its numerous features and luxurious aesthetics, it’s not difficult to understand the reason.

Computer Body Scan System

As you settle into the Osaki four-year series of chairs to get a massage session, it runs a body scan using a computer. In addition, the chair employs massaging rollers that accurately scan and determine the curvature unique to your back.

After that, based on the information through the scanning, the rollers of the seat adjust themselves to your body during the massage, making sure that you get the right pressure for the maximum benefit.

Ergonomic S-Track

The first is that it is the Osaki 4000 Massage Chair has been ergonomically designed using an S-Track mechanism to give the best comfort and shape to the spine.

Because the curvature of the spine varies from person to and the S-track system permits the rollers to travel from the neck towards the lower back, without losing support or pressure on the way or at any point -that is a frequently occurring feature in the linear tracks.

This is why with this in mind, the S-Track system is available in all 4000 series models. Look over our Osaki OS 4000 Comparison Table below.

Zero Gravity Technology

Zero Gravity Technology

Zero Gravity Technology is among the most distinctive characteristics that are a hallmark feature of the Osaki OS 4000 series. Osaki OS 4000 series. In zero gravity the chair reclines, and the backrest holds the bulk of the weight of your body. In addition, your legs and thighs are slightly elevated above your heart.

The unique reclined posture reduces the stress placed on the spine vertically and allows the muscle groups to stretch and assists your spine to reduce its pressure. The position of your legs over your heart is a relaxing position known to boost blood circulation. The OS 4000 series chairs provide two levels of zero gravity position the second has a higher recline than the one before it.

Automatic Leg Scan and Length Adjustment

To accommodate leg length variations in different users, prior to the beginning of the massage to accommodate leg length variation, the Osaki 4000-foot massager and calf automatically adjust themselves in accordance with the length of the leg of the user. This does not just increase the comfort but also ensures that the massage is focused on the appropriate regions.

The feature of automatic leg scan is available only exclusively on OS 4000 and OS 4000T models.

Heat Therapy

Heat Therapy

Two heating pads that are located within the Osaki 4000 massage chair supply warmth into the lower back area for more relaxation and rejuvenation of muscles.

Air Massage Technology

Together in conjunction with S-Track Massage rollers, there’s an array of carefully placed massagers within each OS 4000 massage chair. Airbags inflate and deflate to compress and massage the areas of your body that require it the most.

In addition, it is OS 4000 series features Osaki’s latest generation of airbag massagers specifically designed to offer a larger total surface area. The larger size of the bag makes it possible for a smaller number of bags to be used in the chair. With fewer airbags inside the chair, there are fewer air pumps and valves making for a quieter operation as well as lesser power consumption.

The airbags are extremely robust due to the industrial-grade materials, but they are flexible and soft and provide the user with maximum comfort throughout the massage.

Arm Air Massage

Every model includes airbags that massage your wrists and arms. The type of massage differs slightly between the various models. We’ll examine the differences as we review the particular models.

Gentle Vibration Massage

The high-frequency massage plates at the top in Osaki OS 4000. Osaki OS 4000 provides gentle massages for the legs.

Different Massage Programs and Styles

OS 4000 offers eight different massages presets and six different massage styles.

Preset Massage Programs:

Programs And Styles
  • Circulation
  • Healthcare
  • Smart
  • Relax
  • Demo
  • Neck and Shoulder
  • Full Air
  • Lumbar

Massage Styles:

Programs And Styles
  • Swedish
  • Shiatsu
  • Kneading
  • Rolling
  • Tapping
  • Combination

Choose the massage style that you prefer.


Alongside the S-Track massage rollers and airbag massagers, these OS 4000 Series massage chairs include a vibration massage feature. The high-frequency vibration plate is able to vibrate the back and seat of the legs, bringing an additional element to massage.

Intensity Control

With the OS 4000 chair for massage, you are in complete control of the intensity of the massage. By using this remote you are able to adjust the intensity of the airbag massagers as well as the rolling massage head. You can also alter the speed of massage heads.

Manual Mode

osaki os4000cs zero g

Alongside the preset programs for massage, it is possible to operate all OS 4000 massage chairs in manual mode. When you are in manual mode, users have the option to choose from six different types of massage that include tapping, kneading and rolling, shiatsu, combination, and Swedish.

Manual mode lets you modify your massage session to suit your needs completely. You can select the type of massage as well as the intensity as well as speed of rolling heads, parts of your body that you wish to be massaged as well as the duration of the massage.

Handheld Remote

The entire OS 4000 series massage chairs have handheld remotes. The remote for each model is different; some models have wireless remotes, while others are wired remotes. Two models have integrated full-size, full-size remotes as well as handheld remotes.

Pre-Set Massage Programs

OS 4000 massage chairs are designed with various set massage programs, each having an individual purpose and therapeutic value. Every model differs in the number of massage programs pre-set.

Auto-Off Timer

The Best Osaki OS 4000CS Review 2022

Every model of the OS 4000 series features an auto-off feature that can be set between 5 and 30 minutes. The timer also serves as a security feature when a user becomes sleepy while undergoing a massage.

Unique Features Of The Osaki OS 4000

This Osaki OS 4000 Executive Zero Gravity Massage Chair is the most popular model in the Osaki 4000 series. It has all of the essential features listed previously, as well as a variety of other features that are unique to this model.

Auto Leg Scan

Auto leg scanner feature is exclusive in OS 4000 and adjusts the foot massager’s calf and calf to fit how long your legs are exactly. Additionally, this makes sure that the massagers of the airbags exert pressure on all appropriate locations on your legs.

Utilizing the auto leg scan feature is simple the leg expands completely, and it retracts slowly. When the ottoman is the right length, simply push your toes down strongly and it will end up in the correct position.

Top And Bottom Arm Massager

This OS 4000 massage chair features an exclusive full-arm massager which massages the bottom and top of wrists and arms. The air bags inside the arm massager expand to squeeze and compress the arm to provide a relaxing massage. The lower part of the massager is adorned with tiny bumps that provide a more energizing massage. Also, there are two models: the OS 4000 and OS 4000T both have the top and bottom arm massager. However, both OS 4000LS and OS 4000CS come with an open-top arm massager.

Full-Size Remote

Osaki Dimensions

OS 4000 is one of two models from the series that comes with a big remote control that is easy to use. The remote is mounted to the side of the chair, allowing for convenient watching. The big-screen displays exactly what functions on the chair are in use.

By pressing these buttons you are able to choose between any of the preset massage programs you can make adjustments to the speed and intensity of the massage, as well as the speed of the roller, and also select the auto-off timer. A flip-down cover on the main remote allows users access to manual control for the chair.

Foot Massage Pressure Point Nodes

The massager for the foot and calf in the OS 4000 features two pressure point nodes. These nodes apply targeted pressure to the soles of your feet throughout the massage. In addition, this feature is in OS 4000 only. OS 4000 only.

Wireless Remote

Alongside the large remote, you can also use an additional wireless remote that provides control of the chair in the reclined position with zero gravity. Wireless remotes conveniently sit on the top of the main remote so that you don’t need to worry about it being lost.

Unique Features Of The Osaki OS 4000 CS

Features Of The Osaki OS 4000 CS

At first glance, it appears that it appears that the Osaki OS 4000 CS Massage Chair seems to be similar to the model OS 4000LS almost. What is the difference between these two models? Find out in the following Osaki OS 4000 CS review.

It’s as simple as that: the OS 4000LS has dual-action foot rollers, whereas the OS 4000CS does not. That’s it.

Other features that are available within OS 4000LS, as well as the other features found on OS 4000LS, besides the foot rollers, can be found within the Osaki OS 4000 CS massage chair.

It includes massage rollers from L-Track with adjustable shoulder massagers spring loaded adjustable ottomans and a recliner that is space-saving, a handheld remote, and a charger for USB.

No Reflexology Foot Massagers

Contrary to those of the OS 4000T and OS 4000LS, the Osaki OS 4000CS does not have massagers that spin in the foot part on the back of the chair. While all the other features of OS 4000CS are similar to those found on OS 4000CS are the same as the features with Osaki 4000LS Osaki 4000LS, users who want to have more support for their feet may be disappointed by the absence of foot massagers that use reflexology on the OS 4000CS a major deal in deciding one of the options.

What The Osaki OS 4000 Massage Chair Is Missing

It’s the Osaki OS 4000 is a top-quality chair packed with options, however, it’s lacking certain features that the more expensive models in the 4000 series have.

Programs And Styles
  • Foot rollers. Although it’s true that the OS 4000 does have a massager for the feet and calf, which includes pressure point nodes it does not have the extra foot rollers some of the other models do.
  • L-Track massage chair rollers. L-track rollers expand the range of massage from the neck up to the buttocks. This model OS 4000 has S-Track massage rollers, but it does not come with massage rollers with L-Track.
  • Space-saving recline technology. The top models of the OS 4000 series utilize a recline track that is space-saving and lets the chair fully recline, with just four inches of room behind the chair. It is the OS 4000, however, requires more space behind the chair in order to recline completely. If you’re limited in space, think about the option of a recliner with space-saving technology.
  • Innovative adjustable shoulder massage. The shoulder massagers on the OS 4000 are set at an unadjustable width, and cannot be adjusted. The shoulder massagers in the OS 4000 should be suitable for the majority of average-sized people however, people with large shoulders might be a bit uncomfortable. If you have large shoulders or prefer more room look into some of the models with adjustable size shoulder massagers.
  • Adjustable spring loaded ottoman. The spring loaded adjustable ottoman – OS 4000 does have an auto leg scan that is customized to fit the foot massager and calf on your leg. It’s not offering the wide length adjustment options that are available by spring-loaded adjustable ottomans that are found on other models of the OS 4000 series.
  • USB charger – In contrast to other Osaki chairs that are available, OS 4000 does not have an inbuilt USB charger. Most people would consider this just a minor drawback and it’s not necessarily a problem.

Is A Preset Deep Tissue Massage Available?

No, Osaki os 4000cs comes without this feature. But you can look for Osaki OS 4000 LS.

It is different from other models such as the OS 4000 and OS 4000T which require users to remain in the manual position as well as in the zero gravity recline position for the benefits of a deep massage, the Osaki OS 4000 LS massage chair includes preset deep tissue massage programs, with no recline required. Let’s talk more about some differences.

Osaki OS 4000CS Vs 4000LS: What’s The Difference?

Osaki OS 4000CS is pretty similar to the exact seat as that of the 4000LS but with one significant distinction:

4000LS Comes With Feet Rollers That Can Be Kneaded, Whereas The 4000CS Don’t

It is the Osaki OS 4000CS massage chair is a different model that uses compressed air to massage your feet. Are foot rollers making all the difference? I’m sure they do!

Air compression massage by itself is not efficient. It’s important to have the right combination of rolling, kneading, and compression massage to maximize the benefits of the massage. Don’t forget the amazing way that the sensation of rolling your feet can be!

If you’re to either purchase the OS 4000CS from Osaki or the 4000LS, I suggest the 4000LS. If you were me I would not even consider the 4000LS, I’d opt for Pro Maxim! Pro Maxim!

Osaki OS 4000 Massage Chair Review Conclusion


In this Osaki OS 4000 massage chair review, we’ve reviewed four of Osaki’s most sought-after chairs from the 4000 series, as well as the less costly OS 3000 model. After taking a thorough review of the features that are side-by-side of the four models we hope that you’ve gained more knowledge about the benefits of massage therapy you can enjoy from these chairs and then find the ideal massage chair to take to your home.

Customers Osaki OS 4000CS Review

The reviews of customers on online stores and forums aren’t many. This can make it difficult for potential customers to decide if it is the best product for their requirements. Since the company doesn’t provide all the specifics of the refund policies, customers are able to reach their customer service department to find out more details prior to making purchasing from this company. Reviews from customers about the product are mixed. Some praise its high quality while others criticize it.

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Positive Osaki Massage Chair Reviews

There’s nothing to dislike It’s awesome! It’s awesome! It can help melt the everyday stress and ease the pains and discomforts. By Dallas Windham

A different person has reviewed the site for massage chairs “Our brand new chair functions well and we are satisfied with our purchase. Emassagechair was very easy to work with and we would highly recommend them! Ramona

Negative Osaki Massage Chair Reviews

Another user who purchased the chair on Amazon complains about low quality and poor customer service. In the case of other customers, the plastic portion of the chair could break into fragments.


Is Osaki a good brand?

The majority of Osaki models have prominent features such as body scanning technology as well as zero gravity recline. full-body massage tracks, and wireless devices that are compatible with them. Osaki chairs get generally good reviews, with the majority of customers rating them with 4 or more stars from 5 stars on the Amazon stores.

Is Osaki a Japanese brand?

Yes, The Osaki name Osaki is a Japanese name, but the business itself isn’t Japanese as it is located in the United States. In reality, the majority of the top-selling massage chairs made by Osaki are made in China in addition to the majority of their products.

Are Titan and Osaki the same company?

Consider Titan or Osaki massage chairs for example: While they’re technically two different products, they are distributed by the same firm with its headquarters at Carrollton, Texas.

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