5 The Best MB Series Massage Chair Reviews 2022

The Best Official MB Series Massage Chair And Alternatives Reviews 2022

What is the best MB series massage chair? Dr. Oz, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, and Dr. Brent Bauer from Mayo Clinic are just a few physicians along with pain professionals who are a part of this Medical Breakthrough brand with documented research.

And they’re right since this company makes some of the most popular medical massage recliners available on the market.

I sought out experts before coming out with the massage chair review of the Medical Breakthrough massage chairs and other massage chairs that could be a good alternative.

We’ll give you chair comparisons, pros, and cons, we’ll also give you alternatives!

It is the only complete buying guide to 2022!

More About the Company

The group chiropractors spent time with patients. A lot of patients. They decided that because of the number of suffering from backaches and other ailments they would create a variety of massage chairs to help the people in the masses.

So, with over 36 years of chiropractor experience, the company has not only created these Medical Breakthrough massage chairs but many other items of luxury for the consumer (mostly procured in China).

Most massage chairs are said to have a variety of pre-programmed programs ranging from Swedish massages to full body reflexology. The engineers and doctors behind the designs have been trained to provide high-quality, medical-grade products.

The chairs are FDA certified and made in top-of-the-line facilities. They are able to save money to provide you with the highest quality.

MB 5

MB 5

It comes with free delivery and a 3-year warranty The Vending 5 is a military-grade high-performance massage chair that accepts various charges and credit cards. It also has an intuitive user interface.

Similar to the MB6 It also has a sophisticated, full-body health scan and a back-to-head system.

The users will be benefited from the benefits of a three-dimensional deep tissue massage, albeit the intensive lower back rollers could be a little too intense for certain people.

It’s quiet, and it comes with the full body reflexology, zero-G, and body twist, however unlike MB6 it’s not as therapeutic and more suited to relaxation. After all, this is a vending machine that will meet the requirements of very different individuals.

Thus, the methods are more or less specific than the ones used by MB6 Techniques: Kneading and Flapping Combo Knocking as well as Shiatsu.

There are six built-in applications that have fixed speeds and 5 speed levels and partial.

You can also alter the massage area, the tension, and also the space between the kneading ball and the massage zone.

The real advantage when comparing this chair with the MB6 or other models from vending can be the foot rubs it provides with arch and scraping the heel.

The top Vending for its foot massagers and ultimate relaxation The MB Vending 5 could do better with some therapies and manual programs.


  • Heavy-duty
  • Multi-faceted
  • Medical body scan
  • Relaxing
  • Customized massage


  • Fewer massage techniques
  • There is no music
  • There is no heat therapy massage system

MB 6

MB 6

The Medical Breakthrough 6 Massage Chair features a patented therapeutic design that has more than 25 chiropractors, doctors, and surgeons taking part in its production.

It also includes numerous techniques like Japanese 3D neck and shoulder massage, Turkish Treatment, Greek Stress Relief, the deep tissue (or extreme deep tissue massages) therapy that comes from Indonesia, New Delhi Yoga, Swedish airbag massage technique, and Hawaiian sleeping therapy, along with some ancient massages from ancient times like the Romans as well as the Egyptians.

Another benefit to therapy is the body scan that’s medical which means that you can be sure that the chair will locate the problem spot accurately.

This is a zero gravity massage chair engineered for assists in taking the stress off your spine, so that you’ll be more comfortable But not all chairs offer this feature.

The 3D L-track could be considered a distinct advantage, considering that the shoulder-to-glute massage is very vigorous.

The recliner is free shipping and there are no additional charges and a three-year warranty.

It’s a relaxing chair with leg extensions that can be adjusted as well as an inbuilt Bluetooth connection.

The best benefits are the hands-down, intense upper back rollers along with reflexology massage. This is really because the chair used a hand reflexology massage system.

It is a reliable therapy chair, however, it does not have certain advantages for the user such as memory functions.


  • Expertly-crafted
  • Various techniques
  • Medical body scan
  • 3D L-track
  • Hip twist
  • Reflexology
  • Free shipping and a good warranty.


  • Just one zero-G position
  • No memory function

MB 4


With its doctor-based manufacturing process and skilled workmanship, It is the Medical Breakthrough massage chair 4 that distinguishes itself by its unlimitless customization, that you can alter everything from its slope to the massage style.

Similar to the MB6 It also comes with an MRI of the body and zero gravity, but it excels in its back stretch for chiropractors.

This is achieved by inflatable air bags which squeeze your hips and stretch those muscles that support your back.

Another feature that is shared with one of the MB6’s features Medical Breakthrough massage chair 6 is the more advanced design of the L-track which is shaped to fit the shape of your body. the rollers are able to reach all the way to your buttocks as well as the hamstrings.

But, the Medical Breakthrough 4 includes fewer built-in techniques and the only massage chair includes the basic Knocking, Flapping, Kneading, Combo, and Shiatsu.

The main advantage is the dual memory functions that you can save your most-loved settings.

Additionally, you have three manual modes and five speed levels, which include zones of massage. The airbag massage even has three levels of intensity!

Like the MB6 The Medical Breakthrough 4 includes therapy the ability to be extremely beneficial due to the infrared energy that heats your body from within.

Perhaps the most distinctive characteristic is the reflexology foot massage system you’ll receive thanks to both pairs of papillae however, the arch and heel scraping is at an even higher level.


  • Easy to customize
  • Technology for stretching back and chiropractic
  • Airbag technique
  • Infrared
  • Massage your toes
  • Scraping the arch and heel
  • Memory function


  • Common massage techniques
  • There is no built-in music system

MB 7

MB 7

The Medical Breakthrough 7 recliner has some of the same features as the MB6.

It has zero gravity, although just one position, an auto scanner 3D deep tissue intensive lower back massage, arm massage, and stretching for the entire body.

It’s a comfy chair with legs that can be adjusted and transport wheels. extensions that will give you an amazing hip twist due to the lengthier rollers.

It also includes large arm massagers as well as air massage, heat therapy as well as reflexology, and sole rollers.

In contrast to MB 6, the Medical Breakthrough 7 comes with the AUX connectivity in place of Bluetooth and also comes with two patent-pending systems that include The Human hand’s massage System as well as the Head Massager.

The head massager was influenced by an Indian practice. It also includes pillows that massage your head to help relax and increase oxygen flow throughout the brain.

It’s also a great method to increase lymphatic drainage, improve the mobility of joints and release endorphins.

It is said that the Human Hand massage system feels very real as if the chiropractor is working on your body.

But, the Medical Breakthrough 7 features some of the basic techniques like Kneading Tapping in Combination with Knocking, Shiatsu and rolling.


  • Great sole massage
  • Human Hands Massage System
  • Amazing head massage


  • Basic techniques

MB 8

MB 8

It comes with free delivery and three-year warranty With a 3-year warranty, the Medical Breakthrough 8 boasts some of the same features as its predecessor, the Medical Breakthrough 6: medical full body scan, head-to-toe back massage 3D massage, powerful lower back rollers, and an engulfed arm massage.

It is a quiet and comfortable chair that has adjustable leg extensions and wheels that allow it to move about easily.

It gives you a full body stretch, and a great shoulder massage courtesy of huge shoulder massagers with reflexology, custom-designed sole rollers, as well as an incline for the hip.

In contrast MB6 In contrast to the Medical Breakthrough 6, the Medical Breakthrough 8 comes with the patented chiropractic body twist technology and the Champissage head massager to give a powerful neck massage.

It has 167 air cells that can be used for an intense air massage, plus the integrated Human Hands system and the Extreme Customization system, which have various intensities and speeds.

Additionally, the MB8 features a USB/MP3 connection and headphones. However, the MB 6 has many more techniques from all over the globe as well as its Medical Breakthrough 8 features basic techniques such as Kneading Tapping, Combo, Shiatsu Knocking, Rolling, and rolling.


  • Chiropractic Body Twist
  • The 167 air cell system
  • Custom-fitted
  • USB/MP3/ Music
  • Headphones
  • Massage your neck with force


  • Just one zero-G position
  • Basic techniques

MB 9 – The Best Medical Massage Chair

MB 9

It is touted as the most effective medical massage chair ever made on the official website The Medical Breakthrough 9 offers some similar benefits to the MB6 including zero gravity, smart full body medical scan 3-D deep tissue massage, intense lower back rollers, arm massaging hip twist, heat massaging shoulder massaging, reflexology as well as sole rollers.

It’s also quiet and comes with adjustable leg extensions and wheels.

It also comes with a few other massage chair features, including human hands massage System that feels realistic, and The Champissage head Massager that massages your head to increase circulation.

This Chiropractic BodyTwist technology is an improvement to the traditional body twist. The air massage works with 167 air cells.

This chair is also equipped with an Extreme Personalization System that allows you to easily alter your preferences. It also comes with it comes with a USB/MP3/Music connection as well as headphones.

Perhaps its most impressive characteristic is the Advance Medical Care Systems(TM) which allows you to choose the medical issue you would like to address, such as back pain that is chronic and anxiety-related cancer symptoms and physical recovery.

The motions for massaging that are used are quite simple, consisting of flapping, kneeling, Combo, Shiatsu, Knocking, and rolling.


  • Human Hands Massage System
  • Champissage Head Massager
  • Chiropractic BodyTwist
  • 167 air cells
  • Extreme Customization System
  • Advanced Health Care Systems


  • Basic massage techniques
  • Just one zero-G position

The Best Alternatives to the Best Prices

First Best Alternative – Luraco i7 PLUS

Luraco i7 PLUS

Within the same price range In the same price range, this Luraco i7 PLUS is an ideal replacement for that Medical Breakthrough 8, but we’ll look at the drawbacks first.

While it offers the full body scan, this isn’t as great as the scan for the human body provided in the MB 8.

In addition, the S-track design isn’t as appealing as the L-track or hybrid designs.

The Luraco i7 Plus is listed as UL, CE, FDA FDA, CE, and UL designed to be used for medical use.

It’s a remarkably customizable chair and comes with 5 memory slots as well as pause or resume, as well as built-in heart rate and blood pressure monitors.

The Luraco i7 features full body heating as well as body shape detection and excellent neck massaging along with a 3 layer massage for the feet and calf.

It also shares some of the similar characteristics to it shares some of the same characteristics of MB 8, such as fundamental techniques like Tapping and Kneading with different intensities and speed adjustments.

It also has 10W Bluetooth speakers that are able to accommodate larger-sized and smaller users.


  • FDA, CE, and UL included
  • 5 memory slots
  • Pause and then resume
  • Inbuilt heart rate and blood pressure monitor
  • Full body warmth
  • Body shape detection
  • Massage of the calf and foot in 3 layers


  • S-track design
  • The body scan is not as impressive as the MB8

Human Touch Novo Xt2

Human Touch Novo XT Massage Chair

Human Touch Human Touch Novo Xt provides more features for less. It’s awarded more as well as more trustworthy reviews and features, as well as more massage chair programmed programs… In fact, I’m not sure why you’d pay $1000 more on the MB seven when Human Touch is right there with these features:

S/L-Track. It is targeted at your entire back. It comes with massage rollers that follow the curve of your spine, and track to the lowest part of your glutes. This is an improvement over the Luraco and is comparable to the massage quality of the MB series.

A Sound System That’s Good. When I listen to music while I am having massages, I require excellent speakers and a sound system. I’m not a fan of fuzzily crackling that has a rough base and screechy high notes. I prefer crystal clean. With the integrated Soothing Sounds on this model provide exactly this.

38 Presets. Compared with MB7 The 38 preset programs are clearly the better choice. However, it does not have the memory that Luraco offers. However, I’ve found programs for the chair that help me relax stretch and deep massage. It’s going to take me a while to go through them all and so setting the memory won’t be necessary. I downloaded the app to my phone and was capable of setting the level of intensity (you can select between five degrees) is enough to let me personalize my massage.


  • It can accommodate as tall as 6’9″. It’s designed to fit tall people
  • An Additional (5-year) warranty is available for purchase at a low (less than $400) cost
  • S-L Track design
  • 38 Preset Programs- you will find something you like
  • Awards-Winning Chairs because for the cost you’re looking for top quality
  • Quality Sound System with relaxing nature tracks


  • Only the back is heated
  • Only one zero gravity position

Infinity IT 8500

Infinity IT 8500

The main distinction that is different between IT-8500, as well as the Medical Breakthrough 6, is the track layout.

While the IT-8500 has an S-track that although ergonomically designed, does not stop at your waist the Breakthrough 6 offers a superior L-track that will reach your glutes.

But the quad rollers can fix this issue a bit.

The IT-8500 is also equipped with 3D body scans, air massage, and back heat, with there being two zero-G positions.

There are a lot of possibilities with this instrument, however, there are the typical methods like Kneading Tapping, Combo, Percussion Dual Action, and Shiatsu.

In contrast, this sixth model has more options for therapeutic treatment.

Another benefit that the IT-8500 has over MB 6 is the zone massage function, which lets you maintain the rollers in an area that is tight as long as you’d like.

Both chairs have the body stretch, however, it is the Yoga Stretch featured by the MB6 that is more relaxing. The one that is offered on IT 8500 is quite vigorous.

Both chairs come with a body twist, as well as a leg as well a complete reflexology foot massage system, but the IT 8500 has one advantage it’s inversion therapy, which enhances circulation.

Additionally, although both devices offer a Bluetooth connection, however, the IT 8500 is more powerful. IT 8500 has an optional app control that is designed to give greater control over remotes.


  • Quad rollers
  • 2 zero-gravity positions
  • Zone massage
  • Therapy for inversion
  • Control of the app via an optional option


  • S-track
  • Basic techniques
  • Vigorous body stretch

Kahuna LM6800

Kahuna LM6800

A relaxing and value-for-money massage chair from a reliable brand The Kahuna The LM6800 is an incredibly feature-packed chair that has a space-saving design.

Its most appealing feature is the hybrid track design, which combines the benefits of both kinds of tracks. It is a good fit for your body’s anatomical contour and also the rollers massage your hamstrings, glutes, and glutes.

Contrary comparison to the Medical Breakthrough massage chairs, which we’ve reviewed previously unlike the MB chairs reviewed up to now, the Kahuna 6800 features three zero-gravity seats.

Its air massage mode is also fantastic, with 36 air cells covering all over your entire body, which the MB 5 lacks.

In terms of choices and methods in terms of possibilities and methods, the Kahuna is similar to the MB Vending 5, seeing it also includes Kneading Tapping, Combo, Rolling, and Shiatsu which means there is nothing unique is offered.

Like the MB Vending 5, but not as common as a model that is affordable this Kahuna 6800 offers a zone option and stretch feature for the body.

There is heat therapy for both the calves and back that isn’t available to those with MB Vending 5.

Even if you do have calves heat using the Kahuna the calf heat, as well as foot massage, is arguably better when you use the MB Vending 5, seeing that this chair offers arch massages and scraping the heel.


  • Hybrid track
  • 3 zero-G positions
  • Great airbag massage
  • Zone massage option
  • The back and the calf muscles are being worked on
  • Shiatsu massage chair


  • There is no support for MP3s
  • A poorer foot massage than the MB 5

Medical Breakthrough vs Kahuna Chairs

I love the Kahuna. As a business, they are very attentive to the needs of their clients. For instance, they resolved almost all complaints regarding the LM6800 after upgrading. But they have a lot of other chairs, like a warm leather massage chairs, shiatsu massage, and others.

At the cost, Kahuna is your best choice in terms of longevity in terms of customer service, durability, as well as features. They are a little slack on the weight of the fabric, and the foot massage is a bit rough because of this. However, I haven’t seen a company that listens to its customers more than Kahuna.

Medical Breakthrough is exactly the opposite. They utilize top-quality upholstery and components. It’s an obvious distinction. They also cost a lot for this alleged “quality.”

Also, take a look at the reviews. They’re all excellent to use with all MB chairs. They’re not saying they aren’t worth a look. But, they definitely come with certain drawbacks. However, there are no reviews to highlight the shortcomings of this model of chair.

In truth, I don’t trust the MB in the same way that I do Kahuna. Kahuna’s value for money chairs astonishes me. Medical breakthroughs “some of the highest priced chairs on the planet” seem to me to be average.

Where Can I buy the Medical Breakthrough Chair Series?

The Best Official MB Series Massage Chair And Alternatives Reviews 2022

An excellent place to begin is to compare prices on Amazon. With excellent return and shipping policies, as well as reasonable costs, Amazon is a great method to read reviews from customers and ratings, as well as to get answers to questions, and compare similar products.

For instance, if the massage chair doesn’t include an integrated sound system for music, you could purchase headphones or speakers from the same source.

In other words, The medical Breakthrough website is reliable and has free shipping, as well as certain holiday discounts. The only drawback is that it doesn’t offer full reviews from users.

MB Series Massage Chair Final Verdict

We’ve reviewed a variety of Medical Breakthrough body massage chairs that feature zero-gravity designs with varying prices and also various options that provide the ultimate in relaxation.

The best massage recliner when comparing price and advantages can be found in The Medical Breakthrough 6, because of its numerous therapies that are built-in, well-designed, and user-friendly.

So, which one would you like to purchase, and what is the reason? We’d love to hear your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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