The Best Massage Chair For Tall Person - Top-11 Options 2022

The Best Massage Chair For Tall Person – Top-11 Options 2022

Today let’s talk about what is the best massage chair for tall person. When you are buying the massage chair, it’s especially important to be sure that the chair’s frame won’t just fit into your living space however, it should also be a good fit for your body type of yours.

Any person taller than 6 feet should ensure whether the size of the massage chair in its reclined position is able to accommodate their height before bringing the item to the home! In the midst of the massage chair shopping happening online, it’s not uncommon to find a product that does not satisfy your expectations.

The majority of products sold on e-commerce websites include specifications in the description, however, many people don’t read those specifications prior to purchasing. If you’re shopping for a massage chair but don’t plan on visiting a showroom person, be sure to keep track of the specs for the product or call the store to get more details.

The Best Massage Chair For Tall Person - Top-11 Options 2022

Luckily, most massage chairs sold on the internet today have their specifications in detail on their product pages which allows you to check the measurements before buying. The one thing no taller person needs is to discover that their feet are hanging off the footrest on the massage chair or the headrest isn’t high enough to accommodate the neck.

Armed with a list of the features you should look for, you’ll be able to rest in peace knowing that the newly purchased massage chair will fit comfortably into your lifestyle.

We’ve put together our top 11 massage chairs that any tall person would love as nothing can hinder getting a good massage! Check out our new massage chair reviews.

TOP-11 The Best Massage Chair For Tall Person Overviews

1. INADA DreamWave Massage Chair First Runner Up

INADA DreamWave Massage Chair

Inada Dreamwave massage chair for tall person comes in a close second place in comparison to that of the Luraco i7 In addition, This Inada massage chair packs many great features and comes in fun colors such as red.

The chair encompasses 1200 square inches of body’s surface and is regarded as having the largest coverage available in the market. It’s, therefore, a good fit for people who are tall and broad. It can be compared with an Infinity Iyashi massage chair, but Inada DreamWave is much better.

Check out its top features:

Shiatsu Massage. You’ll experience the shiatsu treatment with various motion programs that replicate the movements of the human massage therapist. It effectively relieves tension from your body and loosens those knotty muscles.

Full Body Stretch. It’s not a secret that stretching can be beneficial for anyone who is involved. It’s not just a way to relieve muscle pain, but it helps to improve blood flow through your whole body. It is also crucial to avoid the recurring pain that you experience in your lower back or limbs.


  • Youth massages are designed for people aged 14 and over
  • Signature Dreamwave massage
  • Complete stretching of the body
  • Healthcare programs improved by Inada
  • Zero-gravity recline
  • White-glove service is offered


  • The item is quite large
  • Two people are required to move the equipment or install it

2. Apex Aurora

Apex Aurora

Our next runner-up comes from the Apex Aurora which is a top universal massage chair on the market at present, especially in its price. If you have a particular therapy need, it’s probable that this chair could fill this role however, it’s worthwhile to consider which one is better suited for the specific issue you’re looking to tackle.

For instance, if you have low back problems that are chronic it’s best advised to use a chair designed to deal with the issue specifically.

It is important to note the fact that both the Cozzia 16028 and the Apex Aurora are very identical and the main distinction being that while the Cozzia includes lumbar heating and stretching for the body The Aurora provides lumbar heat and an L/S-Track that is a hybrid, which provides a more complete experience than an all-body massage. Therefore, depending on what features you’re most interested in You may want to go with the Cozzia.

For instance, whereas the Aurora provides only the most basic massage techniques, the Cozzia surpasses it with an advanced method. However, the Cozzia only has a single Zero-G seat, whereas the Aurora provides two. Both are excellent contenders however, they’re not as impressive as our previous third placer.

Apex Aurora Tall Massage Chair does offer an airbag massage feature that covers the shoulders of the user’s hands and arms, feet, and calves. Two points to pay focus on here are.

The chair is equipped with only 22 airbags. It is a perfectly reasonable decision made to keep the cost of the chair affordable. It also limits the quality of massage even with the 22 airbags, it provides a good massage experience.

Note that massage for the head is not provided by this chair. Airbags are also not present in the seat and the thigh region.


  • Many massage techniques
  • Comfortable High level


  • None

3. Kahuna LM6800

Kahuna LM6800

Kahuna LM6800 is certainly less expensive than the other models that I’ve listed. But it doesn’t mean its features aren’t great. This is a perfect massage chair. You’ll be amazed by the number of features that are packed into this compact massage chair. It’s packed with almost all you’d find in the market for a luxurious model at less than $2000 and is an ideal beginner chair for someone who is just beginning to get into the world of massage.

Have a look at the highlights of its design:

Full-Body Shiatsu. In contrast to other massage chairs, the LM6800 features multiple rollers across the entire unit to give the full body shiatsu treatment. It targets specific areas such as your neck, shoulders lower and upper backs legs, feet, and upper back.

Space-Efficient Zero Gravity. This massage recliner can put it up against the wall. In contrast to other models which require a significant amount of wall space, The LM6800 can slide forward when you recline it which means you don’t have to be concerned about falling against the wall.


  • The use of heat massage therapy to treat upper back pain and calves
  • Multiple speeds
  • Multiple air massage levels
  • Chemotherapy
  • Yoga stretching feature


  • The customer service is not sufficient

4. Human Touch Super Novo Massage Chair

Human Touch Super Novo Massage Chair

Super Novo Super Novo is available in vibrant colors that appear as a striking design element in any room that you place it in. It also has an array of amazing features. Look over my top features below:

Easy to Use Controls. I don’t enjoy it when modern chairs have hard-to-comprehend control systems. Its massage chair makes it very simple to manage its functions of it with just a click of your fingertips.

Hybrid Track. The L and S-tracks on this model target different places than only your back. The Hybrid S, as well as L track designs, feature rollers that focus on your back as well as your thighs and glutes.


  • The foot and the calf heat therapy
  • 4D massage rollers
  • Remote holder
  • Magnetic dock
  • Lumbar heat therapy
  • Acupressure massage feature


  • Alexa isn’t fully integrated, therefore the massage controls aren’t as extensive

5. Luraco IRobotics 7 Massage Chair

Luraco IRobotics 7 Massage Chair

Its therapeutic massage chair is the most technologically advanced recliner available. You’ll be amazed at the fact that Luraco has invested time and effort in making this top-of-the-line piece of furniture more therapeutic massage, instead of making cosmetic changes. Luraco medical massage chair ranked first as the top massage chair for 2020 in my massage chair ultimate buying guide.

Have a look at the best aspects of this model:

3D massage Technology. The 3D massage of the Luraco is unrivaled. I am confident that it’s one of the most effective of all types of chairs. Its rollers are pushed forward, delivering a deep massage that penetrates your back and neck muscles with ease.

Enhanced Calf and Foot Massage to promote total body health The Luraco i7 Plus targets your foot and calf muscles with high-end rolling rollers as well as air massage technology. It will relieve tension from your calves and your feet as well as regenerate your muscles.


  • Cushions that are comfortable
  • Control pad for users that is user-friendly
  • Five user memory settings for each user
  • Five-year extended warranty
  • Enhanced foot and calf massage


  • There is no white-glove service

6. Infinity IT-8500

Infinity IT-8500

Infinity 8500 is a fantastic all-body massage chair with zero gravity features built in. If you’re wondering what makes it stand out from other chairs, have the following look:

Air Decompression Stretch. This chair is made up of airbags that compress and decompress in a certain sequence to help stretch the body. This is similar to the way massage therapists massage your body in order to stretch certain regions. If you’re looking to get a complete-body stretching, the chair is able to grip your legs and shoulders and then slowly recline you so that you can stretch out your back.


  • USB capable speaker systems
  • Lumbar heat therapy
  • Two zero gravity reclining positions
  • The treatment for spinal correction


  • Very bulky
  • Very heavy unit
  • Doesn’t have the durability of a solid structure
  • Customer service is terrible

7. Apex The AP-Lotus Complete Body Massage Chair

Apex The AP-Lotus Complete Body Massage Chair

I’m a huge enthusiast of ionizing air. It’s part of my everyday routine. Actually, I’ve got an at-home scaled ionizer in order to keep the air healthy and balanced. This is just one of the aspects I appreciated about this product. Here’s more:

Energy-efficient. This massage chair is incredibly energy efficient. It uses only 110-120V of power at a time and is the ideal option if you wish to lower your energy use at home.


  • Therapy with magnetics
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Two-stage zero gravity recline
  • Signature sole rollers


  • Very heavy to move
  • Bulky

8. Ogawa Smart 3D Massage Chair

Ogawa Smart 3D Massage Chair

Ogawa Smart 3D is among the top technologically advanced massage chairs you can find in the market. It’s an excellent choice for those who are more technologically adept and would like to display how smart you are with your selection of health furniture.

Check out the best aspects of this model:

Smart tablet controls. The massage chair comes with its own control pad. It’s easy enough to comprehend, however as with all things there’s some learning curve. However, it’s been an extremely useful feature.

Different Custom Setting. The tablet does not appear as a piece of art. It allows you to completely modify the massage experience and custom-tailor your chair’s capabilities to suit you precisely.


  • Many recline positions
  • Zero gravity recline
  • Foot rollers
  • The therapy of heat
  • Technology for noise reduction


  • Quite expensive

9. Kahuna SM7300

SM 7300 Premium Massage Chair
Kahuna’s is among the best massage chair companies in the world the present. Two things they are better at than any other company.

The first point is that nobody caters to the huge and taller crowd as Kahuna. They have more models to can accommodate taller users than almost anyone else.

The second reason is that they offer one of the top stretches for your body that is the most therapeutic routine you can find. The Yoga Stretch is like nothing else you’ve encountered and is far superior to the body stretch provided by nearly everyone else.

In truth, it was difficult to pick from this one and model we eventually gave the top spot since the SM7300 offers an array of wonderful features.

It’s difficult to list only a couple of outstanding features of this model, which is why we recommend you go through the complete review. However, here are a few of the best features.

Also, there’s so much to love about this that it’s hard to pinpoint faults with its design. It’s possible to argue that a variety of Zero-G seating options might be available and that MP3 support is an awesome feature however, they are minor issues.

Quad rollers are now the industry norm, and this model is the only one we’ve come across that comes with a six-roller set-up. Most of the time, these innovations only are found in top-end or mid-range chairs, making the SM7300 more amazing.

The one drawback of the SM7300 model is the price. It’s in a weird spot in the marketplace. Some might say it’s too costly to be considered to be a value-priced chair, but it’s not costly enough to be considered a true part of the middle range.

Although the SM7300 provides a fantastic value it just missed out on the top position in this class losing out to yet another Kahuna design.


  • 2 Year Labor Warranty and Parts Warranty
  • User-friendly remote control, and easy to make use of
  • Stretching is an important part of yoga
  • SL-Track Rollers
  • It’s a recreation of the human massage experience


  • The remote could be more effective
  • It’s true that the massage options aren’t as intensive

10. RelaxOnChair MK2 PLUS is the Best Massage Chair for Tall Persons on a Budget

massage chair for tall person

When I first began searching for a tall person massage chair, I was absolutely amazed at the price they could cost. It was impossible that I could afford to spend $8000 or more on an armchair. That is unless you win the lottery, that is. Therefore, my search for cheaper massage chairs began.

In my search, I found during my search, I came across RelaxOnChair MK 2 PLUS, which is how I came across the more superior but somewhat more costly RelaxOnChair MK Classic (above). It was odd that I thought the PLUS model was the more upgraded version however, it turns out that the Plus is the cheaper alternative that is an upgraded version of the original RC MK2.

It’s a bit unclear, but MK 2 Plus is a great option. MK 2 Plus is another excellent option for those who are around the 6’5” range. It has been reported to fit those who are taller than 6’7”. But how comfortable I don’t know. What’s unique about RelaxOnChair is the fact that they do not have showrooms. They sell only online, and that’s how they’re in a position to keep their prices lower and affordable for the average Joe.

As far as I’m able to tell I can tell that the Plus (this version) is equipped with fewer options than MK Classic. For instance, the height-adjustable shoulder airbags. However, it includes the 6-inch foot extension for taller persons. Also, it has L Track rollers which bring the massage nodes all down under your back.

There are fewer automated massage settings on the MK2 and more than that of the MK classic, however, you’ll still receive all the classic massages that you would get from a massage chair like shiatsu, rolling, kneading, and tapping.

The advantage of the massage chair is that it also provides heat therapy in the low to mid-back region. The benefits of heat therapy are especially beneficial for back pain sufferers due to the fact that it increases blood circulation. When joint and muscle pain is present, the areas affected may have damaged nerves that require oxygen and nutrients to heal. This is why pain may be evident. The nerves send pain signals through the brain.

Therefore, when you apply the heat and massage it increases the flow of blood to the area. The increased flow of blood is the body’s naturally healing nutrients as well as more oxygen. Therefore, heating of the lumbar region is an absolute benefit for those with back problems. In the end, it’s an excellent purchase for those looking to save a few dollars.


  • Affordably priced
  • Zero gravity position
  • Spinal decompression program
  • Three-year warranty
  • Full Body Stretching
  • Massage feature that is heated
  • Hip massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • FDA-approved
  • 4. Automatic Massage Programs
  • L-Track System
  • Imitates the human masseuse
  • It is easy to move about
  • Remote that is user-friendly


  • The transitions aren’t smooth and the music is quiet
  • It’s quite heavy
  • Not space-efficient
  • The foot rollers could be too intense
  • Requires assembly
  • There are a few massage techniques
  • The manual is unclear and confusing
  • Consumes approximately 230 Watts of power for each use (not extremely efficient in terms of energy use)

11. Cozzia Qi SE

Cozzia Qi SE 

As far as high-end massage chairs go, the Cozzia Qi SE massage chair for tall person isn’t a low-end model with body scanning technology. Alongside the popular Cozzia brand name, it also comes with a wide range of features. Qi SE offers many of the features consumers are looking for in a premium massage chair.

It features the latest technology in 4D rollers as well as quad rollers that provide more human-like massage, as well as the hybrid L-track to provide an all-encompassing massage experience. As of now, it is the sole chair in the market that has L-track massage capabilities as well as 4D rollers for the ultimate full-body massage that is similar to human hands as an actual massage chair can get. It also provides heat through the back rollers, and into the calves and legs through heated airbags.

Offering the 13 massage options, two choices for Shiatsu foot massage, a zero-gravity setting, chromotherapy, and the touchscreen (tablet-like) controller it is possible to consider the Cozzia Qi SE the most advanced chair on the market. This is assuming you don’t be aware of it. Cozzia Qi and its offerings.


  • Timers that are adjustable
  • Insert curtain airbags
  • Remote for a more accurate body scan
  • Adjustable leg rest
  • Remote that is easy to use


  • There are no foot rollers

What Should You Consider Before Buying The Best Massage Chairs For Tall Person

The purchase of a massage chair for anyone will follow the same basic guidelines. Here are some crucial points to keep in mind when you’re choosing the right massage chair for anybody kind:

Dimension and comfort. Consider the kind of chair it is intended to be able to endure. In general, a chair that can support 300 pounds is more durable than a chair that does not.

It is also important to ensure that you are seated in your chair. Your feet shouldn’t hang off the leg rests and your head must rest comfortably on the pillow or head support of the massage recliner.

Features. Think it through with care. Certain features are more significant than others for a reason. However, I always search for three aspects of a chair in order to make sure I’m getting the right one.

  • Zero-gravity positioning. There are three zero-gravity positions within the business. One of them is adequate however if you own all three positions, it would be superior.
  • Heating therapy The use of heat therapy is necessary if you’re looking to help your muscles to heal faster. This helps your body to increase blood flow. It also reduces pain quite quickly, too.
  • Deep tissue massages – it’s best to always get a deep tissue massage every once and often. Actually, it’s the most preferred type of massage for those who suffer from sciatica regularly.

PriceI’ll tell it to the end of the world. There’s no need to go over budget for chairs. Never. If you’re on set a budget, stick with it. There’s no shame in that. In the end, there are plenty of fantastic models available that are less expensive compared to the luxury ones.

Types Of Massages A Chair Can Offer

Types Of Massages A Chair Can Offer

Heating Therapy

In the brief section of the review above, heat therapy is exceptionally efficient in increasing blood flow. Some chairs don’t are equipped with this function, and it’s best to look into it if have lower back discomfort.

Shiatsu Massage

Translated into English, when translated, the Japanese word Shiatsu refers to pressure on the fingers. In the massage chair, this is applied by the massage nodes located on the L or S track rollers. They resemble the sensation of your fingers digging and changing into your muscles. The majority of chairs have four rollers which can give you the Shiatsu and the kneading massage.

Air Pressure

Airbags aren’t as old as the traditional rolling massage nodes, however, they have certainly made their presence known nowadays. Every day, more and more massage chairs are adding more and more airbags to their chairs. Airbags are used to massage various areas of the body. These include:

  1. Necks and shoulders
  2. Your calves and your feet
  3. Buttocks that S Track rollers offer.
  4. Thighs and the waist.

Airbags basically compress the related muscles. The same as other massage techniques is used to circulate blood. That’s the reason why foot massagers are well-liked since a lot of people suffer from problems with blood circulation that don’t return to the legs as it is supposed to.

If you’re not sure about the best massage chair to buy, perhaps you can narrow your search to the type of track you’re looking for. This video will assist you in determining the best type of track for you. track or one of the most recent L track models.

What Is The Best Model to Choose?

Of the massage recliners I’ve listed, the Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus is the one I’ve got my eyes set on. It’s an incredibly high-end massage chair with little to no extras.

So, you’re spending money for therapeutic purposes only and not unnecessary “convenient” functions.

But, if you think that the Luraco i7 Plus is not the type of chair you prefer I’m sure you’ll find a chair you’ll love at any time If you can remember some of the following:

  • Size. Make sure that the massage chair will fit you comfortably. You ought to be able to lay your head comfortably on it without difficulty and your feet should not hang from the footrests.
  • Massage features love to pick massage chairs with heat therapy as well as body stretching programs, and leg, as well as foot massage features. This makes sure the body totally well-cared for and I’m not forgetting any part of it.
  • PriceDon’t be afraid to stay within your budget. It is important to think of length about what features you require. Additional features like the handy cup holder or voice control might seem like an ideal choice but is it worth the price? I don’t believe so.

All in all, Luraco i7 Plus is my top choice as it’s the most cost-effective choice within my budget.

The Takeaway

Personally, I don’t like the fact that we’re given only a few options available to people who are taller. But, each of the massage chairs I’ve highlighted above is exceptional in its own manner.

However, I’d suggest that you be aware when you choose the right massage chair since many brands claim to be the best in this field, however, they might end up being frauds further. This is the main reason the brand name is the most important when it comes to massage chairs. The larger the name of the brand is, the more secure you are.

In the end the way around, a massage chair is going to be your most effective investment and I’m sure of it. Therefore, please go through the article carefully and then make an educated choice. Good luck, my pals!

Massage Chair For Tall Person FAQs

Is too much massage chair harmful?

Prolonged use of the is known to cause muscle damage inflammation, bruises, and inflammation issues, in addition to damaging the inner massage chair motor. Also, make sure to take it slow and relax with the massage chair, especially when you’re trying it for the first time. The price of excessive use is not greater than any apparent benefits.

How long is too long in a massage chair?

While you may wish to feel the relaxing effect of massage, extending it longer than the recommended 15 min could cause further damage to injuries and discomfort and may result in new injuries from excessive use.

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