The Best iDeal Massage Chair Review 2022

The Best iDeal Massage Chair Review 2022

Today let’s check the iDeal massage chair. Are you searching for budget-priced massage chairs that can be able to handle the basics and also provides some therapeutic benefits?
If you’re not averse to sacrificing certain bells and whistles that are offered by higher-priced massage chairs, then the iDeal Shiatsu massage chair might be an ideal fit for you!

We’ll take a look at the various things that you can expect from this massage chair can (and can’t) accomplish within the following sections, to help you make an informed buying choice.

iDeal Massage Chair Overview

The iDeal massage chair is an inexpensive, high-quality chair that is consistently praised by user reviews.

iDeal Massage Chair


Voltage120 volts
Frequency60 Hz
Energy Consumption230 watts maximum
Product Dimensions49 inches x 33 inches x 53 inches
Chair Weight200 lbs
Massage TrackHybrid S and L-Track
Body Scan TechnologyYes
Maximum User Height6 ft. 3 in.
WarrantyLimited Three Year Warranty
Returns10 Day Return Policy

It is not known much about the maker of this iDeal massage chair. Some distributors refer to the chair as the IC-Deal massage chair, so we’ll use its two names in this review. Because there is always a chance when buying products from a shady firm, this review will cover all you should be aware of about the chair to assist you in making your purchase choice.

We’ll first go over the components of the chair as well as massage programs to show you the capabilities of its performance. We’ll then provide you with an unbiased comparison of an identical massage chair from a well-known brand to show the benefits and disadvantages of purchasing from a brand that isn’t well-known.


  • Affordably priced
  • Features are typical that are found in luxurious massage chairs
  • Full body Shiatsu
  • Vibration Massage
  • Spinal rolling
  • Air massage
  • Full body massage
  • Manual mode
  • Deep tissue massage that is comparable to human touch Novo
  • For users who are 6 feet 4 inches tall
  • Controls that are user-friendly
  • Multiple massage techniques
  • Substantial foot massage


  • Has no noise reduction technology, so it’s quite loud
  • The control panel isn’t the most convenient, a remote control would have been more effective

The iDeal massage with full-featured shiatsu zero gravity massage chair is a good massage chair. But, I think the reviews did not adequately describe the quality of this chair. I was completely disappointed.

It’s not to say the chair was not good. The price is excellent and it’s in line with the features of this chair.

However, I was expecting to see more from such a highly rated chair in particular because it was compared so heavily to the Kahuna L6800. The Kahuna is an entire class of its own in the market of budget-friendly massage chairs in the market.

I’ve been through enough iDeal complete reviews on shiatsu chairs, which has led me to a worthwhile option to Kahuna’s LMH6800.

Unfortunately, I was not right. In this post, I’ll explain to you the reason. Before that, let’s take an overview of the company that makes this model.

IDeal Shiatsu The Massage Chair’s Features

Its massage chair features a lot of relaxing massage modes and massage functions. It’s priced under $1500 and has one of the most extensive hybrid tracks in the market. The company claims that it will give its users the best massage available in the market.

The Best iDeal Massage Chair Review 2022

3D Body Scan

A great feature that isn’t often found in chairs on the lower end of the cost range. Before beginning a massage the chair examines your body to find the pressure points on your body. Based on the results of the scan it makes small adjustments to the positioning of the rollers in order to improve satisfaction with your massage experience.

Chair dimensions (upright)33" W X 49" H X 53" D
Chair dimensions (reclined)33" W X 31" H X 68" D
ColorsBeige, Black, Dark Brown, Red
Chair weight200 lbs

Zero-Gravity Seating

Another very popular feature is rarely available in basic massage chairs. When you find it usually, it’s just one Zero-G position for seating.


This is yet another area in which this iDeal Shiatsu chair shines since it has three Zero-G positions.

What makes it an attractive accessory to the chairs is the synergy it offers. By placing the user so as to place his legs elevated slightly over his heart, the majority of their weight gets pressed against the rollers which provides a more intense and more abrasive massage.

4 Roller Massage System

As with most massage chairs, the IC-Deal utilizes an incline system to serve its main massage functions. It has a four-roller head system that massages the back muscles, from the neck down to your lower back.

Massage rollers are used in both automated massage programs and manual mode programs, which we’ll go over in the near future. In manual mode, you are able to adjust the position of the vertical massage rollers to any area of your back. In addition, the width and velocity of rollers may be altered by using three different levels of adjustment.

4 Roller Massage System

The massage heads are attached to an S-type track. The track isn’t straight, like the tracks on many cheap massage chairs, the track of the iDeal is “S” designed, resembling an organic curve that the spine of a human.

S-Track Design

These iDeal massage chairs are constructed with an S-Track framework which allows the quad rollers around the natural curvature of the spine, giving you the most luxurious massage. In this respect, it is clear that the iDeal is nearly comparable to other chairs in its price however, it is also comparable to higher-end models.

SL-Track Design

Vibration Massage Mode

There’s a vibration plate inside the seat, and it can be used in conjunction with additional massage modes or left off at your discretion.

The motors inside the chair that drive the rollers, and also inflate the airbags can be quite loud on their own, and when the vibration of the seat is activated, numerous customers have complained that the sound level increases to unacceptably high levels.

It’s important to mention that both the roller massage as well as the vibrations in the seat are powerful. Some customers have complained that the vibration is slightly too powerful even at the lowest level.

They have solved their problem by laying a blanket that is folded in two over the back and seat on the back of the seat. It’s true it is true that most people don’t feel the message to be so intense that they need to use this.

Automatic Back Scanning

When you switch to the IC Deal body massage chair for a massage it will initiate an automated back scanning. This method determines the exact measurement and form of your back so that it can adjust the positioning that the massage rollers throughout the massage. It is important to note that the massage rollers are essentially adapted to your body for maximum performance and the benefits of massage.

Air Massage System

In addition to the roller massage and a body massage chair, it also has a massage chair that features air massage. Within the chair, specialized airbags are placed in strategic locations to provide compression massage. Unlike the roller massage, which uses roller heads to massage and knead your muscles compression massage uses the airbags to compress and apply pressure to muscles.

Air Massage System

This results in a relaxing procedure that increases blood circulation across the entire body.

Aerial and Shoulder Massage

In the upper section of the backrest of the chair, two airbags in four sets are set up between your shoulders. When activated, the airbags expand and deflate to squeeze and release the shoulders. This helps to relieve tension and ease soreness.

User-Friendly Remote

The IC Deal massage chair features a full-sized remote control, which sits on a pedestal that is attached to an armrest on the back of the chair. It is able to be taken off the pedestal to use while reclined. The remote is designed to be simple to use and easy to understand with buttons for all the functions of the chair.
A screen that is located in the middle of the remote screen displays all the functionalities, and an anatomy diagram shows the position of the massage rollers.

Arm Air Massage

The arms of the IC-Deal come with specially designed arm massage slots that feature 24 airbags. The arms slide into the armrests, where they get massaged with the help of airbags.
The unique aspect of the arm massage system is that it includes 6 different air massage combinations and two levels of intensity. Most massage chairs that have the arm air massage don’t offer any variations for arm massage functions, limiting the degree of personalization you are able to enjoy.

Seat Aerial Massage

Four airbags on seats of IC Deal provide air massage for the buttocks and the thighs. The massage offered by the airbags in the seat is not a squeezing effect but rather a pressure.

Leg And Foot Massage System

The leg ottoman in the IC-Deal comes with a set of massagers with airbags that offer compression massage for the calves as well as ankles and feet. The IC-Deal has eight airbags inside the calf section and eight airbags inside the feet sections.
Furthermore, under each foot, you will find a six-ball that stimulates and massage the soles of the feet. The kneading ball is placed to press acupressure points that are key. The chair utilizes a method known as “Thenar Massage” to put the feet in the kneading ball.

The airbags that are positioned around the feet deflate and inflate at a regular interval, which causes the foot to slide between sides. At the same time, the airbags that are above the foot expand to push the foot into the balls that are kneading. The side to side movement, when combined with downward pressure will rub the feet against the balls. Kneading balls to stimulate feet.

This kind is massage isn’t as deep or as effective as the massage chair with a mechanical foot roller, but for the price, it’s a decent foot massage.

Mode Manual Massage

If you’re looking for more control and flexibility in your message, then you can get by the automated programs The IC-Deal has a number of manually operated massage settings to adjust the settings.


Manual mode massages are more personal than an automated massage program, requiring you to customize each feature of the chair according to your preferences.

Below are the procedures when configuring the manual mode massage

  • Reclining the chair to a zero gravity position- One of the most effective methods to relax completely for a massage is to get into the zero gravity position. Simply hit the zero gravity button on the remote, and the chair will instantly recline. Of course, you can also choose to keep the chair in its upright position.
  • Choose the massage roller method The IC-Deal comes with 3 distinctive methods of massage therapy including the shiatsu technique or spinal rolling as well as the kneading. Each technique is able to move these rollers in a certain method to massage the back muscles.
  • Select the region or the position for the massage rollers – The rollers are able to massage at the same fixed place or area that they operate in. A set of down and up an arrow on the remote can be used to control the location of the fixed location as well as the region. When you massage the position of the roller can be changed as frequently as you’d prefer.
  • Variable roller width and speed during the massage, it is possible to alter the size and speed of massage rollers. You can expand or reduce the location of the rollers in order to provide more coverage areas of the lower back or get to a particular area of soreness. Altering the rate of your rollers alters how quickly the rollers can perform the technique you choose to use.
  • Choose air massage zones and settings along with rolling massage air massage can be added to an automatic mode massage. Set the shoulder airbags for shoulder air massage, arm airbags, or the feet and calf airbags. You can select to operate every combination of air massage zones simultaneously.
    After selecting those air areas, then you are able to modify the strength that you’re using for the compression massage. There are three levels of strength to select from soft and hard.
  • Include vibrations and heat therapy – After you’ve selected the massage options previously the massage will now be in motion. After that, you’ll be able to switch on the vibration feature and/or the heating pads to the lower back.

This is all there is to it! The benefit of a manual massage system is the fact that settings and massage features are able to be adjusted anytime during the massage. If you spot a painful spot in your back, it is possible to use the rollers to massage this exact area. If you are exhausted from arm massage, simply deactivate the device. You control the message.

Warranty & Service

It is not surprising that the company is well-known for its outstanding customer service. It is, in fact, the biggest feature of the body massage chair.

However, I cannot think of a reason why the return policy, as well as the warranty itself, are not that significant.

The chair is covered by a standard three-year warranty. I think that the guarantee and return policy is not much, to say the least.

Here’s why:

  • The warranty is only for parts that are electronic and the frames. If the upholstery of your chair becomes damaged after just a few times it’s not something you can do. In addition that you’ll have to pay for repairs through your budget, which is absurd, to say the least.
  • Returns are subject to an additional 20% restocking charge. The return time of 10 days is adequate enough. However, I believe it doesn’t provide enough time to determine whether the chair is having serious issues with its design. There’s not enough time to figure out whether you’d like this chair. In that regard, you’ll need to ship it in the original packaging, and they’ll charge you an additional 20% of restocking fees for any delay.

Conclusion. What Is The Best Alternative?

I’ll just declare the fact is that I can say that the iDeal Massage Chair did not live up to my expectations. I think it was a lot hyped because of the excellent customer service. Most reviews are from customers who haven’t experienced an even better chair.

However, it certainly doesn’t have the same features as Kahuna’s Kahuna the LM6800. In its most ideal form, it offers certainly features like the Kahuna. However, they’re less efficient than they could be.

Here’s why:

  • The iDeal Shiatsu Chair features an adequate arm massage. But, the design of it is such that your arms tend to appear to pop out in the course of the massage. While you’re less likely to have this problem when using the Kahuna.
  • It is true that the iDeal massage chair’s neck alignment is extremely uncomfortable. It’s not a good idea at any time during the massage to be forced to adjust your neck, or even use another pillow to support your neck. In contrast, the Kahuna has a comfortable headrest that provides enough support for your neck.
  • A foot massage is okay. The kneading balls don’t seem to be efficient and would have been more effective if rollers were employed in their place. The Kahuna, On the other hand, offers an extremely powerful foot massage that can effectively ease your feet and relieve tension.
  • Its iDeal is also very loud. With the weak neck support, it feels as though I’m trying to fit into a low-end massage chair without 3D technology. I’ve actually been in other massage chairs that are more “primitive” before and all of them were more comfortable than this one. The loud sound comes from the changes in the chair. It’s annoying, to put it mildly.

In the end, I wouldn’t suggest you pick to go with the iDeal Massage chair over the Kahuna LM6800. If you’ve never had the pleasure of hearing about the Kahuna yet, then you must take a look.

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