The Best Cozzia Massage Chair Reviews 2022

The Best Cozzia Massage Chair Reviews 2022

Are you searching for an excellent, top-of-the-line massage chair filled with attractive characteristics and the latest technology?

If money is not an issue for you and you’re seeking the top of the best then you’ll enjoy our extensive analysis of the Cozzia Qi massage chair.

Cozzia isn’t a known brand, however, they’ve built an excellent reputation for quality and have some incredibly strong designs. They have the Qi is their most popular model, and once you’ve read the review, we believe you’ll agree that it’s an outstanding chair, by any measure.

Cozzia Qi Review

The Best Cozzia Massage Chair Reviews 2022

The modern Cozzia Qi massage chair boasts all the most recent features to provide a more human-like massage.

The advancement of massage chair technology has been rapid in the last few years. Even the mid-range models have S-Track technology. The rollers are positioned to follow the curves of your back, providing an empathetic touch and a general better massage.

Controls are now more user-friendly and simple to use. Also, body scan technology helps many massage chairs adapt to the body’s shape to give a natural and comfortable massage.

Then, step into this Cozzia Qi massage chair. The Cozzia Qi massage chair takes the existing technology to the next level by improving technologies such as the body scan to operate faster and more precisely as well as introducing innovative features to give you a customized massage unlike any other.

We’ll be the first to admit that massage chairs still do not exactly replicate the human massager’s hand. This chair is more to the experience than any other currently available.

It was showcased at CES2017 the tech show for the gadget and consumer electronics fan The Cozzia Qi massage chair quickly secured its position in the list of best massage chairs for consumers willing to pay more for the top quality. With a retail cost of $9,999 people who desire the highest level of comfort and personalization for stress and pain relief can get it with the Cozzia Qi


  • Modern body scan technology is more precise and faster than any other technology currently available
  • 4D massage roller technology to provide an even more human-like feel and an even deeper massage
  • Japanese-designed quad rollers pivoting for an experience of dual rollers that give greater massage techniques and massage styles than any other massage chair available
  • 6 massage types with 13 massage patterns pre-programmed
  • Airbags and rollers for a deeper Shiatsu foot massage
  • The technology of the Chair Doctor prescribes an exercise to address problem areas
  • An intuitive iPad touchscreen control using an app
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers
  • Chromotherapy available in a variety of colors can be selected through the app
  • Set airbag zones to get a massage that is completely customized
  • The heated rollers and the full heated back offer pain relief and convenience


  • Do not place your hand on the wall
  • No L-track
  • No zero gravity feature
  • High cost

4D Roller Technology

4D Roller Technology

Based on the bones of the chair It is built on the bones of the chair. Qi also includes 4D Technology. Some believe that the term “4D Technology” is an advertising gimmick, however, the truth is more than it seems.

The majority of massage chairs that utilize an S-Track or Hybrid S/L Track design already permit their rollers to travel in three directions. They can move left/right, up/down, and out/in as it follows the natural curvature of your spine.

The introduction to 4D Technology allows them to perform more than this, but. With the addition of extension arms on their rollers, they could move up to three” further away from the track that massages and provide a deeper and more intense, and satisfying massage experience.

The Qi is a step beyond, however. The extension arms of the Qi allow five” of freedom from the track. It’s something we’ve never seen on another model. A fantastic innovation that improves your massage experience.

The Doctor is in Your Qi-Massage Chair

We are aware that the massage chair should never be employed to treat or diagnose any illness. However, just like a Fitbit or the health app that you can download on your smartphone cozzie Qi massage chair can provide you with vital information regarding your body. It monitors your levels of tension and also tells you where specifically, you could be carrying strain in the back muscle. Cozzia is calling this top-of-the-line first-of-its-kind technology, The Chair Doctor.

One of the best aspects of the Cozzia Qi chair is the Chair Doctor utilizes biometric feedback to determine your level of tension as well as problem places that are in the back. Then, it suggests a specific massage to target the areas of concern. It also monitors the progress of your massage as your tension levels decrease (or not) as time passes.

iPad Control Is Easy to Learn and Use

In contrast to other massage chairs that have a separate controller, typically with a few buttons or LED lights The Cozzia Qi is controlled exclusively through the iPad application. Are you not a user of an iPad? You can get an iPad Mini when you purchase the Cozzia Qi massage chair.

For the tech-savvy consumer for those who are tech-savvy, the iPad application is extremely intuitive. Begin by scanning your body. Then, let the Chair Doctor design a massage specifically on your behalf, or pick your personal. You can adjust the intensity and speed to suit your needs and you’re ready to go.

If you’d like to benefit from Chromotherapy, you can switch up the massage chair LED lights to give a soft glow to the space. You can also choose from a range of colors via the application.

Then, you can make use of then the iPad for playing your favorite music via your massage chair Bluetooth speakers. The app provides you with complete control over the surroundings while you experience the first-class massage.

Body Stretch

When you click “Stretch” from the menu for custom massages You’ll be presented with four massage options to stretch. They are minor variations of the same subject. In the end, in the final, all end with the same result.

The chair keeps your body in place with the help of airbags. After that, you bend backward in a controlled manner, but with a firm hold. This relieves discs in your spine. From a therapeutic perspective, it’s the same effect as spinal “adjustment” you can get in the office of your chiropractor.

The compressed discs in the spinal column are the main reason for back pain. If you’re suffering from back pain, it is likely to be one of your favorite parts of your chair. It provides tremendous therapeutic benefits as well as almost instant relief from pain.

Calf And Foot Massage

Calf And Foot Massage

The majority of Cozzia models don’t incorporate this feature well, as the majority of their chairs do not come with foot rollers for the soles of feet.

The Qi is the one exception to this rule. Combining foot rollers and airbags makes the calves as well as a foot massage quite good.

Since this is a premium chair, we’d have liked to have had a calf massage by heating. This would have enhanced the therapeutic benefit that the chair offers. However, the fact that they used foot rollers when they usually do not is to be regarded as an achievement.

Full Back Heating

Full Back Heating

About a quarter of all massage chairs on the market today provide back heating. Of these, the vast majority of them have heat for the lumbar region only. Cozzia makes a major change in this regard by providing complete back warmth that makes it an absolute rarity.

Given that this is a premium chair We would have thought that this feature would have been put in place with precise temperature control. However, this isn’t a major issue. Is the fact that your entire back is able to benefit from the warmth from two different sources (the heating elements as well as those heated massage rollers) is a big benefit.

If you’re suffering from back pain that is chronic it’s difficult to decide between this and the stretch-based body function.

Adjustable Timer

Adjustable Timer

The default message duration is twenty minutes. It is adjustable downward in increments of five minutes (to at least five minutes, or to a maximum of 60 minutes).

This is great but the norm is that massages last for thirty minutes. This isn’t a huge issue since you are able to alter the duration of massages, and manually adjust to your preferences. However, it’s remarkable that they departed from the norm in this aspect.

Bluetooth Speakers

The Qi features Bluetooth speakers that are located inside the headrest. It allows you to connect your smartphone to them wirelessly and listen to all your favorite music. It’s a nice feature and precisely the type of attention to detail that you’d expect to see in a premium chair.


In contrast to other Cozzia designs, this is equipped with LED lights in it. Additionally, the App allows you to alter the colors of these lights. If you’re in a dark room and you turn on the light feature and the soft light can help you relax and improve your overall experience. This is a minor feature but some users are raving about it.

This Qi App (Surprisingly User-Friendly!)

This Qi App

This is an interesting fact that this Cozzia Qi review wouldn’t be complete without a mention. The chair doesn’t have a remote. Instead, they’ve created an app on smartphones that manages every aspect of the chair. (Note Also, there are accessible buttons for major functions, which are located on the arms of the chair.)

The application itself, it’s well-designed and user-friendly.

Although there is a steep time-consuming learning curve due to the many features this model provides, however, we didn’t feel it was overwhelming, to say the least. It’s likely to take longer to install and download the app than to get to that first session. Bravo! on this one!

The Cozzia Qi: The Most Modern Massage Chairs Available Today

The Cozzia Qi

The Cozzia Qi boasts a number of notable features that lead us to consider it the best massage chair on the market.

The Cozzia Qi utilizes rapid, accurate, and reliable body scan technology to customize the position of the roller to match the pressure points of your back.

They are a research study in the most advanced massage chair science and technology. The Quad rollers designed by Japan can pivot and retract back in order to function as double head rollers extending the various options of massage techniques the chair can provide. The rollers in the 4D model move from side to side, in and out, upwards and downwards, and from side to side. They can extend as far as 5 inches away from the back of the chair to provide the most intense massage you’ve ever had.

Chair Doctor technology utilizes biometric information to “prescribe” you the best massage for you after taking a look at your tension levels and identifying the problematic regions of your back.

This is only a small portion of the cutting-edge technology that’s within this model, the Cozzia Qi. Include an S-Track that is shaped the back of your person, chromotherapy Bluetooth connectivity 30 airbags, a superior Shiatsu foot massage, deep tissue foot massage, full heated back, and control for the iPad and it’s easy enough to justify the Cozzia Qi’s high price.

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Cozzia Massage Chair Reviews Conclusion

Very few massage chairs can be really compared with Cozzia Qi. It is packed with features and technology that you won’t find other than the Cozzia Qi and offers a great massage that can help relieve pain and to get the best relaxing experience. If you’re willing to spend the most for the finest massage, then you should consider the Cozzia Qi.


Is Cozzia a good brand?

Cozzia isn’t a known brand, however, they’ve earned a name for quality and many very solid designs. Their Qi is their most popular model, and if reading this review, we believe you’ll agree that it’s a great chair, by any measure.

Who made Cozzia massage chair?

Cozzia USA creates and produces massage chairs, lift chairs, zero gravity chairs, and foot and Calf massagers. It provides its customers with dealers all over the United States. Mark Holmes founded Cozzia USA in 2008 and has its headquarters located in Covina located in California.

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