What Is The Best 3d Massage Chair - Top-8 Options 2022

Top-8 The Best 3d Massage Chair Reviews 2022

What is the best 3d massage chair? If you’ve looked around but haven’t considered 3D massage chairs is a good thing you’re here. It is important to consider every option before making a decision.

You don’t want to invest in a massage chair to discover later you’ve made a mistake. We make sure to outline all the features and advantages of a 3D massage chair to help you make an informed decision prior to you make your purchase.

3D massage is an improvement over the earlier 2D models, thanks to the ability to control the intensity of the massage. Let’s dive in and discover the kind of advantages these chairs have to offer.

A Short History of the Best Massage Chairs 3D

Top-8 The Best 3d Massage Chair Reviews 2022

From the time the first electronic shiatsu chairs were made available by Japan in 1954 onwards, home massage chairs have been using “2D” technological advances. Massage rollers moved from side to side along an inclined track to massage muscles.

Engineering has progressed, and engineers searched for ways to provide an experience that is more like a human massage. Quad and dual rollers are designed to be as comfortable as human fingers as they move through the body and upwards and downwards along the spine. They are also fitted with 3D technology, which allows the rollers to stretch as far as 10 inches from the track to provide the ultimate deep massage.

4D technology can enhance the massage experience further and gives the rollers additional capabilities to provide an even more human-like experience. The massage chair you choose to use in 3D or 4D technology is all about determining what chair is the comfiest for you. Here are a few of the top Massage chairs that are 3D or 4D on the market today.

1. Ogawa Smart 3D

Ogawa Smart 3D

The first time it was deemed “the most comfortable massage chair available,” the Ogawa Smart 3D is now surpassed in the present by several more advanced models, such as those of Cozzia Qi and the Osaki OS-Pro Maestro. With 5 stars from consumer reviews, It’s still the top 3D full body massage chair from the renowned manufacturer Ogawa and comes with a host of new innovations in the industry.

Like other chairs unlike the Ogawa Smart 3D utilizes dual roller heads in place of quad-headed. It is worth noting that Ogawa is investing more than one million dollars into this technology, and it provides a truly human-like massage.

With over 17 different programs, and twelve massage styles The Ogawa Smart 3D has the technology to offer a custom massage for every person, no matter if you’re seeking an intense tissue massage or a more gentle massage. The double body scanner guarantees the perfect fit for your body. Airbags are also adapted to your body with unique Smart Sense technology.

Its Ogawa Smart 3D was the first massage chair to utilize the Android tablet as a controller, making use simple and easy. The chair also comes with simple touch controls located in the interior of the arm, allowing quick access to commonly utilized features such as zero gravity.


  • Touch screen tablet with many options for customization
  • 64 Airbags aimed at vital and frequently-used body parts
  • Less than the other models that come with similar features
  • 3D dual rollers
  • Chip for body scanning in 3D


  • The heating facility only available to the Lumbar region
  • Non-adjustable heating facility

2. Osaki OS Pro Maestro

Osaki OS Pro Maestro

The Osaki OS Pro Maestro is a new 4D, zero-gravity L-track massage chair that we love at the moment. We’re yet to try another similar chair. The heated quad rollers, designed by Japanese engineers, extend for a full 10 inches beyond an extended hybrid track of 53 inches. SL massage track to give an intense yet relaxing massage.

Its Osaki Maestro offers virtually everything you’d want from massage chairs. It includes the two settings with zero gravity. It also comes with an easy-to-use LCD control panel, 64 airbags to provide an all-body compression massage, as well as the Bluetooth Amphitheater speaker system that’s second to none to provide a complete, full-body massage.

The pre-set massage settings are worthy of being mentioned. Contrary to other massage chairs which don’t allow users to target particular body parts in the auto-programmes You can select from four pre-set programs that are specifically designed for your back, neck, and shoulders, and four presets for glutes and your lower back. Additionally, you can select between eight full-body massages and you’ll be able to use them all by pressing the buttons located on the interior of the chair for additional convenience.

In addition, the Osaki Maestro has an enclosed, adjustable ottoman that offers efficient shiatsu and compression massages to feet and calves.


  • 4D SL-Track Rollers Make This About As Close As You Can Get To The “Real” Thing!
  • With All The Bells & Whistles, It Only Consumes 250W Of Power!
  • The Heated Roller System Is Akin To A Hot Stone Massage!
  • Oscillating Calf Airbags Work Incredibly Well At Promoting Lower Body Circulation!


  • It Comes With Quite The Price Tag!

3. Cozzia Qi

Cozzia Qi

The Cozzia Qi is 2nd among our top 10 top massage chairs in 3D and similar to the Osaki Maestro it also has the quad head roller in 4D technology. In the Cozzia Qi, the rollers are a total of 5 inches away from the track and are adjustable up/down or left/right, as well as out and in. They also come with five different speed settings to allow you to customize the massage experience.

The Cozzia Qi utilizes “Chair Doctor” technology that distinguishes it from other models within this class of premium massage chairs. Cozzia’s exclusive Chair Doctor technology measures tension levels in various areas of your back, allowing you to identify those areas that require the most attention. Then, it delivers a custom massage that is targeted to specific areas. The Chair Doctor records your progress every time you get massages and adjusts settings to adapt to any changes.

It is important to know that the Chair Doctor works in a different way from the body scan, which provides an even more precise massage on your shoulders and back.

The Cozzia Qi is a combination of heated rollers and back heat to give you a pleasant and restful massage. In contrast to other massage chairs, this one is completely controlled. Cozzia Qi is controlled exclusively by an app, which is accessible through the iPad Mini.


  • A timer that can be adjusted
  • Insert certain airbags
  • Remote for a more accurate body scan
  • Adjustable leg rest
  • Simple-to-use remote


  • There are no foot rollers

4. Ogawa Touch 3D

Ogawa Touch 3D

Its Ogawa Touch 3D is a top model 3D massage chair with features including two-stage zero gravity feet rollers, shiatsu, Bluetooth connectivity, as well as a user-friendly touchscreen remote.

Dual head 3D rollers use six different techniques of massage to relax, soften relax, rejuvenate and relax the body. They can be adjusted in intensity to 6 different levels.

Ogawa’s double body scan technology is extremely efficient in finding Acupressure points to provide a precisely targeted message each time. It is also possible to pinpoint trouble zones by using the remote control and the rollers target the area you’ve chosen as well as the area around them with only three inches.

The airbag network that is present in Ogawa Touch 3D is among the top available. It utilizes the patented SmartSense Air Cell technology to raise and move the body in stretch massage. The compression levels can be set by five distinct settings to ensure your convenience. Airbags are among the quietest you can find.

Dual LEDs in the headrest bathe your room with a soft light to create a calm and peaceful mood. Lumbar heat and vibrating completely the package to provide a deep massage experience.


  • Can accommodate users from 5’0 – 6’5 ft and up to 300lbs!
  • Double Body Scan Allows For A Customized Massage Experience!


  • 20” Wall Clearance Makes This A Poor Choice For Tight Spaces
  • Power Consumption (300 W) Is On The Higher Side!

5. Human Touch Novo XT

Human Touch Novo XT

Human Touch Novo XT is the only chair on this list that is able to accommodate users as tall as 6’9″ So taller individuals are also able to get the message they’ve always wanted. Alongside its ability to accommodate taller individuals is an extra-long, 50-inch, 3D L-track style that massages starting at the base of the neck to the glutes. The only Osaki Maestro has a longer L-track and measures 53 inches.

Human Touch Novo XT Human Touch Novo XT features zero gravity heat pads for the lumbar region, as well as 34 different massage programs, including deep tissue and stretch programs which combine up to 8 different massage techniques. The control is via a user-friendly screen remote on the seat, it offers ease of use and comfort, with all of it in your reach.

The Novo XT boasts all the features you’d expect from an affordable chair for less than $8,000, which includes 2 zero-gravity settings as well as a full-on Bluetooth speaker, and a fully automatic length adjustment for the ottoman, and Shiatsu rolling foot rollers.

Available in five different colors to match any decor The Human Touch Novo XT features a distinct, modern design and wall-shaking and space-saving design that requires only five inches of space to fully recline to the most Zero Gravity position.

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  • Stupendous User Flexibility! This chair can accommodate users from 5’0 to 6’9 feet!
  • For A Chair This Big, It Only Needs 2” Of Wall Clearance!
  • It Comes Programmed With An Outrageous 35 Auto Modes!


  • Pricing Is Way Outta Whack! (In My Opinion)

6. Osaki OS Pro Ekon L / S Track Massage Chair

Osaki OS Pro Ekon L / S Track Massage Chair

It is the Osaki OS Pro Ekon that includes the same features as the popular Osaki OS Pro Maestro in an ultra-compact design that only requires 3 inches of wall clearance when in the zero-gravity position. The Ekon comes with an L/S track with a length of 49 inches which is more than four inches less than the Maestro and offers an efficient glute massaging to users who are up to 6 feet tall.

The Ekon is a 3-D chair, not a 4D model like Osaki OS Pro Maestro. Osaki OS Pro Maestro, meaning that the quad rollers aren’t able to penetrate as deeply into the muscle. The Ekon rollers are only 3 inches from the track as contrasted to the length that is the Osaki OS Pro Maestro.

Six programs that are automated and incorporate six massage techniques may not offer as many options as different 3D massage chair models, however, the options do include several nice options, such as the Thai-style extension massage, which helps loosen muscles, as well as the post-workout massage. You can also choose to target the entire back, a small area, or a specific point for intense massage therapy.

With lumbar heating, Bluetooth speakers, and reflexology foot rollers This Osaki OS Pro Ekon is still among the top 3D massage chairs by a reliable manufacturer.


  • As Far As Leg Massage Is Concerned, The Pro Ekon Outshines Nearly Every Other Chair Out There!
  • Has One Of The Best Auto Stretch Programs On A Massage Chair!
  • Able To Accommodate A Wide Variety Of Users With Different Heights & Weights!


  • It Carries A Hefty Price Tag!

7. Ogawa Evol

Ogawa Evol

Ogawa is unsure if it is the leader in the field of the variety of top-quality 3-D massage chairs. Evol (“love,” backward) is a brand new model that comes with a staggering array of features that cost less than $5,000.

Similar to like the Smart 3D, the Ogawa Evol comes with two roller heads. However, they’re heated to release tension and relax muscles. The Evol provides a bit of “loving” on your feet by kneading foot warmers that help increase circulation and relax muscles that are tired.

The 3D rollers provide 5 levels of adjustable strength, intensity, and speed. The rollers are adjusted between two shoulder sizes, allowing for a better massage. The airbags can also be adjusted to three different levels of intensity for the best massage for all body kinds.

The tablet’s wired controller allows it possible to make the Ogawa Evol as easy to use as it is relaxing. If you’re looking for an affordable massage chair that you’ll love take a look at Ogawa Evol.


  • Ease of use
  • A variety of already-programmed options for massage
  • Heated 3D rollers are capable of rendering a relaxing deep massage to the tissues
  • Heating throughout the footwells, lumbar as well as footwells
  • A fantastic application for foot massage and calf muscles


  • Only supports double rollers (Quad rollers are currently the technology standard)
  • There aren’t enough airbags for the amount of money
  • A body stretching routine that is relatively weak
  • No built-in Bluetooth speakers

8. Panasonic EP-MA73

Panasonic EP-MA73

A part of the Panasonic Real Pro Ultra Series The Panasonic EP-MA73 massage chair has been a huge hit and a popular choice among 3D massage chairs for many years. Its quad-head rollers can be heated to warm the body and offer 6 levels of intensity adjustments to provide a relaxing massage. An absolute pioneer in the field of massage chairs, Panasonic was one of the first companies to provide quad rollers that are heated and the EP-MA73 is still one of the top 3D massage chairs available on the market currently.

The only thing that is unique to Panasonic EP-MA73 is the three distinct stretch programs that mix the power of body air massage compression with Panasonic’s latest roller technology to help relieve the pain and increase the flexibility of the shoulders.

legs and the core, with an adjustable pelvic tilt, to relieve lower back discomfort. There are 33 airbags that provide a massage to the legs and provide five degrees of adjustment to help you feel more comfortable.

In contrast to different 3D massage chairs that are available, this one is different. Panasonic EP-MA73 includes an adjustable ottoman, an armrest that folds, and an adjustable headpiece that turns it into a fashionable recliner that can be used for everyday use even when not getting massages.


  • Exceptionally Good Range Of Massage Options
  • Can Deliver A “Strong” Massage, Good Flexibility of Intensity


  • Very Expensive
  • Some Won’t Like The Look

What is a 3D Massage Chair?

What is a 3D Massage Chair?

“D” in 3D refers to dimension “D” in 3D refers to dimension and is connected to how massage rollers in the back travel to provide the massage.

With 3D technology, it is not just that the massage rollers go up and down left, right, and up, they also move both ways for the most effective massage. The outdated 2D technology is rapidly being replaced by the more sophisticated 3D massage technology due to the greater range of massage.

If you’re in the market for more of a customized massage that is specifically tailored to your body and needs, a massage chair 3D is a worthwhile upgrade because of the advances in technology as well as a more thorough massage. If you’re looking for the latest massage chair we believe you’ll need the possibility of increasing the pressure of massage rollers. That’s the benefit that 3D massage technology offers.

The Differences Between 2D and 3D Massage Chairs

Differences Between 2D and 3D Massage Chairs

To comprehend the differences between 2D massagers and 3D ones, you have to understand how a massaging chair functions.

However, before you do, take a look at this video as it does an excellent task of explaining differentiators in a simple-to-follow way.

Rollers and Tracks

In essence, massage chairs comprise two main parts: the tracks and rollers.

Massage Chair Rollers

The quality and kind of massage you experience are mostly controlled by the rollers which are the parts that perform the massage movements.

They are able to move around the track of the chair that is specifically designed to massage certain areas on your body those areas where you need the most. The intensity and speed of the massage can be adjusted according to the preferences of your chair.

3D massage is often used in luxurious massage chairs, however, the most advanced technology does not always cost the same as massage chairs equipped with this feature are quite reasonably priced.

Massage Chair Tracks

There are two kinds of tracks that are found in the majority of massage chairs: L-track and S-track. The S-track is focused on the regions from your neck down to the tailbone region. The L-track is like the S-track with the added benefit of reaching down to your buttocks and the upper hamstrings. The kind of track you choose will determine the extent of coverage you get when you sit in massage chairs.

Which Are The Best 3D Massage Chairs for You?

The Best 3D Massage Chairs

3D and 4D rollers give the most modern human-like massage available in a massage chair that is robotic. The majority of top three-dimensional massagers come with well-known features such as zero gravity and complete body massage. Also, it helps to rejuvenate both your body and mind.

It’s worth reading reviews in order to compare pricing and then determine the features you’d like to have as well as the style that your 3D massage chair has prior to choosing. We’ve spent a lot of time with the brand new Osaki OS-Pro Maestro here at Massage Chair Review, and we strongly suggest it be the most effective 3D massage chair currently available. Whichever model you pick you won’t be disappointed by the comfort and ease of a massage chair 3D at home.

The Best 3d Massage Chair FAQs

What is 3D technology in massage chairs?

3-D technology for massage is a brand new kind of roller that permits the heads of rollers to protrude out of the track in an effort to deliver your massage to areas that are usually overlooked by the typical chair. Because they are able to protrude from the track, it lets the roller heads massage more deeply into muscles.

What is the difference between a 2d 3D and 4D massage chair?

2D rollers are able to move forward and back in the X-Y-plane (back and forth and upwards and downwards) as the 3D roller is actually protruding into the body between 2.2 inches to 5 inches and closely mimics the human hand’s feel.

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