SVS SB-3000 Review (800 Watts Subwoofer)

SVS SB-3000 Review













  • Sound quality is excellent
  • 800 watts of RMS power
  • Small and compact build
  • Rear-mounted control panel is intuitive


  • Control app could be better
  • Gloss finish is not good

If it has to do with committed home theater sub woofers you’ll find lots of fantastic possibilities and makes to think about which is located in many different price groups however among the very most commonly honored and favorite ones would be not any different than SVS. For years they have now been in the forefront of both sub-woofers design and keep on to create the most useful acting speakers within the area. Inside our SVS SB-3000 review now we’ll be appearing at one in these hottest sub-woofers which has been redesigned by the beginning as a way to bridge the gap which existed amongst the 2000 and 4000 sequence.

Much like each string SVS was fabricating, the SVS SB-3000 sequence is composed of 2 sub woofers. The sealed SVS SB-3000 which we’ll be analyzing today along with the flashed PB-3000. Many men and women ponder which will be better to everything although this conversation is an issue for an alternative informative article we’ll only mention the flashed sub-woofers could possibly be marginally easier for movies since they may produce additional profound bass on account of this added vents whereas the sealed variants will be ideal to music since they are able to have improved and far more correct handle across the very low conclusion. But that will not follow the SVS SB-3000 which we’ll be appearing forward now is bad for movies.

To the other hand, this sealed sub floor has much to provide which you want to know it from your self so you can fully comprehend its own potential. With a leading shooting 13″ high-end driver along with incorporating a Sledge 800-watt constant Course D amplifier using a summit of 2,500+ g there’s plenty of electricity concealed beneath the well completed cupboard.

Each of this hardware might be controlled with the brand new back panel clever command user interface (ICI) or SVS controller tool which will be definitely an remarkable direction of correcting the subwoofer when access into the back panel is hard. However, this ability and technology doesn’t appear cheap along using a cost in the vicinity of the 1,000 that the SVS SB-3000 confronts lots of rivalry. Therefore with such a high-cost can it handles to impress us? Let us figure out.

Design, Inputs and Features


The design of this SVS SB-3000 isn’t deviating much in your conventional SVS lines and with all the remainder of the SB kind of subwoofers includes a really cubic design which can be comparatively streamlined should you believe it integrates a 13″ driver. The SVS SB-3000 steps 15.2″ x 15.6″ x 17.8″ (385 x 397 x 451 mm) together with all the grille weights and fitted 54.5 pounds. (24.7 kg) which can be marginally heavier than standard with this particular size of sub conscious suggesting there is a little severe job done inside the building of the item.

SVS is popularly notorious for placing added interest to this product quality in their closets and also the SVS SB-3000 can be really a very clear sign of the Usually the sole combined in combination with all the SVS SB-3000 employs a heavily manicured Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) structure having a double-thick MDF front baffle so as to give the needed aid to front shooting driver.

The cupboard has curved corners, with a exact distinctive SVS design touch which will be employed in a number of their own subs whereas front shooting driver undoubtedly creates its positioning easier in contrast for another sub-woofer designs together with back vents as it’s are not restricted by back walls along with other barriers.

The cupboard is quite hardy and steady together with the assistance of 4 screw-in rubberized foot while a very important factor we all really enjoyed was that SVS made a decision to extract front blue LED light which has been very upsetting in a few of these prior releases also it included to pity compared to whatever.


Today 1 item which may absolutely split remarks is that the design of this grille that’s attached to front . Rather than opting for an even far more customary cloth established grille SVS is having a Non Resonant metal mesh grille that many could enjoy while some are going to surely despise. You view, having such a design has advantages and pitfalls.

Its edge is always it includes better security and also can’t be teared being a fabric grille would. About the opposite hand having a metal mesh grille will undoubtedly takeaway out of its own appearances as though fabric consistently looks far better on such cupboards. However, that really is situated on particular preference and isn’t impacting the total results simply by much. The grille has been attached with the leading baffle with heavy-duty pressure fittings as a way to take in vibrations just as much as feasible maintain the grille securely inplace.

Even the back part of the cupboard comprises all of the links together side all the freshly designed clever command user interface (ICI) which we’ll discuss at the proper section under.

Regarding that available hues SVS was consistently rather bashful of supplying lots of variations because of the speakers and also the SVS SB-3000 follows precisely the exact same theory. To arrive Premium black-ash or perhaps the marginally more expensive Piano Gloss Black complete the choice may possibly perhaps not be difficult to produce however this really is 1 area wherever SVS really should improve.

Whilst we really do possess precisely the rationale supporting that if you will find additional sub-woofers with many tone variations visiting SVS presenting just two choices, and also both of them black, black will surely create a couple consumers feel hard before becoming you.

SVS hasn’t ever ceased to amaze us with their own caliber services and products and also the SVS SB-3000 having its freshly designed cupboard, motorist and also back panel has all it should be upto the normal SVS expectations. The appearance really are average SVS, cupboard is top notch as predicted plus you also can just assert in regards to the metallic grille along with also the limiting 2 colors variant because of small mis fire out of SVS.

Internal Hardware

Let’s find out exactly what exactly makes this small monster tick. As we mentioned SVS have utilized a 13″ front-firing, high-excursion motorist which utilizes a lightweight and more inflexible aluminum vented cone along with also a mixture fiber dustcap. These combined side a proprietary shot molded gasket and also SBR extreme-excursion encircle make it possible for the SVS SB-3000 exceptionally heavy bass and also greater trip than that which you will ordinarily see.

Even the woofer’s engine assembly features SVS very first level border wound split-wind voice-coil together side devoted toroidal ferrite magnets which permit far better performance and more strength in a lower mass. An allnew high-definition FEA-optimized throw aluminum jar provide it the essential endurance and strength at an identical moment.

Nevertheless, the brand new driver is but 1 area of this equation because SVS did comprise a amplifier which might have each of the characteristics to shove little monster into its own constraints. As such the SVS SB-3000 is having a 800-watt ongoing Course D design Sledge amplifier using a peak energy output of 2,500+ g.

This in conjunction with higher efficacy cool-running Class D switching topology with gigantic twenty five amp, 600 Volt MOS FET’s along with higher res 50Mhz Analog gadgets Audio DSP with dual precision 56bit filtering, which in line to SVS has turned into really the most advanced level digital chip employed at an sub-woofer, finishes the image of exactly what SVS is achieved within the cupboard so as to provide this particular unit such an remarkable performance.


The mixture of the above mentioned is exactly what provides SVS SB-3000 an remarkable frequency response to 18 — 270 Hz (± 3 dB). Since you know the theory is that the SVS SB-3000 signifies severe company and SVS have left no compromise whenever choosing the audio areas to comprise in such a specific one. However all of this translate we’ll find fleetingly inside our evaluations beneath.


If it regards links that the SVS SB-3000 is quite light taking into consideration any other, even cheaper units we’d found these days. On very best left side of their back panel there’s definitely an analogue stereo input that serves as one LFE input while we detect that an analogue stereo outputsignal. Along with one USB typea might be properly used to get firmware upgrades also for powering some USB apparatus just like the SVS Sound-Path Wireless Audio Adapter.

Last but most certainly not least there exists really a 12 volt activate which isn’t so standard but we have experienced several manufacturers for example you notably within a few more higher level sub woofers and certainly will mechanically turn the sub-woofer on/off every time a sign is transmitted into the activate entered another component inside the system (on average the pre/pro or AV receiver).

Of course, since the SVS SB-3000 is principally destined to function as utilize within home theater systems everything can be contained will probably suffice to users thus no significant complaints .


The way into the ideal facet of these links we detect that which SVS requires for the Intelligent command user interface (ICI) which really is just a quite fancy identify for only two or three switches and LED lighting. Ostensibly we now get 4 buttons which restrain the ability on/auto on style, the period, both the quantity and also the very low pass filter together side a duo of switches for either raising or diminishing the cited worth.

Even the LED bar lighting involving those switches work like a visible index to that value that you place for each operate. And though the total design of this ICI appears fine and much more contemporary than that which we commonly find in sub-woofers it ostensibly gets an identical operation as the others rest of the

Currently 1 characteristic that puts the SVS SB-3000 besides the remainder may be that the addition of the cellular program you may utilize to place different parameters rather than having to utilize the back panel ICI each of enough moment; point. This is sometimes quite handy just in the event that you wish to put the subwoofer in a particular location at which in fact the back is tough to reach. It truly is like having the back panel in the hands of one’s hands along with additional.

The program links for the subwoofer as a result of blue tooth so when you get its own primary page that you get plenty of purposes you may play including the quantity, Parametric EQ, pre-sets, Low Pass Filter, Stage, Polarity and System Preferences.

For each one of those settings there’s just a support page which assesses how each affects the performance of the sub conscious but particulars are a little bit on the side and we’d prefer to determine more information being inserted to ensure it is clear exactly what each does. There’s actually the capability to rename your subs just in the event you’re employing a double sub set up as a way to have the ability to tell apart these more easier.

The cellular program is still an awesome characteristic and you we’d prefer to watch more sub-woofers. It will make matters much simpler as opposed to having to stop by the back panel all of the moment; point.

Extra Features

Once we talked about over the subwoofer comes with an automobile role style which is often triggered by pressing on the Auto/On button another moment. The very first time that this button will be pressed on places the sub-woofer in ongoing manner and also the button will automatically change blue even though an additional push will automatically trigger the automobile function whereas the button will automatically turn into Amber.

As soon as it is perhaps not quite a element of this SVS SB-3000 it might be well worth mentioning that just in the event you’re troubled with all the cables you have to perform on your home and also you also would like an even wireless natural environment SVS has launched that the SoundPath Wireless Audio Adapter which is often linked towards the SVS SB-3000 and driven with the added USB port.

It has an innovative design even as we have found wireless speakers being a fad lately plus it looks like SVS took introduced and notice yet another little port which could certainly do wonders minus needing cables.


Like a rule of thumb of thumb sealed sub-woofers tend to fare much far better with music than having movies since their sealed design is effective of accurate and tight constraint of bass which could be harmful using bass tunes that are intensive. About the opposite hand, a contoured sub par offers more profound and punchy bass which often have a plus in movies. But that will not signify a sealed design can’t perform amazing in movies plus this really is that which we will see here with all the SVS SB-3000.

Much like our sub-woofer evaluations we place the system at front corner and also retained around 2 feet (60cm) close to it so as to give it a breathing distance but the front-firing design of this SVS SB-3000 wouldn’t be changed just as much as any different subs. Remember the nearer you stick into A-Wall that the impactful bass you could receive but about the opposite side it could seem somewhat too boomy therefore that it’s an trial that an error position indeed.


Always don’t forget there is not any correct or erroneous sub-woofer positioning and each placement has it has benefits and pitfalls and that things is exactly what sounds better for you personally. Currently because of the picture analyzing we utilised a typical 5.1.2 channels, Dolby Atmos installment with two overhead speakers which have been put in the centre of the listening field and also one subwoofer which has been the SVS SB-3000. After moving during the very first audio installation using all our Onkyo receiver we’re prepared to begin with our evaluations.


When analyzing such a sub-woofer demonstrably we’d require some thing with lots of of minimal completion exercise and also what better prospect to place the 4K UHD edition of World to get a twist into our Panasonic UHD player. The added DTS:X combination is just like the picture it self and as some can genuinely believe it is filled up with high-end activity all-the-time that it offers an even controlled and more balanced mixture working with the very low end just as that it is wanted.

Presently there are excellent subs and also there are excellent subs and there’s really a nice line which differentiates both. And by the very first scenes which we tried we out can clearly mention the SVS SB-3000 belonged from the next classification. It wasn’t merely astonishing the sort of electrical power such a modest sealed cupboard would create, also it may create a good deal. This had been the type of control it was within the very low conclude that basically gave us the chills.

The very first & most apparent issue is the way loudly this item might proceed. Plus it needs to be a sub conscious that’s 800 watts of strength. Just about every dinosaur roar, the indominus rex heavy techniques, properties crumbling, explosions and stuff like that are being left with this much electricity you couldn’t just have that the vibration but the very low wind waves hitting on again and again.

Of course when the energy was clearly one of those SVS SB-3000 characteristics that the alternative is its reach about the very low conclusion. The sub-par can move profound, much stronger than various different offerings we’d checked these days plus it reveals that SVS is king the moment it regards supplying subs with excellent lowend performance.

And everything had been stunning was even with this much electrical power and very low stop reach the SVS SB-3000 experienced excellent hands, accuracy and precision within its own output signal. The bass felt overwhelming, either boomy or muffled. It all was different and also the bass gets the type of detailed details which you just usually unfastened from additional cheap sub woofers.

For the next evaluation we wend for Saving Private Ryan which has a volatile Dolby Atmos mixture in its own 4K UHD variant. Of course the very first scene we all attempted was that the Omaha beach landing and out of the very first minutes that the sub-woofer revealed its own intentions. Whilst the landing crafts are approaching the beach you may see that the artillery roaring from the backdrop having a threatening tone although the sea motors experienced a exact natural uncooked feel .

As soon as the Allied forces reach the beach they’ve been greeted with means of a barrage of machine gun and artillery fire along with each of these 800 watts of strength are all placed in to use. With each artillery shell which dropped to the beach our evaluation room could shake and you also might truly feel that the burst wave as though it had been happening within our own room.

However, even as we watched from our World evaluation before it’s maybe not just electrical power and excess bass which the SVS SB-3000 may provide. It truly is how detailed that which will seem and the way that accurate and controlled that the very low end sensed. Every burst experienced a exact organic and strong tone . It felt exceptionally accurate also it only felt actual.

You may throw just as much bass because you would like at a picture but which isn’t going to allow it to be simpler. Additionally, it must do with all the caliber of the bass and also this also sub-par could possibly provide both equally. To get a sealed design it’s considerable of electrical power and also because it’s just a sealed design its own control, accuracy and detailed audio was than striking.

Fully being truly a sealed design can favor music but we still did not feel as this together with all the movies we all tried outside. Even the SVS SB-3000 felt at home and also gave us a wholly flouring adventure.


The following includes with our music viewing and also for that we now switched into your 2.1 channels system with just front channels and also the SVS SB-3000 joined from our Onkyo AV receiver. Once we consistently perform inside our music evaluations we all have a selection of FLAC music data files we have a tendency to flow during the USB interface of this Onkyo receiver to receive the finest audio quality potential.

Mainly because we have good impressions with the sub-par inside our movies screening we did not feel that it can perform some benefit but once more that the SVS SB-3000 demonstrated us wrong. It truly is 1 thing to get a subwoofer to give the essential foundation for each tune but totally distinct to be in a position to provide the type of reality and also authentic tone that the very low end needs in each and every occasion.

The sub-par more did shine in providing people lots and a great deal of very low wind electricity. It complained however much we’ve pushed it and also demanding the tune was. Going low and loud has been its butter and bread. However, using its sealed design, one of it has other technological things, ” the SVS SB-3000 may provide everything and even not unfastened cohesion. It has skill to continue to keep tight hands in the toughest circumstances was very intriguing.

The very low end never ever overshadowed the remainder of the performance also it gave that the soundstage that the essential burden and also shape it had to seem realistic as the bass furnished experienced much info and resolution which could make you pay to amazement.

We attempted unique tunes and songs however, also the SVS SB-3000 by no means sensed just like grasping for atmosphere. It experienced a serene and authoritative performance and you also might feel it had been requesting for longer in each and every tune we ended up projecting it it had been heavy metal and rock, jazz, pop, classical or hiphop.

Even the SVS SB-3000 failed great inside this evaluation and also in the event that you’re specially demanding of one’s music then that you will undoubtedly fit your bill.

Final Thoughts

When analyzing an SVS product or service, and their subwoofers, then you’ll find particular expectations to be fulfilled since SVS has made us used for the most effective in their hottest releases. With all the SVS SB-3000 show that they triumphed in designing a subwoofer that may bridge the difference between your 2000 and 4000 show and also the ending effect was a sub which comes with an remarkable measurement to performance ratio since you’d never feel that much output and power signal can easily fit such a little footprint.

However, the side the SVS SB-3000 can do ingeniously in several predicaments. Irrespective of what we snapped at it, also it felt as though it had been overlooking any such thing. Bass and very low end expansion was entirely astounding as the sub-woofer maintained total command on most of its own elements. It had been a out-loud blockbuster picture and also some bass heavy melody that the SVS SB-3000 handled each person together with the essential attention providing one of those most effective non conclusion performances we’d for a moment.

With SVS elevated standards that the SB-300 felt saturated in just about the areas too. Its closet gets the different SVS design whilst caliber shrewd are always the back panel which retains the redesigned ICI controllers sensed modern day and up to todays expectations. The cellular program that SVS is made is still a very practical attribute and even though it’s rather somewhat tough to make use of in the event that you’re an informal user it’s a significant stage for the ideal management and yet one we expect SVS may comprise inside their lesser 1, 000 show too.

With a sub-par breaking near into the 1,000 indicate you’d expect a little far more when it regards the added relations however, also the SVS SB-3000 presents less or more probably the absolute most fundamental kinds. The cellular program is very good but may furnish marginally more detailed guidelines for each of its own settings because an informal user will probably undoubtedly be scratching his mind on what a number of them.

Last but most certainly not least with all the SVS SB-3000 getting supplied in mere two endings there clearly was maybe not lots of versatility when blending it together with different speakers. And remember that the purchase price which can be maybe not for the faint of heart however that isn’t just a routine, very low priced sub-woofer possibly.

Final our review we now experienced an remarkable time for this particular subwoofer. It’s definitely an remarkable little bit of audio tools of course in the event that you’re dead at adding some caliber non wind capacity into your system, both be for both movies or music, the more SVS SB-3000 may be the type of sub-woofer which may absolutely leave you in amazement inspiring. No much more to state compared to applaud SVS for an additional period.

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