SVS SB-2000 Subwoofer (Black Ash) – 12-inch Driver, 500-Watts RMS

SVS SB-2000 Review













  • Excellent bass performance
  • Well controlled and responsive
  • Flexible setup and control
  • Effective remote app
  • Great build quality


  • Not as deep as a ported model
  • Basic connections

SVS is now a business which has manufactured a identify because of their top quality speakers across time therefore everytime that they declare that a fresh speaker is enormous news for a great many sound and home entertainment fanatics. Thus whenever the SVS SB-2000 sub-woofer was released 2014 having a 1-2 in. motorist along with five hundred Watts amplifier everybody else was interested to observe the way that it might fair in contrast to it is higher priced brothers.

The preceding creation, ” the SB-1000, acquired substantial marks the next production SVS SB-2000 has been jumped to present better effectiveness. However, failed so version dwelt to it is title. Let us assess out our SVS SB-2000 inspection to figure out…

Style and design, Inputs and Attributes

Even the SVS SB-2000 employs a streamlined design that offers it quite a trendy appearance. SVS generated the enclosure of Moderate Density Fibre Board (MDF) and utilised rubberized feet for equilibrium. On front we now get yourself a curved metallic barbecue which provides different appearance to a otherwise quite ordinary sub-woofer design and style.

It can appear exceptional however, many can dislike it would want an even straight grill which could stick to the exact traces of the primary human anatomy. The magnitude of this sub floor is quite tiny, measuring only 3-7 x 36 x 43cm along with weighting approximately 16 kilogram setting it on the list of bigger sized sub-woofers classification.

In the center we now find a Sledge STA-500D, a Class damp design ranked at 500 watts RMS electricity that’s 1,100 watts of peak ability. There is a whole lot of electrical power therefore SVS experienced to execute plenty of testing and research so as to make a motorist to encourage this.

The motorist itself was generated with some type of laptop or computer Finite Element Analysis (FEA)-optimized engine as a way to make lesser distortion. At the interior the sub conscious there are many more higher level electronic equipment also this also shows us just how much attempt SVS placed to generating this fabulous item.


SVS asserts the sub will return as much as 19Hz as well as also the DSP control permits accurate answer irrespective of what noise is replicating by forming the sub’s output signal and at an identical time shielding it so never to become hauled off and hurt it self. It follows you may drive it much . however, it is going to continue to keep a straight face and provide you exactly what you would like without having leaving you chilly toes by ruining it self.

From the trunk there are three alloy knobs which control quantity, period and also the very low pass filter (cross over frequency). The very low pass filter is also put out of 50Hz to 160Hz also it has an LFE placing as a way to skip the filter and also permit the receiver do each of the control settings. There’s likewise an Auto-On/On swap, a 3-12V activate input signal and analogue stereo input signal and output signal connections.

Overall performance

Even the SVS SB-2000 doesn’t have any interface and owing to the small dimensions instead of really major burden it’s relatively simple to maneuver and put it wherever as part of your home cinema place. This may surely supply you with the possibility to decide to try various placements and come to a decision at which it provides the optimal/optimally functionality for your own installation. Inside my own situation as a result of constraints distance I’ve a particular place at which I put my own sub-woofers and also this will be into the rear of front speaker.

Motion Pictures

The rationale many folks desire to obtain a great sub floor is to be able to sense all of the bass and lots of their favourite movies therefore with no flaws I pushed my own 4K UHD disc of Transformers in my Panasonic UHD player and analyzed a couple of one of the absolute most action packed moments.

Even the Dolby Atmos monitor gave that the sub-par the opportunity to truly excel and reveal it has authentic capacities. The quantity of compression and punch of this very low frequency impacts was so magnificent as well as the space had been vibration with each and every burst. The recognizable low frequency digital impact of this auto-bots transformations has been left from the sub floor with this sort of an ability which lent it a nearly 3d texture.


Transformers made us desire greater therefore I opted to try out the blu-ray disc of Godzilla (2014) up coming. The picture might well not need another generation sound-track yet such as Dolby Atmos or even DTS:X however, also the corresponding dtshd learn Audio sound track is a lot more than just enough to produce exactly the essential mayhem we all were searching for.

Once more the sub-par all of the bass had for accuracy plus there has been a great deal of ultra-low frequency manufacturing without any breaking up a sweat. If Godzilla roars the sub-par produces a stunning, ear low frequency noise which may absolutely create your pulse faster out of enthusiasm.


Even though I was not fond of working with a sub to know my favourite new music there really are a whole lot of men and women who love doing this, so which I opted to offer it a try to observe the way that it awakens in some thing different which merely acoustic mayhem. Can it send within such regard? It certainly did. Certain audio monitors I Tri-ED mightn’t been filled up using bass however, the ending effect was surprising with all an sub-par producing a particular musicality and accuracy.

Even the SVS SB-2000 managed to send a few of the best deep digital bass I’ve heard however in addition bulge every defeat together with exude excellence without even bottoming from the woofer cone. Irrespective of the sort of noise breeding you place the sub-par by way of it is going to supply the finest acoustic guitar response potential.


Even the SVS SB-2000 can be actually a significant sub-par using accurate and punchy-sounding functionality. It is dimensions isn’t revealing it has authentic capacities and will surely be surprise everybody else that will listen to it to the very first moment. SVS engineers have made a tiny miracle bring about that this sub can supply solid precision and quality which may rival it’s greater and a lot more costly brothers.


This sub may possibly perhaps not be for all those such as hardcore audiophiles and home entertainment nuts which need absolutely the best within their chamber or for people with space to get larger subs but is for everyone else that need accuracy, clarity along with adequate punch to fulfill their modest medium home entertainment chambers together with most of the current very low frequency strength that they could ever want and make a smile to your own encounter.

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