SVS SB-1000 Review (300 Watts Subwoofer)

SVS SB-1000 Review













  • Good price for an SVS product
  • Very small footprint
  • Excellent build quality
  • Clear and precise bass


  • The front power led can be a bit distracting
  • Doesn’t go as low as other similar subs
  • It lacks the punch of bigger subs
  • Not suitable for large spaces

If you’re handling audio and much more notably house entertainment noise for a while afterward a identify SVS will ring longer than just a couple fantasies. And though the business has produced a title to get their caliber speakers at general lots of folks praise their high of their lineup top subwoofers they’ve established through recent many years. Even though some home entertainment fans have a tendency to like the larger offerings that the provider is fabricating there was undoubtedly the demand for more compact speakers to get those who can’t afford to really go massive or distance limits aren’t permitting it.

For this certain motive SVS is supplying a couple of small sized subwoofers which were produced particularly because of this. To meet those users who are confined from distance but do not wish to forfeit much in caliber. For this particular category SVS generated none, however, 2 subwoofers together with all the SVS SB-1000 as well as also the PB-1000 variations since the small-sized section in these subwoofers line-up. In the present SVS SB-1000 review we’ll be studying the 1st of this 2, currently being fully a sealed-type version, and also examine the way that it acts the two in movies and music. Can that this subwoofer’s magnitude that a limiting variable or is there much a lot more to this than meets the eye? Let us figure out.

Design, Inputs and Features


After you initially look at the SVS SB-1000 first belief that it provides you with will be the way small that this item happens to be. Having a little design the subwoofer comes with an extremely compact footprint hence if you’re concerned about area fearful perhaps not because that 1 here will accommodate almost anyplace therefore that it really provides you lots of liberty the moment it regards inserting it on your space. It steps 13.5″ (H) x 13″ (W) x 14.6″(D) using all the grille on while it bends only 27 lbs rendering it a single light-weight subwoofer thus transferring it about is as simple as it receives.

It is design is quite straightforward with it’s small dimensions it’s going to mostly go undetected regardless of in which you set it which we believe that a great factor. It includes fine rounded corners to offer it somewhat of character whereas front is almost fully insured from the motorist. Even the grille handles the whole face also it possesses a focused SVS brand at the floor centre whenever it really is corners comply with precisely the exact same curvy design of the most important human anatomy. The cupboard was created from Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) together with front panel being ″ thick although another panels appear like somewhat slimmer at 0.75″. About the interior SVS has put 2″ thick of damping substance on all three sides.


Appearing it in front, at the upper left side of this 12″ rectal motorist there is a little LED light which suggests if the subwoofer is pushed . If it gets a sign that the lighting turns blue whilst in turn it works reddish. Possessing the lighting onto front is an issue of private preference with a few favor it whilst some may possibly discover that it’s somewhat distracting. Whenever you have exactly the grille paired the lighting by natural means is incredibly subtle however because most men and women will be certain prefer to contain it minus the grille and utilize it in shadowy colours then it can grow to be a little upsetting. You can find just three shade variations obtainable with top quality black-ash, Piano Gloss Black along with Piano Gloss White function as people which you may choose from.

In the trunk we detect every one of the accessible controls, buttons and links which we are going to analyze somewhat farther this report. Generally that the SVS SB-1000 can be really a streamlined subwoofer also it’s very evident why it had been designed for that. In the event you have the luxury to really go big afterward that one the following will probably fit your bill.

Inner Components

Even the SVS SB-1000 includes a forwards shooting 12″ motorist and awarded that the little dimensions of this outside shell it insures almost entirely front . The motorist comes with a lengthy cast design and also uses a more light weight fiber composite cone together side a plastic surround. Dual highgrade ferrite magnets together side FEA-optimized engine technology to get non vibration, a threaded rod piece for increased heating system and very low noise and also a high quality voice spiral because of exemplary thermal control whole exactly what generally seems like quite a light-duty design.


SVS built the SVS SB-1000 having a STA-300D Course d-amp that’s with a sledge design and certainly will present 300 watts of continuous energy (720 watts peak dynamic electricity ). What’s specially interesting for this particular amp is the fact that it has a high level DSP sign chip some thing which isn’t really standard to watch at a searchable £ 499 subwoofer. Commonly most cheap subs utilize analogue circuits which present significantly less accuracy consequently using a DSP sets this subwoofer in front on most of your contest.

Even the subwoofer includes a input impedance of both 47 kΩ (unbalanced RCA) / two kΩ (speaker amount ) and frequency reaction will be 24Hz-260Hz at +/-3dB.


Connectivity shrewd that the SVS SB-1000 includes the normal LFE tabbed interface along with some of line inputsignal. Most importantly those we receive yourself a couple of lineup degree outuputs even though underneath you can find two pairs of 5 manner advanced degree speaker cable inputs. Last but most certainly not least there’s really a 3V-12V AC/DC activate input which isn’t too standard in this budget are a little astonished to get just one the following.


The subwoofer is sold with most of the standard controller we see from such speakers. As such there’s an electric switch, a car standby/on switch and 3 rounded hinges with all the original commanding the amount, the 2nd being for its period and also the 3rd becoming for its 50Hz-160Hz non pass filter (LPF). We ought to explain why these dials aren’t analogue but alternatively electronic actuators which signifies that they supply much more exact and noise-free alterations and this also shows just how much focus on depth SVS is placing in the speakers, even the ones that are more priced.


For those electrical power sensitive and painful the SVS SB-1000 absorbs less 0.5 drops as soon as it switches to standby style rendering it more cost favorable at the future. Even the subwoofer can be rohs-compliant along with it has leadfree structure for those who care about the ecosystem.


Even the”SB” inside it’s title suggests that the sealed-box style design the SVS SB-1000 is sold together with such a little footprint and dimension matters are super easy in regards to it is positioning inside our seeing place. Ordinarily subwoofers need to be set in the vicinity of a wall or even a large part as a way to improve the low-frequencies in order our circumstance we put it towards front left corner directly to the front speaker together with roughly 1 meter putting them aside.


With this review we chose to examine a handful films we thought ended up what we had as a way to learn how competent the SVS SB-1000 had been bass deep activity scenes. The initial person being protecting Private Ryan using it has 4K UHD variant coming using an astonishing and bombastic Dolby Atmos monitor. Needless to the launching scene with all the landing of the Allied powers on Omaha beach present enough stuff to its subwoofer to stretch it has legs and then reveal us whether it was everything it will take as a way to create about existence such a stunning scenery.

Even the Omaha beach landing includes lots of elements which are able to continue to keep your own subwoofer reasonably occupied. Artillery flame, German machine guns and explosions come at the menu and also first thing which has been instantly evident is that the accuracy and precision of this bass guitar. And though the subwoofer appeared to continue to keep a direct deal with most of times that it felt as though it lacked the essential capability to create the explosions appear to be real kinds. Every one of the non frequencies did actually be replicated reliably however, it felt as though real thickness was lost so as to hit us fear.


Throughout the climatic struggle at Ramelle, tank rumble was incredibly different but we felt as though it had been overlooking that the essential burden to allow us to feel uncomfortable. Tank cannon flame in addition to grenade explosions experienced very good dynamics and forced us experience a while but wanted just a extra punch to cause them to feel very ominous.

The 2nd picture we analyzed was World in 4K UHD which features some exact wonderful DTS:X audio monitor. The movie offers tons of chances for your own subwoofer to offer it it is a little more delicate compared to simply Saving Private Ryan. Dinosaur roars felt extremely realistic however because of their significant gaze we’d love to really feel somewhat further afield. With all the movie offering an even far more balanced performance the SVS SB-1000 maintained playing together because there wasn’t any demand for raw power which can force us really feel as though some thing has been overlooking which makes us like every single minute of it.


We moved by way of a streak of music monitors to view the way the small SVS SB-1000 can handle anything a lot more subtle such as music. Even the subwoofer demonstrated reliable dynamics and fine details throughout kick-drums however we’d prefer somewhat more punch to provide this tiny extra which could create the paths sparkle.


Some-times thickness was lost that might leave us experience engaged along with bass was not very there because we’d really like. But with those openings that the SVS SB-1000 had been equipped enough to maintain it really is composure also it’s really very astonishing that such a little subwoofer can develop as much bass. In our testings it had been obvious this tiny subwoofer’s limits are if you believe it has price and size it has certainly an achievement the way that it performs.

Our Verdict

Closing this review we may not feel joyful with the way such a little subwoofer similar to that handled to act under trying conditions. It might perhaps not need the capability to really go mad non as other speakers perform also it wasn’t in a position to rumble our seeing area at an identical manner as any different ported subwoofers had the ability to except to get such a little size that the SVS SB-1000 had been competent to supply incredibly tidy and bass whilst we all have been convinced it will offer sufficient highs for most of us who aren’t looking such a thing dramatic.


The speaker was made using a particular way of thinking. To deliver a good assembled subwoofer having a selling price which will be cheap for most, maintain up modest a design just as possible for those which are acutely limited by distance plus these without undermining it has performance simply by much. Perhaps it doesn’t qualify as the cheapest selection inside this dimensions however, also the SVS SB-1000 can be really a subwoofer which may accompany all kinds of compact audio program out of straightforward stereo pops upward to small-sized surround approaches and supply you with most of the bass you could ever require. Should you aren’t mad about bass nevertheless, you would like an excellent small-sized subwoofer then search no farther as here we now have an success.

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