SVS Prime Pinnacle Review (Floorstanding Loudspeaker)

SVS Prime Pinnacle Review













  • Smooth, articulate sound with terrific imaging
  • Excellent bass performance
  • Attractive industrial design and finish
  • Above-average sensitivity
  • Powerful dynamic range


  • Sound may be a bit laid back for those who prefer hotter treble
  • Not an 8-ohm speaker as advertised

In the event you inquire some other home theater enthusiast on exactly what sub-woofer brand name their choose there’s a higher chance the identify SVS will popup and if they employ an alternate brand there’s practically an universal honor and also compliments with this particular brand as well as their caliber discharges. And if their sub-woofer line-ups draw the majority of the interest of shoppers SVS is additionally earning different speakers which have both the Prime and also Ultra show with all the Prime be-ing the cost friendly person and also the next being the premium supplying. In the current SVS Prime Pinnacle review we’ll examine a listing of floorstanding speakers which were intended to bridge the gap which existed among both string.

Even the SVS Prime Pinnacle floorstanders be long into the Prime show however are still a move upward from your Prime speakers and also can be regarded as a significant launch for SVS. In the event you believed the extremely show however, also the purchase price was a touch too hot for one of personally the SVS Prime Pinnacle could be an ideal re-lease since they unite most of SVS traits but in an even cheaper value. It clearly demonstrates that SVS compensated awareness of exactly what buffs were requesting for and also made an speaker which costs within just the Prime show limitation but plays nearly preceding.


Even though SVS by themselves nearly directly declare the Ultras will be the far better speakers from the whole world we dwell in some specific adjustments were crucial as a way to earn a speaker which will suit certain wants. Gone would be the drivers along with their smaller sized footprint that the SVS Prime Pinnacle towers are far somewhat less space confined the Ultras are. In case you had been drooling on these however, your distance limits were still posing a issue afterward SVS genuinely provides you with precisely the remedy that you had been expecting for at the surface in their brand new discharge. With an expense that stays exactly involving your Prime and also extremely floorstanders perform exactly the SVS Prime Pinnacle provide sort of performance that stays between both or even did SVS handled to shock us again? Let us figure out…

Design, Inputs and Features


Up on first appearance the SVS Prime Pinnacle towers clearly include an even more streamlined footprint compared to than all out design of these extremely towers even though appearing beefier compared to the Prime speakers providing you a obvious sign of SVS aim was supposed to make a design that could bridge both. Assessing 41.1″ X 8″ X 13.9″ such as the grille and ft and also using a burden of 57.1 pounds (25.9 kg) those speakers include a badly designed cupboard and internals that might well not have precisely the same distance prerequisites because their flagship version but nevertheless request specific breathing distance to be able to do so.

SVS has designed two coloration variations using Piano gloss-black and high quality black-ash, since they call thembeing the just two available alternatives. In all honesty that the gloss black end would be the one which feels premium and together side the most mimicking appearance of this cabinet creates the studs resemble a severe thing. The cupboard comes with a nearly obelisk like design with all the grilles on concealing front drivers whereas front feature chamfered corners providing you the illusion of height. In general design features a selected SVS appearance and also while the black variations have been expected via this maker we’d prefer that a couple additional shades to choose from.


Studying the cupboard structure we find which SVS compensated plenty of consideration so as to generate a design that would seem exceptional in plenty of approaches within such a classification. First of the substance employed is your normal MDF using 1″ front baffle and 3/4″ facet partitions. Even the internals are coated using a specific damping cloth however, the intriguing aspect is the way that each bass motorist was set within it has own split compartment along with also it has own back facing jack.

This exceptional internal structure contains just two objectives. To start with of the sealed tanks which arrive with detachable bracings diffuses and changes standing waves over and above the motorist pass ring, strengthening sound excellent. Each enclosure includes it is personal optimized interface pruning frequency which implies we receive improved and much more precise bass response. Together with three individual enclosures this usually means we now get three bass interfaces which we do not see often within this particular price. Top quality speakers do utilize various compartments to his or her drivers however, also the SVS Prime Pinnacle speakers do not exactly suit within this low-priced category which makes this type of exact notable attribute we see.

SVS-Prime-Pinnacle-speakerThe angled softball additionally provides the cupboard a much rigid design. Together using all the FEA-optimized cupboard, chamfered leading baffle along with flush-mounted motorists SVS was able to remove resonances using demonstrated techniques and never allowing the price drops as we really frequently watch from the superior class.

As because of it has ft the SVS Prime Pinnacle is utilizing some rubberized robes placed under the cupboard. You might believe that some plinth may possibly have already been superior for equilibrium however, those beams maintain the speakers incredibly steady and you also should not be fearful of these falling . Additionally these assist keep the footprint as little as you possibly can whilst keeping it has gloomy look undamaged. Together with all the speakers that you also receive yourself a couple of cushioned alloy spikes in the event that you’re planning on inserting them onto a few carpeting. Maintaining a comprehensible design appears to be a big design conclusion which explains the reason why they proceeded to such ft within such a specific one.

The thick grille frames pay nearly the whole face when compared with the SVS emblem sticking-out in the base of these whether they comprise a more pin/cup re-tention system. When there’s a single thing that we all is the fact that the grilles aren’t magnetic and also the 8 holes at front face look somewhat embarrassing as most will like touse these with all the motorists vulnerable. However, this isn’t just a big bargain in a general great speaker. In the trunk of this device we receive a set of top quality speaker knobs in the base using three two” wide-flared rear-firing interfaces offering each chamber it has own personal leak controller.

SVS hadn’t defeated us when in regards to design and quality of it has speakers plus they also keep this tendency with all the SVS Prime Pinnacle. The panels may possibly perhaps not contain the many unique of substances however, also the above mentioned average excellent design together side the average person motorist pockets and detachable bracing which can be within significantly more superior types offer the organs the most essential rigidity as well as the shortest potential irritant.

Internal Hardware

Let us see today exactly what exactly makes those ladders tick. The speakers comprise an 3way design by adding one 5.25″ midsize driver on most effective having a 1″ aluminum ribbon tweeter beneath along with also three 6.5″ woofers in the base which really is an initial for practically any speaker out of SVS. Setting the frequency tweeter beneath the midsize driver might appear strange for a but there’s plenty of research supporting that also keep matters easy we shall only mention the SVS engineers chose this are absolutely the absolute most best method.

Even the trio of all 6.5″ woofers utilize polypropylene cones and throw ABS-fiberglass combo baskets. Together side all the aluminum shorting bands, long-term engines along with suspensions and vented voice coil formers these motorists offer the SVS Prime Pinnacle far better pistonic behavior, not as compression artifacts, even lower stimulation and elevated output. Should you take into consideration the different chamber each one of those woofers are put in together with it is very own two ″ interface you can comprehend the amount of technology we’re speaking about.

SVS-Prime-Pinnacle-designEven the 5.25″ midsize motorist is produced from composite Glassfiber very similar to that which exactly is employed from the extremely sequence. Much like this very low frequency woofers this motorist includes throw ABS-fiberglass combination jar to get improved performance transport aluminum shorting ring so as to boost highfrequency response and cut back distortion and also a vented voice coil prior as a way to reduce atmosphere compression stones. Mid range plays with a critical function in all types of speaker performance and also SVS ensure that you generate a motorist that’s all up to this endeavor.

Last but most certainly not least the 1″ aluminum dome tweeter is set directly under a metallic lattice for far better security and also runs on the FEA-optimized diffuser which ensures extensive dispersion and great on- and – off-axis frequency-response for everybody in the space to relish the very optimal/optimally audio experience potential no thing their listening posture.

The panels comprise a 2-piece PCB design which ensures there are just two separate circuit boards as a way to cut down component hindrance These 2 planks have been positioned just in the mid sized driver/tweeter chamber along with one other over the bass chamber. All these heavy-trace printed circuit boards comprise premium-grade capacitors along with air-core inductors revealing just how much care to detail was placed to them. Tweeter to midsize cross over was placed at 2.1kHz (1 2 dB/octave slopes) whereas the mid century to woofer cross over frequency in 300Hz (1 2 dB/octave slopes).

Generally the tweeter, midsize motorist along with triple bass bass woofers offer you the SVS Prime Pinnacle towers that a ranked bandwidth of 2-9 Hz-25 kHz (±3 dB) using 8-8 dB of 8 and sensitivity ohms of minimal impedance. The advised amplifier electricity in line with SVS was put into 20-300 watts.


The speakers have premium excellent terminals placed in the base of the the rear encounter exactly underneath the bass jack plus surprisingly they’re maybe not bi-wire competent. This can neglect a time some are going to absolutely want it however in our scenario we’d not a trouble being . The plastic grips are made of very good grade as the gold-plated terminals may take on different relations out of cables to banana sticks or snare straps.


Much like speakers which contain back bass vents the overall consensus is the fact that the nearer you put them into the straight back walls that this increases the bass response. Additionally certain toein is advocated so as to enhance imaging along with even small deviations could change the audio final result. Inside our instance we’ve set the studs around 9 ft aside because we perform with the majority of our floor standers and permit roughly two ft of breathing distance .


We’d a few toein on these as a way to make them manage specifically our listening posture as the set had a couple fantastic hours in their belt which can be needed in sequence towards the speakers to reach their summit performance. In the event you find yourself with yourself a fresh group of speakers be certain to provide them a few breaking time until you evaluate their own audio performance.

We create two sorts of relationships throughout our testing, even one within an 4.0.2 installment with no centre channel or perhaps a sub-woofer even as we set them using just a couple of encircle and also Atmos speakers to get picture screening while still for music people we like to really go to get a pristine stereo installment. Thus after producing the essential links into your Onkyo receiver and completing using the essential calibrations we’re place to move.


For his very first picture we all desired to really go loudly therefore that our choice has been that the 4K UHD of all Kong: Skull Island along with it has amazing Dolby Atmos monitor. The movie begins using a Wold War two dog-fight and also the SVS towers instantly toss us in to the activity. Leading sound stage full of audio impacts whilst the fighter airplane motors had been roaring urgently as a way to take care of most of the barbarous punishing. Remember that individuals have been with out a sub-woofer here however still we’re getting lots of non bass activity with all the machine guns blazing along with also the characteristic profound machine noises.

SVS-Prime-Pinnacle-makeThe other spectacle we attempted was if the helicopter armada was attempting to become as a result of the storm and also here the speakers revealed us just how very good imaging they have and also how effective developing a multi-level distance . Of course the encompasses play with their role in the however, that the SVS Prime Pinnacle towers could induce front activity nearer to your listening posture generating immersion much greater.

Clarity and noise resolution has been high with the tinniest of info which makes them an easy task to identify. The rain experienced magnificent volume as you might discover every dividing of those metallic bodies of these aquariums since these certainly were trying hard to punch by means of the weather. Very notable was how clear that the conversation sensed like if we did not feel as though we ended up specially lacking a core speaker. Dialogue gave you that the feeling of arriving out of the guts space revealing how very good front panels were tackling spatial consciousness.

After we must find that the large boy action the speakers could create all of the mandatory very low sounds together with bass atmosphere satisfying and strong. Of course using a excellent devoted subwoofer you’re going to have the ability to receive more very low actions but we’re impressed just how poor those floorstanders could go without a but keep the noise or muddled.

Skull island offered us together with lots of moments at which speakers could reveal us not they also could proceed loudly and punchy but in addition offer us exceptionally step by step environment and ecological noises from more quiet and action-less moments. You might notice bugs traveling round, the breeze blowing up along with the water flowing using so grand precision and clarity which makes the scene living.

However, the towers failed to merely impress us with their own thundering bass and punchy performance. The midsize felt really nicely balanced and also once we pushed the amount to high degrees it felt just like ridding it really is makeup. The highs we are lively, clean and lively and absolutely adapting perfectly using the remainder of the frequency spectrum.

Even the SVS Prime Pinnacle may be the type of speakers you like to pay attention along with you also don’t wish to discontinue. They have the capability, both the high quality and also the acoustic fidelity that’ll touch your brain and spirits of most home theater and theater lovers. They might perhaps not be excellent or equipped to make an immersive audio surroundings only independently having attempted them at an arrangement that’s overlooking either a subwoofer along with also a centre channel revealed us just how much superior the complete Dolby Atmos installation will work using those speakers in the forefront of their activity. In the event you want to make use of those chiefly for movies you then cannot fail together.


With the music evaluation we now switched our system into some pristine stereo 2.0 installation as we do we now chose a couple FLAC data files we streamed throughout the USB interface of our AV receiver.

SVS-Prime-Pinnacle-materialAll these systems really are a pleasure listening to become wholly honesty alongside you. Tonal harmony was put onimaging was so striking and complete we were having a feeling of how fantastic controller. Even the SVS Prime Pinnacle towers can induce the batter pretty challenging but nonetheless maintain the bass and welldefined. Still another notable effort was clear they can replicate the dimensions and range of the performance. Being an orchestrated trail or perhaps a concert that the amount has been only appropriate and that has been rendering it much easier for the listener to really feel immersed into the music and can tell apart the foundation standing of each noise.

The mechanics left exactly the numerous melodies fly during our screening spot plus so they undoubtedly needed a pleasant touch on these while abrupt dynamic changes not left exactly the studs loose or buckle their own pace because there have been not any perceptible distortions which may divert from the fantastic performance.

Are you really currently a music fan and you’re thinking of those studs to the music installment? Tend not to create any moment thoughts because we’re certain that you may love them exactly the exact same manner we did if more. You will find speakers which function amazing and speakers which you genuinely fall inlove with the SVS Prime Pinnacle undoubtedly belong into another category. They have the opportunity, art and power to send an assortment of music it be orchestra, digital, jazz or rock. Of course when you join them having a fantastic amplifier they are going to be certain you reward you to the financial commitment.

Final Thoughts

SVS-Prime-Pinnacle-reviewWrapping our review exactly what we are able to say is the fact that SVS did a large amount of stuff directly with those studs. They also established an speaker which unites the significance and simplicity of usage and positioning of their Prime towers and also the superior traits and performance of this extremely sequence. The final result can be just a mix of the two worlds with all an SVS Prime Pinnacle towers having an superb choice for people who are searching for wonderful performance minus the should really go out the two budget in addition to distance conditions.

The panels comprise exceptional design and assemble quality also it reveals just how much technology moved on the cupboard itself whereas the mix of this 1″ tweeter, 5.25″ midsize driver along with the trio of both 6.5″ bass woofers lets them bend their muscles round the entire dynamic array without especially needing anyplace.

These speakers were able to work since they did chiefly on account of the attentive design SVS utilised and much of these substances why these include out of even as we have experienced is various other a lot more mad costly speakers. Like a consequence the towers could dig deep feel elegant ample to supply musical particulars using persuasive realism. Together side a rock-solid mid century and lively highs that the SVS Prime Pinnacle towers offer you wonderful flexibility the moment it regards their usage.

Exactly what minuses do we share using such speakers. Properly, of course if they seem fantastic and work unbelievably you will find speakers which may work a lot better compared to those therefore it is like you obtain yourself a magic speaker or even any other thing. However, to secure much better performance compared to those you’ll have to proceed much larger compared to the cost effective. No magnetic grilles can be actually a bummer since we have experienced additional speakers within this price tag that offer them.

Additionally having no bi-wire abilities may emphasise a few fans which want this sort of link with his or her speakers. Ultimately the restricted coloring variations can turn a few off as SVS looks extremely much trapped at the dark. We have found them having fun a few different shades in many of these additional speaker versions therefore that we really do expect at a certain time they’ll expand their coloration options inside their floorstanders additionally.

Final we’ll only mention the SVS Prime Pinnacle may be the type of speakers you are unable to fail with. With superior high quality, excellent performance and only the most suitable price that these really are advantageous to practically everybody. Either way you’re a residence theater enthusiast or music audiophile those studs will probably be sure that you dismiss off your own mind and also fill out your space with good sound which SVS is therefore famed around. And here would be the type of speakers that’ll begin to create us consider SVS perhaps not simply as a sub-woofer corporation but like a exact competent speakers organization for a complete. Highly suggested.

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