SVS PB-1000 Review (300 Watts Subwoofer)

SVS PB-1000 Review













  • Affordable price
  • Ideal for movies
  • Punchy bass
  • Great build quality


  • The front power LED can be a bit bothering
  • Not ideal for large areas
  • Demanding music revealed some port noise

As bass is still actually a fundmental portion of noise exactly the exact same might be explained regarding subwoofers function as basis of the fantastic high quality home theater system. You are able to have the most effective speakers on the planet at a high quality of this lineup 1 1 channels installation, for those who have a subwoofer to go with them precisely the results you’re going to receive will probably feel horizontal, bare and totally bereft. And now once we discuss subwoofers at your home theater section afterward there’s a single name which instantly pops and this really is not any additional than SVS.

And whilst lately SVS has enlarged their own portfolio into some other type of speakers that their subwoofer string will probably forever in the forefront and also keep their own crown stone of these whole product line up. Request any home theater admirer for what subwoofer they have or might love to have plus also they can probably explain to you a SVS. However, while together with the most suitable funding you may cause a terrific carrying out subwoofer what are the results when selling price needs to be constrained by low levels to become contemplated funding favorable? And that’s that which I shall be appearing here now in our SVS PB-1000 review at which we’ll be studying this reasonably modest subwoofer of course in case it may manage to offer us the exact caliber which SVS is therefore renowned of.

Even the SVS PB-1000 be long into the 1, 000 show which truly is composed of 2 subwoofers. Even the SB-1000 we had reviewed a time past that’s clearly a closed box design and also the SVS PB-1000 which features a ported box cupboard. The theory is that the SVS PB-1000 together with it has front interface is significantly more appropriate to movies whether the SB-1000 could perform with music since it has closed box favors which. But let us try detail precisely what the SVS PB-1000 offers and whether it will offer us precisely the type of performance by the subwoofer that conveys the title SVS.

Design, Inputs and Features


The design of this SVS PB-1000 could possibly differ compared to that of it is brother . however, it retains some essential characteristics which can be different within the 1000 sequence. As the SVS PB-1000 is greater compared to the SB-1000 as a result of it is flashed temperament it keeps a streamlined design which makes it perfect for more compact distances which setting a subwoofer might be debatable. Even the subwoofer steps 18.9″ x ray 15″ x 20″ (48 x 38.1 x 50.8 cm) using all the grille on while shooting the grille off will probably reduce roughly half an inch out of it is thickness dimensions. It has weight stems in 4 6 kilos (20.9 kilogram ), reasonably heavy for such a little design.

Just since it has appears the cupboard includes a exact characteristic SVS design. Utilizing a stiff and robust Moderate Density Fibre Board (MDF) cupboard structure together with curvy corners and wrapped using a dark walnut plastic wrap end that the SVS PB-1000 yells SVS in a mile off. A vinyl sheeting fabric grille covers the front face by means of a pin/cup retention system to be sure it stays stable once used along with also with the SVS emblem coming to the reduce centre. But now we have been pretty convinced most will love to put it to use minus the grille since it appears much better the manner and supplies exactly the SVS PB-1000 an even more competitive appearance instead of the plain black-box once actually usage.


Appearing front of this sub with no grille on we now get a 10″ front facing motorist combined using a front-firing 3.5″ high-flow interface using inner/outer port shocks. With a 10″ driver rather of this 12″ which you simply saw from the SB-1000 has been a requirement to be able to adapt your window design.

1 thing that’s just the exact same may be that the little LED lighting which sits at top left corner of this motorist and also signals once the subwoofer is doing work so when it is in standby. Red colour means jelqing that turns blue as it gets an indication. This mild was bothersome from the SB-1000 plus it is still bothersome . In the event you decide to make use of front cloth grille, then it really is more delicate however with no especially within an darkened environment it’s going to surely create your eyes start looking in it even longer often than formerly. However a tiny section of tape may figure out this issue comparatively rapid.

Even the back part of the sub floor features all controls and connections of this machine which we are going to analyze fleetingly. Generally that the SVS PB-1000 really isn’t the type of subwoofer which may wow you along with it has exotic caliber or overall look although in all honesty it wasn’t designed to achieve that. Low-price was that the goal and SVS strove to produce a new design which may possibly be so special so much as seems to be really is anxious but emphasis chiefly on efficacy in a little offer. And within this respect we all presume they’d nailed it. And though the SB-1000 has been given in three different color versions that the SVS PB-1000 unfortuitously comes just in Premium black-ash.

Internal Hardware

As we mentioned previously the SVS PB-1000 includes a bigger 10″ high-performance, front-firing motorist which utilizes a lightweight fiber composite cone to get improved sensitivity and passing reaction while additionally with a rubber environment for strength and durability. Even a FEA-optimized engine technology can be employed for non audio together side a high voltage voice-coil to get exemplary sustainable control.

Double high ferrite magnets and also a threaded rod piece to increased heating and very low noise proves that as the subwoofer targets to get a very low selling price it doesn’t sacrifice quality to achieve that. We again locate a Sledge STA-300D course D amplifier that’s capable of giving 300 watts of continuous energy with 720 levels of peak dynamic ability. However, the amplifier isn’t the only real thing that we find like all the SB-1000. Even a DSP sign chip can be utilised here to get a lot more accurate reply and elegant behavior under most operating requirements. Even the 1000 series have a large advantage for this particular most low-cost subwoofers utilize analogue circuits so that consequently have significantly less hands accuracy.

Input impedance is ranked at 47 kΩ (unbalanced RCA) / two kΩ (speaker amount ) and contains a frequency response of 19Hz-270Hz at +/-3dB. Watching this 19Hz ranking is quite notable for such a sub and indeed exhibits the price that you obtain together with the absolute most cost-effective version in SVS line-up.


Connectivity shrewd that the SVS PB-1000 has just the exact same setup we’d seen from the SB-1000. It follows that individuals receive the standard LFE co-axial interface which a lot of use to attach with a AV receiver. There’s likewise some of line inputs and also some other couple of presses even though below these we capture two pairs of 5 manner advanced degree speaker cord inputs. There’s also a more 3V-12V AC/DC activate input which may be helpful in some specific conditions. With these vents you’ll find respective ways you may join the subwoofer and most them are clarified at length at the handbook so as to pay an assortment of installations.


At a related manner into this added interfaces that the controllers may also be the exact same. It follows there is an electric switch together side a standby/on switch and we capture about three knobs for managing the amount, the stage of the sub-par and ultimately the very low pass filter (LPF) within that the 50Hz-160Hz selection.


Once we said previously the knobs aren’t analogue because most subwoofers have use electronic actuators to be able to supply much increased accuracy and controller along with noise-free alterations. SVS failed to turn out to be renowned by injury and tiny matters like that reveal the interest of detail how their services and products get.

Extra Features

According to standard the subwoofer is having an auto/standby quality that’s consuming that 0.5 drops which can be unquestionably economical in the future. Last but most certainly not least we must not neglect to say that it’s RoHS compliant, and utilizes a foul-smelling building and includes all global security certificates.


Even the”PB” designation inside this is name implies we have a ported box design also that can offer us greater energy compared to some sealed box having a toaster that is similar. Just since it truly is positioning it is dependent upon that which you search out the maximum. Inserting the subwoofer at a large part may provide you more glowing bass but without precision. If it seems a little additional boomy than everything you would like then possibly you really should ponder setting it over A-Wall since this might lower the bass and boost precision.


Today all of the aforementioned imply which you have the true luxury of choosing it has positioning due to the fact that lots of folks don’t have that lots of alternatives. Whatever the instance there’s not any correct or erroneous and each placement may provide you unique results therefore simply take the moment in checking out unique placements to be able to ascertain what appears to you. For the testing we all picked to get a large part positioning at front side of the screening location.

When linking the SVS PB-1000 having one RCA cable we now left the most essential calibrations on our Onkyo AV receiver at just one 5.1 channels surround system. For the music screening we elected to get a 2.1 channels installation with only front channels and also the SVS subwoofer.


With this review we chose to test the specific identical films we had attempted throughout our SB-1000 screening. We all did this so as to review the gaps between your performance of both and also ascertain which person is best for picture screening. As such to our very first evaluation we picked to its 4K UHD edition of Saving Private Ryan together with it has kick butt Dolby Atmos monitor and much more importantly we watched just two scenes. The launching with the landing on Omaha beach along with the past which would be your Fight or Ramelle.

For that introduction order that the very low end activity originated in the beginning whilst the sea ships approached the beach along with also the German artillery shells had been exploding onto the water outside with an SVS PB-1000 providing you with a tiny glance of what’s going to emerge back. As soon as the Allied soldiers reach the beach the true fun starts. There’s really much low-end activity while in the entire arrangement that’s quite difficult to tell apart certain minutes . however, it’s remarkable the way a sonic attack of this subwoofer retained us vibration in our chairs.

The Saving Private Ryan combination features a exact raw and natural feel for this and also each burst or machine gun firing has been pumped outside by top-notch, outstanding resolution and detail. It had been remarkable just how reduced that the sub floor might dig one would not anticipate from such a little cabinet and 10″ catalyst however, the SVS actually failed this. However, whilst the SVS PB-1000 managed to shake and hit with it has fair low-end do not expect you’ll believe that the atmosphere pressure you’d with a number of those boys at the SVS scope and that is expect you’ll become more fair. Even the SVS PB-1000 can truly work accordingto it is course and that’s what things the absolute most.

Going forward into the fight of Ramelle we again found ourselves at the exact middle of this activity. Even the subwoofer did not loose one minute and replicated the frightening joys of their Tiger and Panzer tanks together with top-notch, outstanding authority. The vibration sensed if your tank has been right out the construction. Tank hearth needed the most essential burden whilst ordnance explosions and weapons firing needed a exact organic tone . After the tank buster wrecked the Tiger in the bridge inside the previous scene of this conflict that the SVS PB-1000 went out together with it has volatile sonic wave.


We tried some thing somewhat different therefore that the 4K UHD of World was the ideal choice together with it really is great DTS:X combination. This course would be far more subtle and also features an even more well balanced outcome when compared with this warfare torn Saving Private Ryan however, it’d plenty of minutes at which in fact the SVS PB-1000 could bend it is muscle tissues.

Obvious minutes incorporate the stomping noise of their Indominous Rex footsteps whilst dinosaurs snobby, explosions and assorted low ending effects had been consistently duplicated very properly while not sensed helpless or misplaced from details. Even the subwoofer felt at house with such a picture and gave us the following superb performance. This isn’t just a picture that requests uncooked performance also it reveals the traits such a very low priced subwoofer may provide you.

Final this portion of the review we are able to absolutely state the SVS PB-1000 could perform wonders using movies. It looks like the port design in fact is needed to supply you with the additional punch a few arenas may require some time continued to offer a exact restricted controlled and also exceptionally hefty lowend. The SB-1000 experienced abandoned us great feelings if we did this review however, also the SVS PB-1000 managed to really go a little step farther.


Moving to your music screening we’ve switched into your 2.1 channels installation and also selected some FLAC music monitors we streamed during our Onkyo AV receiver. Even the SVS PB-1000 managed to supply the needed thickness which will normally be overlooking when we’d pay for only a stereo installation. This is really a true miracle just how much a lot more volume that a subwoofer could contribute music and also the sub par did just that. Drums grew to become refined, guitar shocks becoming engaging and bass revealed a lot more articulation.

After things turned into somewhat mad the SVS PB-1000 felt as though it had been attempting to catch up along with any vent sounds was perceptible however that just took place in certain exceptionally demanding tunes and to not this verge to become upsetting. However, in the event that you’re just a music enthusiast and also you intend on investing in a subwoofer only for this the SB-1000 using it has sealed box design could possibly be considered a marginally superior choice to it particular. The SVS PB-1000 can be actually a fantasy of the subwoofer because of its very low budget and could over come just about all complications you toss it together with simplicity.

Final Thoughts

Reaching the finish of the review you’ll find certain things we will need certainly to say. Even the SVS PB-1000 is always intended for smaller areas. For those who have a huge home theater place this particular sub isn’t going to minimize it should you would like to have the complete consequence of such a subwoofer. Additionally SVS strove to develop a new unit which could perform tremendously without breaking an arm and a leg rendering it cheap to its masses. Perhaps it doesn’t utilize exotic components or substances although using attentive design and technology that the end result was pleasing using all the SVS PB-1000 controlling to really go deep and low while still being unbelievably competitive with it has electrical power outputsignal.

Today a few of you may possibly wonder whether it’s wise to pick that SVS PB-1000 or your SB-1000. After these two talk a number of these heart technologies and also certainly will do well to their own size. That which we can response to this is it is contingent upon the usage you’re looking to this. Even the SVS PB-1000 is as if it’s far more punch almost certainly on account of this ported design which favors generally movies. Thus if you need a sub which is going to undoubtedly be largely be useful for this particular point subsequently your SVS PB-1000 could be your thing to do. Around the opposite hand thanks to it has sealed design the SB-1000 mightn’t really go too heavy or become punchy however, it looked it might take care of really bass music much superior at which in fact the SVS PB-1000 appeared to fight just a bit. As such if music can be the principal attention that the SB-1000 sounds the best choice.

It really doesn’t follow the SVS PB-1000 isn’t fine using music, around the other hand it was able to offer some exact pleasing high-end and just in certain exceptionally demanding tunes that the bass arrived a bit boomy even though we felt some interface noise rendering it apparent it mightn’t stay informed about the mad rhythm. However normally it had been extremely pleasurable to find such a little subwoofer having the ability to provide us such a vibration expertise.

Final exactly what we are able to say in regards to the SVS PB-1000 is the fact that SVS were able to develop an remarkable affordable remedy from the subwoofer section. For those who have some rather little location or home theater place and intend to utilize it chiefly because of movies but in addition desire to receive your occasional music mend afterward that one is going to supply you with loads of pride along using it has electrical power, pleasing high-end and restricted controller. Highly suggested.

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