Sony UBP-X800 Review | Top 4K UHD Blu Ray Player

Sony UBP-X800

Sony UBP-X800


Power and Processing


Digital Music Options


Audio Performance




4K and 3D video



  • Excellent Design
  • Good Video quality
  • Incredibly Fast
  • Bluetooth Streaming


  • Bit Slow to Load 4K
  • No Stereo Analog
  • No Dolby Vision

Sony made a decision to bypass assist for UHD from the PS-4 Guru that has been an interested decision regarding identical cases previously had revealed that PS2 pushed the DVD structure to main stream and also the exact identical example is said regarding PS3 along with blu ray. For me personally this is probably a movement to market their loyal players who earlier or later on are developing on the marketplace. Their very first UHD participant was declared in September of 20-16 together with all the Sony UBP-X1000, nevertheless the purchase price tag on this had been a touch excessive to a lot of people. This attracted us later with their next and also less expensive Sony UBP-X800 that plans for much budget friendly version.

Style and Design of Sony UBP-X1000

Sony UBP-X800 4K-Review


Sony made a decision to really go to get a exact tidy and glossy design which will absolutely maybe not fit anybody. Sony engineers went in the thing that exactly was definitely crucial here also this also shows at all facets of the ball player. At front we have the disc hidden supporting a dropdown panel and also into the much right we’ve two buttonhole for available close the disc and a button. Under both buttons we now have a USB interface for connecting outside storage concealed beneath a take off panel. And that is about for front. In the event you believe that we’re referring to a funding 4K UHD participant I presume that it’s natural to not anticipate far greater than that which we buy right here. It’s clear that we’re obtaining a new player who is going to perform the occupation with no elaborate.

Sony UBP-X1000’s Video Quality

Even the Sony UBP-X800 might be described as a budget-friendly player nevertheless if it regards 4K UHD breeding it actually shows it has potency. Display quality is outstanding because is colour functionality. The ball player supports to 4:4:4 sub-sampling and that I did not observe any observable banding. 4K sign demonstrates devoid of the artifacts or anomalies. The player automatically detects the capacities of one’s TV and transmits the corresponding statistics significance it truly is correcting the resolution, framerate, HDR, profound coloring and shade distance depending on what your own TV will reveal. You are unable to alter those settings as many additional players since it really is achieved automagically option.


So Far as Higher Dynamic-range the participant affirms HDR 10 however no Dolby Eyesight. Due to the fact Dolby eyesight demands exclusive hardware do not anticipate this together with almost any upcoming firmware upgrade. In the event you really don’t take care of any of it afterward that player provides amazing HDR but should Dolby eyesight is still vital then look for a separate deck or you may await the brand new Sony 4K UHD participant which Sony declared just lately and certainly will include Dolby eyesight assist. The participant also supports HDR into SDR transformation for the ones who do not possess a 4K HDR TV. Additionally, it up-scales DVDs along with Blu ray to 4K resolution and also the outcome is very amazing considering that the material of course. Last but not least it may additionally play dvd audio along with SACD.

The brand new sound formats have been duplicated completely with Dolby Atmos along with DTS:X monitors filling all of channels and producing a immersive audio subject. I strove the Transformers 4K UHD picture and you also might nearly have that the bullets flying around the space. The ball player is likewise a great sound participant. It supports a Broad Range of music formats such as 24-bit FLAC and DSD around 11.2MHz, in Addition to WAV, AAC, MP3, APE and Ogg. Video clip files which it supports comprise MKVs, MPEG, MOV, AVI and also m2ts. These formats are all up-scaled into 2160p.

Overall most of most significant part a disc is that it’s play back caliber and also here the Sony UBP-X800 genuinely shines. To get a finances participant you are unable to request more also when it’d Dolby eyesight it’d not have any rivalry but like that we receive yourself a fantastic player who offer you every thing that you may count on from your video and sound formats and never needing to devote an immense quantity of dollars.

Input For Sony UBP-X1000

Much like the glossy design while in front precisely the exact same basic principle is followed closely to get its inputs at the trunk because we additionally get hardly any vents with two HDMI interfaces, 1 v-2.0 HDCP 2.2 empowered along with one flip an audio-only v-1.4 output to attach with receivers which do not encourage 4K signs go . In addition, we get you coaxial digital output. Oddly enough that the ball player is overlooking a optical digital output signal, a interface which budget players appear to own as default option. In addition, we do not receive any analogue stereo output signal. The ball player supports double group Bluetooth and Wi-Fi with Sony’s LDAC head room expansion. Last but most certainly not least we visit that an Ethernet jack in the event that you would like wired link with the web site.

OS, Programs and Attributes

Sony UBP-X800-inputSony supplies a grid such as dwelling display screen from wherever you are able to select from your different streaming solutions, engage in disc or installation choices. The X800 includes aid for both Netflix and Amazon video clip, in addition to bbci player, desire 5, Spotify and a number of alternatives. The number of providers is above normal in comparison to some other players also this really can be really a plus in my own opinion. A lot more services have been included in the event that you’ve got the ball player linked to the world wide web therefore upgrading is vital to possess each one of these brand new streaming providers out there.


Loading UHD discs was quick however, it felt as though it had been loading somewhat slower compared to some other players without even having to be bothering course. Blu ray and DVD discs loaded extremely rapid and also this would be usually to be likely. So far because the distant I need to mention right here Sony presents us a very simple design having necessary buttons obtainable and a passionate Netflix button to the ones that prefer by using this particular service. I specially that way most buttons possess certain space between these and also you also may not inadvertently drive the wrong person. Nothing elaborate here however completely operational with this particular budget. The ball player is quite silent regardless of what disc we placed to it this really is yet another plus in the event that you’re sensitive and painful to sounds. That I figure needs to complete with all the quality also it has some thing Sony was very-much promotion earlier that participant went to the sale.

Final Verdict

If you’re watching for an excellent 4K UHD participant nevertheless, you’re additionally restricted on funding and also you also don’t desire to devote a little chance to find the top players outside there afterward your Sony UBP-X800 may be the ideal choice particularly in the event that it’s the case that you never worry for Dolby eyesight which at my own opinion has become easily the most pesky missing attribute of this ball player. Aside from that I will state with certainty this player is a superior option, together with good design and style, superb play back attributes, decent vents along with an operating menu and also a excellent cost for what it’s provides. Highly suggested.