Sony UBP-X1100ES Review (4K UHD Player)

Sony UBP-X1100ES


Native 4K resolution


Picture Quality


Ease of Use


Set-up and Installation





  • Excellent image and audio quality
  • Great build quality
  • DVD-Audio and SACD support
  • Extensive media support


  • Dolby Vision needs manual switching
  • No HDR10+
  • Streaming services are rather limited
  • Doesn't look like a premium UHD player

Sony was at the UHD players section for a while currently having published some exact leading models while infamous brands their X800 and X1000ES but when there has been only one factor missing out of their differently leading releases had been service for Dolby eyesight.

Using the advent of this budget-friendly X-700 Sony entered the Dolby eyesight frenzy nevertheless they could not leave matters in this way by having their cheapest version aid this advanced level HDR whilst the expensive components failed to thus Sony moved straight ahead and upgraded their total chain which includes the X800M2 in addition to their premium offering which we’ll likely be checking right here now in our Sony UBP-X1100ES review.

Some would believe the X1100ES will have significantly more similarities to Sony’s preceding top player, ” the X1000ES, however, it really is much easier to assess it on probably the many recently published X800M2 which we’d reviewed a couple of months past. Infact we can express the X1100ES can be really an X800M2 on-steroids with some additional features which makes it a perfect alternative for that custom installation marketplace.

With a solid structure, service for pretty much every disk conceivable such as SA-CD along with DVD-Audio, fantastic document playback along with higher Resolution Audio assistance together with a number of all Sony’s advanced level tech such as DSEE HX along with Bravia Mode along with also the addition of blue tooth loading using LDAC technology that the X1100ES features much going on this.

However, at the market there are a few powerful contenders out of Panasonic in addition to Pioneer will Sony’s handles remain inside the match making use of their most recent launch? Let us figure out…

Design of Sony UBP-X1100ES

So far while the outside shell’s design much have changed as a result’s predecessor, the X1000ES, and also to be totally truthful with one of personally the X1100ES will not precisely cut it to get a premier superior UHD player should you take a look at it by the exterior of The majority of Sony’s players include equivalent lines, with all the exclusion of being the X-700 , which ensures we receive yourself a reasonably easy orthogonal box which employs the exact frame-and-beam chassis building which Sony had utilised previously along with a honey-comb high plate so as to minimize the disk drive vibrations.


Because of this that the player additionally works by using exclusive insulator ft supplying it more equilibrium. In a comparable manner like the X800M2 and also X1000ES that the mix of the matte-black shirt and underside having a sleek glossy end sandwiched at the midst offers the player has an exceptional appearance. The most important content used is plastic and also the surface it really helps avoid dirt and fingerprints to reveal in contrast for other players we’d seen previously. The X1100ES steps 17″ x two” 1/4″ x ray 10 1/2″ (430 x 54 x 265 mm) and weighs 8 pounds 3/5 ounce (3.9 kg) which makes it just marginally larger and heavier compared to X800M2 revealing just how these two players ‘ areas it pertains for their hardware.

Just about the front center gloss portion, together with the exclusion of the much right side, would be a kind of the reverse door that opens once the disk tray happens. Once shut you only find a whole smooth coating with all the Sony brand around the much left and also a handful of buttons on the best. The solely available kinds really are the eject button which sits directly close for the electricity switch whereas under those we capture the normal take-off panel which drives the front USB interface which might be properly used for loading material via an outside memory product.

What’s different is the X1100ES has an extra front exhibit which shows exactly the full time in addition to different activities of this player. This exhibit will be sitting specifically from the center beneath the reverse doorway and also you also may view it when the disk is shut. This might possibly not be an Earth shuttering inclusion. however, it’s undoubtedly a welcome you.

Similarly from that which we’d noticed at the X800M2, the disk loading was extremely rapid while sound reached interrupting ranges and you also might hear that the disk rotation just inside it has a maximum rate. It looks like the overall structure of this machine together side all the advancements Sony failed on the chassis and also the driveway has assisted maintain the vibrations and also resonance to really lower degrees.

When there’s a single location that Sony appears to lose the chunk onto a stable basis inside their own electronic equipment could be the form of remotes that they utilize that try looking in overall cheap and uninspiring. We’d seen a change for the reason this using a number of these TVs and we’re expecting to observe something similar but we had been frustrated to come across the specific same remote we’d noticed from the X800M2.


The distance is plastic using rubberized switches but their dimensions are more adequate for simple pressing. The switches have been all grouped depending on their functionality as well as generally speaking it truly is a user-friendly distance. It truly is only it will not feel as a distant that’s assumed to meet from the superior classification. Of course in the event that you put in the simple fact, there isn’t any back-light which will help with it from the darkened leaves things much worse.

Even the X1100ES proceeds the tendency which the preceding Sony players have begun. The typical strategy is the fact that authentic caliber is concealed below the hood when trying to keep looks uncomplicated. This machine doesn’t seem as a player that’s assumed to appeal to this superior classification and we had not an issue with all the design whenever you’re getting to fork the quantity of cash questioned you really should expect some thing using additional finesse. Additionally, the distance could be exactly the same cheap version we’d used previously that just adds insult to injuries. If it involves it is internals right here Sony has been doing a very fantastic career in every part of this machine so as to provide you with all the essential components which can be necessary to allow this to carry out well.

Video / Audio Quality of Sony UBP-X1100ES

If it regards the HDR capacities of this player the X1100ES features just the exact same aid group we watched from our formerly analyzed X800M2. As such we discover that the fundamental HDR 10 required for UHD playback,” HLG that’s definitely an HDR protocol utilized chiefly for broadcasting and Dolby eyesight which will be certainly an advanced HDR protocol which utilizes lively metadata so as to supply a level superior picture compared to the simple protocol that’s HDR 10. When there’s such a thing lost which is HDR 10 + and whether this is nonetheless relatively brand new we presume that spending such a superior selling price should grant you the capability to utilize that too.


And when the lost HDR 10 + can be really a little dilemma the only most annoying one which disturbs all Sony players would be that whether you would like to watch Dolby eyesight content material afterward you definitely have to allow the Dolby eyesight alternative by hand. In case on the opposite hand that you would like to watch a few HDR 10 content afterward, you definitely have to disable that the Dolby vision-setting from the player it may exhibit with Dolby eyesight even in the event this material does not encourage it significance the final result may possibly perhaps not be the one. This handbook switching may be one most bothersome factor you have to accomplish and can’t know just why Sony may be the sole UHD player producer that endures on with this to their own players.

Regarding your audio formats supported such a superior player may without actively playing just about all types of audio in both the older as well as essential Dolby Digital and DTS into Dolby TrueHD along with dtshd learn Audio most of just how into this absolute most the latest Dolby Atmos along with DTS:X.

The picture we chose to take to was that the UHD edition of Pacific Rim: up-rising since it additionally comprises Dolby eyesight which was the HDR proto-col we all chose to make use of together side the comprised Dolby Atmos audio monitor. Needless to observe the movie in all its glory we’d to switch the Dolby vision-setting onto which can be something that you ought to remember todo, however, doing that we were decked out using a graphic of clarity, fantastic resolution along with profound elegant colors.

Having analyzed this type of picture earlier we understood the way sharp and good image that it was and also the Sony player was especially very good at bringing this at front. There’s much picture depth and notably in arenas just like the final brawl from the metropolis together with construction debris falling all around you could differentiate an outstanding number of ecological detail across this arrangement. Dolby’s eyesight was especially fine supplying us exactly the essential thickness in high-lights and very life-like colors which were true and accurate. Even the Dolby Atmos course was reproduced by our AV receiver because all of the essential advice had been passed out of your player and left all of the ecological and over-head impacts as a result of immersive and life as feasible.


Of course when obtaining such a player usually means you mostly desire to utilize it to it has 4K capacities but as you probably have a broad library of Total HD content material remaining ensured the machine is just a rather competent blu ray player because it could resale all 1080p articles into 4K with excellent results. We attempted a few blurry along with DVDs and the consequences were rather decent. If it involves blu ray that the player up-scaled all together with hardly any artifacts and what out of hues to feel resolution proved like it might capture. Even for DVD matters were not really fine but that is really an effect of the original content instead of therefore much of their player’s talents. Very excellent performance inside this respect.

An effective, although though not quite widely useful characteristic, would be your comprised HDR into SDR transformation which allows you to watch HDR articles onto a non-invasive HDR competent 4K television. Currently having such a pricey player and perhaps not having an HDR television can become somewhat strange and perhaps hopeless but none the less having an alternative characteristic to engage in is a poor issue, correct? The single real situation this feature may be very of use will be using a few 4K projectors which aren’t so effective with HDR content material.

We analyzed a few articles onto a complete hd-tv so as to learn how very good the transformation performs and also the ending effect was a little mixed lousy. Some moments looked very good although others, particularly dim ones, so leave much to be ideal so far as shade shadow and precision depth. As such that really is an attribute worthy just supposing it’s quite crucial and none to be more widely utilized.

Most UHD players have us accustomed to incorporate a few networking player capacities that a large part of enough full time offers restricted aid to formats and files. That really is 1 area at which in fact the X1100ES genuinely excel since it’s perhaps not just effective at playing most disk established formats however, it includes quite a wide aid for containers and formats which might be streamed possibly as a result of the USB interface or by a wired/wireless relationship. Data files supported comprise Mpeg 1, Mpeg 2, Xvid, Mpeg 4, Vc-1, WMV9, AVCHD, VP6, respectively VP8/VP9 in Addition to HVEC/H.265 which has been absent from the Very First Sony players introduced.


However, matters do not end there because audio service is likewise intensive. Aside from Your Normal documents we can also Play Back High Placement Audio with a Few of the documents available now being FLAC, ALAC, AIFF, DSD, AAC, WMA, He-aac, LPCM, Vorbis in Addition to MP3. With the added DSEE HX upscaling technology that you never have to be worried in case you have very low compacted files such as MP3s or even higher top quality uncompressed audio whilst the player could bring everything up at an identical degree.

And due to the fact we’re chatting about wide-ranging service that the machine may play SACD, DVD-Audio and also 3 d blu rays even when every one of these is a bit of confined curiosity at the time of this moment. Even though we are able to still view most people such as their 3 d libraries plus also they do not desire to allow them to accumulate dust thus be confident this unit has you covered. A superior player needs to provide wide aid for not any utilized formats and also the Sony player excels from this particular.

Final this portion of the review we all can express the X1100ES has several significant advantages plus some exact glaring flaws. 4K using HDR performance is top-notch, HDR into SDR transformation along with DSEE HX are welcome developments whereas the intensive service for the disk formats, both online video and audio records are exactly what sets this player besides the contest. However, the drawback Sony retains focusing on having a guide switch to Dolby eyesight content material which in our impression is the thing that turns away many consumers and maintains damaging their earnings. And it is really a true pity whilst the player can be really a really competent you to have such a glaring weak spot.

Inputs / Ports of Sony UBP-X1100ES

If it has to do with the added relations that the machine features the specific very same setup we’d seen inside’s predecessor, the UBP-X1000ES therefore no openings. After all, most design components continue to be exactly the same it sounds there wasn’t any requirement to change anything else in this respect. Even as we mentioned earlier at the front we now receive yourself a USB interface for loading articles whilst what is set behind your system.


To start with we see that the typical double HDMI outputs installation with a few of those currently being HDMI 2.0 which is HDCP 2.2 and 18Gbps empowered and supports 4K/60fps, HDR, Broad Colour Gamut in addition to Dolby eyesight. The 2nd HDMI is just variation 1.4 and will be utilized to output audio individually into some AV receiver, soundbar along with alternative HDMI allowed audio apparatus.

On the best of these, we’ve got that a coaxial digital output whilst to the left is a 10/100 Ethernet jack for the wired link into the web site. There’s likewise an optical digital output in addition to an analog stereo output signal although we don’t find out who’d utilize this believing the superior nature of the player. Currently being heavily designed for customized contractors we additionally purchase an IR remote control in addition to an RS232c interface.

If it involves it has wireless capacities the X1100ES includes integral wi fi (802.11a/b/g/n) in addition to blue tooth V-4.1. But right here Sony has spiced up things by using their particular LDAC technology which enables the transmission of Top Placement Audio around blue tooth minus the should down-convert it allows 3 times that the info bandwidth of ordinary blue tooth connections. Remember that with this to perform that the receiving apparatus has to additionally encourage LDAC technology.

OS, Apps, and Features of Sony UBP-X1100ES

The initial setup is just the very same which we’d undergone at the X800M2 which will be quite simple and easy. Just join with the player for it, flip them ON, and also you proceed by means of the effortless setup treatment which allows you to pick out terminology and then join with a WiFi community. If it is total you automatically input into the dwelling menu which gives you four chief alternatives for disk playback, USB streaming, Media Server along with Server.

Here we’ve about three icons to its 3 available streaming providers which have Netflix, Amazon primary, and Youtube. That you really don’t have the capability to download some further as there isn’t any on-line keep available the following these several might have to suffice. Much like all the X800M2 HDR is encouraged all three whilst Netflix additionally exhibits in Dolby eyesight. It looks like Dolby Atmos along with Dolby eyesight can be actually a winner or miss with all those streaming products and services since a few of these encourage the other but not both equally which will be very similar to the majority of other players we’d analyzed earlier.


The machine isn’t probably the most characteristic intact in regards to it has streaming products and services nonetheless it looks like was maybe not Sony’s purpose nevertheless they desired to supply no less than a simple encounter. Regarding that menus, we all really like this upgraded variant in comparison with this preceding tile established style since it retains matters simpler and simpler to navigate.

Let us see today several of those additional features available from the machine. Primarily we have to chat about Sony’s blue tooth LDAC technology which we temporarily discussed previously. The player may transmit audio via blue tooth to some Bluetooth speaker or cans. But as the player affirms High Voltage Audio in case it’d transmit by way of the ordinary blue tooth it’d have to be more down-converted to fulfill up with the bandwidth capacities of this moderate. Together with Sony LDAC that the X1100ES can transmit twice as much info by way of the blue tooth relationship and therefore maintain the audio top quality is much larger rates than previously. Clearly in order for this to perform both equally associated apparatus will need to encourage the LDAC Proto Col.

Still another intriguing attribute is Sony’s DSEE HX technology which is with the capacity of all up-scaling high-quality compressed audio including MP3 documents to nearly high-resolution high quality. Clearly, this really is quite related to the original content material and lots of situations that the distinction is all but nonperceptible but it may cause a far better acoustic expertise in a few cases therefore that it’s fantastic in order to have it.

The machine also includes an attribute named BRAVIA Mode which you may empower whether it takes place one to have a Sony television with this particular player. The doctrine behind that is the fact that once the 2 Sony components join the BRAVIA manner might be empowered and also hence permit the machine with all far better capacities todo certain procedures. If that is categorized or it’s decided from the system in the fly isn’t understood. however, it really is a good idea to be aware that communicating has been done so to be able to offer the optimal/optimally graphic and audio potential for any installment.

Last but most certainly not least you will find always a couple of additional features which can be really worthy of mentioning with all the original being the player might function like a DMP (Digital Media Player) and DMR (Digital Media Renderer) whilst additionally, it will come with selected capacities that’ll appeal the custom made setup area by supplying Internet and IP address controller through wired or wireless link, IR in, RS232c controller and service to services such as IHIJI.

Decent collection of features contained since it needs to really be from such a device that is premium. Additionally, some things are overlooking just like broader service for streaming and online services however as generally, it’s far better to have a passionate apparatus that could take care of all of your loading requirements. The menus are extremely smartly designed and simple to navigate whilst the addition of a few of Sony’s very own technologies might assist the player whilst streaming audio.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping our review exactly what we all are able to declare is the X1100ES can be actually a huge international player that plays ingeniously but includes some exact characteristic defects. Of course when you simply take into account the significant rivalry it becomes largely out of Panasonic’s UB820 that the pressure will be really on to your machine to show it is worthy that the amount tag on purchase.


Sony designed a device that feels powerful and works by using attentive technology to create the most effective possible consequences while it has performed in every sort of press is contemplated perfect the two for disk established networking in addition to such as its loading files it may play back. Additionally, it supports Dolby eyesight which has been absent in your prior releases in addition to HDR into SDR transformation which is perfect for the ones who do not have A-HDR competent 4K television.

In the event you put in it has Bluetooth and wireless buffering capacities, that which we have listed here would be a really fine all-round system. However, Sony moved a stage farther and also included their sauce with the addition of LDAC technology to get high-resolution Audio to assist as a result of blue tooth, DSEE HX up-scaling for high-resolution audio, and HVAC video clip partitioning throughout the USB interface. Oh, and let is not overlook it may also engage in SA-CD and DVD-Audio for that which exactly is well worth every penny.

However, the opposite side if we now needed to choose among big defect would be your machine’s incapability to vehicle switch to Dolby eyesight manner when ideal material has been discovered. The other big players could perform it we are not able to make Sony’s choice to go this path. Additionally, there isn’t any HDR 10 + service and also while that isn’t just a big one nonetheless, as available content material is more restricted, there isn’t any explanation for such a superior player.

Streaming products and services can also be just confined by three and also HDR control options aren’t too much since we’d noticed from Panasonic players which may turn off some higher level end users. Last but most certainly not least both unit and also the remote don’t-look good in any respect because of its purchase price questioned and we really do enjoy the design whenever you’re getting to fork such a quantity of dollars you need to expect something which looks higher priced.

The machine genuinely finds itself at a tough location perhaps not by rival types but in addition to the organization’s particular services and products. Even the Sony UBP-X800M2 appears horribly like capacities and specs whereas Panasonic’s UB820 places plenty of tension by supplying related performance but using greater features and Dolby eyesight car switch. Finally that the Sony UBP-X1100ES can be a superior unit of course should you need a player who may manage nearly everything and intend to stick on each HDR 10 or even Dolby eyesight afterward this is sometimes a superb choice.

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