Sony STR-DN1080 Review | 7.2 CH 4K UHD Channel Receiver

Sony STR-DN1080-reviews

Sony STR-DN1080 Review


Power and Processing


Digital Music Options


Audio Performance




4K and 3D video



  • Dolby Atmos and DTS:X support
  • Lots of features
  • Good price


  • Only 7.2 channels
  • Basic remote
  • Basic remote

Sony has ever been a conventional brand seeing home-entertainment tools. Therefore their AV receivers consistently experienced a specified degree of good quality out of the exact lower end kinds into the highest grade types. You’ve now been needless to say a great deal of strikes and overlooks time thus let us find out the way the Sony STR-DN1080 receiver sidewalks.

Style and Design (Sony STR-DN1080)

Sony STR-DN1080

Even the Sony STR-DN1080 includes a rather different design and style by trying to keep the majority of leading empty and organizing all of the components in one line. I enjoy this particular style to let you know that the reality. Keeping every thing tidy and properly structured. I truly despise every time a receiver is still packed of switches to front when almost all of time you not use any one of these a lot more often than once because the majority of the works are managed throughout the distant.

We now get 2 enormous spinning knobs one to your own inputs plus you to your own volume, and also the on standby button, either a USB input signal, also a PHONES input and also a mic calibration input. And that is about for front. The only real disadvantage at the look will be it really is overlooking a leading HDMI input signal. In these times most receivers include a frontal HDMI for effortless and fast entry. I’m employing front HDMI a-lot and see exactly how easy it may be this can be a large overlook to get a receiver in this scope which isn’t assumed to be to the high-end result.

Sony STR-DN1080 Reviews of Audio Quality

Sony STR-DN1080-b

Even the Sony STR-DN1080 can be really a 7.2 channels av receiver which affirms all of the old sound formats but likewise the brand new kinds staying Dolby Atmos along with DTS:X. Two of those channels you’ve got the possibility to use them as surrounds or elevation speakers to either develop a 5.2.2 installation which may benefit from their brand new formats. Many 7.2 channels receivers provide this method therefore that it’s wise to find exactly the exact same the following and imagine most people that could love the brand new formats goes to get a 5.2.2 installation. That which we get together with this specific receiver is 165 Watts of strength 6 Ohms speakers along with one hundred thirty Watts on 8 Ohms speakers which can be sufficient to electrical power high-end home theater speakers.

Just as the receiver plays I will state we receive the normal good grade you’d count on in the Sony receiver. With the whole 5.1.2 installation you’ve got a nearby encompass field clean and without having the perceptible distortions even if you crank up the noise. The receiver is currently managing just about every channel having masterful controller and explosions may be viewed from each corner of their noise niche. This receiver ought to be discovered at a 5.1.2 natural environment to love it is capacities. You can not count on anything greater within such a particular range. Dolby Atmos along with DTS:X decoded nicely and most of the audio formats that are older. The receiver gets got the capacity to produce ghost encompass sources significance it may make two digital environment sources in the 5.1 origin developing a brand new 7.1.2 installation. Perhaps it doesn’t be like an authentic 7.1 installation but still is still an additional alternatives for the ones that are looking to make use of this particular. The receiver hadn’t any issue passing the complete 4K sign with HDR and Broad Colour Gamut in an UHD player.

Inputs / Ports

The receiver is currently supplying an extensive scope of inputs and inputs chiefly at the straight back part of the receiver. The following you are given 6 HDCP 2.2. HDMI inputs and two HDMI outputs. In addition, we have an Ethernet jack in the event that you would like wired link on the web we receive co-axial video along with sound input signal. For electronic sound input you can find just two vents a single coaxial and 1 optical. Along with each of these vents we receive precisely the common 7 speakers presses and two to the sub woofers.

At the trunk we may even find double Antennas for wireless relationship in case this really can be something. At front other compared to the telephones and microphone calibration inputs we receive yourself a USB input signal. Overall all that which we buy is much less same as many receivers within this cost type with all the single large minus could be that the front HDMI port I said early in the day.

OS, Programs and Attributes

The receiver has got blue tooth capacities you may set up along with your own smartphone of course should you down load an program Sony provides you with are going to have the ability to restrain the receiver by means of your phone. Exactly what Sony gives for speakers calibration is popularly known as D.C.A.C EX and also that which we arrive listed here is really a dual mic using a space of approximately 70 mm from each other. Commonly most calibration microphones are only thus that I was a little astonished when I watched exactly the sole Sony made available. To be certain it provides much better precision but I’d strongly imply to devote a couple more moments and also do a handbook calibration since this would definitely be the best means for the house theatre centre calibration.

Sony STR-DN1080-d

That which we get this is really wide array of programs and characteristics including air-play, Spotify, Chrome cast along with DLNA and some others. That which I discovered interesting on this particular Sony receiver would be the fact that it has menus and programs sensed just like they’d an even far more computer and professional such as design compared to many ordinary receivers that provide a exact straightforward and essential configurations menu. It felt fine and much more gratifying look shrewd if it did not provide anything longer than that which one additional brands will be offering .

Last but most certainly not least the handheld remote controller Sony offers is still really much an essential 1. At top you secure exactly the buttons, at the center the navigation for those menus and preferences and also at the base the drama and quantity controllers. I enjoy the method by which they’ve set all. They might perhaps not provide all you may see right now but I do believe that this really is way better and also make more straightforward to locate the button you’re searching for. We receive the alternatives which you are going to use probably the maximum and this really is exactly what really things.

Our Verdict

Even the Sony STR-DN1080 receiver is now a very good accession into this centre grade of Sony AV receivers. Having a 5.1.2 out-put signal setup and supplying exemplary performance upto 4K UHD signs together with Dolby Atmos or even DTS:X in addition to supplying a broad scope of software and capacities you are unable to ask many more out of your receiver inside this budget. In the event you’d like receiver that provides the brand new formats with no should devote a great deal of income which the greater grade models consult afterward that can be really a receiver that you really ought to contemplate. You can’t fail for this specific product, so it’s Highly suggested.