Sony STR-DH790-Review

Sony STR-DH790 Review

Sony STR-DH790 Review


Power and Processing


Digital Music Options


Audio Performance




4K and 3D video



  • Good sound performance
  • Bluetooth with AAC
  • Lowish entry cost


  • Spring-clip speaker terminals
  • Not rated to drive four-ohm loudspeakers
  • No networking or AM

The Sony STR-DH590 is just one among my beloved entry receivers. Right after spending a time together with this particular device, I had been interested to find out exactly what the jelqing version, ” the Sony STR-DH790 needed waiting for you. Expecting it to state this did not disappoint. Even the Sony STR-DH790 provides you 2 added channels compared to the small brother that the STR-DH590. Together with all these two added channels, the 790 has some thing which the 590 really doesn’t. It’s Dolby Atmos and DTS:Xbut earlier we speak around, which let us go through the stats.

Sony STR-DH790 Connectivity

Even the 790 allegedly pumps out one hundred forty five g a channel, but tend not to get overly enthused about this. Many AV manufacturers accomplish that variety by forcing just 1 channel. At the actual universe together with of 7 channels stirring along you’ll possibly be amongst 60-80 g for each channel. That said, volt are not all and hope in me, the Sony 790 will not suffer with a deficiency of electrical power. The bond choices such as that Sony STR-DH790 are very good at its own price point.

You obtain 4 analog inputs, a single electronic optical and 1 coaxial. Alas, the 790 will not include things like devoted turntable or even USB input signal. Sony provides 5-way binding articles that you join both the right and left channels along with also the remaining part of the speakers are made to make use of spring clip links. 4 HDMI inputs and one output the cover of the receiver. Unsurprisingly, the Sony 790 supports 4K online video along with almost all of its vital features like HDR 10, HLG, Dolby eyesight, 4:4:4 colour distance, along with HDCP 2.2. If you should be searching to get a system receiver, then your Sony STR-DH790 may possibly perhaps not possibly be the amp for you personally.

Sony STR-DH790

It will not always have ethernet or WiFi, however, it also will not have blue tooth. Therefore, though you can not stream songs on the system, together with blue tooth it really is possible to stream tunes in the favorite music program towards the receiver.

Even the 790 supports all of the normal Dolby and DTS surround audio formats, however as said earlier in the day, it has likewise designed to handle Dolby Atmos along with DTS:X. each these formats have been intended to generate 360-degrees of immersive noise with all the help of overhead speakers or even particularly constructed components that rebound noise exactly the ceiling and also into your listening field. The consequent sound discipline is all about as simple even as we have observed at a home entertainment environment.

Sony STR-DH790 Features

At merely a 5 1/4″ tall, so the more 790 is still amongst many least expensive AV receivers in the marketplace therefore that it will fit readily onto many AV packs. The distant that is soldered using all the receiver is easy and instinctive.

Sony STR-DH790 In Live Conditions

Sony has a calibration platform using an 790. By using the added calibration mic, the Sky is going to place the ideal degrees, spaces, and cross over frequencies to your own speakers on your own set-up. 1 thing that I didn’t strike this really is the fact that calibration applications wrongly place most my speakers into full selection, they usually aren’t. The moment I recognized this I moved and adjusted the cross over . This difficulty is not circulated for the Sony STR-DH790. Most calibration devices possess a custom of accomplishing so. Like a consequence, I typically double-check the preferences the moment calibration is finished.

The initial Bluray I Opted to choose to get a twist has been Men In Black:” Global. I setup the 790 at a normal Atmos 5.1.2 speaker arrangement. I experienced Sony’s entry level STR-DH590 therefore much that I expected that the 790 to match in terms of sound excellent also it also did. MIB: worldwide normally takes advantage of its own Atmos sound-track. Ambient appears just like racing over-head end generated the listening experience a lot more lively when compared to an ordinary surround noise atmosphere. Bass was limited and more in-depth entrance from your Sony STR-DH790. After the onscreen activity kicked-in the noise has been tall and wide together with all the noise effect just placed.

Sony STR-DH790-Reviews

Next-up has been Shazam. This superhero picture which celebrities Zachary Levi like Captain Marvel (maybe not to be mistaken by Marvel’s Captain Marvel) includes your normal superhero menagerie of activity combined in with a pinch of magical. Much like MIB, the 790 managed the Shazam sound-track quite very well. The Sky also did a superb project panning sound-effects round my listening field. Atmos consequences had been placed across the picture at primary instances so when these certainly were there, then you detected them. Even the 790 also managed that the couple silent minutes in the picture effectively. Dialogue was precise and focused. The single real time I detected a fracture at the Sony 790s armor was once I cranked up the volume. The stress led to the amp lose a portion of its detail and focus. That said, in the event that you set the puppy at a tiny or someplace it can just do nice.

Our Verdict

Even the Sony STR-DH790 is really a strong receiver. Could you receive a much greater sounding receiver? Yes but at that price point. I truly experienced the Sony STR-DH590 however, believing this to get a couple bucks more you have the extra plus of both Dolby Atmos along with DTS:X, so I would advise that the Sony 790 within its tiny brother.

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