Sony HT-X9000F Review (2.1 CH Soundbar)

Sony HT-X9000F Review













  • Can play Atmos and DTS content.
  • Several EQ presets available.
  • Can get very loud.


  • Lacks bass.
  • No room correction feature.
  • Compression artifacts at max volume.

Back in 2018 Sony had published a couple of soundbars which were concentrating on distinct crowds comparative with their own prices. Usually the only has been that the luxury Sony HT-Z9F which we’d reviewed and now you also may study our detailed post right here whereas one alternative was that the less expensive Sony HT-X9000F. When there’s a single thing we always notice is the fact that soundbar makers are advertisements a number of these units having the ability of authentic surround noise which can not become far from the facts.

Using the advent of Dolby Atmos and DTS:X was an issue of time previous to the advertising machine could start rolling yet more today we have Atmos competent soundbars to discuss. 1 such soundbar we’ll undoubtedly be looking within our Sony HT-X9000F review now. Now there are two kinds of Atmos enabled soundbars in the present time. The ones which have up-firing Atmos motorists and also the ones that count on digital technologies to produce the illusion of over-head and encircle exercise.

Even the Sony HT-X9000F drops right into this second classification whilst the soundbar is ranked as a very uncomplicated 2.1 channels system. Just how much an effect could a 2.1 channels device could perform along with just how much of the digital tech may enlarge the immersion of this Sony HT-X9000F we have been jump to learn. Can this device handles to reside until the hoopla plus it has performance yet more drops short of it has producer’s asserts? Continue reading in order to learn.

Design, Inputs and Features


Even the soundbar is ranked because of 2.1 channels soundbar that means we purchase the most important component with both leading channels as well as this sub-woofer that links to the primary component . The soundbar includes a dimensions of 36 5/8 at × 2 3/8 at × 3 3/8 at (930 millimeter × 5 8 millimeter × 85 mm) and weights 5 33/64 pound (2.5 kg) rendering it a somewhat modest and light weight component. Even the Sony HT-X9000F was particularly designed with all these measurements so that it can absolutely fit beneath the Sony X900F television with no significance you are unable to utilize it to get almost any other version or brand name new. Over a very similar note that the subwoofer which is included having a dimensions of 7 1/2 at × 15 1/8 at × 15 1/4 at (190 millimeter × 382 millimeter × 387 millimeters ) and fat of 17 13/64 pound (7.8 kg) is streamlined and also you need ton’t have an issue to seek someplace to set it.

Even the Sony HT-X9000F could possibly function as the cheaper soundbar of those 2 which Sony published however, it undoubtedly will come with a exceptional design. With all the Sony X900F angular thighs that the soundbar abide by precisely the exact lines by having angular sides as a way to flawlessly fit . The wonderful issue is the fact that while that has been performed in purpose as a way to suit the Sony TV, then it appears trendy in overall and really is a pretty great touch whatever the television brand you’re utilizing.

For quality vinyl is always the most important material utilised but seems smartly designed and assembled. Even the sub-woofer about the opposite hand leaves very little energy to stick to precisely the exact same design theory of the most important unit along with it has aerodynamic design design, front-firing motorist powering a whirlpool grill and also front interface beneath it provides a quite uninspiring general appearance.


Leading part of the soundbar is wholly included in means of a metal jammed grill that must not be taken out concealing front left front drivers. That clearly was not any middle of all up-firing motorists so we are speaking of a straight-forward 2 channels installation devoid of much additional to discuss. Towards the very best centre we now capture yourself a couple of controller switches together with these touch sensitive and painful which aids with the total design but with touch controls that are sensitive that they are able to receive somewhat challenging to used from the darkened. The programs available are to get electricity dialing, input option, blue tooth in addition to volume controllers.

1 thing that we did not enjoy is that the omission of front exhibit. We have experienced soundbars that price much less come with the whole rectal screen therefore within this respect the Sony HT-X9000F is falling from your contest. Although maybe not all is doom and gloom as Sony utilised some led indicators alternatively as a way that will assist you to determine the purposes of this machine.

Sitting at leading part of the controller switches in the border of the best face you can find just five led indications for television, HDMI, Bluetooth, both Analogue and USB and based on these mild you up can know exactly what the machine is currently undertaking. The sole real issue will be you might have to check the handbook to get all mixes because it’s extremely tough to consider all of them. Glancing in the centre front we receive exactly the IR detector which sits beneath the perforated grill and also isn’t observable with naked eyecatching.

In the trunk we all detect that the links, all piled together within a particular in-set while now there are likewise a couple of of IR repeaters you may empower just in the event the soundbar is obstructing the IR detector of one’s television. Last but most certainly not least you will find certainly a couple of simple holes which can be utilised to wall mount your machine using screws that are simple.

Even the Sony HT-X9000F is just one of those finest appearing soundbars we have observed. It has dimension, design and caliber will be average revealing that Sony genuinely set a large amount of consideration relating to that one if it isn’t assumed to become always a high quality of this lineup soundbar.

Internal Hardware

Deciding what’s beneath the hood isn’t uncomplicated as Sony will not provide clear info regarding the motorists along with their own specifications. Using a little bit of digging round we could discover afew info and sounds the soundbar consists of 2 40 x100 millimeter (1 5/8 in. × 4 ) oval cones to your 2 channels getting put into a acoustic enclosure. Each motorist has been ranked at 100 watts (mention at 4 ohms, 1 kHz) which is the way a 200 volt complete originated by which isn’t just a exact excellent evaluation while you may perhaps not truly know it has genuine performance with such a theoretical variety.

Fully being truly a very low account soundbar it had been a given that we’d acquire egg-shaped woofers and now we have observed exactly the same used at a great deal of high-profile models so as to minmise the dimension with out sacrificing performance simply by much. The most important device comes equipped with Sony’s S-master electronic Amplifier and also this will be really a more straightforward variant in comparison to this Sony’s S-Master HX electronic amplifier we’d seen now been featured from the HT-ST5000 soundbar. This will be always to enable major, lively seem to be shipped at a more compact package significance smaller measurements to your soundbar.


Regarding your subwoofer, that really is built with a front-firing 160 M M (6 3/8 in.) Cone, with a bass reflex design with all the bass jack being set particularly beneath the motorist awaiting. Even the subwoofer is rated at 100 watts (benchmark, in 4 ohms, 100Hz ) and can be accountable for aiding your most important component using an very low conclusion. We’d really like to have a larger driver compared to the 160mm getting provided however we still really do make this is intended to become always a tiny general unit therefore that we simply have to think about it is.

This will seem strange to get a straightforward 2.1 channels soundbar however, also the Sony HT-X9000F will include Dolby Atmos along with DTS:X service along with Sony asserts it may cause an entirely immersive 7.1.2 channels natural environment. Quite fearless asserts which we are going to put into this evaluation fleetingly but because of internal hardware we all have been pretty happy in what we watched and also at overall is based on exactly what we anticipated within this budget.


If it regards cable direction setting the ability connector across the other facet of the remaining part of the vents does not make matters straightforward when it regards grouping all wires collectively and storing them from sight. The remaining part of the vents are about together on the most suitable side, directly to at least one of those IR repeaters and also that which we get can be really a HDMI inputsignal, an HDMI output signal with eARC features, a USB interface for linking external storage, also an analogue input along with also an optical digital input.

Both equally HDMI interfaces are HDCP 2.2 which signifies that they encourage 4K/60p, HDR 10, HLG, Dolby eyesight and vast colour gamut however using just a single input can be challenging when you have numerous gadgets that you wish to join with Inside this situation you’ll have to be dependent upon your own television to join all of your HDMI enabled apparatus and also pass the audio for the soundbar as an alternative.

If it involves it has wireless capacities the Sony HT-X9000F will not have some wi fi builtin and also the only real method of wireless relationship would be achieved through it has blue tooth 4.2 (SBC, AAC).

Control Options

And with it has controllers matters are all pretty straightforward and simple. Even the soundbar lacks some WiFi capacities meaning certain options ended up outside of this question since they desire an online connection to allow these to do the job. As such the Sony HT-X9000F gets the power to become controlled via a cellular program and there is not any voice controller capacities. This leaves us with all the aged conventional direction of working with the added distant which can be like the person that we watched being provided together with all the HT-Z9F.

Complete appearances and design isn’t anything exclusive to discuss. Sony consistently needed some thing using their distant designs plus also they certainly were consistently lagging driving rivalry. Usually the single that we buy with all the Sony HT-X9000F is produced from vinyl and also comes equipped with most of the current controller switches you could ever want for several of the soundbar works. On the very best there really are the buttons with all the noise manners under these into a different colour to distinguish them even a bit. At the midst we all discover that the navigation controls and also other purposes just like the Vertical S. manner while in the base we all detect the customary playback and volume controllers.


Even though we cannot state we have been thrilled with all the particular distant it receives the work completed and we did have possess any issues together with us issuing controls into the soundbar. A exact powerful but fundamental lending right here.

Extra Features and Services

Of course the absolute most emphasized characteristic of this Sony HT-X9000F could be that the Vertical encompass motor which empowers the soundbar to allegedly produce a sensible environment environment round the viewer and therefore offer you an simulated 7.1.2 channels sound-stage only out of the trim soundbar in this way. In this fashion in which you may like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X mixtures from only both leading speakers that the machine gets. Remember that based to Sony this technology will not make use of the partitions of one’s own room to rebound the noise and make the illusion of vertical noises therefore that your room settings isn’t very important.

Together with all the Sony HT-X9000F we now receive plenty of audio manners therefore that you may choose the most likely one based to this material you’re listeningto. As such we receive Vehicle, Cinema, Music, Video Game Studio, Information, Sports Activities and Typical. Even the conventional manner itself explanatory whilst the soundbar imitates the noise as it’s. The automobile mode automatically chooses the proper sound-setting by means of Apparent Audio+ as stated by this information. The remaining part of the manners are personalized to distinct situations just like the Cinema manner that fosters encircle consequences, Music style with an even far more detailed expressed glossiness even though information mode fosters the dialog.

There certainly are a couple of extra audio features with just one having a supplementary Voice style you may utilize to correct the dialog a notch or 2 in the event that you think it requires while there is certainly additionally a Nighttime style which retains the fidelity and clarity of conversation in reduced volume levels.


If it regards the soundbar’s flowing capacities there are in reality just two alternatives for you personally. Usually the sole being with all the employment of blue tooth in such fashion in which you are able to flow any sort of audio towards this soundbar out of almost any Bluetooth enabled cell gadget. This procedure is really as easy as matching two blue tooth apparatus jointly. The alternative is always to make use of the USB interface and then connect a few outside storage to listen to your favorite data files. You only ought to remember the builtin network player is quite confined and you can find particular restrictions from that which files have been encouraged. It’s possible to check the guide to get a detailed collection of most records it could be manually playback.

The Sony HT-X9000F Also Includes DSEE. This will be always to boost the good quality of compressed audio records or CDs by imitating high-range appears taken off inside the compression procedure bringing the total caliber as close-to High Placement Audio as you are able to. Even the Sony HT-X9000F can be really a little bit of an unusual person. Using the aspect it may encourage play back of all loss-less files such as FLAC and also ALAC however on the opposite side it will not have the hardware to automatically output exactly the high-quality those records may offer. Hence whilst the data files have been encouraged that the final result isn’t quite as fantastic as it can possibly be. We do not do not forget, to let you know that the facts, having found the following soundbar that affirms High Placement Audio data files without even having in a position to formally encourage .

1 final feature which is well worth mentioning could be that the comprised hdmi cec assist. For this you may use it remote to get a handle on any basic parts of this soundbar such as quantity. This is sometimes quite handy but for detailed manage you’re going to want the soundbar’s distant. 1 thing which we found of use is that if the soundbar and television are attached as a result of HDMI that the soundbar is showing a house Menu in the television which may be quite practical since you are able to select different selections and view some given advice.

Over all we’d express the Sony HT-X9000F stipulates a exact basic amount of features. In contrast to this greater ending HT-Z9F lots of features are eliminated that largely have todo together with the internet features of this machine since we become nearly none. Additionally a couple of solid features was trashed but appearing in the overall photograph we feel it delivers plenty of to your own purchase price kind it’s supposed.

Initial Setup

Even the Sony HT-X9000F follows precisely the exact same principle which we see in the majority of reduce grade soundbars which will be always to offer you a straightforward and easy installation because the majority of those soundbars are all plug-an-play willing with nominal configurations to address. This really is definitely an evident movement contrary to your makers as their believing is the fact that the majority individuals who could acquire such a soundbar would not wish to address elaborate installations also this sounds to keep accurate to some huge scope.

Hence that the procedure from un-boxing that the Sony HT-X9000F all of the manner before the stage people start out watching our very first articles could not become simpler and problem free of charge. Once we perform with our soundbars testings we joined our UHD player for the HDMI input signal and used that the HDMI output signal to join with the device into our own evaluation television. Following turning the soundbar and then sub-woofer over the 2 joined nearly instantly since they’re paired by the mill. But if it is not possible for them to connect it truly is simple to set them after a manual directions.

If what’s done and said you will find in reality a couple of calibration configurations but certainly are incredibly fundamental and simple to manage. The initial one puts the exact distance in your listening position into the soundbar whereas the 2nd correct the noise degree of this soundbar along with subwoofer. The calibration could be accomplished with an evaluation tone which the soundbar emits. And that is really all, quite uncomplicated we could say plus it needs to’t require you longer than just a short while to finish.


With all the calibration accomplished you have two preferences to pick through this soundbar. Usually the sole might be the sensible manner that you wish touse and also the alternative is should you’d like to empower or even the Surround motor by pressing on the Vertical S. button onto the remote. Inside our impression you are going to use a mixture of those 2 predicated on the material you’re watching as well as at all honesty you have to earn a little bit of analyzing your self as a way to decide on which mixes appear the most effective for you personally. In terms of people now we can chat regarding our tastes .


Moving to your picture analyzing we chose to proceed to get a picture with a exact busy Dolby Atmos mixture and also what greater choice compared to the 4K UHD edition of Transformers: The previous Knight. You will state anything you would like about Michael Bay’s past campaign on this specific cherished franchise nevertheless in regards to it has technical art that the picture really is an visible and audio scene and exactly the type of supply stuff we want so as to examine how very good that the Sony HT-X9000F can replicate all of the encircle and over-head actions.

Today let is not overlook that we’re speaking about an essential 2.1 channels device thus anticipation even right away ought to really be kept in check. Manufacturers consistently love to maintain massive and send tiny and notably once you realize the hardware limits in the purchase go you should never watch for wonders. As we commence we try the soundbar at Standard style with all the S. up-mixer switched away as a way to learn the way that the soundbar fares with this digital tech.

We chose that a couple of chosen scenes which are rather chaotic with encircle and over-head activity and also the Sony HT-X9000F was able to deliver a exact good front sound stage. Even though activity was totally in front that which we had was fairly fulfilling taking into consideration this had been originating out of two motorists. Even the soundbar managed enough to maintain it has composure despite having this cacophony whereas both leading channels experienced great significance along with decent gap between these.

You will find moments which we believed the audio prolonged much greater compared to the bodily surfaces of this soundbar however that wasn’t apparent all of the moment; point. Even the sub-woofer about the opposite hand managed to supply ample punch when essential but do not expect you’ll shake off the full house since it has size will not allow such extremes.

In overall we’d express the soundbar behaved as soon. Even a exact powerful and pleasing front point with all decent clarity and exact alteration of front channels whereas the encircle and over-head activity has been lost for activity which was maybe not surprising in any way.

The second phase was supposed to change the preferences somewhat to determine whether this will produce the ability absolutely various. That time around we chose that the Cinema style that’s assumed to improve the environment effects in addition to allowing the Vertical S. up-mixer during the distant. This moment around the Atmos combination felt satisfying with greater quantity. Even the Cinema manner did boost the environment effects just a piece but we still did not sense, since some one of these from the straight back. This gave you an impression which the activity came somewhat nearer for your requirements in relation to this conventional longer since it attempts to generate a much far more enveloping bubble however with a little perimeter and also at virtually no method we sensed within the immersion field.


In addition the Surround motor did strive to provide a feeling of elevated results. Truly you will find seconds which noise had been forthcoming more than previously and therefore supplying a marginally superior Atmos practical experience but don’t expect you’ll show your thoughts appearing upward in search of at which the noise comes out of. Additionally it felt as though the bass experienced a small enhance which will be ordinary in manners that favor motion movies.

When we’d be speaking in regards to the overall Dolby Atmos performance we now got, matters had been pretty fair. However, while you get in to account which we’re speaking about such a easy installment matters be much interesting. Sony’s asserts the HT-Z9000F can model whole 7.1.2 channels encircle audio is stretching it overly much and also to get specific places the bar way too good for that which it has hardware could reach which in all honesty isn’t fare to your own Sony HT-X9000F nonetheless it will not produce a concerted attempt to provide you with an awareness of exactly what Dolby Atmos is about. Utilizing the Cinema style in conjunction together with the S. up-mixer can be the best choice for an even far more immersive experience.

Finally that the Sony HT-X9000F does quite a fantastic job at supplying a exact fulfilling performance in front whilst it’s going to surely offer you a tiny flavor of noise altitude. Rotational activity might perhaps not believe overly different however the soundbar did strive to induce action nearer to us if we did not believe it originating out of .


Moving to your music studying we chose to go having some FLAC data files which we streamed throughout the USB interface. Once we said over the soundbar may possibly perhaps not encourage High Placement Audio . however, it may play-back loss-less records accordingly that we mentioned why maybe not. With this particular evaluation we chose that the music style to determine whether the consequences are better.

Even the soundbar managed to supply a more strong midsize and great pull at the vocals however if it arrived into the lows it felt as though it had been overlooking a few punch. Despite all the bass encouraged a-little the mid century stole all of the thunder. Encompass performance isn’t too essential here therefore that the bar could hide it has incapability to generate an even far more immersive knowledge however, that did not prevent us away from having the capacity to definitely track down the musical instruments as well as their rankings front of us.

Dynamic drums, simple guitar riffs and sharp vocals ended up been duplicated using very excellent clarity looking at the course of this HT-X9000F. This soundbar may possibly perhaps not embarrass you because of it has musical skills however can be certain provide you with lots of agreeable occasions of entertainment.

Final Thoughts

The Sony HT-X9000F finds itself marginally at an identical case whilst the HT-Z9F is. Sony manufactured enormous asserts for the two them without even going for all the essential hardware to confirm all these promises. There’s therefore much it is possible to certainly do using digital technology and also though this indicates that makers are still pushing hard with front that we have been way from stating these could grow to be a good substitute for actual devoted speakers.

Even the soundbar we analyzed this now managed to supply a exact nice and pleasing front point which will expand beyond the bodily borders of this machine along with together with the assistance of it has sloping encompass motor to present more thickness and elevation for it has performance. Anyhow with Dolby Atmos along with DTS:X service is even more notable whether it will be praised because of it has ease to installation and to manage. Additionally, it will come with Bluetooth and USB streaming whenever it is quality is characteristic of Sony specifications.

However, the drawbacks of course the quantity an individual is it has incapability to generate an entire encircle and over-head immersive performance. When it wasn’t to get Sony’s asserts this wouldn’t stand out so awful however should you market the machine because such the final outcome leaves much to be wanted. Additionally this soundbar might function as probably the most cost-effective device Sony manufactured in 2018 however you’ll find different brands offering equivalent specs and features to get much less of an amount which places more tension about the Sony HT-X9000F.

At the close of your evening that the Sony HT-X9000F can be really a soundbar which may meet you when you’re interesting in improving your own television’s audio and you’re a little limited at distance. It is performance is very good, construction is very good and also the virtual tech will supply you the type of immersion you might well be searching for in a smaller 2.1 channels system.

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