Sony HT-ST5000 Review (7.1.2 CH Soundbar)

Sony HT-ST5000 Review













  • 7.1.2 channels in a compact, well-built design.
  • Lots of inputs, including eARC support.
  • Great amount of deep, rumbling bass.


  • Compresses and distorts noticeably at max volume.
  • Disappointing surround performance.
  • Few sound enhancement features.

If it regards soundbars in-general it is really a give and take position since these certainly were engineered using a particular way of thinking. By 1 facet most of these are simple to install, they’re cable-free and also less or more streamlined which may accommodate in most big or small regions. In the event that you add the somewhat good deal they pay for some set of men and women who cannot manage to devote a great deal of income due to his or her viewing delight.

However, on the opposite hand by generating such streamlined designs supposed we would loose several matters and also essentially the most apparent are the accuracy and high quality of everything exactly a whole surround technique provides. Through time producers have attempted to improve up on the flaws of soundbars with assorted degree of succeeding. Together with the trendiest audio formats hitting on the marketplace a couple of ages ago soundbars wouldn’t be able to be left so that we commenced to determine increasingly more and much more Dolby Atmos empowered soundbars that strive to give the additional immersion with the format by adding longer Atmos empowered drivers by using engineering technologies.


However, with all the constraints which soundbars possess in entire that offer a Dolby Atmos practical experience would not be a simple action todo. Thus if we listen to a soundbar presents technology which may mimic a 7.1.2 audio installation we have been always doubtful. We all now have seen again and back soundbar suppliers which makes bold maintains just neglecting to send. Now’s Sony HT-ST5000 review will probably concentrate using a few of those Japanese’s maker Atmos empowered soundbars and we’ll examine whether it may deliver the things that they assert it provides. Does this send items once again design limits could be your”Achilles heel” of this Sony HT-ST5000. Continue reading in order to learn.

Design, Inputs and Features


As the soundbar is rated being a 7.1.2 channels platform at the package deal we now capture no more than the most important human anatomy in addition to the radio sub-woofer. Having a dimension of 46.46 x 3.15 x ray 5.71″ (1180 x 80 x 145mm) along with pounds of 18.08 pounds (8.2 Kg) this might be the largest soundbar we’ve observed however it is undoubtedly among those larger ones also it’ll match well under almost any sort of 55″ TV and over. However, exactly the same note that the comprised subwoofer is really a little monster and using a dimension of 9.76×15.87×16.77″ (248 x 403 x 426mm) along with pounds of 31.09 pounds (14.1 Kg) it is a cut over the different manufacturers which contain subwoofers inside their versions at as far as size is concerned.

Even the Sony HT-ST5000 isn’t just a cheap version and Sony ensured to generate a design that could signify it has top selling price. Even though you initially look at this, it provides you exactly the”dim square box” belief it’s some thing which belonged to people. It can be that Sony has comprised several sharp corners and lines so as to provide it a much dynamic look rendering it appear more straightforward for your attention whenever it really is hair-line finish show it has more superior prestige. Even the subwoofer’s design follows at an identical manner however now we receive yourself a little more curvy design whenever it truly is one of a kind base surely provides it a much potent appearance.


Leading part of the soundbar is coated with one attachable punching fabric protect which reaches all of front drivers whereas on the borders of the top-side we have mended perforated grilles concealing the upfiring Dolby Atmos motorists. In the middle of the best aspect we additionally have any hands switches which have become well positioned in the direction of the rear side so to not divert from the rather sterile appearance. The switches are such as electrical power, enter option, blue tooth matching, Music support and quantity controllers.

Involving the heart and appropriate drivers Sony has put front desk screen to be able to provide you a visual sign of this soundbar’s functionσ about the primary component . On left side of this show there exists really a blue tooth index that based the way that it illuminates it reveals one of that the status of the blue tooth functionality whilst about the most suitable aspect of this show we detect that the IR detector.

At the most suitable side we now receive the sole USB interface which accompanies the system also it has positioning will help you to get comfortable access in the event that you would like to join all types of outside storage. The other relations have been put in the rear part of the system at which we additionally find particular holes so as in order to wall socket mount it should you would like. Generally speaking people enjoy just how much thoughτ Sony has become this specific one. Even though we see lots of manufacturers favor far more curvy designs that this one also follows a totally different philosophy and also we have been somewhat sold because of it has appearances and superior texture.

Inner Components

Removing front grille we have been greeted with a gorgeous sight. Seven 2.5″ (6.5cm) front facing motorists ‘ are accountable for covering the front soundstage together with those to your right and left channels comprising coaxial speakers using gold-rimmed, high frequency tweeters whereas the centre channel includes the following coaxial speaker followed through the other four midsize cones.

Even the Sony HT-ST5000 additionally comprises two upfiring Dolby Atmos motorists onto both borders of the best side which are put such a manner for your noise to rebound from their ceiling and also return to the viewer supplying the illusion of overhead exercise. Most Atmos empowered soundbars count upon digital tech to mimic Atmos impacts but using precise Atmos motorists would be your next most useful point and even though it may possibly perhaps not be nearly as nice and accurate are authentic elevation speakers it’s much superior than some other digital technology may provide thus considerably. The most important component features Sony’s S-Master HX electronic amplifier which lessens vibration as a way to provide precise consequences with high speed ranges previously mentioned the forty kHz markers.


The busy subwoofer across the flip side includes one 7 1/8″ (18cm) downfiring motorist which is accountable for each of the reduced frequencies and if the cone might be a large person it’s sufficient to provide decent bass for those wanting to shake somewhat their space.

Even the Sony HT-ST5000 at first endorsed Dolby Atmos audio monitors but as Sony has upgraded it now in addition, it supports DTS:X. To get a soundbar therefore high priced since this we believe service for each formats that a granted as DTS:X is likewise getting featured many brand new picture releases recently plus it’ll have been a pity not only to become in a position to take pleasure from it has immersion too.


Even as we said that a little sooner the sole interface which isn’t positioned in the trunk may be your unwanted USB interface. Looking at the soundbar in the trunk we all detect all of links sprinkled collectively in exclusive insets as a way to support with cable administration. The links which appear backward are two HDMI inputs along with also an Ethernet interface for wired link with the world wide web while you will find likewise a couple vents appearing backward for example an analogue inputsignal, an electronic digital optical inputsignal, a second HDMI input signal and adjacent for it an HDMI output signal which likewise has ARC operation.

Even the HDMI vents are typical HDCP 2.2 which signifies that they encourage 4K/60p, HDR and extensive colour gamut. However in honesty about three HDMI inputs may possibly perhaps not cut on for those who are looking to join numerous apparatus such as flowing bins, video game consoles and blu ray players one of a couple of of longer are more preferable. Even the Sony HT-ST5000 additionally will come totally wireless competent using integral wi fi (2.4GHz/5GHz) 11a/b/g/n in addition to blue tooth.

Control Options

Gone would be the instances once the added remote has been you had to restrain the audio tools. We reside in a era at which multiple possibilities needs to be around so that as such the Sony HT-ST5000 does precisely that. But let us speak concerning the added distant first which sadly neglected to impress us. We’ve analyzed many equipment out of Sony these days plus it really is our opinion when there’s a single area they’re much supporting your rivalry that unquestionably is their own remotes.

Usually the only one we all receive ahead appears cheap and dull and will not match the superior temperament of this soundbar. It comprises each of the switches that you will be needing together with work buttons on very best, navigation controls at the center, quantity controllers under these and play back switches in the underside. That isn’t any back-light available whilst it has plastic design leaves much to be desirable.

We also described previously we now have some builtin buttons around the principal system of this machine however those just supply some exact basic purposes plus so they may not be utilised to restrain the device completely. Nevertheless, it really is a good idea to realize they exist if they have been wanted. All these are bodily physical buttons and also perhaps not touch sensitive and painful as we’d noticed in another superior soundbars ahead of.


In the event you need an even more higher level method of get a handle on afterward Sony has generated the Sony Music heart which can be a program for both Android along with iOS apparatus with which you are able to get a grip on the soundbar and it has Chromecast along with Multi-room functionalities. In this fashion in which you may employ your tablet computer or smart-phone also restrain the machine out of anyplace in your home. This is really a quite wonderful program and supplies a great deal of management across the soundbar therefore that we advise you to provide it an attempt to determine whether you prefer it.

Last but most certainly not least we must not overlook that which commences to be trend recently which can be voice-control. Even the Sony HT-ST5000 is controlled via voice by simply currently being Google Assistant all set. Regrettably while we’ve experienced other soundbars which include builtin recorders todo the occupation this really isn’t the scenario here you are going to require a split up Google property apparatus as a way to make use of this particular function. In the event you’ve got 1 then you’re fine to really go differently you might need to pay for additional to receive you.

Further Features and Products and Services

1 thing throughout performance that genuinely amazed us was that the number of features the Sony HT-ST5000 needed Sony placing plenty of significance right into it. To start with of the soundbar includes lots of noise manners and features including apparent Audio+ which corrects settings mechanically depending on everything it is you’re listening in each minute. There’s also 3 d encompass which strives to produce an even three dimensional sound stage whilst Film, Music, video game Studio, sports activities and typical manners during process that the noise otherwise in line with this material that they truly are intended for.

Even the soundbar could not do with no assist for substantial Placement audio so that since such besides by the normal lossy formats additionally, it supports data files such as FLAC, ALAC and DSD. However, in case a group mostly includes simple non bit rate mp3 records fear less the Sony HT-ST5000 includes all the Digital audio improvement motor HX technology which can be definitely an algorithm which assesses low excellent audio and replaces lost harmonics so as to attract the audio straight back into close high top quality. We attempted it and also while the consequences may possibly well not be instantly apparent that there have been seconds at which audio believed somewhat cleaner and much more described.


This is really a central factor the moment it regards the unit also now there are many ways that you could stream audio that is in fact notable. To start with there is certainly wireless in addition to blue tooth streaming as such you’re able to join into the net to products and services such as Spotify or make use of the integral Chromecast and flow out of a lot more than a hundred audio programs. It’s possible to even utilize blue tooth and flow music in the smart phone, tablet computer or notebook whereas with NFC you may possibly make instantaneous one-touch relations with different apparatus which encourage .

Even though blue tooth streaming can be an attribute that’s being encouraged with a broad scope of soundbars Sony has comprised for this specific one that can be named high-quality wireless audio streaming (LDAC) which really is really a technology designed by Sony to be able to flow premium excellent audio via blue tooth. Normal blue tooth loading is accomplished at 328Kbps which ensures that highresolution audio looses much of it has quality. Using LDAC statistics are sent in 990Kbps which can be three days faster assuring much superior caliber of this audio that you listen to.

By means of this Sony Music application you have the capacity to produce your own own wireless multi-room by linking or group assorted wireless speakers you could have all through your home.

Last but most certainly not least the Sony HT-ST5000 will be hdmi cec competent which usually means you have the capacity to employ your television remote as a way to restrain the loudness of the soundbar. Unfortuitously functionality by way of hdmi cec is bound as many purposes of this soundbar could simply be changed with all the added remote a lot less or more you might need to put it to use.


One important factor that most soundbars have to offer you is simplicity of usage because it will be of fantastic significance as a way to distinguish them by an standard encompass audio platform. Regrettably we’ve observed some soundbars these days that’ve come to be a little more technical when it has to do with installation and calibration which may turn off consumers which search for some thing simpler to innovate.

It looks like Sony took be aware of the although we’re referring to a Dolby Atmos soundbar which you’d anticipate it in the future with a large quantity of calibration configurations infact it really is a lot more better to receive it than you can be thinking. Plug and play is the thing that defines this component because it’s as simple as it will reach really make the first installment and also have it in virtually no time without any prior working experience with such gear.


To start with while some soundbars need in order to put in a program to a own smartphone to be able to earn all links this isn’t the scenario . As such that you never have to get internet relationship as any components initial installation call for. Additionally there isn’t any audio calibration technique to really go through with most configurations getting done by hand. If you’re fearful by believing you need to experience all of calibration by hand then you shouldn’t because you can find only a few configurations you want to fix such as speakers space in the screening position and also ceiling elevation to that Atmos speakers.

After linking both main component and also the subwoofer into an electricity socket the 2 join instantly wirelessly hence there’s not any requirement to get anything. You fix a couple of settings to your own spaces and you’re all set. You need to spend time seeking a sweetspot to your own subwoofer along with also the soundbar as opposed to tweaking and tweaking preferences. 1 factor we ought to state is the machine contains one set position whilst front motorists must take a look in the viewer as the Atmos motorists really should appear in the ceiling. We cite that as some soundbars provide various positions based on positioning in the furniture and also the wall socket as a way to check better yet that will not connect with the component.

Sony asserts you are able to receive yourself a entire 7.1.2 channels natural environment with only the soundbar and also sub-woofer also todo so which they utilize the things that they telephone 7.1.2 ch s force professional Front Surround technology. Quite simply that they utilize special applications that assesses the audio and attempt to mimic audio that arrives out of digital speakers which in fact do not exist. We’ve observed comparable technologies at different soundbars with assorted amounts of succeeding however, in every honesty no of those was able to produce an entirely immersive environment surroundings. When these technologies, atleast in our encounter, handled several situations to offer you a little more thickness that the ending effect lacked accuracy without felt as a fantastic replacement into the true factor.

The essential factor for much greater accurate audio is devoted speakers along with together with all the Sony HT-ST5000 with focused Atmos motorists however no more encompass speakers gave us an thought of exactly what less or more you may anticipate which ensures that over-head impacts should actually be discovered while encircle audio will probably be problematic. Can we currently put with all our observations? Let us figure out.


Certainly one of those pictures we all love to take to throughout our soundbar evaluations is that the 4K UHD edition of Saving Private Ryan with an remarkable Dolby Atmos monitor. The picture might well not qualify as the most effective in the event that you’d like to decide to try Atmos consequences but is fantastic for analyzing encompass audio in addition to the capacities of this subwoofer.

Even the Sony HT-ST5000 is a 3.1.2 platform which attempts to mimic an whole 7.1.2 audio natural environment by way of digital tech. We were interested to learn the method by which the machine will act with such a demanding spectacle whilst the launching of this picture that features the shooting of Allied troopers around Omaha beach. The start of the landscape features that the Allied troopers from the sea ships awaiting reach beach along with also our very first impression was full front sound-stage felt.

This spectacle includes lots of secondary ecological impacts such as the sea ship engines the water warms over the ships since they dash into reach territory. However, the other German artillery is thumping on the beach seeking to help keep the shield point with all the sub-woofer needs to provide us modest glimpses of what’s to emerge.


After the troopers reach the beach we capture acoustic guitar mayhem together with all the soundbar attempting to reproduce that the chaos we all watch screen. It had been extremely obvious the front sound stage felt expanded and full, so breaking the bodily borders of this soundbar it self. Even the soundbar managed to replicate the consequences reliably while channel altering was really immediate and accurate. Explosions needed the essential burden in their mind as the subwoofer has been vibration our chamber to the pride.

Even though there clearly was not much process from the elevation coating the Dolby Atmos course together with the assistance of their Atmos speakers onto the soundbar made a extra”entire” over-head coating but with no really being very different once we’ve undergone at different pictures. But even tiny developments helped create a greater experience all around.

When there is only one area the Sony HT-ST5000 neglected to impress had been together with it has encircle performance. When German machine firearms are halfway throughout the troopers once the sea ship doors available we are able to hear that the bullets whizzing in front left and right channels however there isn’t any activity powering us. Even the sound-stage felt somewhat closer to us however in no way it’s was created to generated a persuasive environment surroundings.


As a way to check that the Dolby Atmos capacities of this machine we chose to check the 4K UHD edition of the picture bumble-bee. The movie includes a bombastic Dolby Atmos audio monitor that gives lots of over-head actions and also we believed that it had been an ideal choice for the Sony HT-ST5000 screening. Being fully a Transformers picture the picture offers tons of activity ahead and previously mentioned with all the soundbar controlling to reliably replicate front parts while encircle effects ended up again lacking in actions. Around the opposite hand light impacts were quite fantastic because we can hear activity previously mentioned us if much less distinct as we’d really like. The very best coating has been more entire as fighter jets and jets can be noticed traveling creating an infinitely a lot more immersive knowledge.

There isn’t much subtlety with such a picture as laser flame, projectiles, explosions and particles collapsing all around over the region make a scene of whole devastation with all an soundbar attempting to replicate those using a particular level of succeeding. This is really a pity as the machine has been competent to supply a fairly excellent Dolby Atmos practical experience, things believed, however less or more neglected by supplying a persuasive encompass immersion.


Nevertheless, it isn’t just about movies so that such our following evaluation is to decide on the music skills of this soundbar. As it supports substantial Placement Audio we chose some FLAC audio monitors as a way to find the most useful effects possible from this Sony HT-ST5000 and also used that the medial side USB interface to flow your audio out of.

Even the soundbar together with this sub-woofer gave an superb performance. By drumbeats to bass guitars and digital music that the Sony HT-ST5000 was able going to with a exact normal and rich noise whilst the vocals properly clear and different without even overlapping the remainder of the music tools. Mid-range felt restricted and also made available a huge bridge in between your highs and the highs. The bass was heavy without loosing much depth even though electrical guitars sensed sharp as they ought to.


Using music we are able to declare that the machine fared much superior whilst the most important weak point of not even having encircle speakers isn’t too obvious the following and therefore obtained us thrilled with it has performance. Even the soundbar shipped music which has been rich and distinct most of the full time which forced us like every single minute of this.

Final Thoughts

Whenever you get such an pricey soundbar you be expecting it to get everything producer promises to manage. And also this may be the principal issue with this specific device. Even the Sony HT-ST5000 is genuinely a very remarkable soundbar with the capacity of creating quite superior sound . however, it neglects to fulfill producer’s asserts which really is just a familiar dilemma with promotion such an audio item.

The machine contains lots of advantages since it includes clear and accurate noise with incredibly balanced mid century and highs in addition to menacing bass. In addition, the simplicity of usage is actually a significant one as it pertains packaged using a feeling of features along with flowing capacities. Adding devoted Atmos motorists implies compared to additional soundbars which assert to be more Atmos competent by way of digital tech in regards far ahead and also while the elevation impacts failed to have precisely the exact same precision as using dedicated peak speakers that the result has been like it could possibly get with upfiring variations. Additionally quality and design had been wonderful and notably the most important unit needed a design we really enjoyed.

When there’s a single item we did not enjoy was there clearly was perhaps not much encompass action. Faking for always a 7.1.2 channels soundbar can be quite a bold claim, particularly whenever you believe there are not any actual encompass speakers, also within this respect that the machine does not send. Additionally the added distant could not be worse to get a superior product in this way. Last but most certainly not least the purchase to get a soundbar-subwoofer combo may become a little scary for lots of individuals who are thinking to setting it up.


The actual challenge is when it’s well worth every penny to provide this money for only a soundbar. In the event you believe exactly what capacities it needs and what type of audio it might deliver afterward our reply is indeed. In the event you really don’t simply take in to consideration the promises of Sony mentioning this a 7.1.2 competent unit and also appear in exactly what it really can give, which will be a superior front sound stage using Atmos performance and bass, subsequently your Sony HT-ST5000 is also really good choice. If you’re thinking about purchasing this particular unit it usually means you most likely are restricted on space or you merely do not desire to mess with all the intricacy of an entire surround strategy and also within this respect the soundbar we analyzed now will insure you personally in entire.

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