Sony HT-MT350 Review | Is This The Best 2.1 CH Soundbar?

Sony HT-MT350 Review













  • It has a lot of power
  • It delivers quality sound, which makes it great for movies as well as for music
  • The subwoofer is wirelessly connected to the base
  • It supports HDMI ARC but can fall back to an optical connection (if you have an older TV)


  • Always-On surround sound mode.
  • Dark-sounding audio reproduction.
  • Struggles at max volume.

Together with the thin TVs we have now manufacturers have struggled to increase their own audio performance. There’s not enough distance to complete this. So that since such soundbars have come to be the very most useful thing using types for all needs and all of the budgets which can be targeted toward bettering the audio performance of one’s television having a comparatively low price. And Sony demonstrably mightn’t be overlooking using the particular party. Inside our Sony HT-S350 review today we’ll be analyzing one among these non finances, sub-£ 300 soundbar-subwoofer combo to learn what type of performance it provides us. So let’s check out our review of Sony HT-MT350 –

Even the Sony HT-MTS350 soundbar can be a rather basic version also it’s really intent will be to give you with improved audio and total simplicity in a very low price. It has an wireless sub-woofer that’s tackling most of the very low conclude, has 320 watts of strength, features Sony’s s force PRO digital surround audio technology, may play back Dolby Digital audio monitors and has integral blue tooth for wireless loading. Do not expect you’ll discover numerous fancy features , which is really a exact bare-bones device but as always that which things the many inside this classification that’s saddled with great acting low-cost soundbars could be your audio excellent.

Is it true that the Sony HT-MT350 can go far above your contest or it’s missing in a sea of budget-friendly soundbars offering less or more same encounter? Let us put this on this exam to discover.

Design, Inputs and Features


If it has to do with overall appearances and assembled caliber, just like absolutely any soundbar which goes at the very low stop classification, anticipations needs to really be retained check. Price could be your principal attention so manufacturers nevertheless they strive to provide quality and good designs that they demonstrably lack comparison with greater premium choices. Even the Sony HT-S350 is just the sam in that.

Having a dimension of 35 1/2″ x ray 2 5/8″ x ray 3 1/2″ (900 mm x 64 mm x 88 mm) plus weighting 5 pounds 4 7/10 ounce (2.4 kg) we’d categorize this one as a centre sized soundbar and it’s span it ought to match well under almost any form of 55″ TV and over. It really is light weight in contrast to other equally sized soundbars we’d analyzed recently therefore it isn’t hard to maneuver about and stick it in any manner you’d like. Additionally that causes it to be wall climbing in an easier way if you’re considering doing this.


Even the soundbar really is a fine appearing one also it’s a particular allure we were not looking to locate at an item with such a cost from Sony. The shirt is coated that which generally seems like quite a faux-leather shirt plank which makes it appear additional superior as it really is as front is coated with means of a metal grille that hides front shooting drivers along with also the led indications whilst it dries well round front corners and also right into each facet of this machine.

On other hand, in the midst we all receive exactly the built components which as unexpected as it might seem they have been touch sensitive and painful and also this really isn’t at all something we commonly find within this specific price. Advantageous to appearances but maybe not too practical whenever you’re searching for these at the darkened thus that it’s really a little bit of the doubled border blade that one particular genuinely. Aside for your 5 buttons there’s your Sony emblem sitting on the side as the remaining highest side has no every additional details trying to keep a exact tidy and minimalism design.

When there’s a single item that we have been consistently very stern concerning, much at cheaper designs, would be your addition of some front exhibit. Unfortuitously Sony drops the ball into that particular one since we just receive yourself a pair of sunshine signs so as to have some good visual visual comprehension to the soundbar does. The 3 signs contained have markings in addition to these however as such are not enough lots of mixes of this three will likely even reveal you diverse activities. The handbook comprises these mixes . however, it’s surely a chore to have to check each opportunity to keep in mind everything the machine has been undertaking.

In the rear of this machine we all receive yourself a exceptional in set about the proper with all the comprised vents and also the energy cable onto your rear side. Even the soundbar generally seems to have lots of venting openings which will be likewise perhaps not too common amid soundbars. In either side are exclusive holes in the event that you intend to wall mount the machine while you final thing which really needs exclusive mentioning may be that the comprised IR repeater.


Even the soundbar features a rather lower account and as such almost certainly you are not going to have issues with blocking your television’s IR detector however none the less Sony comprised one in the middle of this straight back hence in the event you have a television that sits less compared to standard one can allow this in sequence to your own soundbar to maneuver exactly the television signs. Very practical and useful so this feature would be and certainly will save you out of the great deal of annoyance.

In terms of the added sub-woofer that it has a average dimensions which steps 7 1/2″ x ray 15 1/8″ x ray 15 3/8″ (190mm x 382mm x 390mm) and weights 17 pound 3 1/5 ounce (7.8 kilogram ). Design sensible it can remind you that a centre sized personal computer tower whereas the box employs a blend of plastic and wood. Front shooting driver has been included in means of a metallic perforated grille using a significant bass jack set exactly under it. On peak of front face there is really a tiny light index although in the trunk we’ve got an electrical and also a hyperlink button.

Generally speaking people are able to say we have been delighted using all the design of this Sony HT-S350. It truly is practically nothing from this standard however in such a price structure seems excellent, design appears fine and excellent will be just average. The touch sensitive buttons will be a much premium characteristic even when maybe not just a exact practical one particular as the added IR repeater is certainly a bonus. The single thing which we wore was that there surely is absolutely no fully operational exhibit that most exceptionally low-cost soundbars comprise now. The subwoofer includes the proper design so as to easily fit in significantly more tight compared to standard distances.

Internal Hardware

Next let us have a glance on what’s beneath the hood. Even the Sony HT-S350 soundbar, staying such an essential apparatus that has the very simple installation, that means we just receive just one front firing driver to get each one of both channels. Some thing which is turning into a fad with soundbars is for makers to utilize underfloor drivers as a way to obtain just as much as you possibly can out of such non profiles which those units arrive together with. And that soundbar is the same.

Making use of two 2 1/8 at × 3 5/8 at (52 millimeter × 90mm) cones ranked at 85 watts each this version may catch out more of them than it might when it goes with around variants. The most important soundbar comes with an increased assortment of 200 — 20,000 Hz in 4 ohms heaps no further than one% total harmonic distortion.

Regarding that subwoofer which accompanies it, also it features a 6,5″ (160mm) entrance shooting driver using front suspension jack precisely under it. While in 160mm that really isn’t the largest driver we have observed within this very low budget class, but it’s sufficient to be able to supply us exactly the essential punch demanded. Of course for in to consideration the remaining part of the motorists getting used to get a larger subwoofer motorist is marginally over kill. It has strength output is rated at 150 g (in 2.5 ohms, 100Hz ).


And that is it. Perhaps not much to mention to become fair. A fairly simple installation with a few adequate however incredibly fundamental hardware found which individuals have experienced innumerable times before in very similar 2.1 channels soundbars. It merely remains to be noticed in case it could possibly offer such a thing longer compared to others and we’ll start looking to that fleetingly.


Ordinarily with these units we receive at the cheapest connection vents and also the Sony HT-S350 is actually re defining the definition of uncomplicated. In the rear in a exceptional in-set on the most suitable side home that the single available vents. An HDMI output signal with ARC operation together side an electronic digital optical inputsignal. And that is everything you’ll get. It has to be 1 among many couple soundbars which will not offer you all kinds of analogue stereo jack however together with all the HDMI along with the electronic interface you possibly will probably soon be completely coated. There’s additionally a USB interface but which is earmarked just for applications upgrades and there’s not any additional application to this.

The cable stems right out of the side of their rear face, which could create cable direction somewhat more catchy particularly in the event that you would like to wall mount it and also maintain all of wires sprinkled collectively and reveal as much as you possibly can.

Even the sub-woofer about the opposite hand does not have any available ports since it links for the key soundbar wi-fi therefore there’s not any demand for cables.


Regarding that soundbar’s wireless capacities in regards with blue tooth but no wi fi. Blue tooth is still V-5.0 but merely affirms the A2DP account with all the basic SBC codec significance you may not get rather large excellent audio using it has wireless streaming capacities.

Sony went basic since they can with all the Sony HT-S350. Even though for its easiest of installations that a virtual interface, an HDMI and Wireless sounds exactly about it would be wonderful to find a little far more flexibility since we have observed any different soundbars with very similar selling price that offer significantly more than one.

Control Options

If it regards ways of restraining that the soundbar of course the distant comprised could be your main one which you will use nearly the entire period however in overall the Sony HT-S350, compared for a other low-cost soundbars, is rather gentle inside the available choices comprised.

The distant we receive is an excellent one but somewhat larger than that which you could expect within such a classification. We have observed some soundbars with very similar deals move to get a much bigger design but Sony moved exactly the other way round. Crafted from vinyl with a fantastic hardy really feel we aren’t able to whine regarding the building with the . It has switches have considerable space involving them some thing which helps while there’s not any back light role which will help from the darkened.

Buttons design is not anything exclusive to chat around and follows some exact special plausible arrangement. On the most notable except by the ability and also blue tooth buttons we now capture different switches for that respective noise manners. Below there’s an immense circular quantity controller while we capture controllers for subwoofer volume, mute, greater solid manners along with also two buttons in the exact base for protected website link along with also the indexes.

It looks like Sony set the noise style buttons which you’re going to use probably the many separated out of the others which really is a little of a strange action to do . It truly is such as Sony on their own understood that a number of those approaches wouldn’t be properly used as much whilst there really are a few which seem incredibly like the news headlines and Voice manners which seem to prioritize dialog also additionally, it is somewhat rash to have 2 similar kinds available.


The distant at overall is just average with this particular category and also we have seen a much low caliber ones within such a particular category.

In addition, we receive yourself a couple builtin buttons you may use this since we all said by now are put in the center of the best surface of the primary human body. From left to right there’s an electric switch, a television button which access signs from the HDMI or electronic interfaces, a blue tooth button for wireless transmission and also the customary volume controllers. A fairly standard installation and you also are going to have to make use of the remote for managing a number of those different features of this soundbar.

Last but most certainly not least using the accession of hdmi cec you have the capacity to get a grip on a number of those basic works of this machine with all the handheld remote constraint of your own television or even blu-ray apparatus but that just works in the event that you apply the HDMI link along with another apparatus additionally supports the hdmi cec functionality. This is sometimes quite a convenient feature in case you’d like to lessen the range of remotes you’re going to undoubtedly be using together with your own setup.

And that is really all about. That isn’t any remote program service here without any voice controller performance. As most low-cost units appear to be incorporating those today that the Sony HT-S350 feels marginally behind within this respect. Clearly we’re speaking of a cheap device but it truly is about selections along with providing you with the capability to choose which suits one of the most useful therefore that the longer people receive exactly the very best and within this respect the Sony HT-S350 is marginally behind your rivalry.

Extra Features and Services

Let us speak about each of the features and further functions which can be included with this version today also to be fair that there aren’t lots of to chat about at the very first location.

To start with there will be service for both Dolby electronic together side Dolby Double mono along with LPCM 2ch. And if we aren’t amazed that individuals usually do not obtain the advanced Dolby TrueHD or even Dolby Atmos formats we’re frustrated that there’s not any service for its heart DTS format. Inside this very day and era service for both Dolby Digital and DTS formats ought to be certain for the very cheap models therefore there isn’t any true explanation for your own Sony HT-S350 perhaps not to encourage them. A enormous drawback within our novels .

Whilst the machine contains just 2.1 channels to operate together with, Sony integrated their proprietary s force PRO digital surround audio technology to it so as to provide the soundbar the power to generate an even far more immersive soundstage. Now this is the intriguing portion. When most soundbars provide you with the capacity to choose in the event that you’d like this digital technology or even perhaps not the Sony HT-S350 is definitely deploying it and also you also don’t have the choice to choose both manner. Demonstrably based upon the noise manner this tech will undoubtedly do the job otherwise however, the simple fact remains you may turn off it totally which really is just a quite strange determination by Sony.


Since we have explained ahead of this sort of digital technologies may provide you with varying consequences based upon the true content along with your particular place acoustics therefore that it’s really a hit or miss out situation very and also you are unable to anticipate them to get the job done within each and every picture or home theater set. It truly is fantastic to have it however in all honesty it really is really a technology which we’d use just in distinct situations even as we have been not partial to noise that’s over-processed and distinctive from just what the founder planned.

The machine includes a couple available audio manners which have Vehicle Audio, Cinema, Music, sport, information, sports activities and typical. The majority of those are selfexplanatory with Car Audio enabling the soundbar pick exactly what is most useful and also Boost the output signal accordingly. Cinema increases the environment ramifications, Music has been enhanced consequently, video game is chiefly fitted to videogames,” information will boost dialog and speech, sports activities take to to boost ecological impacts as a way to supply you with the feeling which you’re in reality at a scene along with Conventional provide an even more well balanced effect.

There certainly are a couple of much more special noise manners together with just one currently being the customary night time Mode as a way touse while you watch low volume at that nighttime time while the 2nd 1 is Voice style which enriches conversation as a way to become clear and more different. Once we said previously information and Voice appear to be very horribly much like so are fair we did not detect lots of gaps between these.

The soundbar includes integral blue tooth and you also may use it to stream music in your cellular apparatus towards the soundbar. Having blue tooth V-5.0 makes sure stable and strong connections as well as from our evaluations we all did not observe any fracture knobs or lagging at the bond. However, if you have a Sony television you might additionally utilize this role so as to join the soundbar together with the television with an invisible connection, perhaps not utilize any cable. This is sometimes a very convenient feature in case you would like to wall mount and you also don’t need any observable wires round.

Some of features which can be not worth mentioning comprise a single Touch engage in which really is a quality that may switch in your own television and soundbar and switch into the proper audio input whenever you get started playing audio out of a bluray player or audio console. Additionally if you have a Sony television there clearly was Bravia Sync incorporated.

Even the soundbar lacks any sort of calibration system along with with all the lack of wi fi you will find no flowing or even wise features available .

Initial Setup

Placement and initial setup would not be able to be much easier for this specific soundbar. We put it upon the household furniture before the television whilst the subwoofer was put at front corner of the testing region. We joined with the soundbar together with all our television together with the added optical cable which will be everything you need . Demonstrably connecting using the HDMI cable may give you using several additional features but apart from those Dolby electronic operates only fine across the optical wire so that you aren’t going to be tripping such a thing in conditions of audio excellent.


Even the soundbar and also sub-woofer are paired nevertheless, you might likewise do the task quite easy should you attentively follow the handbook directions. Once done there clearly was perhaps not too much calibration to be carried out. Subwoofer sound and volume manner is there would be for it these two may be calibrated onto an screening to watching basis therefore it isn’t at all something to do once and forget about doing it.

Thus as soon as you have completed the preceding you’re place to really go. In every honesty out of unpacking to become prepared for usage need ton’t require greater than afew momemts. That is how straightforward it really is.


Now because of the picture testings we chose to proceed using all the Cinema audio style since it felt as though it had been that the very true of most when it arrived into movies watching. And to get its very first evaluation of ours we all chose to test the 4K UHD of all mid way. Of course we mightn’t have the joy of appreciating the immersion of this great Dolby Atmos path comprised and also we needed to negotiate together the center Dolby Digital mixture alternatively this could be the sole person endorsed by this machine.

To start with of the soundbar could possibly become rather loud because of it’s dimension. Together with 320 watts when there’s a single thing which isn’t overlooking this is unquestionably power and also the Sony HT-S350 could do that using modest, comparative to it is course, distortion. Leading soundstage virtually filled up with audio whilst the American airplanes were all diving on the Western carriers. There has been good gap between both left and right channels that have quite a few effects revealing excellent panning between right and left sides. Dialogue was decent once you believe there isn’t any dedicated centre channel & the majority of time that it had been clear and distinct when matters kicked in to over drive.


We said over the soundbar is making use of Sony’s s force PRO digital surround audio technology so as to supply more persuasive environment action. Regrettably we are not able to mention we were convinced . There clearly was not any actions felt supporting us we might truly feel some one of it sideways something we’d viewed taking place with various different soundbars which were likewise attempting to make encircle action virtual ly. Every one of the activity had been securely placed at front and though this isn’t astonishing it had been a little unsatisfactory once you market this technology thus muchbetter.

Regarding your bass, the subwoofer did a fantastic job inside this respect and given loads of punch and power inside the very low conclude supplying us lots of vibration minutes a picture similar to mid-way experienced. Mid air explosionssearch engines roaring and anti air flank flame were reproduced with aggressiveness along with also a raw trademark which might possibly not be that true but appropriate this fashion of picture.

However, this is likewise a tiny problem we found. When opting for top volume we all believed the the very low end over-shadowed the remainder of the frequencies. Even decreasing the subwoofer quantity failed to correct this absolutely whilst going for non volume that the total performance was with a lack of punch. It had been similar to it turned into very tough to discover the sweetspot that could provide us the very optimal/optimally harmony between your very low conclude, mids and highs along with with each change in bulk we all had to produce any alterations into the subwoofer quantity so as to create this as much as comparative balance yet more.

For the 2 nd screening we chose Valerian along with also the Town of the lot of Planets at 4K UHD. Yet this move includes a Dolby Atmos course with just the heart Dolby electronic person being encouraged. This picture requests a much far more fragile performance since there clearly was wider array around the type of scenes we all capture. There is certainly more conversation plus also a increased focus on ambient and environmental sounds and noise dispersion plays an important role in how immersive the ability is.


Even the soundbar yet more revealed it may satisfy front soundstage fairly persuasive with loudly and potent audio. Laser flame and Space ships provided really persuasive and true panning consequences while parting involving your left and right was fine however maybe not best. Even the soundbar regrettably isn’t too delicate in regards in finer specifics even though many are not bothered much with the fact remains the Sony HT-S350 goes longer for less and power for delicacy.

Encompass activity once-again has been sprinkled with all the soundbar neglecting to deliver any sort of audio that arrived somewhere other than only from front. The consistently on virtual-surround technology of this machine failed to supply the needed thickness and a number of the ramifications which were assumed to emerge out of the straight back proved securely originating from front which manufactured the entire performance seem a little strange on occasion.

Even the sub-woofer yet more did quite a nice job supplying us the desired non end however, also the unbalance we watched previously was here but just a little much less noticeable due to the fact the picture wasn’t absolutely all out activity all of the moment; point.

In the event that you wish to find a soundbar which may give a commendable upgrade in excess of your television’s audio performance the Sony HT-S350 is going to perform just good. Leading stage will absolutely feel far more powerful and full if you are certain to receive the type of vibration that no television could possibly provide even to day. Simply do not anticipate any sort of encompass exercise out with the as the small unbalance amongst your frequencies may create matters tougher to locate the sweetspot for most occasions.


For the music examining that our sole solution was supposed to utilize blue tooth and flow music as a result of an invisible link. Probably not the optimal/optimally method demonstrably due to the fact with blue tooth audio quality is radically reversed however, also the soundbar will not have every additional means to flow music thus we have to contend in what exactly is being supplied.

The Sony HT-S350 may be the type of soundbar which may undoubtedly make your jaw fall around a floor since it lacks both the finesse and nicer audio that many different soundbars offer you but can make certain meet the casual listener which isn’t quite rough and won’t search to get each and every imperfection from the audio touch.

With this particular round we picked for its Music manner which we presume gave exactly the soundbar a improved outcome with different music rhythms and tones. Sound experienced very good dispersion, it sensed pretty highly effective even though musical tools were quite different with good however maybe not perfect break. Highs believed somewhat little overexciting to become fair because of our preference whilst that the bass has been marginally over-shadowing the mid century.

We’d strive assorted kinds of music that range from jazz, rock, classical, hip-hop and electronic and generally in the majority of instances the soundbar furnished very similar performance we mightn’t mention this unit favors a more particular type of music on any other. Moving to greater than average amounts there wasn’t any much perceptible stimulation yet the bass felt just like overshadowing every thing else.


If you’re rough together with your music then you need to look everywhere however if everything you search will be really a soundbar so as to relish your movies and music together with it without even nit-picking afterward that the Sony HT-S350 is surely not really a poor option plus certainly will supply you with lots of hours of enjoyment.

Final Thoughts

It has come to be more and more hard for practically any soundbar from the sub-£ 300 classification to essentially distinguish it self since you can find a lot of models around now offering fantastic quality and also a equivalent feature place just like the Yamaha YAS-207. And also this really is the place where that the Sony HT-S350 finds it self now. Sony strove to develop a new unit that’s uncomplicated in tackling, provide standard of performance and also most of this with nice and loud noise performance. Can they figure out how to flourish in these? In certain although maybe not all.

To start with of the Sony HT-S350 features a over average design and structure high quality. The distant additionally feels hardy while the subwoofer is simply about correct to your key soundbar measurement. Performance shrewd using 320 volt the device may move loudly, much louder than that which you’d expect you’ll be fair whilst the subwoofer will go crazy to the decrease ending. You may surely receive yourself a exact wonderful and busy entrance soundstage inside this respect. Plugandplay is created all on that you as from bothering to watching the very first picture will probably simply take one a couple minutes even though preferences really are few and easy, ideal for everyone who do not desire to devote time with numerous features and preferences. Last but most certainly not least the addition of blue tooth flowing is an wonderful improvement for hearing music.

But on the drawbacks today. To begin even though the soundbar may seem loudly, audio high quality while well really isn’t the most effective it can. Whilst we attempted all of the added noise manners we have an overall perception that noise sensed somewhat tiny perceptible while as in regards in immersion exactly the front soundstage wouldn’t be able to be complemented with both good encircle exercise. In the event you’d like supporting the shoulder activity then you definitely ought to truly look for a soundbar with devoted encompass speakers. No more DTS can be an enormous minus whilst the contained vents will be the complete minimal we can buy. Last but most certainly not least we despise every time a soundbar will not have a leading display plus also this really is certainly the largest drawback around the design with this apparatus.

At the conclusion that which we are able to say regarding the Sony HT-S350 is the fact that whilst it might undoubtedly supply you having a wonderful upgrade on your own television’s audio system also it has audio performance is sufficient for relaxed viewings you will find particular things stated earlier keeps that you from turning out to be a superb supplying. It isn’t just a terrible soundbar, perhaps not simply by considerably. However, it might have been easier too. At the most suitable price tag it will be deserves no less than considered.

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