Sony HT-MT300 Review (2.1 CH Soundbar)

Sony HT-MT300 Review













  • Quality sound without wires
  • For avid video-gamer and TV watcher
  • Setting it up is easy


  • There is no indicator for what level the sound bar/ sub woofie are currently at
  • The sub wuufer could be a little stronger, but it does the job.

It appears that using soundbars currently being really popular now suppliers are hard in the office in giving versions which may do nearer to your completely fledged environment system. This usually means turning into even larger, with a lot more speakers options as well as also in basic far more functionality which will fetch them nearer in supplying an adventure corresponding into a true home theater system. However maybe not everybody is able to find the money for such a device and want some thing which could get their noise adventure somewhat a lot better than that which the average television audio system provides. This really is the area where Sony happens to drama today inside our Sony HT-MT300 review we’ll be considering some soundbar that sets its streamlined measurement in the forefront of its advantages.

This machine needs to be certainly one of many shortest soundbars we have visited for the evening and Sony was sensible in generating a design that could easily fit in nearly all distances and underneath all types of television dimensions. However, they have not ceased there since generating such a little soundbar will signify that an identical design could have to be manufactured to its comprised sub-woofer additionally. And really they have whilst usually the one who includes this specific version is just one of those bigger sized sub-woofers we have experienced, actually it really is so modest that Sony also advertises it capable of fitting below your settee for additional distance saving.

Even the Sony HT-MT300 could be the more straightforward of both HT-MT designs, with all the MT500 function as advanced among this 2, also it’s a 2.1 channels soundbar using it has compact design staying its notable and sturdy characteristicit works by using s force professional Front Surround technology, it’s NFC-enabled to get simple experience of your cell apparatus and works by using blue tooth for streaming music.

It looks like compact design and ease would be your only two big advantages of this Sony HT-MT300 so we’re considering the way its dimension genuinely impacts its performance. Thus with no further delay let us start off our review.

Design, Inputs and Features


Even the Sony HT-MT300 surely contrasts with its general streamlined design however in overall people have been speaking of a very low priced, funding pleasant soundbar so that since such regarding over all design top quality and also substances utilised we receive the very quality that you ought to expect within this particular category. Sony compensated lots of awareness at trying to keep its footprint as little as you possibly can and this really could be the most important focal point .

Even the Sony MT300 is unquestionably the shortest soundbar we have reviewed for the particular day and also steps only 19.69 x 2.13 x ray 4.06″ (500 mm × 54 mm × 103 mm) which makes it perfect for almost any TV of almost any dimension. With a burden of simply 3.09 pounds (1.4 kg) it really is as simple to take care of as if any soundbar could be. And using such a little dimension it truly is maybe not just excellent for tiny sized TVs . however, additionally, it may easily fit in rather little cupboards which will be unquestionably a incentive to those who have modest household furniture in the TVs. Of course in the event that you put in the simple fact its overlooking all types of negative or up-firing motorists that the Sony MT300 provides you a lot of placing versatility.

The most important material applied this is plastic however Sony set your time and attempt for which makes it appear a little more fascinating. Complete the soundbar has rather curved corners and also fine modern day lines whereas the complete front is covered into a steel perforated grille which wraps marginally to either side. Sounds entire is extremely minimal rather than brings awareness.


The very best facet is coated in vinyl however what’s exciting is the fact that Sony rather than working with a easy plastic casing made a decision to really go to get a imitation appearing leather feel vinyl. But on the 1 hand in a space that might deceive you into thinking that this really is leather and also ups the total excellent texture of this machine nevertheless whenever you truly touch , that imitation leather vinyl feels much cheaper than having a smooth smooth coating. Which means you get some thing and also you loose some thing different. On the most suitable side of the highest face people we detect that the builtin buttons which are touch sensitive and painful and whether they can look a lot better compared to actual buttons that they are a true nuisance to utilize within a darkened atmosphere.

Additionally in the middle of the highest side we now detect that the NFC emblem in which you put your cell apparatus as a way to join into this soundbar mechanically even though at front centre corner we now capture any role LED signs which behave since the exhibit of this machine. You will find just six LEDs available for Television, Blue Tooth, USB, Analog, Movie and Music. However, these LEDs maybe not merely signify a certain role independently because you can find mixes of those that signify different condition of the gadget. We’re maybe not too fond with such a display due to the fact that much days you might have to take a look in the guide to learn exactly what the device is performing and we’d prefer the whole front exhibit rather than

Putting around the unit the rear can also be pretty uncomplicated together with connections being piled collectively in direction of the middle of this machine. You can find not any IR repeaters the following however probably you are not going to desire them whilst the soundbar is too little to block your TVs detector however since it really is targeted at small sized TVs you ought to be certain you won’t have such a issue in the future. We enjoy this the ability connector is shut along using the remaining part of the straps because it can help with wire control whereas on the best of these there clearly was really a little grille, almost certainly because a heating system solution.

Last but most certainly not least we ought to remember to say in regards to the sub-woofer which unquestionably have a special dimensions. In case the Sony MT300 has been the littlest soundbar we’d seen so far that the subwoofer which accompanies it really is unquestionably the slimmest design we have analyzed too and there’s grounds behind it. Sony desired to develop a sub floor which may be put nearly anywhere and that means under your settee!

Even the subwoofer is quite trim and works by using an identical imitation leather exterior feel to its own plastic casing. At front there’s really a huge air vent whereas the added motorist is appearing backward (or upward determined the best way to set it) and can be coated with a weatherproof cloth grille. The measurements of this subwoofer really are 3.74 x ray 15.08 x ray 14.37″ (95 mm × 383 mm × 365 mm) along having a burden of 10.80 pounds (4.9 kg) it could not be easier to manage and then put it on your area.

Even the Sony HT-MT300 wasn’t designed to check good except to match nearly anywhere and also we presume that Sony needed a true victory in generating such a device. With such a brief soundbar and slender sub-woofer it really is difficult to not come across some location to put them if there’s a single drawback the moment it regards its positioning flexibility is still how the Sony HT-MT300 may not be wall mounted mounted accordingly setting it onto a home furniture would be the sole alternative.

Internal Hardware

Even the Sony HT-MT300 can be an easy 2.1 channels soundbar together with all the most important component behind both chief channels as well as the subwoofer to aid to the frequencies that are low. You can find no negative shooting or upward Atmos speakers so what you buy would be your principles. Even the Sony HT-MT300 is rated at 100 watts (benchmark ) of overall power with all the most important component along with sub-woofer arriving at fifty g each. Even the fifty watts of the primary unit have been dispersed evenly throughout both chief channels in 25 W each channel at 4 ohms, 1 kHz.

With such a easy device you ought maybe not have large anticipations of this hardware used. Even the Sony HT-MT300, thanks to it is minimal account, opting for just two 40 x 100mm oval motorists as a way to have the ability to continue to keep decent performance in a more compact variable. These 2 drivers have the duty for most mid size and higher end since you can find no devoted highfrequency tweeters the following.

Regarding your subwoofer, any particular you runs on the 120-mm (4 3/4 in) cone style woofer accountable for several of the very low end actions. Utilizing such a little catalyst at a subwoofer isn’t standard but remember what we have this is maybe not that your normal sub-woofer possibly. Therefore it’s going to soon be intriguing to learn how that you could perform the decrease ending.

Perhaps not much to remark this whilst the soundbar is with a couple exact fundamental hardware to get the basic audio settings. What things is the way these interpret authentic performance.


Even the Sony HT-MT300 goals for simplicity so that since such connectivity selections were all certain to become exceptionally confined. From left into the Sony HT-MT300 comprises a USB interface which may be properly used to get USB loading, a stereo analog audio inputsignal, an electronic virtual optical input and also a round electricity charger.

Of course the principal way of link this would be your optical jack. Even the soundbar gets the capacity to decipher any such thing else apart than uncomplicated Dolby electronic therefore that it appears the Sony believed the the optical jack could burst. Even though this could possibly be authentic in the pristine capacities perspective, HDMI is now such an port now any particular you might substantially help this system. With the shortage of the HDMI interface we additionally overlook out the added ARC operation which may function as such a fantastic usage within an soundbar.


In terms of the own wireless capacities the Sony HT-MT300 H AS integral blue tooth performance that supports SBC, AVRCP along with A2DP(SINK) however no wi fi since it features all types of internet capacities.

A exact basic installation to get a exact standard soundbar. The shortage of the HDMI absolutely hurts the machine because it’s trusted today and therefore restricts the connectivity alternatives available a-lot.

Control Options

Let us see what way of restraining this particular unit really are not there. Remember the very low priced essence of this Sony HT-MT300 doesn’t enable much with Sony’s aim to continue to keep matters as easy as potential this usually means certain, additional higher level, features are omitted.

The added remote is having a very simple design having its very long cubic design and its particular caliber appears to become on par with all an soundbar it self. No Thing which may impress you however to be fair we have observed much worse within this classification so that that Sony delivers is decent and also receives the task finished.

Vinyl is your principal material utilized here whether it features curved rubber switches. Their dimension might be marginally bigger once people believe they’re somewhat tiny for that available distance nevertheless they have very good space among them in order to avoid commands that are accidental. Of course the distant lacks all types of back-light functionality hence utilizing it at the darkened is sometimes somewhat troublesome.

Whilst the soundbar lacks a whole lot of purposes the available buttons in your remote are plenty of to incorporate nearly all you desire with all the media a button. This aids the ease that the Sony HT-MT300 supplies more which will be good when this really is what it is you want. Aside from how many controllers the different buttons comprise precisely the exact same round design so that it normally takes a little usage to determine what each switch will.


Complete the distant is not anything striking . however, it really is useful, responsive and hardy ample.

Aside from your distant are additionally the typical builtin buttons you may use for several basic purposes. All these buttons are at the most suitable aspect of the highest face plus they’re touch sensitive and painful which really is somewhat sudden at this value group. Having touch delicate buttons will be really a doubled edged sword because they may possibly seem fine during your daytime also create the machine have a marginally more superior really feel but seeking to locate them from the darkened may leave you a lot more frustration than everything .

The buttons available on the principal unit incorporate a input selector, blue tooth features, quantity controllers and also a power switch to the far perfect.

The machine may likewise be controlled via an available cellular program called Sony Music heart (SongPal). The program may join into this soundbar throughout the blue tooth connection since there isn’t any wi fi available and enables you handle various purposes of this device like handling sound listening and settings music during the USB interface.

Even the soundbar lacks any sort of voice controller performance and there’s also no more hdmi cec you might utilize together with a different apparatus remote whilst the machine lacks any HDMI interfaces. In nature that the remote may be your most important and just way to control the accession of their builtin buttons and also the Music heart program for a few of its own functions.

Extra Features and Services

Even the soundbar’s simplicity is the principal advantage. Like additional models as soon as it has to do with features and further purposes matters looks somewhat about the other side. Therefore let us find out what’s obviously there.

To start with let us see what type of audio formats that the apparatus may encourage. Of course together with all the Sony HT-MT300 2.1 channels audio installation we’re able ton’t expect such a thing from the standard and also this really is in fact authentic because we all capture just Dolby Digital, Dolby Dual Mono along with PCM assist. The available optical jack could not enable such a thing longer any way however, we’re frustrated to understand there is not any DTS assistance. Inside this very day and era equally Dolby Digital and DTS ought to be quite a benchmark for the very low funding components. To get DTS audio you have to place your television (or some other origin apparatus ) into PCM for find any audio sign.

The Sony HT-MT300 is sold with Sony’s proprietary s force professional Front recording technology so as to supply you with an idea of surround audio. S force Front encompass can be actually a technology which instills an threedimensional audio subject in a manner that end users may benefit from 360°of entire surround audio with just two speakers. Ostensibly in easy provisions, that really is Sony’s digital audio technology and it is commonly utilized in cheaper answers so as to deliver greater significance to an machine which does not have the essential hardware to leave surround noise just how it’s likely to.

In many instances we aren’t too partial to these virtual-surround technologies however a few individuals do enjoy them and there’s for certain content which may marginally gain out of this it’s a good idea to find out Sony for example that particular one .

The machine also includes a couple sound manners that individuals require to discuss. You can find 3 essential audio modes available having some more which may be utilised in some specific circumstances. The 3 main feature ClearAudio+ which will be Sony’s advocated sound niche. The audio field will be mechanically optimized based to play-back function and content. There is, in addition, the Film style by which noises are played with encircle outcomes, plus they’re sensible and potent, which makes them convenient for movies. And last but most certainly not least there’s Music style by which noise files are optimized for hearing music.

But that is not all there’s about it. In addition, we receive yourself a Nighttime style at which noise can be output in low quantity with minimal lack in fidelity and clarity of both dialog and can be perfect for evening watching, Voice style which helps make conversation better and also a Dolby DRC (Dynamic Range Control) style. This manner works just if your Dolby Digital signal is discovered by way of the optical jack along with should you place Dolby DRC (Dynamic Range Control) to forth, lively scope of the audio signal (vary among the minimum and maximum quantity ) is compacted along with noise together with low-volume isn’t hard to know.

Last but most certainly not least we must not neglect to say that the settee manner which fundamentally informs the soundbar by which placement you have put the subwoofer, status or lay-down.

A handful extra features which can be worth course is that the means to stream music by means of a blue tooth relationship but Sony took this a stage farther by adding NFC One-touch connectivity. It follows that pairing your cell apparatus together with all the Sony soundbar can be rather simple as touching your apparatus towards the cover of the Sony HT-MT300 along with also the pairing is finished. Demonstrably your cellular apparatus needs to additionally encourage NFC connectivity for all it to do the job.

Last but most certainly not least there’s USB streaming available but a little limited by exactly what sort of audio recordings is utilized. As stated by Sony just MP3, WMA and WAV (LPCM) data files have been encouraged and also moving right on through a number of those records that this looks like true. This isn’t hi-fi equipment with no way most users may utilize low excellent MP3 data files that the maximum and within this instance the Sony HT-MT300 experienced no issues replicating them.

Perhaps not just a good deal to mention. This machine will be always narrow in additional features also it’s clear that Sony travelled for the basic principles as a way to continue to keep matters as easy as feasible.

Initial Setup

Even a soundbar is intended for ease and also the Sony HT-MT300 was designed to supply you . This machine is indeed small hence shifting and setting both main bar together side all the subwoofer couldn’t be less complicated. Once we pushed either them the sub-woofer will join to the most important component through an invisible connection nevertheless in the example of hindrance Sony has given a second stronger method of relationship called protected website link which really is a fantastic selection to have as you can find lots of consumers who have difficulty using their wireless sub-woofers generally.


In terms of linking the soundbar we utilised the optical jack of the Panasonic UHD player which fundamentally may be the sole manner so as to find yourself a encircle signal to the soundbar. All relations were manufactured there’s not anything else you have todo besides choosing the right sound style. Remember that there’s absolutely no audio calibration system so any alterations have to get made by hand. Therefore in the end is done and said we’re willing to move together with all our picture screening.


To begin for analyzing isn’t any different compared to 4K UHD edition of Saving Private Ryan having its excellent Dolby Atmos mixture. Inside our instance we all receive is now your heart Dolby Digital monitor and that’s that which we can gauge the Sony HT-MT300 together with.

Let us focus on front soundstage initial. The machine may get fairly loud every time a scene inquires to this and also this is striking because of its magnitude of this machine. The audio arrived pretty evident without a obvious stimulation in ordinary degrees however, also the noise felt fairly restricted in the centre which enhances the total immersion. How big this machine failed to aid with stereo split since both leading channels ended up overly close to provide you a broader solid wall and also decent differentiation between these channels.

It is very clear if the Allied soldiers landed on Omaha beach and frog began flying from your German machine guns. You mightn’t feel incredibly definitely the noise travelling in 1 channel for one opposite. The consequence had been that there however, it had been less conspicuous than different soundbars we’d reviewed.

Channel separation was fine but nothing more stimulating. All over again the closeness of both channels doesn’t aid and that there are times that you receive the sensation which all appears in one spot.

If it involves encircle task the apparatus features some surround speakers so that it merely must connect with Sony’s digital technology called s force professional Front set we spoke about previously. Just how this fared? We weren’t amazed to find this had modest result in generating all types of atmosphere that is immersive. Even the soundbar strove to supply greater volume and also create audio appear more pliable however actually we just secured a exact tiny advancement above very special moments and therefore do not anticipate any significant surprises .

At the very low conclude the subwoofer did a fantastic career by supplying fulfilling bass if it wasn’t the very thunderous performance we have discovered. After the German artillery had been thumping on the beach each explosion needed a wonderful thump and decent weight for this if complete the noise failed to arrive too threatening and raw since we’d really like.

Regarding the remainder of the frequencies we are not able to express the Sony HT-MT300 was able to impress us however, it did not fail . Every thing sensed at good equilibrium with all the system reaching some exact obvious limits owing to its caliber and selling price classification which can be demonstrably ordinary.

For the next evaluation we travelled using Transformers: the final Knight in its 4K UHD variant. While can argue regarding the true caliber of the movie nobody may state whatever regarding just how spectacular the Dolby Atmos mixture is. Yet we just buy the heart Dolby Digital mixture here however this really is wholly fine .

This really is Transformers thus there’s an abundance of activity to really go round and also the Sony HT-MT300 is effective of generating much sounds because of the own size. Leading soundstage filled up with explosions and laser flame. Dialogue was rather different even by way of each one of these audio cacophony even though complete resolution and clarity were in good degrees. Yet we identified that the front a little thin and stereo split somewhat debatable. The movies possess a great deal of panning impacts however, also the Sony HT-MT300 experienced issues making them all together with top-notch, outstanding accuracy so as to can even make you feel the way these impacts travel upon the place.

Rotational action wasn’t there and also all actions was aimed in front. In a few infrequent scenarios some impacts can possibly be sensed somewhat nearer towards the screening posture however there wasn’t any clear during the shoulder task in the slightest. The digital technology which the Sony HT-MT300 has unfortuitously isn’t effective in developing a persuasive three-dimensional bubble. Possibly in an thinner room using greater intimate partitions it might fare greater however that depends upon a whole lot in your own room acoustics therefore that the outcomes aren’t ensured irrespective of .

However, the very low end this ability was fairly pleasing. You are certain to receive the mandatory vibration whenever the moment asks it even though also the sub-woofer gets the essential power which will prevent you to the border of one’s chair. For that audience it’ll be only nice however because of its rough movie-goer it may feel as it lacks from entire punch and power.

Even the Sony HT-MT300 might perhaps not be too striking as some body could count on in the soundbar but in the event that you believe the measurement which Sony experienced to get the job done well with afterward undoubtedly reconsider. There’s noticeable progress more than your television audio but fundamentally the soundbar can’t supply any purposeful surround practical experience. But in the event that you really don’t care much about this and you also simply want some thing besides the television audio then that unit will probably provide you longer than its own size orders.


Let us move ahead to your music evaluations today. Since there’s not any high-resolution Audio service right here we have been restricted to having several outdated basic MP3 data files at the optimal/optimally quality potential and flow them throughout the USB interface available.

The very first impression you receive in your Sony HT-MT300 is the fact that it truly is enjoy listening music by a fantastic high quality music speaker rather than the soundbar. We signify the Sony HT-MT300 neglects to enlarge the soundstage in us at just about any purposeful manner . however, it succeeds to offer a far better acoustic response from just what it speakers could really do. The magnitude of this soundbar isn’t helping to enlarging the noise greater compared to the genuine bodily constraints of this machine plus that which feels restricted in the middle or where you have put it on.

That which we basically get is evident seem even at higher volume ranges however, also the machine has been missing much in details and dynamics. In the event that you aren’t that picky, along with using such an device you ought ton’t, subsequently nothing is inappropriate with this also it’s going to give you the essential music satisfaction. You simply have to continue to keep your anticipations check.

Audio imaging was average even though stereo panning impacts weren’t as conspicuous or’d such a specific wow influence that even bigger soundbars could present. It has size could function as the major characteristic however can be certainly one of its important flaws as soon as it regards the type of immersion it could make.


Regarding the true music caliber we are not able to mention there clearly was a character which the Sony HT-MT300 failed . Even the mids have been fine, the highs were more average and also the minimal conclude had a volume however, had been with a lack of aggression and depth. This is exactly the reason why we claimed initially with the section it seems just like hearing a fantastic music speaker rather than the soundbar. In the event you shut your eyes that you wouldn’t have the ability to share with that is really a soundbar.

We attempted distinct sort of music in rock, pop, classicaljazz and also heavy metal and rock and also the Sony HT-MT300 failed a concerted attempt to leave them most of satisfactory. If you’re searching for your tiniest soundbar available and you’re maybe not that picky in regards to the characteristic of one’s music afterward your Sony HT-MT300 will function you just nice.

Final Thoughts

Within their effort and reach the attribute of entire encompass systems most soundbars grew to become even bigger and a lot more technical. About the opposite hand that the Sony HT-MT300 goes precisely the alternative path and supply you with all the absolute lowest design potential which can be a superior choice for the ones that search some thing greater compared to the average television performance but have almost almost no distance to get a larger soundbar. However, can that magnitude limit comes in a price?

Some of the most important advantages of this machine is its size, either to the most important bar along with also the subwoofer. It might virtually match anywhere with all the subwoofer’s capability to become set either status or lay-down provides you with more flexibility and options. In addition, the machine’s simplicity is excellent and also the ones which have zero idea could have all set and prepared at virtually no moment; point. With respect to real performance the Sony HT-MT300 will give a wonderful boost on exactly what your television may offer you along with the bigger the place that you have the longer conspicuous this specific gap will likely be.

One of the drawbacks that the obvious could be that the shortcoming of this machine to supply a purposeful environment practical experience. It lacks the dimension to supply noise expansion at front while encircle exercise is lost action since you can find no encompass speakers available and also the builtin digital technology could achieve that much because of this. Of course in the event that you increase how the Sony HT-MT300 isn’t really a cheap soundbar it gets matters much easier. Last but most certainly not least there isn’t any HDMI interface touse which will be really a pity because this sort has come to be the commonplace way of link now.

Nearly the price tag that you pay will be to get the ability of the machine to be set nearly anywhere. We have observed some entirely fledged soundbars price tag exactly the exact same and supply much longer in relation to genuine audio performance, however, those may not easily fit into as much places whilst the Sony HT-MT300 can. Thus that which we are able to say is the fact that in the event that you’re exceedingly tight about distance also you also want absolutely the tiniest soundbar you’ll buy with out going back with all the cost that the Sony HT-MT300 will be the perfect remedy since it can certainly supply you with a purposeful audio performance enhance within a very modest package deal.

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