Sonos Playbar Review (9 CH Soundbar)

Sonos Playbar Review













  • Wide Soundstage
  • Natural Bass
  • Compact Design
  • Works with Streaming Services
  • Amazon Alexa Support


  • No High-Res Audio Support
  • Not Suitable for Every Room
  • No High-Res Support
  • No HDMI

Establishing a immersive home theater process isn’t always a simple task since it not merely is based upon the price tag but in addition on open distance which makes some-times the setting of speakers round the screening location a tough potential. In addition, the product quality of sound now being released of horizontal TVs are the alternative in these visual characteristic hence creating the demand to get a method which may provide both fantastic sound performance however in an streamlined design that a requisite.

Now we have been extremely happy to review that a soundbar out of Sonos since it’s the very first product or service we are reviewing out of the corporation. Contemplating that their years of skills at the discipline we’re interested to view just how their soundbar temples and when it has operation exceeds the higher selling price it expenses. Sonos isn’t just a business which follows the fantasies and also their soundbar displays this mindset by providing some thing unique of that which we commonly visit. Sonos Playbar is maybe not the normal soundbar however does this offer exactly what exactly is it promoted to get? These inside our Sonos Playbar review which follows.

Style, Design, Inputs and Attributes

By the very first time you unpack that the Sonos Playbar you know it is some thing exclusive. Even the soundbar comes with a trim rectangular silhouette along with it is human body being coated with black material and also it has silver metallic complete in the borders giving it a rather different visual design and style. The very first of Sonos specific functions is the soundbar might be set in 2 manners, possibly put down or up with all the wider border facing outside. This will help based upon your own position also it provides you greater options about the manner in which you’d like it’s look. Measuring at 3.35″ (H) x 35.43″ (W) x 5.51″ (D) / / 85mm (H) x 900mm (W) x 140 mm (D) and also weighting 11.9 pounds / 5.4kgs that isn’t a little bit of gear so using the flexibility to put it into 2 manners can be really a significant and yet one we do not find in soundbars frequently.


Fundamentally what happens is the fact that the soundbar is deploying it has on board detectors to understand from which location it’s set and can be calibrating it has output so. Inside our impression setting the broader border facing gave a feeling of improved performance . however, it is also contingent upon in the event that you’ve the room to set it in this way. About the opposite hand in the event that you’re restricted on distance setting down it may not lead to major gaps in sound reproduction.

In the rear of this soundbar there’s an in set area concealing all of connections and this may be your 2nd one of a kind attribute we all get. Whenever you check in the vents on supply you with instantly know this is not really a normal soundbar together with it has ordinary relations we generally view. And that really because the only real offered ports are a optical in port and just two Ethernet interfaces…which is it.

Sonos has intended their soundbar having a particular way of thinking. To the sound that your TV will however in a much superior manner. This indicates is the fact that you just join all of that you origin apparatus such as bluray participant, streaming carton, press player and video game console into a TV throughout the HDMI interfaces and join with your TV together with all the Sonos Playbar as a result of a optical sound out interface in order that the TV will guide sound for the soundbar as an alternative of this TV’s speakers.

Theoretically this sounds quite straightforward and wise design and style . however, it includes a catch, you you really should really be quite cautious before deciding to purchase this particular soundbar. Your TV has to be armed using a optical sound out interface whilst the soundbar is just designed using a optical sound in port. And though a variety of TVs in your past couple of years have optical sound out vents this isn’t normal for most TVs producing the relation to the remainder of those who have no just one hopeless. Therefore be sure that your TV comes with a optical audio out interface before picking.

Ever since we spoke about using the optical jack we located a exact glaring draw back of this Sonos Playbar. By designing the soundbar regrettably are not able to manage DTS music monitors, it might decode just Dolby electronic, but because of bandwidth limits of the optical jack additionally, it are not able to manage asynchronous monitors such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS H D: grasp Audio. The other possible issue is the fact that some TV designs do not lead right 5.1 surround sound out of their optical ports but just stereo. Inside this situation you’ll need to set up your origin to earn the de-coding and join it specifically together with all the Sonos Playbar so as to receive proper encompass output signal.

Taking all of the above into account it is the right time and energy to discuss the system a tiny bitmore. Sonos know their match since they’ve built the Sonos Playbar using six midsize woofers along with also three tweeters generating a two phased speakers variety that based to this maker provides a broader sound platform and far better directionality. The amount of speakers will be unquestionably striking but we’ll talk only a tiny after how it carried out in our evaluations of course should the organization’s claims have true.


In these times most soundbars arrive armed with a subwoofer so as to supply much lower frequencies compared to most important unit will ever have the ability to. Unfortuitously to your disappointment that the Sonos Playbar will not possess some despite the fact that it grants you the choice to join . For such an pricey soundbar we’d really love to get a sub-par as obtaining it independently could increase the fee to a few digit amounts at complete. Additionally there’s the selection to bring a couple of of engage in:3 wireless speakers along with also the accession of this radio sub-woofer to generate an entirely showcased 5.1 surround platform.

And due to the fact we spoke about speakers that are extra, that the soundbar includes a wonderful level of scalability. What exactly does this signifies is the fact that whether you have the finances to opt for these speakers however might enjoy at a certain time to receive all of them, it is possible to get exactly the Sonos Playbar today and also the subwoofer in addition to the surround speakers you may include in a subsequent period since adding added speakers into your own system is super simple and rapidly and re-calibration is all but easy by means of the internet program.

If that can be the very first Sonos element then you definitely might need to plug it specifically to a router. And for this main reason there is just a 2nd Ethernet jack open therefore it’s possible to put it to use in order to join different devices for the net through the Sonos community. In case your router is way from your Sonos Playbar you are able to join it as a result of wi fi since Sonos upgraded the Sonos Playbar to join wireless before you had to get a distinctive apparatus Sonos termed Bridge to join. Joining it on line provides the Sonos Playbar the power to flow on-line new music from the broad collection of internet streaming products and services such as Amazon new music, Tidal, Soundcloud, Apple new music and several a lot more. Controlling the Sonos Playbar may be achieved from any place within your own home since you are able to control it as a result of the proper on-line program you may down load and can be readily available for the Android along with i-OS.

The other quality which makes this particular soundbar exceptional is there isn’t any devoted remote for controlling . It sure let’s locate this a handful times however, also the Sonos Playbar gets got the power to master how to react for your TV’s remote for sound control. Additionally, it features a integral IR repeater therefore if the Sonos Playbar sits at the front of this TV, it has the capability to maneuver the orders which can be led to your TV it self. This really is a portion of this simplicity of usage mindset which Sonos strove to maneuver towards the total look of this Sonos Playbar.

Overall performance

Preparing the machine is fast and painless. We positioned that the soundbar facing this TV, joined both optical and Ethernet ports and that is everything we were willing to stone. All this installation has been done rapid as a result of the on-line program that guides one from every measure about what steps to take to best to create all links and also the way you can set up your TV to your optical jack to do the job with. The program will be readily available for the Android along with i-OS and will be downloaded independently in each shop. With all the program you might even add a lot more speakers into a installation including the radio sub par or 2 engage in:3 wireless surround speakers.

Sonos supplies still another program named Trueplay with which you are able to create automated calibration of one’s own system if you’re employing a amplifier. But in lieu of working with an testing mic you are using your smart phone also simply moving in to different places Trueplay conveys from the calibration mechanically. Regrettably even though Sonos program can be found on both the Android and also i-OS that the Trueplay program is just readily available for Apple apparatus for unidentified factors.


If all is prepared and place we chose touse our backup of Pacific Rim: up-rising so as to set the soundbar into your evaluation. The exact 1st impact we have is the Sonos Playbar generated a exact vast and total sound platform however at an identical period it had been completely restricted by the very front of the us. Effects ended up moving from left to right having a fantastic awareness of separations in between your 2 sides. Dialogue was specific and discharged in the remainder of the sound results.

Regarding that bass that the Sonos Playbar were able to really go pretty very low, lesser compared to that which many soundbars used us even like the Sonos Playbar has it has constraints also it cries the accession of the Sonos sub-woofer would substantially help the total functionality. A picture similar to Pacific Rim is thick on non frequency impacts and also the Sonos Playbar struggles to replicate these consequences together with power and also control sense a little bit flat in the long run.


In terms of encircle the Sonos Playbar failed to figure out how to enlarge the sound industry powering our seeing location. The total effect feels much superior than having a couple of front speakers whilst the sound discipline is just like using a little more thickness but in the event that you’d like a whole surround practical experience subsequently you definitely might be let down. Inside this event a couple of of engage in:3 encircle speakers will probably perform their magical plus certainly will supply you with most of the current encircle immersion you could ever require.

Generally the soundbar presents quite excellent sound replica . however, it undoubtedly has it has boundaries. Incorporating a Sonos sub-woofer may aid the bass return into lifetime whilst incorporating a couple of Perform:3 encircle speakers will increase thickness for the sound area and make an immersive adventure. Therefore, in the event that you’d like the best results you ought maybe not just get the Sonos Playbar however, also the sub conscious and also the surround speakers too. The Sonos Playbar by it self is still adequate, clearly better than some other TV speakers may provide, however maybe not without any limits regarding that which it may provide you.


Finally we attempted some music monitors with some orchestrated paths in the beginning. The end result has been again great with incredibly striking efficiency. The Sonos Playbar has been providing the trail with all exceptional precision and clarity to the tinniest particulars. However, if the audio course has been becoming additional bass the Sonos Playbar felt as though it had been lost some thing and within this respect it’d absolutely help have the Sonos sub-woofer additionally.


We tried unique monitors from assorted genres and also we have less or more same belief. Great efficiency, fantastic precision, clarity rendering it simple to tell apart each and every just about every musical tool at any certain time. Even monitors which ended up bass the Sonos Playbar sent great goodbetter than we anticipated truly but left us wondering how just how much greater it’d be when we had the sub-par to assist together with all the lows.


Sonos Playbar can be quite a distinctive soundbar. It’s a couple of characteristics which differentiate it in your contest plus it’s due to the exceptional design mindset Sonos chose to provide this version. Sonos Playbar can be really a rather well-built soundbar supplying excellent sound good quality for music and movies replica. Additionally it had been equipped with ease in your mind which is why equally bodily relations in addition to installation throughout the program couldn’t be much more easier. Getting equipped to set the machine at just two places offer you lots of advantages specially for people who have limited distance and also the machine supplies a level of scalability you never find within this category of devices since you may include an wireless sub-woofer in addition to wireless surround speakers in any moment you would like so as to enlarge the capacities of one’s principal device. Additionally it’s a huge streaming apparatus that provides a massive collection of internet streaming solutions touse.


However, Sonos Playbar arrives with a couple big advantages. For anyone linking it merely via an optical jack badly restricts it has flexibility since you’ll either need to join an origin direct into your device or be sure that your TV comes with an optical port and it moves 5.1 surround sound by way of it. The other significant let down is the fact that it can’t play with DTS or some other lossless monitors such as Dolby TrueHD or even DTS H D: grasp Audio as well as within this instance the foundation player might need todo the hacking right to a format that the Sonos Playbar will encourage. Last but most certainly not the purchase price. Initially sight it might not look way too much however whenever you know this includes just the Sonos Playbar and there isn’t any subwoofer contained, since might be the normal nowadays with the majority of soundbars, subsequently you definitely are going to understand the purchase price is actually a little large.

In complete Sonos Playbar can be still a nice bit of sound tools and we were pleased about it has operation that the disadvantages we all discussed previously are much too evident to discount. In the event the downsides we discussed are maybe not bothering you personally and you also would like a soundbar which will give you a few of the very optimal/optimally music performances doable within this classification afterward your Sonos Playbar is just one of those couple you need to truly consider.

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