Samsung HW-MS650 Review (3.0 CH Soundbar)

Samsung HW-MS650 Review













  • Fantastically powerful sound
  • Physics-defying bass handling
  • Supports lots of sources
  • No external subwoofer necessary


  • Slightly limited stereo effect
  • UK price is unfairly high
  • It's a bit too tall for some TVs
  • No Dolby Atmos support

If it regards soundbars they are sometimes broken up in to three distinct types. In these people find people who always include equally the subwoofer in addition to surround speakers and also those are assumed to present a fantastic alternate to entire dedicated encompass set ups. We receive exactly the soundbar-subwoofer combos which can be made up of ease at heart however attempt to offer you the sort of performance and features of the fully featured system and so attempting to pay a more centre earth. And we receive the very single-body soundbars which can be geared straight into people who search to find that complete easiest means to better their television’s audio together with all the very least holiday potential.

Such a soundbar we’ll be analyzing today in our Samsung HW-MS650 review. Samsung was generating soundbars for a while now and now we have experienced some fairly astonishing components . Even the MS650 belongs inside their Audio + string which will be assumed to function as single-body versions that target in blending the most effective audio performance of the primary bar and sub-woofer to one apparatus. Make no error, this might be described as a lone device soundbar nonetheless it’s been analyzed and tuned into Samsung’s California Audio Lab and packs several pretty excellent features so as to supply these products.

Even the SAMSUNG HW-MS650 is a 3 channels single-body soundbar that features 6 mid/bass motorists along with 3 tweetersand supports Dolby Digital and DTS noise, features substantial Placement Audio along with blue tooth streaming, and it really is Amazon Alexa empowered and certainly will be enlarged to 3.1 or even 5.1 channels with the addition of a subwoofer or encircle speakers. Since you are able to see that there is certainly very good flexibility inside this device equally regarding performance in addition to comprised features. Are every one of these ample to help keep this aggressive within it’s individual classification and simply how much an improvement could a single-body soundbar provide you with in the event you wish to find a straightforward to manage remedy? Read because we show what beneath…

Design, Inputs and Features


Commonly single-body soundbars, using a couple noteworthy exceptions, so do not have alot going to these since they generally aim the decrease grade classes and therefore we receive quite easy installments as soon as it regards the hardware that they utilize. Even the MS650 looks like among those exceptions because the particular unit could possibly be ranked because of 3.0 channels soundbar for front , right and centre channels however what exactly is below the hood causes it to be even impressive. We’ll get to more information at the proper section however, also the soundbar includes a large scale 6 mid/bass motorists combined using 3 wide-dispersion tweeters generating matters even much more interesting in regards to it has performance.

Still another intriguing truth is the device’s measurements. Measuring 41.7 x 3.1 x 5.1 inches (1060.0 x 78.0 x ray 130.5 millimeter ) plus a burden of 13.7 pounds (6.2 kg) we can’t state that this 1 is amongst the primary soundbars we have analyzed but isn’t limited . And that which must be noticed is the fact that whilst a lot of those units target to get a very low profile so never to block the television’s IR detectors this might become an issue together with all the MS650 since it moves more compared to some other related versions. For this reason, you ought to be certain it’s not going to insure your television’s detector differently you should have to think of an option in the event that you would like to save your self out of aggravation.


We truly dig out the design that Samsung produced with this particular one particular. It isn’t such a thing striking or some thing we had not seen previously but commonly using soundbars it has the smaller details which create a variation. Even the MS650 features a directly rectangular silhouette design with sharp lines that are simple whereas the top front corner has been with a chamfered border to offer it somewhat of character. The front surface is included in means of a metallic grille since the front-firing motorists whereas the remaining part of your human body features good excellent vinyl with a brushed aluminum feel towards the surface and either side.

According to standard the soundbar features a couple of builtin buttons together with Samsung inserting them onto the most suitable aspect. All these are buttons formed depending on their operation and that which we get is quantity controller, enter option along with a power switch. To be fair whilst touch buttons that are sensitive offer an even more superior appearance we want physical kinds since they can certainly be less difficult to see them from the darkened. There’s not anything else in both sides maintaining an normally tidy and clean appearance.

1 thing which we saw very technical may be that the addition of some tiny front exhibit providing you with lots of information concerning the soundbar’s capabilities. It isn’t just a massive 1 and was put in the right side of front face which was a requisite using a centre channel getting set some thing some lace purists could dislike.

Putting the system round we detect all ports piled with each other in the middle in a exceptional in-set which may help hide the cable sticks. Most soundbars have a tendency to split the links which is often debatable several occasions and it is maybe not benefiting with wire direction hence each time we receive the one which sets them collectively is just a incentive within our novels. Additionally you’ll find exclusive wall mounts you may used so as to put it onto a wall socket. Samsung also has contained a wall mounted mounting guidebook that will assist you produce the wall mounted holes into their suitable places.

Final we might declare as far as it has design and caliber of stuff the MS650 abandoned us together with very excellent opinions. Samsung made a fine appearing soundbar which features all required to ensure it is simple to install also handle take care of. When there’s a single thing which can cause a few issues is that it’s elevation which could block some decreased TVs but we are not able to locate anything awful about that. Fantastic job .

Internal Hardware

This is where things begin to secure additional fascinating. Once we all discussed previously you find a-3 channels soundbar commonly that you do not assume anything elaborate concealing below the hood. Around the opposite side Samsung made a decision to really go an alternative path and with no subwoofer it sounds these certainly were ascertained to upward the match as a way to give the most important unit using the essential hardware to manage that.

Thus Samsung choose to add 6 4.3″ x two ″ oblong mid/bass drivers together using 3 wide-range inverted dome tweeters. It follows that each channel is currently having a double mid/bass motorist together side just one tweeter installation of course should you believe that each motorist gets it is personal 20 watts Blackberry you are able to know what we buy is really much for such a system. However, Samsung failed to live just there since they comprised a couple of technologies which could make the comprised hardware quite glow.

Exact multi-speaker controller together side all the soundbar’s exceptional distortion advanced technology, which may foresee the distortions as a result of frequencies that are low since they transpire producing the essential alterations, deliver deeper and better complete minimal frequency performance that based to Samsung can move as little as 3-9 Hz which will be excellent if you believe there isn’t any sub-woofer the following.

Additionally, the wide-range inverted dome tweeters could insure a huge frequency range and may also make certain that the finest acoustic response isn’t restricted to one sitting area generating the MS650 perfect for living spaces such as living-rooms.

Without a sub-woofer without a encircles it would appear the Samsung desired to enhance the soundbar’s hardware capacities as a way to produce a device which you’ll not feel as though it had been lacking at power or bass tackling. They wed a few pretty astonishing hardware with this particular category using a few pretty incredible technologies also it just remains to be observed all these interpret inside our screening that’ll accompany briefly.


Let us speak about connectivity today. Once we said most importantly that the relations are all sprinkled collectively which carries up a thumbs out of us nevertheless the very main some tips about that which we do get because often days we have observed manufacturers that offer the minimum inside this respect. Even the Samsung MS650 did shock us that a little inside this respect because we all possess lots of alternatives to perform .

But let us begin out of the most obvious ones . At the most suitable side we now receive yourself a HDMI input signal and also an HDMI output which accompanies ARC operation. Even the HDMI ports are both HDCP 2.2 allowed which signifies that they encourage 4K, 3 d in addition to HDR pass-through and there’s additionally hdmi cec which means you may restrain the soundbar together with your television’s remote in case this really is really actually a function which can also be encouraged by your own television. In this fashion in which you may lessen the range of all remotes in usage which is often quite sensible.

Only on a 2nd deeper amount of this in-set we now find an electronic virtual optical inputsignal, a micro usb which may be utilised to join to some exceptional dongle so as to join radio surround speakers and subwoofer for the principal unit plus also a 3.5millimeter analogue audio input.

However, what’s special from the MS650 and quite particular is the fact that adjoining into this two-pin strength enter is just another power output signal it’s possible to utilize so as to join your television. In this fashion in which it’s possible to avoid having another electrical power cable out of the television into the ability socket and maintain matters much more clean and excellent appearing. You simply have to check your television will not have larger conditions compared to that which this interface may offer differently that really is a rather wise movement but we actually don’t discover just how much men and women will put it to use.

Last but most certainly not least the soundbar supports both the wi fi (2.4 and 5GHz) in addition to blue tooth for streaming.

Control Options

The SAMSUNG HW-MS650 includes unique way of handle and also the many clear is by way of the remote. For those who have at any time utilized a Samsung television throughout the past couple of ages then you’re likely to be greeted with a comfortable design because this soundbar’s distant resemble incredibly much Samsung’s one particular remote using it has curvy appearance and minimalism design.

The amount of switches have been kept in minimum having a large thumbs up in those with all the curved navigation buttons sitting down at the centre with just 3 buttons over to get settings, power and enter while underneath you can find 3 buttons for both encircle, noise style along with bright manner. Smallest 2 buttons in the end restrain both bass and volume.

In the event you are interested in to have an alternate into this added distant you should utilize Samsung’s multi-room program which will be quite intriguing and feels much improved than the additional Samsung telephone programs. Collars are simple and simple to know while category is performed by way of a certain menu wherever you input and certainly will connect the many different apparatus jointly.


Last but most certainly not least there was additionally service for Amazon’s Alexa should you prefer to take advantage of your music rather than However, while there’s not any builtin recorders in that you you need to make use of an outside speaker just like an Amazon Echo product or service for this to do the job with. Subsequently Amazon Alexa desires the SmartThings program you might have to down load to a own phone and utilize Alexa throughout that. The handbook supply clear and straightforward steps about just how best to take action you ought ton’t have any issues completing installation incredibly fastly.

When there’s a single thing lost is always Google Assistant. Since we all proceed ahead a growing number of apparatus encourage these two significant voice-control programs along with once we examine a system that’s missing 1 among those 2 afterward it absolutely destroys a few things. Aside from that Samsung ensured to give lots of selections within this respect which makes our own life consumers much simpler.

Extra Features and Services

Even the soundbar supports many different audio formats for example two channels LPCM, Dolby Digital in addition to DTS. Even though for Dolby electronic it takes that the entire 5.1 audio sign it might encourage just two channels DTS formats. Ever since that time it appears that Samsung has published a firmware upgrade now it also supports 5.1 channels DTS and that means that you ought to be certain that you upgrade in the very first time to make certain that you purchase it. And even though there really are HDMI interfaces which will encourage the more modern Dolby TrueHD and also dtshd learn Audio regrettably there’s not any service for all these from the MS650.

As because of it has sound manners you will find just 5 available you may choose from using one media of this sound style button on the remote. The people available comprise typical which provides you the noise with no processing, including Music, Movies, activity and crystal clear Voice plus so they serve so for their own titles.

Currently there really are a couple of separate modes you may empower by pressing on their buttons that are committed on the remote. The initial 1 is named Smart manner and exactly what this can alternatively of you personally choosing whenever the proper sound manner the soundbar optimizes the noise clips in line with this material currently being performed. It really is similar to an all in 1 solution in case you never wish to work with all preferences every moment; point.

The different manner is named surround-sound enlargement and that is some type of digital tech that attempts to incorporate quantity and thickness to front sound stage. As there aren’t any devoted encompass speakers performance inside this respect is obviously lacking modes in this way are trying to mend this. However, how excellent is that this manner we’ll examine on our movies analyzing which follows.

Still another feature we detect could be your addition of substantial Contrast Audio assistance however as there isn’t any USB interface which you could use to flow audio your sole additional choice to complete that’s by way of an invisible link or using blue tooth. Even the MS650 supports all of the famous High Placement Audio formats such as FLAC, ALAC along with WAV along with the much more typical MP3, AAC and OGG documents.


1 thing we all enjoyed very much would be that as the soundbar delivers some exact essential 3.0 channels installation you may enlarge this on a own will. Would you like to have an additional bass-boost? Not a issue because it is possible to purchase independently the SWA-W700 sub-woofer and make a more 3.1 channels system. Or perhaps you would like the additional immersion of this surround audio. Afterward your SWA-9000S Wireless Rear Speaker package may be your main one which you require to get a 5.0 channels system. Not to mention you may move all of the way and receive them for the entire 5.1 system which can insure all but of course will increase the fee much at rates approaching the 1,000 mark.

This really is one of the strong things of this MS650 since possible either utilize Bluetooth or even wi fi because of this. Needless to say you are able to flow audio localy in case it takes one to have a neighborhood network travel or NAS server or you could utilize among those supported streaming products and services by way of the Samsung multi-room program which features Spotify, Deezer, Qobuz, TIDAL, Napster, JUKE, 7digital, Murfie, along with TuneIn radio amongst many others when that really is more for your own liking.

Over all we’re delighted by what we now available on the MS650. To get a soundbar that’s nicely south of this 500 mark Samsung strove to add adequate features to develop a exact fascinating suggestion. Adding enough noise preferences together side sturdy streaming selections and also the capacity to enlarge the simple apparatus to an entirely operational 5.1 system creates this device package plenty of price.

Initial Setup

We’re usually saying any particular certain among the key aims a soundbar is always to extend a compact expertise by supplying plugandplay utilization to it is userfriendly. This implies simplicity to connect and setup in addition to regular usage. Even the SAMSUNG HW-MS650 helps make matters more simple since there isn’t any sub-woofer that you want to join there is an extra measure you may jump this.

Ostensibly you join with the soundbar into the television and join with an electricity outlet. There certainly are a few marginally more higher level audio configurations for example treble in addition to correcting noise for assorted frequency rings but besides those there is certainly just not much to really do. You may proceed of time and choose the desirable sound style of course, in the event that you would like to allow the surround-sound enlargement. But in the event that you really don’t desire to wreak havoc on those whenever you may go beforehand together with the intelligent manner and permit the soundbar cope with every thing for an even casual adventure.

Almost nothing else could be claimed the following since that which is really much easy. Just remember that if setting the soundbar before one’s television you can have an issue with all the IR detector of one’s television therefore make certain this is maybe not obstructed.


Without a sub-woofer we’re interested to examine out a picture that’s truly bass heavy as a way to learn just how much low it might proceed along with the added motorists. And exactly what greater film to test out compared to 4K UHD Edition of Godzilla: King of the Monsters. To be fair we’re a little frustrated with all the screenplay since it neglected to catch the magical of Gareth Edwards initial picture we heavily praised. But as such the movie gets alot happening throughout that it’s working time together with all the Titans wreaking havoc on the other side of the world.

Even the UHD disk has a brilliant Dolby Atmos mixture but sadly we are able to simply delight in the center 5.1 channels Dolby Digital mixture since it really is just backed from the SAMSUNG HW-MS650. Thus let us get the most obvious out of this fashion . First thing which becomes evident is the way full front sound-stage sensed. The machine made use the amount of motorists it’s comprises plus also we have a wonderful solid wall that a number of times stretched outside of the bodily constraints of this soundbar.

Having a passionate centre channel aided bring the conversation forwards and maintain it split into centre room in the remaining noise clips when all hell has been breaking free. Panning round the channels sensed very different and accurate with no notable delay. Today 1 thing which you can well be thinking about about is all concerning it has bass performance and also here matters aren’t clearcut. Clearly you are not going to receive the ground shuttering performance a passionate subwoofer could possibly offer you nor it might move as minimal as heavy and maintain a nicely specified final result. However, also for exactly what exactly it really is we’re very happy to know that the system dip as heavy since it did plus it has results was way superior compared to some other single-body soundbars that’d always a exact horizontal and uninspiring bass performance.


One other matter we must chat about is encircle exercise which inturn there is not one. Every one of the experience has been located securely in us and also impacts which were assumed to arise from your straight back were heard at front. This really is just a familiar dilemma that disturbs all soundbars and there’s not anything inappropriate using all the MS650 specially. We tried to allow the surround-sound Expansion way to determine whether we can capture such a thing better outside of this. With this specific sound believed to have significantly more volume and also be described as a little more threedimensional compared to previously bringing the activity closer into your sitting posture however failed to shove us. It looks like the only real means to have any purposeful surround activity is always to receive the discretionary encompass speakers apparel.

We also attempted some other most situations favorite movie with all the Kinect model of Lord of the Rings: Return of the King staying second inline for analyzing. Here matters considered much superior since that is not therefore heavily reliant upon encircle activity therefore that the heart DTS combination we have was just as much as you’d count on. With all the picture currently being heavily conversation pushed the SAMSUNG HW-MS650 was able to maintain every thing distinct and clear in the guts distance whereas both remaining and right channels given considerable authority and power the remaining part of the activity.

This mixture has been heavily orchestrated pushed as well as also the MS650 appears to favor such because Howard Shore’s rating has been attractively left whilst it hastens the remaining part of the activity onscreen. We watched probably the part of all Minas Tirith siege from Sauron’s military and also the machine was able to supply incredibly excellent resolution to the tinniest of ramifications even though keeping a superb balance round the full frequency range which was extremely striking with no having left some prior calibration to boost the final end result.

Once more that the soundbar revealed us exactly the exact same characteristic flaws we watched at outside original evaluation. The bass guitar, even heavy and more powerful than anticipated that it managed to provide exactly the desired burden such movies require. For relaxed screening it will probably undoubtedly be enough to get guaranteed but in the event that you’re seriously interested in your cinematic immersion afterward it leaves much to be desirable. Additionally having discovered this mixture innumerable days until you will find minutes of encircle exercise and largely from the manner of surrounding quantity with quite a few arenas becoming a essential raise and extent that this manner. That really was demonstrably overlooking here which makes sure scenes ridding a portion of these expansive prestige which makes us want we’d the encircle growth package available.

Finally we aren’t able to state we believe frustrated. However, the contrary, the soundbar was able to carry out much superior than we at first predicted. Even though added hardware gave us a small idea about exactly what things to expect this wasn’t before we moved in to the screening we were surprised with the given dynamics and satisfying performance we gave us.


Together with all the MS650 confirming High Placement Audio we chose to try out some FLAC music monitors but as there’s not any USB interface flowing available we travelled to get the very most useful point and that’s to flow the records by way of our regional NAS server. We switched by way of the many sound manners and also the people we’d suggest that you utilize is the typical or even Music manners which sensed into your ears to offer you the optimal/optimally effect with this particular analyzing.

This soundbar comes with a selected musicality that you never see often within this particular price. The mixture of these drivers utilised together side all the distortion cancelling technology is performing excellent job in with every thing from vocals, to drums, to pellets or synths turn using a sort of vulnerability and tackling that seems exceptional. It has bass was so restricted and commanded with no complete troubling or overshadowing the remaining part of the performance whenever it really is lively and punchy mid gave the rhythms for your remainder of the spectrum to accompany match.


To be fair we feel we enjoyed our music studying compared to movies one particular and also this is a result of how the flaws of this MS650 aren’t therefore obvious here. Yes, even the shortage of bass was revealing however, it did not disturb us into the exact amount it did at the movies we all experimented with. The machine managed to preserve a straight face when moving non, it merely could not maintain us on our feet since there’s therefore much the principal unit could really do. However, it wasn’t awful in any way and undoubtedly much superior than a great many other rival soundbars without a sub-woofers.

Final Thoughts

Samsung experienced a great deal of hard work so as to generate an all in 1 alternative. Even the SAMSUNG HW-MS650 may be the type of soundbar that attempts a lot, allot to contend with all units which have different sub-woofers and also we can easily see that by your choices Samsung created for its comprised drivers along with noise technologies. But however good these really are and also just how much applications has significantly nothing could entirely replicate the performance of the speaker until today.

Even the MS650 was able to execute for an easy 3.0 channels set up whilst the soundbar can go fairly loudly and fairly profound to get a single-body device whilst sound and emotion texturing was incredibly fantastic because of it’s classification. Design and quality was so amazing although nothing more cuter and of course the emphasize is your full of 9 motorists comprised, together with 6 mid/bass motorists along with 3 tweeters, which can be liable to its audio quality you’ll receive.

Along side Samsung’s added sauce which features Distortion Cancelling and Broad assortment Dispersion that this soundbar guarantees to provide satisfactory final results out of some other sitting posture. Last but most certainly not least you’ll find a lot extra features such as Bluetooth and wi fi streaming, Alexa and cellular program service, higher Resolution Audio in addition to upgradability to a 3.1, 5.0 or 5.1 system throughout the purchase of further wireless speakers to upward the financial value of this bottom version a lot far more.

Regarding the drawbacks? The bass might possibly be punchier which was expected from your subwoofer-less soundbar even though authentic encircle action is not non-existent. Even the surround-sound Expansion way could do much to increase stuff by the ending result inducing much in comparison to devoted encircle speakers. Additionally one HDMI input can perhaps not minimize it to the criteria whilst the elevation of this machine might be somewhat debatable in case you have a lowered than normal television version.

Final that which we are able to declare is the Samsung HW-MS650 can be actually a huge option if you wish to find a single-body soundbar having an amount tag that hovers about the 350 mark. It was able to give an all in 1 way without considerably endangering it has entire performance and in an identical time frame may provide you lots of extras to perform without turning out to be more technical or tricky to utilize this merely increases it has entire price.

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