Relaxonchair MK-II Plus Massage Chair Review

Relaxonchair MK-II Plus Massage Chair Review

The Relaxonchair MK-II Plus massage chair is an affordable off-brand massage chair that is quite a bit superior to the brands it faces. It is recommended for those who are avid users as well as those suffering from chronic pain.

Are you budget-conscious?

Are you looking for a massage chair that will give you the essential therapeutic benefits, but without breaking the budget?

If you’re able to answer yes to any of these concerns, you’re bound to be awed by our Relaxonchair MK-2 Plus review.

We usually consider off-brand items with a healthy dose of suspicion, and although this chair isn’t perfect, the fact is that it’s actually very comparable with more well-known brand names, which is a great option for the right person.

We’ll discuss each of MK-II Plus’ various features in the sections below, so you can make a decision on your own and choose the right chair for a full-body massage everyday.

About the Relaxonchair Company

About the Relaxonchair Company

Like other businesses, Relaxonchair only has two of the best massage chairs. Based on your viewpoint it can be regarded as to be good or poor.

You’ll be amazed that Relaxonchair offers a number of rave reviews from customers. reviews. The most appealing thing is that the reviews from customers tend to be about amazing customer service.

The company is patient to respond to customer complaints. This means that you’re always assured of prompt and timely responses. It’s also helpful to know that Relaxonchair is always prompt in its responses.

It is impossible to go wrong when you choose a business that guarantees your satisfaction. However, not all are able to be placed. But, reviews that are negative are not common.

However, it’s not ideal when you’re trying to find a business with many options that cater to your specific requirements. Personally, I’m not a fan of having limited options.

But, if I cannot locate a chair that meets my requirements or suits me exactly, I’ll likely switch to an alternative company despite excellent customer service.

It could be a positive thing. The business will be able to concentrate on its existing products for massage chairs or making them better. It’s also more likely the company can concentrate on customer service because there are a few things to consider when you’re working with only two products.

In addition, you might be wondering which country Relaxon models are produced in. They Massage recliners are made in China.

You may be wondering whether this is an advantage. For one thing, China-made products aren’t the most reliable quality.

I’ll discuss the controversy surrounding chair models manufactured by PRC the next time.

About the Relaxonchair MK-2 Plus Massage Chair

About the Relaxonchair MK-2 Plus Massage Chair

Before we get into the details of the specific aspects that come with the Relaxonchair MK-II Plus We’ll need to speak a bit about the risks inherent to purchasing a chair that is not brand-named.

Although it’s true that you’ll receive the most “bang for your bucks” when you buy from a different brand, it’s the case that customer support can be a problem for these businesses that are typically small import companies that bring their products from China and then put their own brand name to them, then offer the products for sale on the internet.


  • Affordably priced
  • Zero gravity position
  • Spinal decompression program
  • Three-year warranty
  • Full Body Stretching
  • The heated massage feature
  • Hip massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • FDA-approved
  • 4 Automatic Massage Programs
  • L-Track System
  • It imitates a human masseuse
  • It is easy to move about
  • Remote for users that is user-friendly


  • The transitions are not smooth or the music is quiet
  • It’s quite large
  • Not space-efficient
  • The foot rollers of the foot massager could be too intense
  • Requires assembly
  • There are a few massage techniques
  • The manual is unclear and confusing
  • Consumes approximately 230 Watts of power for each use (not extremely efficient in terms of energy use)

There’s no problem with that and you’ll be able to find great bargains in this area in the marketplace. It’s important to understand that one of the reasons for the higher price that name brands are charged is the support. If you have a problem it is usually possible to be able to fix it quickly. However, this isn’t the case.

In this respect, Relaxonchair is a half-step ahead of many other companies that we’ve examined. Their customer service is superior but it’s not quite as high as the other major brands. You’ll notice, however, that their products are surprisingly robust and could be the solution you’ve been searching for.


Product Weight183 lbs
Freight weight232 lbs
Voltage110V to 120V
Energy Consumption230 Watts Maximum
Chair Dimensions65 inches x 30 inches x 40 inches

Relaxonchair MK-II Plus Chair Features

Relaxonchair MK-II Plus Chair Features

Its Relaxonchair MK-IIShaitsu massage chair is the more “high-end” version out of two Relaxonchair full body massage recliners. It has many therapeutic features at an affordable cost.

But, you might not like the fact that it’s extremely large. It doesn’t have an efficient design that is space-saving, which means it will take up lots of areas.

When fully reclined it will require a minimum of 19.5″ in-wall space. If you think that’s not enough then you’ll need another 18″ for the footrest that can be extended.

It has rollers to move it about, making it bittersweet. It weighs 183 pounds which means that unless you wish to cause damage to your floors, it will require assistance moving it around or putting it up.

If you’re okay with minor inconveniences, then you’ll be delighted by these features:

Multi Zero Gravity StagesThis is among the most impressive features of the MK-II. It is possible to select from three zero-gravity stages. Each will let users take advantage of a more pronounced recline as well as a more weightless posture.

This removes stress from your body and allows you to experience a more intense and professional full body massage experience. The body puts greater air pressure on the rollers which will make you appear as if you’re receiving a more intensive deep tissue massage.

L-Track Massage System -Unlike other models that are budget-friendly and have an S-Track-based massage system MK-II is the only one that MK-II massage recliner comes with an L-Track design. You’ll appreciate the additional focus on your hips and thighs, as well as tapping, kneading, and thighs in addition to your back. Contrary to other models, they focus on the back.

All-body Massage System – If you’re not a huge enthusiast of shiatsu or more intensive massage techniques, you’ll enjoy the air compression massage on this full-body zero-gravity shiatsu massage chair. The MK-II has several air bags to cater to almost all areas of your body, with the exception of your thighs, back, and neck.

This technique of massage is perfect for those who want to ease tension in their body. It also improves blood circulation and makes you more relaxed. When combined with the roller massage function this is a fantastic final massage.

Simple Assembly Easy Assembly Unlike other models that require assembly it is the MK-II makes assembly a little simpler for you. The massage recliner is equipped with the entire set of parts connected. All you have to do is join the metal poles that sit beneath the foot massage mechanism. It requires no tools for assembly and you’ll be ready to go in less than five minutes.

Hybrid S/L-Track Design

This is the very first thing that this Relaxonchair MK II full-body massage chair offers, and it’s an excellent one.

When it comes to tracking design there are three primary types: S-Track, L-Track as well as Hybrid Track.

This hybrid design combines some of the finest characteristics of the S-Track and the L-track’s features. It allows the quad rollers of the chair in a natural curve of your spine. while at the same time, expanding your massage track towards your glutes and the thighs, making the user experience a full-body massage using rollers.

Hybrid S/L-Track Design

The only minor complaint about this Relaxon massage chair MK-II Plus use the feature the track’s extended length does not extend all that far. It will allow the rollers to reach your glutes as well as the tops of the lower back of your thighs, but that’s it.

However, it is amazing for a chair that is entry-level to have it all and even an off-brand one to do so is incredible.

It is worth noting that in their documentation on their product, they refer to this product as the “Buttlock Monitoring System” however we’re pretty sure it was meant to be “Buttock” which is merely a result of the language barriers.

Body Stretch

We’ll mark this one as a worthy attempt. It does have the ability to stretch your body However, some users have said that the chair isn’t sufficient for their needs. The possibility of having it even in a low-cost chair is awe-inspiring.

Stretching your body can provide tremendous therapeutic benefits and instant pain relief by releasing pressure from discs that are compressed in your spine.

We were a bit surprised the stretch function was not more than it was, considering that this chair gives deep tissue massage, but it’s rather gentle.

If you’re suffering from chronic back pain You’ll appreciate this feature and get some benefits but it might cause you to want more.

Calf & Foot Massage

The massage for the calf is performed by airbags within the leg massage ports, whereas the soles of the feet are tended to by rollers. It is said that the foot roller massage is extremely intense, and many people have complained that it is too intense.

Calf & Foot Massage

Some homemade modifications are being made to these massage chairs, for example placing a washcloth at the lower part of every foot well. adding shoes with inserts or putting on extra socks.

In addition to its power, it’s not a lot to be proud of regarding it. The leg massage as well as the foot massage. After a long time sitting on the floor, these massages will provide the relief that is needed, however, the quality of the massage can be described as average in this regard.

Extendable Ottoman

Nothing much to add here other than to take notes of the fact. The Ottoman comes with an extension module that allows the chair to be suitable for users of up six feet” in height.

Simple Remote

The remote is designed well and comes with a tiny LCD on the top of the. The controls are all placed in a sensible manner and are easy to locate and access. There’s little to say about a learning curve with the chair or its remote. You’ll feel the first massage within minutes after getting in.

Zero-Gravity Seating

Another pleasant delight is it is the Relaxonchair MK-II Plus Massage Chair provides three Zero-G sitting locations.

Zero-Gravity massage chair seating can enhance its massage experience by reclining the person so that the knees are slightly higher than the heart. In this position, the majority of the weight of your body is pressing into the rollers, which makes to provide a deeper, more pervasive massage.

Fewer than half of the massage chairs that are available currently offer zero-g seating. The majority of chairs that include this feature provide two seating options. A few chairs offer just one, while one or two provide three. MK II is in that extremely small percentage and is a major gain for the chair and everyone who purchases one.

3D Body Scan

People who are interested in automation will be pleased with the fact that they will appreciate that the Relaxonchair MK-II Plus massage chair is also equipped With 3D Body Scanning Technology and the model they have is like what is found in many popular brands.

Prior to the massage, The chair will scan your back, making subtle adjustments on the fly to the positions of the rollers, making certain that your message is hitting all of your pressing points. It can miss the target, but only occasionally, and is an excellent option to add to your chair.

Air Massage System

The manufacturer made it difficult to determine the exact number of airbags inside the Relaxonchair MK II Plus massage chair, but we finally found the data. The chair has twenty First Generation airbags strategically placed all over the chair.

At the lowest price, that’s an acceptable amount. You can certainly receive a more luxurious air massage if you’re willing to pay more However, the massage offered in Relaxonchair MK-II Plus is adequate. Relaxonchair MK-II Plus massage chair is adequate, but not outstanding and is recommended as to be a full body massage.

Back Heat

In this way, the company is selling itself as a short. They market the chair with two heating elements within the area of the lumbar region.

Back Heat

This is where the heating elements are located, but they’re massive, and the fact is that they can provide warmth all down to the middle of your back. There aren’t many massage chairs that come with heaters, and they can be difficult to locate at the lower end of the, therefore, have been considered as an additional positive aspect that the massage chairs have.

The biggest disadvantage is that there’s no way to regulate the temperature. There’s either heat or don’t. If you don’t feel the heat is as intense as you’d like it to be, there’s no way to alter it, which is a shame. Even with this limitation, it’s an excellent accessory that will add significant therapeutic value to your chair.

A Small Number of Options

After highlighting four amazing characteristics in a row, it’s not surprising that we discover one of the weaknesses in this particular chair. It has the basic features covered, and some alternatives however, it’s the Relaxonchair MK-II Plus Massage Chair is just average in this way. There are three techniques that you can use:

  • Kneading
  • Tapping
  • Kneading and tapping

Additionally, there are also four pre-programmed massage routines that are built into the padded seat. These include:

  • Tissue Deep Tissue
  • Relaxation
  • Rejuvenate
  • Stretch

The technical term is Deep Tissue is just the chair with the highest intensity and Stretch isn’t a massage as such, however since they are pre-programmed massages by the company and are accessible via the remote within that section, we’ll adhere to the guidelines they’ve set.

Additionally, via the remote, you’ll be in a position to access additional massages targeted at specific areas of your body. So If you’re not keen on one-on-one massages You can focus on those areas that are hurting.

A Small Number of Options

Although that may sound like a number of options it’s important to remember that they’re all minor variations. When you’re done, you’ve 2 massage options (deep tissue and relaxation) and a few targeted exercises.

This is pretty decent, especially considering the cost that the chair is priced at, don’t get fooled by the idea that you’re buying a budget chair that offers a variety of options for massage options. The chair can provide a good basic massage, and also provide beneficial benefits for your health that are a good price for the price.

Last Note The final note is that all massage options can be customized by adjusting three intensities and three different speed options.

Reliability and Warranty

The MK-II Plus comes with a standard 3-year Limited Warranty. It includes:

  • Initial Year Parts and Laborde company will take care of the transportation and shipping costs of all the parts and labor required if a center for service is not available in your region. If not, a repair technician will be dispatched to your residence to complete the repairs at no expense.
  • Second Year Parts If you come across parts that are considered to be to be defective, the company will provide a replacement for free. However, you’ll need to pay for the labor or fix it by yourself.
  • Third Year Structural Frame This will cover the rare event that the frame that supports your Relaxonchair body massage chair fails.

The customer service is excellent and you can count on fast and prompt responses. Tech-support is located in the USA and lets you contact them via email or phone without difficulty.

Final words. What Is The Best Alternative?

Relaxonchair MK-II body massage chair presents a valiant attempt to compete with Kahuna’s top position. It has a number of amazing features. The customer service is efficient and reliable.

Despite its large weight and size, however, the massage chair offers some top of the line features, such as:

  • 3-stage Zero Gravity Positioning – this is the most advanced advancement of Zero Gravity recliners. It is not possible to get a seat that has greater than 3 zero gravity positions yet.
  • Massage SL track You’ll love the massage track that is hybrid on these massage recliners. It also comes with a unique Buttocks Lock feature that essentially concentrates a massage to your lower.

However, I do am a fan of Kahuna’s LM-6800 body massage chair. They’re both on the same page with regards to reliability and customer service. The massage chairs are also made in China.

Despite all the great features of the MK-II but it’s still unsatisfactory when compared to LM6800.

The LM6800 is also a great massage chair that is compact and comes with a white-glove cleaning service from the beginning. It also has a relaxing yoga stretching feature that is helpful for all. It also comes with more massage functions that are ultimately more effective.

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