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Real Relax Massage Chair Favor 04 Review 2022

We are prepared a Real Relax massage chair Favor 04 review for you. The Real Relax Favor 04 is an affordable massage chair. It offers a combination of roller/airbag/vibration massage for different parts of the body. It also has some interesting additional options that add value to the price.

Are you of the opinion that a luxury massage chair isn’t within your budget due to the price? Consider reconsidering your beliefs!

Real Relax Massage Chair Favor 04

With our Real Relax Favor 04 review, we take the time to look closely at this chair that is highly rated and breakdown its key attributes to help the benefit.

About Company

Real Relax is a fairly new company in the market for massage chairs. They introduced the first chair that massages The Favor 01 — in the year 2015. It was very appealing and low price at the time, it received excellent reviews.

It’s been some time since then, and the very first Favor model has seen newer versions. They’ve also expanded into other, even luxury massage chairs.

Real Relax Specifications



ColorsBlack, Brown
Air Massage50 airbags
Recline Angle three recline angles with the deepest being lying flat to your back, or 90 degrees
VoltageAC 120V 60Hz
Power20-230 Watts


Main Body48 x 31 x 46 Inches
Weight166 lbs

User Specs

Maximum Height6 feet
Max Weight440 lbs

Core Features

Real Relax Massage Chair Favor 04


  • 3 Zero Gravity Positions
  • 2 Areas For Heat
  • Comes with Wheels
  • Affordable Price
  • Can Be Reclined Without the Massage
  • Real Reviews


  • Mixed Reviews
  • Comes In Three Boxes
  • Roller Back Massage Can Be Strong
  • Not For Very Short Or Tall People

Here are the key aspects that makeup Real Relax Favor 04.

8 Massage Point System

RealRelax is among the few brands in the market offering massage chairs without roller and track systems. This is the reason they are able to provide affordable chairs. The 8-point system is actually an advanced way of saying “8 massage balls which rotate.”

All eight points are located on the backrest. This means you won’t feel the buttocks as you do with an L-track. But, it does provide the most powerful massage.

Air Bag System

As with other massagers, this one gives a compression massage using fifty airbags. These airbags are situated on the waist, shoulders and legs, arms, and feet.

The chair is a medium to a smaller size, so the airbags squeeze your body fairly well.

I’d say that the shoulder airbags are not the most efficient. My shoulders weren’t restricted to an area for them to work as effectively as the slots for arms and legs.

Auto Massage Programs

The four types of auto-programming this chair has are rest, moderate relaxing, strong, and mild mode. They are arranged in order of intensity of the massage.

In addition to the auto programs, there is a manual program that permits you to massage specific areas of your body.

Remote Control

Remote Control

The Favor-04 is equipped with a remote control that has 19 buttons. The majority of them are designed to target specific parts that are located on the human body. You can select between different types of massage like kneading Shiatsu or rolling. It is possible to increase speed, strength and by reclining the chair.

The remote is wired, there’s a handy slot that allows you to place the remote. It’s not the prettiest remote I’ve seen, but it’s useful and functional.

Zero Gravity

How do we forget some of the top sought-after aspects of a luxurious massage chair? Zero gravity allows users to feel light and weightless. There’s evidence suggesting that it improves back pain because it eases the tension on the spine.

There’s nothing particularly particular in the zero-gravity mode in the Favor-04, but it’s important to note that I fell asleep using zero gravity. They say that you can’t rest on cloudy days!

Extraneous Features

Extraneous Features

The features I’ve discussed are fairly standard in the market for massage. In the next section, I’ll discuss the small differences that RealRelax made to this chair that makes the massage experience more enjoyable.

RealRelax Favor-04 RealRelax Favor-04 comes with wheels on the chair. It’s massive and weighs approximately 250lbs, which is why it’s so great that it has built-in wheels to transport it into your home.

Bluetooth connectivity. The chair is equipped with Bluetooth to let you listen to your favorite tunes while totally comfortable.

The chair is constructed with top quality dense foam that ensures that it is shaped to your body shape and size.

The sound is quiet due to the type and size of motors they use.


3 Zero Gravity Positions

I’m just finishing my review of this Ootori N500 and it’s also a budget-friendly chair that has 3 Zero Gravity positions. It’s giving me a lot of flashbacks and deja vu feelings.

It’s a great feeling to have zero gravity on low-cost chairs, such as these because this is among the things we’ll probably have to do without when we purchase the (new) Massage chair.

3 Zero Gravity Positions

The zero-gravity feature can provide a number of health advantages. Being someone who suffers from back and neck discomfort, I am more aware than anyone else of how taking tension off your spine and back can bring relief. In the meantime, you are able to feel the sensation of weightlessness.

This position that is flat on your back is beneficial for circulation. If you’ve ever tried yoga, you’re aware that the final position is usually the starfish posture and you can feel the blood flowing throughout your body post a great exercise (and in this instance massage sessions).

2 Areas For Heat

Another aspect we prefer (pun not intended) is the use of heat. The benefits of heat therapy are great for people who compete or people who participate in many sports. It’s also beneficial for those who suffer from stiff and aching muscles and stiff joints. Finally, who does not like the heat of the winter cold?

The thing that is unique concerning this one is the fact that it comes with heating for both feet as well as the waist. The majority of models feature only one feature – that of the lumbar region. It makes the model ideal for those suffering from lower back pain as well as achy feet.

Comes with Wheels

This isn’t a major surprise but considering how heavy massage chairs can be having wheels built into them can be a huge aid. It certainly makes delivery and moving furniture more simple.

Affordable Price

With the price that is less than a thousand dollars, it’s a fairly cheap chair. The recliners of massage chairs usually sell for around $500 and typically come with simple features such as vibration massage. If you pay a few hundred dollars more, you can receive a complete massage chair with all the essential features.

Can Be Reclined Without the Massage

I find it interesting that people are enjoying reclining such a lot on this chair that they’re lying on it when the massage feature is shut off. In essence, they’re using it as a recliner, and that’s an excellent thing since normally massage chairs can be uncomfortable to sit on if you’re not receiving a massage.

Real Reviews

Today, many online sellers cheat by publishing positive reviews and asking verified buyers to delete reviews that are negative reviews as a condition of something. This means that the buyer who is not careful gets untrue feedback about a specific product.

It’s a relief that Real Relax appears to leave their reviews unannounced so that you can find out what the real opinions of customers are and also what their customers are having when they purchase. This brings us to the second section.


Mixed Reviews

This chair has been receiving mixed reviews. Many customers are very happy with their purchase. They are pleased that they did not have to pay thousands of dollars to get a great massage. So far, so good.

But, a small percentage have experienced problems. The most frequent complaints are:

  • Defective upon delivery
  • I stopped working after a couple of months
  • The problem was with one component like one of the airbags inside the legs or the arms
  • The company has not honored the warranty.

Be aware that customers who are unhappy are always the loudest.

Comes In Three Boxes

The chairs that I’ve been reviewing in recent times have been arriving in three different boxes with the delivery dates varying for each. In the end, it should not be a problem if you can put them together like it is with other models and brands.

But this isn’t necessarily the case with this version of the Real Favor 04 which is the reason I’m leaving this installation video below.

Roller Back Massage Can Be Strong

In order to put this in the context of intensity, it is a subjective thing. While some may find an intensely strong quality, others find it weak. It’s all about personal preference.

However, there are some who find the massage rollers in this chair to be too intense for their tastes. For a quick fix, you can add an elongated cushion or foam to their backrest to create an extra layer of cushion that is between the body part and rollers.

Please note the fact that rollers have a fixed position, and are not mounted on tracks. If they are on a track they are able to move upwards and downwards (and even move backward and forward) to provide a more energetic massage. You’ll find track tracks on higher-end chairs.

Not For Very Short Or Tall People

For the price, I can’t be a fan of the Favor 04 due to not being specifically designed to meet the needs of various body types, so I’m writing this review in the interest of educating prospective buyers. If you’re shorter than 5’4”, and larger than 6, then be mindful that this particular model may not be ideal for your body.

The air in the feet and neck bags and rollers don’t target the right areas of your body. Therefore, you will not enjoy the full benefits of massage.

Take note however that it does not include body scan or roller tracks, however, these are features you’d find on chairs that cost a lot.


Real Relax promises a three year guarantee for their items. The warranty is designed to cover repairs, maintenance, and other materials for the first year. For the following two years the warranty says that it will cover shipping of the parts that need to be repaired.

Learn more about their warranty’s fulfillment below.

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Real Relax Massage Chair Favor 04 Review Conclusion

When we are done with the day we all desire to relax and enjoy a massage without having to dig deep in our wallets. RealRelax is an affordable and well-designed solution to this issue. It comes with all the basic features, including zero gravity, an airbag system, and heating.

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