Q Acoustics Concept 500 Review (Floorstanding Loudspeaker)

Q Acoustics Concept 500













  • Insight
  • Strong dynamics
  • Excellent bass performance
  • Refinement
  • Unfussy nature


  • Nothing of substance

Q Acoustics may possibly perhaps not be accessible for so long since a few of the additional well recognized players however is still just a famous company of music and house theater fans because of their premium excellent speakers specially inside the low and mid tier groups since these would be definitely the absolute most everyday and user-friendly ones plus might be simpler to get a fresh organization to earn their name understood. However inputting the luxury speakers section can be a completely various issue. In the present Q Acoustics Concept 500 review we’ll be appearing within their high grade floorstanding speakers which were published in 20 17 and undoubtedly generated significantly more than just a couple waves from the speakers market.

Even the Q Acoustics Concept 500 could be that the end result of the cooperation in between Q Acoustics, Fink Audio-Consulting and IDA and carries it’s set whilst the luxury floorstanding speaker at the company’s portfolio. Until hearing the language Q Acoustics, luxury and superior failed to go with each other however, also the united kingdom manufacturer experienced diverse plans with their high that they entered market which will be being symbolized with several significant heavy hitters. When speaking about superior highend speakers matters certainly are a little imprecise as price ranges within such a category could significantly vary in relation to this bugdet-friendly classification wherever matters are far less or more evident.

With all the Q Acoustics Concept 500 coming into the highend using a pricetag of approximately £ 6,000 factors have a tendency to turn into interesting because it’ll put it self contrary to speakers which price much greater than Q Acoustics supplying. These speakers may possibly appear to charge a arm and a leg to your casual consumer but bear in your mind that if speaking about luxury audio devices prices may proceed mad full of many of those having a pricetag higher compared to your average vehicle. Iff that’s the regard the Q Acoustics Concept 500 unites the struggle with an even far more than commendable, but nevertheless cheap, price tag to be able to acquire the hearts and heads of all their audiophiles round the whole world. Can they’re equipped to execute that? Continue reading in order to learn.

Design, Inputs and Features


1 thing is for sure. Q Acoustics experienced plenty of problem and forced plenty of research so as to generate the cupboard to your Q Acoustics Concept 500. To begin a dimensions of 15.74″ x 45.27″ x 13.77″ (400 x 1150 x 350 millimeters ) for example, plinth plus also a burden of 9-2 pounds (42kg) those floorstanders are unquestionably larger compared to average floorstanding speaker and also have a darn heavy structure. Of course when you simply take under account the additional distance which the plinth normally takes together side all the breathing distance that the massive back confronting bass jack should you definitely know these speakers require considerable space to complete their own magical.

And though the speakers package a great deal of unique fabrics and technologies their own appearances is incredibly characteristic as Q Acoustics is implementing related lines and design fundamentals one of each of their own models. The very first time you find that these you instantly know who left them even the should take a look in the carton. As such you are not going to discover any sharp corners together with all the entire box having around shirt corners and also very simple borders around. Q Acoustics have generated three separate shade variations with all the cabinet two-color lacquered complete appearing totally lovely and quite high grade as along with mixes available comprise gloss-black / / Rosewood, Gloss White / Lighting Oak and Silver Ebony.

Of course in the event the entire appearance of this cabinet really feel rather large quality what’s concealing indoors combined with substances applied are alike striking. The united kingdom manufacturer did not will need to re invent the wheel nevertheless they undoubtedly improved . As such MDF fiber planks stays the stuff of choice since it offers easy cutting and handling edge while additionally being well damped. However this really is the where a little magical sauce has been inserted in the kind of Q Acoustics proprietary technology which goes on the title of Double Gelcore which could be the very same Gelcore technology that’s used from the Concept forty speakers however obtained a stage farther.


Ostensibly that which we arrive listed here is really a cabinet which is composed of 3 levels of MDF as well as in-between have now been sandwiched underneath some pressure two levels of non-setting gel. These 2 levels do would be always to generate a dampening barrier from the cupboard and also convert high quality vibrations right into heating. However, that you never will need to be worried since the speakers will probably acquire popular throughout play because heating is invisibly over the gel.

Still another intriguing technology utilised is named Q Acoustics P2P (pointtopoint ) Bracing which merely affirms the regions of the cupboard that absolutely have to get stiffened to be able to disperse un-wanted energy . Fink Audio-Consulting did comprehensive research and investigation so as to fix the specific places which ought to get encouraged as a way to get rid of cupboard resonances.

The other technology utilised within the cupboard arrives from the kind of HPE (Helmholtz Stress Equaliser) which fundamentally consists of card-board Cells that transform pressure to speed and therefore ensure much better command of this motorist’s minimal frequency response. Last but most certainly not least one thing which Q Acoustics did strengthen onto the design will be by simply retaining the motorists instead of behind by means of spring tensioned keeping bolts which causes the motorist pruning simpler even though avoiding using unsightly bolts which desire cosmetic cuts to conceal them towards front of the.

The throw aluminum foundation is firmly mounted on the base of the cupboard also it sure appears fine since it satisfies the speaker’s superior appearance. It can have a larger footprint in relation to the most important cabinet even as we all stated earlier and that is crucial to be sure it stays stable however that really should not be described as a big problem since these speakers require a whole lot of breathing distance if these were with no. Together with them we buy silver chrome spikes or tricky curved feet based upon the outside you’re getting to set them.

While employing front grills than half of front face is coated, only adequate to help keep the double mid range drivers along with tweeter concealed. Below we receive the very Q Acoustics emblem as the remainder of the face keeps a exact tidy and minimalism design. You can find not any holes available we usually find in far more pliable components whilst the grills could be invisibly attached with leading and therefore every thing appear much greater. In the trunk we now receive premium excellent speaker Controls while over there’s actually a more substantial than normal bass jack having Q Acoustics with two component polyurethane bung providing you with into essence some form of stream controller.

Last but most certainly not least in an extremely distinctive transfer in the rear part of the speakers we all get three knobs which may get in touch with all the comprised jumpers with these you also have minimal control across the treble using three distinct configurations available, either a horizontal reply or even a +/- 0.5dB change which may possibly look to be a rather modest gap . however, it might really appear in a few predicaments.

Q Acoustics went out as it regards their closet design and caliber. All these floorstanders are fantastic lookers using their two-color lacquered aluminum and finish solid plinths even though all of the technologies packaged within the box show the enormous research accomplished inside this regard so as to supply you one of their most useful cubes a floorstanding speaker could have. Walkers engage in a major part in an speaker’s performance but Q Acoustics ensures you show people the way the cupboard is just as essential as a way to give the top excellent noise you’d count on from top of this line version.

Internal Hardware

Having placed so much awareness into this cupboard, it might appear in the beginning look just like this the motorist setup of this Q Acoustics Concept 500 can be still an after thought yet this really is not anywhere near the fact that The speakers contain an woofer/tweeter/woofer driver installation in a vertical D’Appolito configuration. Even a 28 mm (1.10″) high-frequency component has been encompassed by 2 165 mm (6.5″) mid bass motorists and if the substances employed is nothing more to become enthused about appearing somewhat beneath the surface can cause you to realize there is evenly extensive job done here too.

Q-Acoustics-Concept-500-performanceEven the 165mm midsize bass motorists had been specially designed to its Q Acoustics Concept 500 which can be something we commonly find since you can find lots of well recognized drivers outthere however shows simply how much technology attempt travelled to them. Both drivers have been constructed of coated and weatherproof paper that’s teamed with way of a low-hysteresis plastic encircle. The audio recorder utilized is significantly more bigger than standard in 35mm and can be made from glass fiber rather than aluminum or Kapton and ergo provides far better strength handling in addition to lesser reimbursement.

Likewise the 28mm high-frequency component has alot going for this. It’s mechanically decoupled and installed onto some exceptional rubberized gasket as a way to isolate it out of your cupboard. Even as we all watched from the bass motorists that the voice-coil is also more substantial than standard in 28mm whereas the coated-microfibre do-me features a broad environment which delivers improved electrical power handling and not as much distortion. Even the small horn formed account of front plate makes certain acoustic impedance together with the ambient atmosphere with no having the downsides of the horn-based system.

But focus on details will not stop to the motorists . Even a 10cm x 10cm Mundorf aircore inductor was put about the base of the cupboard whereas the cross over has been 4th order acoustic Linkwitz-Riley and works by using premium quality polypropylene film capacitors and custom-made bifilar wirewound resistors.

Out of every one of the above mentioned you’re able to observe much technology effort moved only towards the cupboard it self but onto the authentic hardware used indoors. The mixture of each one of these give you the speakers having an increased response to 4 1 Hz to 30 kHz, 6 Ohms of average impedance, ninety dB of the cross over Frequency place at 2.5 kHz. The advised power as stated by Q Acoustics is place in twenty five — 200 W.


The premium excellent speaker knobs are positioned in the base of the face under the huge bass jack and also therefore are bi-wire competent. The straps may take on an assortment of cable connections which may include bare wires to banana sticks or snare straps. The plastic grips have become excellent high quality and very suit the remaining part of the speaker’s superior standing.


With all the speaker’s measurement and significant back bass jack you ought to guarantee that you leave ample space out of the rear for those speakers to breathe and deliver you the finest possible outcome. For the testings and thanks to distance limits we’d set them approximately 9 ft besides each other and approximately 2 ft in your rear wall.

Also we’d them toed-in so as to handle specifically at our listening location. The couple of Q Acoustics Concept 500 we tested’d currently a couple fantastic hours in their belt thus we’re expecting to become pretty true as it came back into their own acoustic touch in contrast to let us mention a fresh set which could necessitate a selected breakin span earlier it might grant you the maximum of it has capacities.

Shortly following the preliminary positioning and relations with your Onkyo receiver we jumped together with all of them as a way to do the job at either a 5.1 surround system for house theater functions in addition to independently at a stereo arrangement to the music evaluations.


The very first picture we chose to tryout would be that the 4K UHD edition of Saving Private Ryan that features an remarkable Dolby Atmos monitor. For this specific screening we aren’t fascinating in testing to find the over-head impacts which is the reason why we abandoned the Atmos speakers outside of the testing installment and also moved for an essential 5.1 system. You will find just two scenes which we attempted from the picture with all the original being that the shooting on Omaha beach.

There has been something quite particular to the way a Concepts Q Acoustics Concept 500 suggested that the noise at the front of the us. Imaging was high notch as you might super easy near your eyes and also perhaps not recognize that noise arrived actually out of speakers and perhaps not by the real-life scene. The very first minutes of this landing to the beach using all the Allied soldiers on the sea ships gave a exact entrance heavy performance whilst the Q Acoustics Concept 500s had been competent to show a remarkable number of info from the trail. And if we have discovered those along with different speakers and it absolutely was specially great these one were competent to leave them using an general all-natural tone .


After the German artillery started out moving that you might truly feel that the casing blasts since they struck on the water and the splashes struck on the metallic surfaces of their ships and also the soldier’s helmets. As soon as we reach on the beach along with the entranceway opens we all receive yourself a camera perspective in the ship whilst the German machine firearms are ripping throughout the very first rows of their soldiers showing unquestionable thickness precision by front channels in addition to a raw feel at how the bullets have been flying out of frontof

We had been somewhat interested to determine the way the encircle set up would fare together with those floorstanders minus assistance from some subwoofer and out of that which we can inform the Concepts did their best to provide you that high-end sense however also the 6.5″ motorists could perform this much in such a heavy bass film. For those who have discovered that this picture having a sub-woofer afterward without a person, also if we’re speaking in regards to the Q Acoustics Concept 500 speakers, could feel very horizontal and under-whelming. About the opposite hands with out a passionate centre channel front left and right channels did a excellent job in completing the centre distance and you also might nearly have that the dialog as though it had been originating from an centre channel.

Additionally, we went to get another picture that needed a extra finesse compared to raw performance of Saving Private Ryan and also this is actually the blu ray variant of Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King together with it has astonishing dtshd learn Audio monitor. This mixture joins far more orchestrated tunes having lots of of heavy entrance activity that give more fat into the Concepts compared to encircle speakers.

Even the Q Acoustics did again an remarkable endeavor. Even the siege of Minas Tirith felt far more alive than as the huge Pellenor areas long before the eyes showing just how excellent and they are able to re-create thickness and surroundings expansion once they will need to. As soon as the Rohimir charged in direction of Sauron’s military the dimensions had been magnificent as it all dropped in to area to provide a close optimum implementation.

We can discuss hours about the way in which a Q Acoustics Concept 500 could reliably re create the scenes we’ve simply saw however we presume you have exactly the purpose. The speakers were able to offer the sort of performance we believe just one of some kind together with it has incredibly characteristic managed midsize, punchy highs and persuasive bass.


Let us proceed with all our music examining today as we have a tendency to get this here we chose that a couple music monitors from FLAC format which we streamed throughout the USB interface of our receiver.

1 thing which undoubtedly made a feeling is the way standard that the noise came outside using all the speakers comprising an remarkable level of transparency. We liked the simple fact they retained their composure over the total lively selection and also though pushed into extreme degrees along also bass heavy music that the speakers not felt too boomy too surplus.


Spartial perception has been great since our screening field really packed up with most of the current musical instruments . You might pinpoint their position making a exact step by step multi-layered sound-stage. The highs believed somewhat tad bit much more intruding compared to the usual liking however this really is absolutely a exclusive preference and failed to throw the entire performance off-balance.

We assume that a lot of you’ll most likely wish to have those at a country of their art 2 channels installation and also the speakers really can get the most from one’s system. They have the art, both the total amount and also the composure to create incredible benefits of course, in the event that you’re a music enthusiast you are going to be difficult to quit hearing them following a time.

Final Thoughts

We’re reaching the finish of the review plus we all actually have to wrap up everything since it really is becoming more and more hard to quit listening. And that shows how these speakers really are. Q Acoustics actually reprinted it created a speaker which unites the top qualities this category necessitates but in an identical time handles to continue to keep the fee in the decrease end of stuff.

The Q Acoustics Concept 500 packs a whole lot of caliber within it. Q Acoustics moved the extra mile and designed a top-rated standard cupboard by mixing the essential technologies which may give it low resonance and distortions as you possibly can. The comprised double 165mm midsize bass drivers along with 28mm tweeter aren’t made out of some other exotic substances however have already been very closely designed and well assembled along with the superb cabinet furnished that an remarkable general performance which we are going to recall for quite a lengthy moment. Even the exact rich midsize connected flawlessly with all the highs and also balanced temptations to build an acoustic adventure encounter that’s extremely difficult to see within this specific price.

With this much fantastic what to state is that there any such thing awful for these? Even as we mentioned that the frequencies sensed somewhat little over-exciting into your ears but most can discover that for their own liking. Additionally with just 6.5″ drivers that these aren’t the very bass heavy speakers that you might purchase. Even though using the them at a home theater installation will nearly make certain the current presence of the subwoofer when you intend to make use of them at a stereo music system that the lows will lack the capacity you could possibly well be searching for in the event that you’re mad rough within this respect. These really are several quite heavy speakers thus relocating them can be a nuisance as additionally you ought to be certain you supply them considerable space to bend their muscle groups.


Final we’ll declare that. Even the Q Acoustics Concept 500 certainly are a true bargain of course, in the event that you uncover this unusual if we have been speaking of a 6,000 speaker afterward remember you might have to head much larger at cost as a way in order to locate a likewise rival version which gets identical traits as that particular one. In case want some floorstanding speakers at the luxury category afterward your Q Acoustics Concept 500 ought to be quite a strong competitor since it can certainly provide one of precisely the traits you want although preserving the fee in less or more moderate rates because of this’s kind. Highly suggested.

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