Q Acoustics Concept 40 Review (Floorstanding Loudspeaker)

Q Acoustics Concept 40 Review













  • Excellent price
  • Warm and natural sound
  • Great performance for their price
  • Great cabinet design


  • Only two color variations
  • No magnetic grills
  • Tripod feels a bit strange solution
  • Some may dislike the general design

It is usually pleasurable to determine youthful businesses acquire the respect they should have away from their services and products. And yet one such business which is truly famous at your home theater department isn’t any more compared to Q Acoustics. They may possibly perhaps not have the legacy or perhaps the foundation of a number of those additional large players within this business however in the past few years that they truly are from the speakers current market they have been able to leave their mark by simply offering fantastic quality and better performance with cheap rates. Inside our Q Acoustics Concept 40 review now we’ll be appearing at a few of those floorstander speakers of this Concept sequence which were published several years past and so they still can create waves together with their own performance.

A few weeks ago we all had the joy to review their very first try to the top quality market with all the Q Acoustics Concept five hundred which ended up fabulous speakers plus they even were able to supply us a unforgettable adventure. Even the Q Acoustics Concept 40 I will probably be appearing now will be the type of floorstanders which certainly are a little more down to ground and also much more cheap into this casual user nevertheless they nevertheless can generally share the exact technologies which we are going to chat about fleetingly. We ought to explain the Q Acoustics Concept 40 had been people who used Q Acoustics Gelcore technology along with also the Concept five hundred simply took it one stage farther.

With all the Q Acoustics Concept 40 intending to catch a part of the midst grade economy what exactly does Q Acoustics didn’t design an floorstander that’s exactly what is necessary to have your contest however in addition continue to keep the purchase price at affordable degrees this category dictates. Let us figure out…

Design, Inputs and Features


Q Acoustics has a couple of floorstanders beneath their belt nevertheless in regards to design and also cabinet structure the Q Acoustics Concept 40 is not the average speaker. All these aren’t the greatest speakers round along using a dimension of 38.26″ x ray 11.33″ x ray 6.69″ (972 x 288 x 170 mm) and pounds of Q Acoustics Concept 40 pounds (18.5 kg) they’ll match well in almost any form of moderate sized home theater or media space. Having a reasonably sizable port in the trunk ensures they are doing demand selected breathing area to do so even though you can find polyurethane bungs within the event you want to manually put them in the vicinity of a wall.

As because of it has looks that this really is a standard Q Acoustics design as most of their speakers abide by lines along with standard design. However, the Q Acoustics Concept 40 does deviate just a piece and spices up things using just one of a-kind aspects that undoubtedly catch a person’s attention. They have a selected remote texture with them with all front directly lines, the more exceptional tri-pod along with leading aluminum face plate. Q Acoustics has been make use of curved corners into the cupboard which give an even smoother position into the Q Acoustics Concept 40 whilst they may be located in just two shade variations using gloss-black or Gloss White function as just 2 selections.

Of course should design and appearances really are just one section of those speaker’s characteristics that the technology supporting it has cabinet good quality and structure is still just another. 1 important part in achieving very good audio reproduction would be by simply reducing cupboard space. However, to accomplish that you have to build durable and high priced cupboards with a lot of internal bracing. Together with Q Acoustics currently being fully a business that largely targets on middle and budget income speakers they’d an issue in their own hands on. The way to make a cupboard which has the traits of far more costly ones however in an reasonable price tag?

You are unable to bend the laws of math what Q Acoustics failed would be to go them around. As such they have established what they predict Gelcore technology. Gelcore can be really a exceptional resonance-cancelling chemical they sandwiched involving your’cupboard in a cupboard’ design which really is just a ostensibly two MDF enclosures adhered jointly. With this specific structure virtually any kinetic electricity generated from the motorist components will be consumed via this chemical and spread as heating. In this manner resonances are significantly decreased which may result in noise bleach and speaker lead signal degradation.


That really is just the exact same technology we noticed used from the Concept five hundred just for the reason any particular they utilized about three levels of MDF and 2 levels of Gelcore. Even the Q Acoustics Concept 40 works by using precisely the exact same technology however with an even simpler design. However, what’s intriguing is there are different aspects on such speakers which in first appearance will look like they were inserted just for aesthetic rationale nevertheless they really do more which increasing these appearance. The aluminum plate in front is actually a wonderful design touch however in addition adheres a butyl rubber sheet into front desk which likewise help reduce resonances. Since you notice exactly what has been designed.

Q Acoustics ended up consistently using from those bases due to his or her floorstanders along with also the tri-pod which the Q Acoustics Concept 40 is making use of can be quite exceptional but we have been convinced this may perhaps not function on the liking of most everyone. The trunk which attach into the trunk part of the cupboard comprise a security glass whereas the total stand arrangement is hardy even though we’re somewhat doubtful about that. If you prefer it or maybe not it truly is fully a individual thing therefore we’ll leave it in the. In addition, there are ground spikes involved in setting the speakers carpets and comfortable surfaces.

Front grills additionally follow the overall design fundamentals which most Q Acoustic speakers may actually have. As such merely the motorists have been coated significance with all the barbecue only approximately onethird of their front face has been coated. Remember the grills aren’t magnetically attached therefore if you would rather make use of the speakers with all an drivers vulnerable afterward front holes will probably present their awful head. Beneath the grill you’ll find 3 right lines which wind in the Q Acoustics emblem sitting down in the very bottom. A easy but in an identical time frame fascinating design.

At the rear of this machine, at centre elevation we find a huge solid interface while in the base you can find just two pairs of premium excellent speaker knobs.

The Q Acoustics Concept 40 has got the high quality and technology which Q Acoustics is well known because they strive touse in each of their own models. The design and overall appearance might possibly not be for everybody else however, also the caliber is still there together with an Gelcore technology function as core give attention to attempting to produce a premium excellent design on a manageable value.

Internal Hardware

The united kingdom manufacturer may possibly have placed plenty of consideration about the cupboard and may possibly function as the most important focus in these promotion however, the motorist setup is every bit as essential for your own Q Acoustics Concept 40 in order be in a position to execute so. So that which we buy here’s essentially a 2-way reflex with dual woofer kind using 2 125 mm (5″) mid bass bass motorists sitting along with each other while in the very top we now capture just one 25 mm (1″) high frequency component.

The broad dispersion 25mm soft dome tweeter is more decoupled for far better solitude as the bass drivers comprise bigger-than standard magnets so as to make certain wider lively reaction. In overall as it regards hardware that the Q Acoustics Concept 40 have particular elements we watched at the upper tier Concept five hundred nevertheless are still a lower underneath that which can be ordinary since we’re referring to a speaker which features a enormous price gap from Q Acoustics top rated superior that offer.


And though the motorists mix of this Q Acoustics Concept 40 could be much anything exotic or exciting that the task that’s been achieved was unique together with their combo offering a frequency-response of 53Hz into 22kHz, 8 Ohms of minimal impedance, ninety dB of significance along with the cross over frequency already been put in 2.3 kHz. Last but most certainly not least they have now been rated at twenty five to one hundred fifty g of advocated electrical power.


Q Acoustics is definitely providing fantastic high quality speaker terminals to all of their units so that the Q Acoustics Concept 40 can possibly be almost any distinct. In the reduce section of their face we’ve got two pairs of premium superior backpacks you may join either from bare cable or utilize screws that are special. There springs could be bi-wired or even biamped in the event that you’d like this manner of link while still remarks generally seems to be more broken when it will be really for the greater or perhaps not. However, it’s a good idea to view Q Acoustics providing you with the method too.


It’s typical practice once you have speakers using high rear sound vents to leave adequate breathing distance between your speaker and also the walls as a way to secure much better performance from this. With this Q Acoustics Concept 40 comprising an extremely big 1 that you ought to be certain that to have the essential distance in their opinion. The fantastic issue is the fact that in the case which you don’t, then Q Acoustics give foam bungs to-use and hence make it possible for one to set them nearer to some wall socket when that really is completely needed.

For the testing we all abandoned a space of roughly 2 ft out of the rear wall as the exact distance in between them was approximately 9 ft ) We had to toe-in them listening standing as a way to secure much better stereo . The particular group we analyzed needed a couple fantastic hours in their belt thus that we were not focused on the breakin phase that newest speakers have to have to be able to reach peak performance. However bear that in your mind in the event that you find yourself with yourself a fresh set plus so they actually don’t exactly seem because if you had been jump. Most makers indicate all around 100 hrs however this could differ a bit based upon usage.


The set we analyzed was attached to some 4.0 channels encircle system since we feel without a centre channel and a subwoofer it truly is much easier to identify any flaws that these speakers have. After building the essential calibrations into your Onkyo AV receiver we’re all ready to the screening.


For his very first picture we made a decision to check the 4K UHD edition of Rogue 1: Astar Wars tale which has a exemplary Dolby Atmos mixture. Of course we really don’t have a Dolby Atmos installment therefore we were not hoping to find all kinds of over-head actions but we’re interested to learn just how much the Q Acoustics Concept 40 wouldbe equipped to pay for the shortage of almost any middle, overhead along with subwoofer speakers.

Q-Acoustics-Concept-40-reviewGareth Edwards starwars film requires no introduction since it functions like a filler in between Episode III and Episode IV and strove to reveal the narrative of the stunt band since they fight to sneak the strategies to get its Empire’s Death Star. The movie isn’t bashful of activity strings and also the noise ramifications follow so. You can find a lot of chances the Q Acoustics Concept 40s reveal how very good home theater speakers these days are.

It really be a distance conflict or any soil fight the Q Acoustics constantly were able to depict each spectacle in every it has grande prestige and provide stunning dimensions and quantity to each instant. But let us just take it 1 stage at one moment; point. To start with of the front sound-stage felt extremely filled as well as with out a centre speaker that the floorstanders left a fantastic job in filling the vacant distance. Dialogue was well separated by both left and right channels and also there has been a wonderful level of channel separation and shifting because Space ships ended up traveling right to lefthanded. We felt as though this conversation had been blindsided from the remainder of the activity when matters got very occupied.

While there wasn’t any over-head actions the following the Q Acoustics did a excellent job in enlarging front activity on most of or any axis. Demonstrably no unobtrusive noises were originating from previously mentioned however, the speakers failed to strive to improve the activity marginally higher revealing how very good dispersion they’d had. The encircle task was well integrating together with front so as to receive yourself a exact fine 360-degrees bubble around us.

The Q Acoustics Concept 40 isn’t the type of speakers which may offer you a exact competitive performance. We’d state that they certainly were simpler than we ever predicted and needed a hot tone that we really enjoyed. The treble was amazing and also we felt it moving back which may lead to ear distress. However, the very low end of course that the speakers find it impossible to supply the punchy and chest pumping bass a fantastic sub-woofer may however, the speakers failed to figure out how to supply transparent and bass.

Every-thing built-in well round the exact controlled and nicely left midsize. These speakers aren’t likely to knock off your shocks . however, it truly is as when they understand their own constraints and attempt to receive the most best from the things they are able to provide. An remarkable effort and exhibits just how good occupation Q Acoustics is been doing inside the design stage.

However not one of all those reviews are complete with no tiny bite out of our premium picture assortment which will be not any different compared to god of the Rings. This time around we chose to try out the Kinect variation of 2 Towers using it has benchmark caliber dtshd learn Audio mixture. The movie isn’t relying much about encircle influences and also is chiefly front and also dialog driven as the encompasses add into the neighboring and ecological immersion typically the many.

The siege of Helm’s Deep will be your most obvious highlight right here since 10,000 Urukhai storm that the walls of this store and also you’ll be able to hear each and every little sword, armor and defend clashing. However, whilst this spectacle supply a fantastic prospect for that Q Acoustics Concept 40 to-go loudly you will find different scenes which reveal how fragile they’re able to be similar to once the bushes of Fangorn Forest start to corrode and simply how much that ecological ambience that the speakers can build, may earn a spectacle much more artificial.

And all this activity we all additionally have the remarkable score out of Howard Shore which results in the cornerstone for several of your unwanted ramifications to incorporate well and offer us one of some type adventure. Even the Q Acoustics by no means come to feel daunted with this endeavor plus so they were able to maintain quite limited management of most elements and so provide us such a decent hearing session.

Final our picture analyzing what we are able to convey in regards to the Q Acoustics Concept 40 is these really are several pretty powerful speakers which might never supply an over-exciting encounter but may not fail. They truly are very focused on a hot tone and also very fantastic highs you may pay to hours without even filling somewhat drained. Clearly you are unable to anticipate that a free floors bass however we have been convinced most have a sub-woofer the moment it regards movies therefore that it is going to incorporate well and certainly will grant the chance into this Q Acoustics Concept 40 to target on additional parts they are able to manage the ideal. Thus bearing this in mind we still really don’t understand everything you may ask within this particular price.


Moving to your music screening today we switched our installation to your pristine stereo with only the couple of Q Acoustics attached to our own Onkyo AV receiver. We do not believe ourselves hard-core music audiophiles but don’t love to have our fair share of music mend every once in awhile therefore we chose some music monitors within FLAC format which we streamed throughout the USB interface of our receiver to get its finest quality.

Q-Acoustics-Concept-40-soundEven the floorstanders ended up very amazing when it regards tackling music. Even though we confess that in overall people enjoy speakers which have just a bit hotter tone and this might be the reason why we saw the Q Acoustics therefore agreeable for your ears. Audio imaging has been good with fantastic audio resolution and disturbance. We can slip out of exactly where each noise started front of us panning noises from left right had been put on with no lagging.

Even the floorstanders manufactured an fantastic job in supplying restricted and concentrated controller and cohesive noise. Desks were created together with emotion and clarity. Bass was handled well even though we’d prefer this to become marginally more punchy. Every thing from cymbals to guitar sequences and on occasion perhaps synthesizer digital noises had been produced having a exact wonderful feel and coloring.

Can we enjoyed what we discovered? We undoubtedly did. Even the Q Acoustics Concept 40 might perhaps not be an speaker which goes at the upper premium category however undoubtedly behaves such as a speaker which costs significantly more than it basically does and also it’s really an excellent choice for everyone which wishes to know some excellent music however and never having to go mad about price tag.

Final Thoughts

Having reached the ending of the review we have to confess the Q Acoustics Concept 40 gave us than we’re looking to own. Q Acoustics was able to develop a speaker which unites performance with style and affordability and so ensure it is well suited for several sort of installments it either be described as a pure music installment or to get a home theater place.

That which we enjoyed was that the very large production worth since it displays just how much care Q Acoustics has become the design along with their proprietary Gelcore technology as a way to develop a high quality of this lineup cabinet minus the should really go mad high priced. In addition, the hardware utilised may possibly be much anything exotic although also the united kingdom producer has managed to find the most from it and unite it unbelievably together with all the hardy shell that they generated. This caused a speaker which may really go loudly, deliver great noise imaging along with very excellent settlement without repainting in focus or clarity.

About the opposite side the design of this speaker even though exceptional we know that maybe not everybody else will require to it whilst the tri-pod used can also be something which is likely to create few cringe. The speakers don’t want their distance in order have the ability to breathe and function so so should you’re exceedingly restricted on distance and also you also have to re arrange them in-between another furniture and also close a wall that you will lose a few of these traits. Last but most certainly not least the very low end may truly feel a little gentle and perhaps not as punchy.

Wrapping the Q Acoustics Concept 40 will be the type of all floor standing speakers that may provide you with a superb performance both for both movies and music which are great if you’d like quality without having to spend a lot of money.

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