Q Acoustics 3050i Review (Floorstanding Loudspeaker)

Q Acoustics 3050i Review













  • Fantastic sound quality
  • Great tonal balance
  • Flexible placement
  • Attractive design
  • Solid build quality


  • Slightly narrow dispersion
  • Subwoofer has limited bass

It is usually thrilling to use a fresh group of speakers especially in the famous corporation like Q Acoustics, thus now we’ve got the joy to review a few of these most recent floor standing speakers, that the Q Acoustics 3050i. Even though we weren’t able to review the Creator of the particular series, the most well known 3000 assortment, which experienced received thwarted opinions and elevated scores due to his or her performance the brand new 3000i assortment which has been substituted together with guarantees to shoot exactly what was good and boost up on it now.

Even the Q Acoustics 3050i speakers are section of their 3000i spouse and children which have bookshelf speakers, a centre speaker, a subwoofer along with also the floor standing speakers we’re checking right here now and based to Q Acoustics they will have experienced many improvements to be able to improve their audio performance although at an identical time maintain the purchase price at fair degrees and consequently position them someplace at the exact middle of the purchase price ladder which makes them a fantastic choice for those who desire some excellent speakers however minus needing EX-treme budgets to pay off. But let us commence our Q Acoustics 3050i review to determine whether such speakers really are like they appear to be.

Design, Inputs and Features

Having a dimension of 40.2″ x ray 12.2″ x ray 12.2″ plus also a burden of 39.2 pounds (17.8kg) that the Q Acoustics 3050i possess a really different appearance that distinguish them out of most other ordinary floorstanders as curves and curved corners are you may strike. You’ll find not any sharp lines or corners available and they seem as they came from a stainless flat. With all the grilles carrying the top 1 / 2 the speakers plus also a uncomplicated Q to your emblem under these typical appearance is uncomplicated but in an identical time completely and fresh intriguing.

In the beyond your cabinets possess a semi-gloss, to express finish that’s maybe not glistening but surely includes got a wonderful appearance for this than this usual speaker surfaces we’ve found these days. Taking the grilles first thing we all see will be the thick, thick chrome glossy bezels enclosing a 22mm high-frequency motorist sandwiched amongst two 165mm bass/mid-range precision motorists while still studying the trunk we locate that a bass jack and also a set of non speaker knobs.

And though the Q Acoustics 3050i speakers comprise an exact different and characteristic seem what’s in the cupboards would be exactly what make these speakers interesting. Q Acoustics be sure tousle high-tech technologies which arise in their high-end Concept 500-series for example P2P and HPE. P2P (Point to Point) technology leaves the enclosure rigid by minding the essential components and so developing an even more correct sound-stage whilst HPE (Helmholtz Stress Equalizer) technology can be utilized to lessen the cupboard space using a vertical tube crammed up with non-toxic substance, some thing very helpful to tall loudspeakers that generally revolve in one favorite frequency.


Even the Q Acoustics 3050i include a 22mm delicate ribbon tweeter which will be decoupled in your baffle together with the assistance of the suspension technique so as to lessen disturbance by your woofer and so offer you enhanced performance. Even the 165mm mid/bass motorists contain an abysmal and coated paper cone and surrounded with a low-hysteresis rubberized which in line to Q Acoustics supplies a well balanced performance amongst stiffness and self-damping. The 2way re-flex strategy is also, dependent on the specs, so competent to supply a frequency response from 44Hz into 30kHz, crossover frequency of 2.5 kHz using 91dB of 6 and sensitivity Ohms impedance.

Q Acoustics generally seems to get reduced focus on smaller details which increase the total caliber and leaves that the Q Acoustics 3050i really much far better by delivering magnetic grills which really is quite rare within this cost range whereas the very low profile posts create cable connections thus much simpler. The furnished spikes include a Hex instrument for simple calibration and insertion over to the ground plus also we had the ability to keep these things all set in only two or three moments.

Q Acoustics 3050i can be found in 4 distinct shades to choose from using Arctic White, Carbon Black, Graphite gray along with English Walnut function as people out there.


We joined with the Q Acoustics 3050i whilst front channels inside our Onkyo receiver and also used that the builtin calibration platform to harmony most speakers at our dwelling entertainment until we start off our picture analyzing.


If it regards analyzing floorstanding speakers that there are just two movies we commonly strive. The initial function as that the 4K UHD edition of Saving Private Ryan since it has a energetic Dolby Atmos monitor, ideal for practically any speakers analyzing. Of course probably the most renowned scenery could not be different than the shooting of the Allied Forces on Omaha beach. By the very first time as soon as the camera indicates the troopers at the sea ships you secure yourself a feeling of the audio traits of these Q Acoustics 3050i speakers. By the sea motors, the waves hitting the metallic ships or artillery shells falling to the remote backdrop that the Q Acoustics 3050i were able to replicate all of data reliably.

After the troopers reach the beach along with the true mayhem commences the speakers can maintain good constraint of every thing occurring in each picture. We found the speakers ended up bit robust around the bass however that did not bothered us all since this did not come in the cost of the highs which ended up apparent and properly outlined. After the German machine-guns ended up strewn throughout the American troopers that you might notice their characteristic trumping steel noise very definitely replicated while additional noise clips had been of equivalent caliber. That will be going on within this picture and also the Q Acoustics 3050i can show plenty of particulars you commonly are not able to hear from non speakers.


Q Acoustics has created a exact nice balanced and overall speaker along with Saving Private Ryan has been a picture that demonstrated which for people. Artillery strikes needed the essential oomph, machine-guns and firearms from general sensed real-time ecological impacts such as drains drops and also perhaps the scratching tank paths from the exact distance throughout the previous conflict of Ramelle generated an enlarged sound stage to each of directions.

The 2nd picture we attempted has been not any longer compared to god of the Rings: The Return of the King using all the siege of Minas Tirith you start together with all the trip of this Rohirim function as the purpose at which we all chose to watch out of. The movie has a few of those optimal/optimally dtshd learn Audio paths as there isn’t any 4K variation nonetheless to take to but the outcomes were so astonishing. Ground vibration, metallic clashing and filthy beasts crying designed an wonderful atmosphere which the Q Acoustics 3050i could supply. We observed that a similar behaviour here whilst the bass felt a little bit more conspicuous however in no manner did so interfere with all the mids or highs which ended up lively and clear offering quite different conversation.

Closing this section we’ll only mention the Q Acoustics 3050i was able to execute by giving enormous speakers tendencies and providing you an idea of incline and scale we ordinarily watch in greater in-ear speakers. They supplied lots of compression and resolution and also sensed enough even if somewhat sturdy around the bass. Fantastic job from Q Acoustics since they were able to generate a speaker that provides true value for your money.


Moving to your music screening we now chose that a collection of FLAC monitors as standard using various rhythms and songs we streamed into your recipient. Even the Q Acoustics 3050i showed instantly a infrequent agility at the decrease ending some thing which was apparent right away but in an identical period that the vocals had been rather powerful and obviously outlined. Over-Lapping tools were managed from the speakers supplying a great awareness of distance while abrupt changes in dynamics never ever left them even loose grip.


Pushing the speakers to bigger amounts failed to show any distortions along with also the cabinets could supply sound which has been clear and also amazingly in depth. Q Acoustics 3050i are budget-friendly speakers which may perform as they cost far more as well as at the long run this ought to be regarded as a victory for Q Acoustics.

Our Verdict

Even the Q Acoustics 3050i were able to surprise us together with their own performance. While they have been deemed middle-range loudspeakers they were able to execute much superior than anticipated. And even although the design is exceptional which a few may possibly enjoy while some are going to discover that it is somewhat too much, what things in the ending would be that the acoustic response they could possibly provide and within such respect the speakers were able to capture very great scores.

With technologies which originate in high finish types the Q Acoustics 3050i figure out how to create quality out of higher-end to searching to get an even less or more expensive value. Even the Q Acoustics 3050i supplied us that a exact fun time during our movies and music viewing plus also we clearly suggest these to anybody who desires high excellent speakers however are still reluctant to devote a whole lot of income on a few longer top quality versions.

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