Polk Audio TL1600 Review (5.1 Home Theater Speaker System)

Polk Audio TL1600 Review













  • Very low price
  • Very stylish design
  • Good overall performance


  • Hi-gloss finish is a fingerprint magnet
  • Subwoofer could be a bit punchier
  • Hi-gloss finish is a fingerprint magnet

Now we’ve got the joy to try a home theater program out of Polk Audio, a exact commendable and famous US organization from the audio gear department, even though a lot of men and women understand them to get their very top of their lineup floor-standing speakers inside our instance now we’ll likely be checking you of these smaller sized 5.1 home theater methods which are largely fitted to home theater rookies or men and women don’t possess a great deal of room or funding to get a larger installation.

We’ve begun analyzing a number of those little audio methods from many manufacturers since it looks like the demand for lowcost home theater methods that may provide decent overall performance in a more compact dimensions is growing increasingly more common. However, with many modest audio approaches on the industry now How can Polk Audio sidewalks in comparison to this rivalry? Can that their strategy handles to render it’s markers or even we receive the following superior but eventually forgettable audio platform.

Style, Design & Inputs of Polk Audio TL1600

Even the Polk Audio TL1600 home theater process is now really a smaller 5.1 channels platform which features 4 identical satellite speakers to front and surround channels, inch centre channel and also 1 active subwoofer for its reduced frequencies.

For front and also encircle we capture 4 indistinguishable TL1 tanks which sit and have a exact characteristic Curved design Layout which Polk Audio established either to generate a exact different visual overall look but additionally to minmise audio coloration from inside surface area resonances in addition to in order to make an even far more rigid enclosure. Even a hi-gloss”Blackstone” complete around give the speakers a great glistening appearance whilst on front there’s just a detachable black fabric grille which protects and covers the motorists. To the rear we’ve got a key hole mount so as to become in a position enough to wall-mount the speakers whilst to the cable connections Polk Audio utilised 5-way binding poles in place of their cheaper spring clips.


Still another characteristic behind these little satellite speakers would be the fact that Polk Audio inserted an Aperiodic-Tuned Back Port as a way to generate better mixing together with all the sub-woofer also for far better bass expansion without any vibration by controlling the ventilation throughout the vent. A fairly neat design and style and even though gap may possibly perhaps not be massive if we have been speaking about such a small-sized speaker however this also indicates that Polk Audio has presumed the smallest of specifics much if it’d have slight acoustic advancements.

Each satellite speakers include a single 2 1/2″ Long-Throw Driver Together With Dynamic Balance Cable Technology, which will be Polk Audio’s patented transducer layout to be able to perform loudly with no pressure while additionally be capable to make transparent and detailed sounds, and also yet another 1/2″ Silk Dome Tweeter to its large frequencies. These two dimensional approaches can generate a frequency response to 120Hz to 22 KHz using 8-9 D B of efficacy and also 8 Ohms impedance.

The middle channel follows precisely the exact same design fundamentals whilst the satellite speakers using a rounded enclosure design and style plus back bass jack for far better mixing together with all the sub-woofer but it stays vertically and is composed of two similar midsize motorists and one tweeter. Both midsize motorists in conjunction together with the lace ribbon tweeter can create a frequency response to 9-5 Hz to 22 KHz using 8-9 D B of efficacy and also 8 Ohms impedance.

Both middle and satellite speakers comprise exactly what Polk Audio cites as Time Lens Technology which fundamentally gets got the tweeter and midsize motorist’s acoustic facilities adapting so as to generate more sharp sounds whereas the acoustic lens that’s fitted onto the trunk part of the grill criss the tweeter’s frequency reaction causing much superior performance which has been hopeless before such sized sized speakers…thus Polk Audio states.

Together side all the satellite and centre speakers comes with an lively down-firing sub-woofer so as to support with those frequencies that are low. The back shooting 8″ long-throw Dynamic Balance poly mix motorist combined together with all the downward shooting port along with also a built in 50 Watt constant / 100 Watt summit amp provide the subwoofer the capability to maneuver as much as 45 Hz.

In the trunk we now see less or more expected using a volume knob, a low-pass knob which may correct the cut off frequency among 80 and 160 Hz, a 0-180 period switch, a on / off switch, analogue audio input in addition to speaker level input and inputs if you’ve got a old receiver without a focused subwoofer output.


Final this section we must say we are incredibly impressed with all the grade of such a system that is small. With such a very low price caused us somewhat doubtful how very good that the Polk Audio TL1600 can possibly be either out of the layout point of perspective however additionally essential around the building of these speakers. Polk Audio indeed established an audio platform to really be more pleased with and yet one that’s recently justified it truly is cost only by the appearances and excellent style and design. It merely remains to be noticed just how much greater it’d be at what actually matters. Audio operation.

Overall performance of Polk Audio TL1600

The technique, staying 5.1 channels, does not incorporate a overhead speakers as well since such might not encourage some generation audio tracks such as Dolby Atmos or even DTS:X. Since it’s chiefly intended for home theater rookies or even those who only desire to relish immersive surround sound using all the cheapest price tag this really should not be a real challenge since 5.1 continues to be plenty of for lots of folks as a way to generate an enlarged sound platform.

Inside our instance placement the speakers at our seeing field has been a cinch and right after the essential relations and calibrations we’re all set for analyzing.


To check the capacities with the smaller 5.1 technique we travelled with two blueray movies, Saving Private Ryan and also Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, which come with great dtshd learn Audio paths longer than ample to stretch the Polk Audio TL1600 for it has boundaries.

We commenced by popping up the Saving Private Ryan disk in to our blueray participant and decided to watch that the launching conflict with all the Omaha beach landing. Having analyzed a couple of small 5.1 approaches lately along our memory fresh we’re interested if that 1 might have the ability to give another experience compared to others rest of the

Even the Polk Audio TL1600 were able to reliably replicate the launching audio consequences, the sea motors sound, splashes of plain water, desktop artillery cubes and conversation had been coming together well with great channel separation which provides you with some crystal clear understanding exactly what had been happening on both ahead and so forth.


After the ships reach the beach along with also the doors open up we now receive yourself a rain of machine gunfire along with artillery cubes explosions along with also the Polk Audio TL1600 strove to essentially attract all of the actions of this monitor at our chamber. Channel changing was incredibly fine with true alterations, the guts channel shipped dialogue definitely even at every of the mayhem whilst the surround channels were able to encircle us inside such a chaotic warfare arena together with top-notch, outstanding accomplishment.

Even the subwoofer needed a great deal of function in these types of arenas like explosions, gun flame and also projectiles which fly around would be the principal allure of the specific scene and though it was able to really go low sometimes it sensed somewhat under powered. This gave us a better feeling it did not have precisely the exact same punch as other very similar approaches along with even though gap was little which for a many be non existent we’re able ton’t mention it was not just there. It really is nothing enjoy the sub-woofer under performed or some thing however a extra power will unquestionably make these cells dynamic.

Next because of the analyzing arrived the Kinect disk of Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring which includes, in our viewpoint, among many most useful orchestrated weighty soundtracks we now have heard.

Certainly one of the Favourite scenes is that Gandalf faces the Balrog in the Bridge of Khazad-dûm. By the very first roar he gets towards the document confrontation in addition to the bridge that really is a spectacle which unites a great deal of sound clips with dialog, plenty of reduced frequencies and also encircle effects in addition to Howard Shore’s A-Mazing orchestrated motif with all the Polk Audio TL1600 controlling to re create exactly what we watched about the spectacle very well.

The sound clips were well split by the conversation along with the music, also the satellite speakers were able to successfully enlarge the immersion discipline effectively supporting us and also the guts channel shipped the voice of Gandalf certainly with fine depth. Even the sub-woofer yet back gave into this spectacle that the essential burden however since before we’d like when it had been somewhat punchier. Yet transition among it and also the remainder of the speakers ended up smooth making a exact immersive setting.

In overall people had been very you should from your Polk Audio TL1600. It truly is astonishing such a little and low-priced audio machine may provide also it appears that makers have now made lots of advancements inside their layouts and technologies utilized as a way to create their effectiveness just a bit nearer to additional higher level technologies. The device absolutely has it has limits and we’d prefer the subwoofer to present greater punch but should you think it has cost and size then Polk Audio did an awesome perform.

Polk Audio TL1600’s Audio

Next inline has been our new music examining and also for that we chose some FLAC audio paths to observe the method by which a Polk Audio TL1600 could function. Much like these tiny set-ups it truly is difficult to find the sort of enthusiasm you commonly purchase from enormous floor standing speakers however the Polk Audio TL1600 was able to offer a top notch functionality. Music tools were certainly different even though vocals ended up well separated by the remaining part of the channels.


Midrange with substantial combined very fine however, that the bass has been a little bit much more uninteresting than that which we’d really like. The strategy was able to maintain control when pushing the listening degrees into copious amounts but there’s therefore much such tiny speakers could perform. However despite their dimension and limits which they bulked underneath the high-volume keeping unbelievably excellent control.

Our Verdict For Polk Audio TL1600

Polk Audio has shown to people although tremendous, high in the line speakers can provide the optimal/optimally audio quality and immersion potential, that you really don’t require such gear in order to receive sufficient enjoyment from the surround audio platform. A whole lot of men and women only are interested in being in a position to find some good of their encircle audio magical with all the cheapest cost potential which system may offer loads of the.

Even the Polk Audio TL1600 features a exact wonderful design which is equally streamlined to become matched nearly anyplace and of fantastic quality for such a little size that provides some exact excellent performance which might perhaps not be clear in the very first appearance. Of course the device is supposed for tiny living spaces, bedrooms or tiny home theater are as however, also the speakers may proceed loudly enough to meet somewhat bigger are as together with acoustic immersion. Polk Audio paid much focus on details so as to achieve such effectiveness from such a little design plus so they ought to really be applauded with it particular. In the event you put in to these the remarkable price to get the entire 5.1 surround process then that really is a method which is absolutely worth an attempt.

Being a real budget-friendly audio method this usually means with no elevation speakers there’s no more Dolby Atmos or even DTS:X service. That was a reasons it’s called budget and small -favorable however also for its folks it really is intended for, opting to get a 5.1 channels technique will probably function plenty of. The high-gloss conclusion of this speakers can seem fine . however, it truly is really a little bit of the mic recorder which really needs cleaning each of the moment. Last but most certainly not least even though the comprised sub-woofer combined excellent using the remainder of the speakers we’d prefer it to deliver somewhat more punch.


Polk Audio TL1600 can be actually a significant process for the ones which are simply commencing their home theater encounter, are restricted at funding have limited distance or some mix of some one of those aforementioned. And yet even though it’s tiny enough and non expensive to meet all these standards Polk Audio ensure it would have the ability to extend the optimal/optimally performance potential inside of these limits and since such they was able to execute a exact excellent career.

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