Polk Audio T50 Review (Floorstanding Loudspeaker)

Polk Audio T50 Review













  • Clear Highs
  • Well built and extremely good looking
  • Offers huge bang for your buck
  • Easy installation
  • Silk dome twitter


  • Bass is less impressive
  • Comes only in black, wood-grain vinyl finish
  • Not suitable for a larger room

First thing initial thing which comes at heart as you find a couple of home theater floorstanders is the way costly they truly are and precisely what sort of excellent noise they are able to develop. A excellent lots of individuals regrettably do not possess the distance independence to generate massive home theaters with enormous speaker places so that we find out increasingly turning into streamlined designs with little variable speakers or even opt to proceed to get a sound-bar that’s produced for this particular motive.

Low-price having complete measurement floorstanding sized speakers commonly do not fit but Polk Audio appears to disagree. However price tag is 1 facet of this equation together with solid performance function as one opposite. Low priced means trimming corners however should be thought about okay? Polk Audio took the battle created a version that provides a true glance of exactly what superior audio is exactly about but in simply a portion of the price tag.

At that time of composing the Polk Audio T50s really have an amount of sub-£ 100 for each bit essentially generating them the most cheapest floorstanders it’s possible to buy in the present time. However, try so very low price threatens grade of noise or Polk Audio were able to generate a speaker that’s the embodiment of that which we call value for your money? All issues will be replied from our Polk Audio T50 review.

Design, Inputs and Features of Polk Audio T50


Even the Polk Audio T50 cupboard has a dimension of 36.5″ x ray 9.25″ x ray 8.75″ (92.71 x 23.5 x 22.23 cm) along with a burden of 20.4 pound (9.25 Kg) using all the attached foundation rendering it a comparatively little sized floorstanding lightweight speaker which helps place it into little areas in which there aren’t plenty of choices in regards in speakers positioning.

The cupboard is assembled by MDF plank and can be coated with means of a dark semigloss hardwood plastic end making it appear more superior and costly than it actually is. Unfortuitously black may be the sole color solution therefore there’s not much flexibility . However, the within the speakers are all well ventilated to minmise a unwanted resonance.


The speaker features a completely attached bottom that regrettably will not supply any elastic legs thus ensure that the top you are going to be setting it’s flat and straight. Front is totally included in a curved dark fabric grille with just exactly the Polk Audio brand revealing in the exact base of the preserving a exact simple dark rectangle box design.

These speakers could possibly be economical however undoubtedly do not seem like this. Polk Audio managed to produce miracles with this kind of budget and so they also deserve kudos for this.

Internal Hardware

Taking the whole frontal grille we’re bombarded with Polk Audio’s proprietary Dynamic stability drivers and tweeter which have been designed for large reply and very low distortion. Even the Polk Audio T50 features a two dimensional, bass-reflex design using 1 1″ silk ribbon tweeter, one 6.5″ mid sized woofer along with 2 6.5″ bass .

Today 1 think we’d really like to explain is all approximately the bass radiators. We’ve noticed a couple of funny reviews from those who think both really are imitation speakers thus that we uncover this possibility to place stuff directly. Bass springs are inactive apparatus so that they aren’t driven with means of a recipient’s strength amplifier. Ostensibly that they substitute the bass jack at a speaker that gets got the benefit of greater positioning mobility in comparison to speakers which include bass interfaces and will often need to get put in the vicinity of a wall to get better final results.


So although the Polk Audio T50 might look as if it’s three motorists in fact just the sole 6.5″ midsize motorist remains busy. We could produce matters a little more distinct today because of youpersonally. The mixture of this tweeter together with the midsize driver along with the 2 bass extremities provide the Polk Audio T50 an frequency assortment of both 38-24,000Hz, 90dB of 6 and sensitivity ohms of minimal impedance.

Connectivity For Polk Audio T50

In the decrease section of their face we receive yourself a couple of five-way binding poles you are able to join with possibly bare wires or distinctive sausage sticks. Even the receptable can be somewhat modest and also you may possibly discover that it’s somewhat complicated to twist the cable precisely because it requires a little more hard work as it needs to.


Polk Audio asserts the tweeter along with woofers offer you wide dispersion, meaning there is not any sweet listening area gives you greater freedom wherever you should sit watching a film or hearing music. Of class inside our adventure a little bit of toein consistently offer far better noise therefore that we chose to accomplish this compared to render them fully off-axis.


As you will find bass radiators rather than the bass jack inserting them in a wall rather than mandatory in order to can get more setting possibilities. Inside our instance as a result of limited distance we now have we put them close to 30cm far from your walls and also forced each of essential alterations into the AV receiver. After moving right through the essential calibrations that our system has been all set for analyzing.


We desired to induce Polk Audio T50s only a very little to view the way exactly they could do under great pressure going to your 4K UHD edition of Saving Private Ryan has been a clear option. The picture’s Dolby Atmos combination includes got the essential weight and also alot of low-frequencies to truly worry any speaker particularly inside the opening and final strings which would be the high lights of the movie.

Assessing the landing of Omaha shore first there’s a plethora of low-frequencies since Italian artillery is beating on the Allied places even though German machine firearms are ripping throughout the troopers which strive to become free from the ships and just take refuge. We presumed that notably the artillery explosions are overly stern for your own Polk Audio T50s nevertheless they managed them perfectly. There clearly was not any evident distortion . however, it felt just like it really worried that them somewhat in a handful moments that tends to make it crystal clear in minutes where thick bass will become necessary that a subwoofer can be just a must.


The final scene with all an struggle of Ramelle faked a little better compared to T50s could replicate the tank flame far superior. The remaining part of the outcomes followed so with explosions, little arms firing and also the menacing noise of these tank brakes squeaking all needed a exact smooth and natural flare with them.

The 2nd picture we attempted was that the 4K UHD edition of World, the initial person perhaps not the sequel since it had been this kind of remarkable picture, immediately after the very first movie in the set of class that’s inside our heads that a timeless. The movie includes a robust DTS:X combination that is what we had to your own Polk Audio T50s. We have an even healthier mixture plus whether it offered loads of minutes of non frequency mayhem it turned out a extra elastic round the total frequency spectrum. Dinosaurs roaring as well as also the famed t rex footsteps rumble failed to create the Polk Audio T50’s to violate a perspiration. It treat that which quite very good while conversation was really evident and invisibly throughout all of the activity.

1 matter we ought to be aware is the way loudly the Polk Audio T50s could proceed. Acquiring the quantity to exceptionally substantial degrees can set a great deal of anxiety to these. All-around 80dB we’d state may be that the max why these speakers may do their own best and whether they are able to go bigger we believed that no longer than they begin to free composure a little.


Next online is how that our music evaluations in order what greater solution to try out the Polk Audio T50 using some thing a lot more delicate compared simply to select our favourite FLAC music monitors we flow our recipient. As standard retain remember that most speakers desire a modest”breakin” time until they are able to attain their high performance in order the onset they seem somewhat different than anticipated however, we will guarantee you this improves over time.

The speakers were able to offer a exact restricted performance with all good split between your different musical instruments whether they’ve been well characterized inside distance. Bass felt fulfilling and natural whilst the frequencies felt merely a little more glowing than that which we’d enjoy however minus having to be overly surplus. The midsize maintained the instrumentation persuasive whilst there clearly was perhaps not any perceptible overlapping involving your tails.


Even the Polk Audio T50s were able to execute well across the total lively selection and while still forcing them into extreme elevated volumes that they began to free their traction only a very little in ordinary states they’ll provide a exact excellent musical encounter that’s actually excellent for its run you need to pay for. Using a well controlled mid century, glowing highs and also tight laps that the Polk Audio T50 offer a wonderful musical adventure for almost some music fan to a limited funds.

Final Thoughts For Polk Audio T50

Polk Audio has been able to generate a tiny miracle with all the Polk Audio T50. The speakers demonstrably possess flaws since they feature excellent performance but with no controlling to provide us any such thing outstanding. Their perspiration spot appears to become round the 80dB markers after they begin to free controller some time now there were seconds that exceptionally lower frequencies left that the speakers strain greater than that which they’d really like.


However on the bright side that the speakers were able to supply incredibly excellent performance when you take a close look at these as an entire lot. They truly are great for blended utilize but we’d absolutely recommend you join them having a subwoofer so as to simply take a bit of their very low frequency weight that appears a lot for their sake in certain scenarios. The speakers sounds ideal for practically any sort of little or moderate sized space but in case you are in possession of a huge space afterward we’d suggest to look at another version.

Of course the emphasize of this Polk Audio T50 is that it’s price since it will assert to be the least expensive floorstanding speaker readily available on the current market with a pretty excellent performance the Polk Audio T50 can be a superior selection for everyone who wants a fantastic group of speakers however do not wish to purchase a top price in their opinion.

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