Polk Audio S60 Review (Floorstanding Loudspeaker)













  • Affordable price
  • Solid bass
  • Great balanced performance
  • Nice cabinet looks


  • Grilles could be better quality
  • Vinyl wraps
  • Only two color variations
  • Slightly bright upper mids

Speaking about home theater speakers, speakers or speakers generally, there’s really a very big collection of brands and manufacturers available which supply wonderful value for profit a few of these speakers line-ups. However, when there’s a single brand which is now synonymous with the”value for the money” moto which could have to become Polk Audio because for that past couple of years their attention had consistently gone to generate decent excellent speakers which can work excellent and be more cheap for the masses. Even though within time Polk Audio is now been through many changes our Polk Audio S60 review will reveal to you which they have exactly what is necessary to make an inexpensive but great acting speaker tower.

Belonging from the Signature show which has been published a couple of decades ago that the Polk Audio S60 could be the most significant floorstanding speaker at your family with all the S55 and also S50 function as other two bigger aquariums even though we additionally find the S35 trim centre speaker together side the S-30 core speaker, two bookshelf loudspeakersalong with the s-20 along with S15, and also one uni-pole encompass speakeralong with the more s-10. No devoted subwoofer from the show however you will find tons of alternatives to pick with this particular as you find the touch show includes all that you want to generate your ideal mix of cheap speakers.


But for that Polk Audio S60s Polk Audio be confident to bring a number of these distinctive sauce as a way to generate these work depending on their criteria. Together side a really distinctive appearance and caliber engineered cupboard design the Polk Audio S60s are made using Polk Audio’s dynamic-balance Technology design design, also a high heeled Polk terylene tweeter, tradition midsize drivers along with Polk’s electricity Port technology. These offer the Polk Audio S60 such a lengthy high speed answer which makes the Signature show are first of Polk Audio’s line-ups to find hires Audio certificate.

However, these technical mumbojumbo will not fundamentally earn a speaker excellent we are here in order to decide if Polk Audio keep their heritage of producing great acting speakers in a very low price. Can they afford to perform it yet more? Continue reading if you want to learn.

Design, Inputs and Features of Polk Audio S60


Currently being the greatest floorstanding speaker at the Signature show the Polk Audio S60 isn’t just exceptional in design but is still a really huge speaker generally which is likely to create its own presence felt instantaneously. Using a diameter of 44.5 x 11.7 x ray 15.7 (1130.3 x ray 297.2 x ray 398.8 M M ) involving the toes as well as also a body weight of fifty two pounds (23.58 kilogram ) the Polk Audio S60 have a severe footprint plus so are really supposed to be utilised in massive rooms having ample space involving them as a way to do so.

If it will come in quite huge floorstanders one particular ingredient that performs a critical role would be your job of the atmosphere vent. Some suppliers have a tendency to set this in front and so make placing in the vicinity of a wall socket somewhat much easier but that really is sometimes not the scenario along using a back jack the sort of noise you purchase will vary substantially depending positioning. Of course in the event that you really don’t have much spare area to go them can be a catchy trade off. However, it sounds Polk Audio went to your different way and positioned it in the base being a portion in these patented strength Port Technology which we’ll chat about fleetingly.

Today since it’s normal at this specific price that the closet is having a Non Resonant all-MDF structure, using minimal .75″ inch-thick baffles which ensures an even natural noise. Even the acoustically inert enclosure feels rigid and strong and lessens unwelcome internal position waves to get audible coloration.

Polk Audio moved using a exact characteristic cupboard design which features rounded corners and extends marginally off in the uninteresting entire multi-touch speaker appearance that individuals have observed in most equally priced supplies. Even though Polk Audio will not re invent the wheel it demonstrates which they didn’t not put the additional effort as a way to generate some thing which isn’t going to seem just like countless of equivalent services and products available on the industry.


Even the Polk Audio S60 will come in 2 colour variants and if we’d really like to have somewhat far more selections the people available are still pretty great. Traditional Brown and also cleaned black Walnut endings would be the people available that package the total design but in an identical period that the vinyl wraps reveal their minimal priced naturel. Can this make these undesirable? Demonstrably no, however in any way you’ll find a number of regions of the cupboard at which it’s obvious if Polk Audio did their very best to maintain them excellent appearing and much more superior than that they are.

Front baffle has been coated by anti-diffraction magnetic grilles that pay the complete face from top to underside although we really enjoy the simple fact why these really are magnetic the wrap of this cloth round the vinyl framework might be marginally better since it can certainly divide less difficult than that which we’d really like.

Taking the grille we locate the motorists variety together with all the large frequency tweeter in the top along with the three 6.5″ drivers beneath in a marginally midsize airplane which really is certainly a pleasant design touch in Polk Audio. In the base there’s a gap to your own ability Port which search very awesome and satisfies the remaining part of the seems to be.

The energy Port is Polk Audio’s advanced design which smoothly transforms the atmosphere flow out of your speaker’s interface in your listening field. Additionally, it expands the total bass interface, supplying greater area to get rid of turbulence and stimulation, for even bigger, additional musical, profound bass impression. In addition, accordingto Polk Audio, this exceptional design features 3dB far more bass reaction out-put compared to the usual conventional air vent.

And due to the fact we now spoke in regards to the Polk electricity Port Technology which is used at the Polk Audio S60 the rack which will be incorporated precisely under the interface is quite straightforward which is very good since it leaves it significantly less pliable and will not divert in the remaining part of the design. The four-feet stretch into either side also adds marginally for the total footprint but awarded that the magnitude of this Polk Audio S60 you have to truly have some breathing distance round these which makes that the feet expansion perhaps not such a major thing.

Even the trunk part of the speaker is wholly plain using the speaker springs being put only over the air vent at an especially designed in-set.

Ordinarily within this cost selection what exactly is important to makers will be to supply an excellent acting speaker and also we view designs which violate the mould what’s being sold. Polk Audio undoubtedly were able to give us some thing exceptional minus the should really go complete mad by using their design. All things considered of the purchase price spending budget would not enable whatever longer but the Polk Audio S60 handles to match its appearance if it really isn’t the top speaker we have observed thus far.

Internal Hardware

Let us proceed near this internals and determine exactly what Polk Audio is utilized inside this quite intriguing speaker.

The Polk Audio S60 is having a 2.5-way design using one high frequency tweeter being put in top of this range along with also three 6.5″ drivers beneath to your mid sized and reduced finish expansion. Being a 2.5-way design signifies the best 6.5″ driver operates generally out of low to high while another 6.5″ drivers roll away sooner and therefore handle more of their low-end rather than this mid century.

It isn’t too normal to observe speakers as huge while the Polk Audio S60s in order be in a position to proceed as large as 40kHz as Polk Audio cites. This really is actually the consequence of utilizing a 1″ Terylene High-Res ribbon tweeter rather than a traditional silk ribbon tweeter that’s mainly used in speakers of the cost.

Even the Terylene dome tweeter features curvilinear formers that expand lower and response resonance. It features a potent ceramic engine arrangement which enriches system rotational and goes lower frequency response for superior dispersion from the crucial mid century, offering transparent and detailed high frequency response for realistic reproduction of vocals and tools. Like a consequence it might send up sounds into the 40kHz selection.


For its mid sized and reduced finish Polk Audio has utilized any habit created 6.5″ drivers. These utilize Mica-reinforced polypropylene cones with butyl rubber surrounds, four-layer voice-coils, gigantic ceramic engine constructions and caked Conex fiber lions to be able to supply incredibly large efficacy, such as clear, clean bass, far better linearity, reduce stimulation and increased sturdiness.

The mixture of this Terylene dome tweeter along with the 3 mid-range/low conclude drivers offer the Polk Audio S60 an frequency assortment of 26Hz–40 kHz using 8 ohms of minimal impedance, ninety dB of significance along with the cross over frequency getting put in 2.5 kHz. For that Polk Audio S60, Polk Audio is advocating an amplifier at the 20 — even 200W selection.

Connectivity Options With Polk Audio S60

In the decrease section of their face the Polk Audio S60 is having double goldplated 5-way binding articles. All these are great for everybody who’d really like to either biamp or even bi-wire them along with also their caliber is really excellent and precisely what you’d count on using that classification. Assorted sorts of backpacks may be properly used like spades, banana plugs or bare wires if this is the taste however such as your own banana sticks you’ll have to eradicate the seals which nearly all speakers include recently.

Performance of Polk Audio S60

Unpacking and positioning proceeded smoothly but with how big that the Polk Audio S60s have you ever may possibly need somewhat of assistance take them from this carton. The speakers do not require some meeting whilst the toes are pre-installed therefore they really truly are prepared to be used.

Placing of these speakers would be your normal event like our speaker analyzing and since such we abandon 2 feet out of the rear wall so as to let them have marginally more breathing distance. The fantastic thing concerning the miniature floorstanders is the Electricity Port is set in the base with openings in each of sides and so makes positioning such a challenging treatment. But as such inserting the speakers around a wall increases its bass while reducing its own general worth consequently locating the optimal/optimally harmony is obviously vital. Distance involving both speakers has been approximately 9-feet while we’d like to toe-in them into your screening posture for improved noise cancelling.

Even the Polk Audio S60s we utilized inside our review proved maybe not new and needed just a couple fantastic hours in their belt however we couldn’t confirm when they’d was able to reach at their breakin amount of roughly 100 hrs which individuals believe that the benchmark to speakers to reach their summit performance. Most makers do indicate to let them have time always bear this in your mind as you listen to a wholly new pair of speakers which n’t seem as you’d count on.


1 very last point to say here’s that because of the movies analyzing, unlike most many others, we have a tendency to just make use of both leading channels together side a easy couple of surround speakers. Cutting a centre speaker together side a subwoofer lets us learn just how much both leading channels may pay for those omissions and certainly will demonstrate flaws appear substantially different. Demonstrably in the event that you incorporate a subwoofer together side a centre speaker that the total immersion will probably increase much in comparison to that which we can encounter. Thus bear this in your mind if you browse our reviews.

In terms of the music screening we all consistently prefer to proceed to get a conventional 2.0 channels audio installation which a lot of music purists have a tendency to go together with. Thus without more delay, and following completing the essential audio calibrations together with all our Onkyo AV receiverwe proceed together with all our evaluations.


With this particular testing we chose togo out loudly therefore that we chose our 4K UHD edition of mid-way and hauled it at our Panasonic UHD player. Mid-way at UHD has a gorgeous Dolby Atmos mixture which will absolutely amaze you when you’re intending in generating a competent Atmos audio installation. Of course inside our instance we aren’t likely to go through the entire lot since we’re overlooking the Atmos speakers together side the centre channel and subwoofer which was quite deliberate.

The mid-way Atmos combination is very characteristic not just for that busy low ending and stunning over-head coating but in addition features really powerful and distinct encompass effects and also channel adjustments as a way to produce the essential immersion to get its own expansive combat scenes.

The very initial thing we detected together with all the Polk Audio S60 was which they can move very loudly along also a solid combination such as those in mid-way objects could turn nasty rapidly when all hell breaks free but we’re surprised with the way disgusting the Polks ended up. Leading soundstage unexpectedly became living and also a expansive solid wall has been increased at front of individuals having fantastic enlargement and thickness. With airplanes traveling all over the digicam that the panning impacts between front channels ended up amazingly left with accuracy and very good changing.

The lost centre channel failed to felt just like disrupting the Polk Audio S60s since they did quite a excellent job in covering this omission. It’d believe that we’re overlooking a little bit of thickness but conversation was quite different and centre set despite having plenty of activity going about close to. Regardless of overlapping or blending involving your conversation along with noise results and also the Polk Audio S60 proved rather competent in this respect.


At the very low conclude the Polk Audio S60 fared equally excellent. The bass had been punchy, together with fantastic definition and power. Its uncooked trademark manufactured the motors of this fighter airplanes shake us at our chairs and provide them a exact fair design. There’s an abundance of electrical power onto the reduced registers and whether it is not possible for them to supply you with the capacity and also chest burning connection with some passionate subwoofer that which we discovered has been satisfying to be more fair. Every thing out of machine gun firing into antiair explosions and air plane engines roaring experienced great resolution and only in regards to the most suitable feel.

However, the mid century matters felt both excellent. Even the Polk Audio S60s hadn’t any issue here both with great equilibrium, organic tonality and fine functioning of all of acoustic elements across the frequency selection. We’re also a little worried the highs are somewhat dull but to your surprise that they certainly were lively, packed with vigor whilst not gave us ear tiredness which exhibits how very good do the job Polk Audio did inside this respect.

Our second evaluation includes section of some Lord of the Rings picture and also for this specific review we travelled to your Fellowship of the Ring in Ghost arrangement which accompanies aas fantastic because it receives dtshd learn Audio mixture. We jumped, as generally, into the Mines of Moria because this is really a spectacle which we have a tendency to work for the expansive scale and readily unites silent minutes at the start with out activity and very low ending activity to the ending orgasm.

Just just how can the Polk Audio S60s fared for this particular film? Practically nothing short of astonishing. You start using all the Fellowship coming into the mines it had been surprising just how readily the Polk Audio S60s will enlarge front stage and provide you a true awareness of dimensions the creature needed. Dealing together with the encircles the Polks would leave all of the small noises and whispers since they travelled round distance with top-notch, outstanding precision and clarity. The tinniest of noises were perceptible with front speakers developing really a fascinating setting. Ambient environmental and sounds exercise gave each spectacle that the precision that it had and also the Polk Audio S60s certainly not dropped lacking the.

When you believe the Polks cando some benefit the activity commences and reveal how these speakers are at virtually any case they truly are awarded. The cave troll experienced a true burden to him various noises such as swords clashing, protects and armor splitting and stones dividing were spot on. And afterward your Balrog creates its look and this was that the minute at which in fact the Polk Audio S60s revealed how very good acting floorstanders they’ve been available on the very low stop. Each measure of Balrog because he approached the Bridge of Kazad-Dum needed a thunderous and all-natural texture using authentic burden for it if maybe that the vibration practical experience a passionate sub-par may provide. Balrog’s growl felt extremely profound and also in overall of effects ended up wrapped incredibly round the performed orchestrated music.

Even the Polk Audio S60 would be the sort of all floorstanding speakers which may wow you along with their own performance also it’s more striking once you believe their lesser compared to normal selling price. You’ll find several lowcost speakers which may do well however, also the Polk Audio S60s experienced much happening you may fall inlove using them should you offer them only a tiny time and energy to bend their muscle groups. If you’re looking at some very low priced speakers on the home theater which may work a lot better than that which they price that the Polk Audio S60 ought to unquestionably be in your checklist because of thought.

Music of Polk Audio S60

Following in lineup is our music evaluations and within this portion of our review we now switched to a pristine 2.0 channels installment whilst we picked for afew FLAC music monitors we streamed throughout front USB interface of our AV receiver. Today remember the Polk Audio S60s are all highres Audio accredited therefore we’re interested to watch them for actions.

The speakers may instantly strike on you using their exemplary capability to meet with front soundstage and generate a exact sensible musical natural environment at which each musical tool will be discovered incredibly naturally with resolution that is amazing. The speakers organic tone and general pleasant audio signature has been incredibly characteristic through the duration of the entire demonstration and which makes you truly feel as though that you really don’t desire to quit hearing them.

Stereo imaging has been rather solid since you couldn’t just differentiate the noise sources throughout the performance however in addition pin point their precise site. A number of the panning stereo ramifications were well switching in 1 speaker into one other even though complete audio dispersion was fine ample across various places inside our screening field without even diluting its own cohesion.

We’re impressed with the way lively and energetic the high-end was making the audio gotten dull much with lengthy periods. Even the Terylene tweeter generally seems todo amazing project and implies Polk Audio research right into it paid away. Every one of the frequencies were so superior and you may feel a level of dimensionality into them.

The decrease ending was evenly pleasurable whilst the Polk Audio S60s ended up still keeping the rate irrespective of what tune we at them. The lows had been lively, with all top caliber and also ample punch and also more demanding songs it felt as though drowning have been abandoned from breath. We have been convinced that most will soon discover that the bass performance of their Polks decent and won’t lose out to a passionate subwoofer which makes them even impressive. In the event you would like to really go decrease and punchier demonstrably a sub par cando this however to get the purchase price type we’re while in the Polk Audio S60 cando only nice.

In overall we’d rather readily predict the Polk Audio S60 the ideal low-cost hi-fi stuff. They have exactly what is necessary to increase your music adventure since they usually do not deficiency of any particular location. Yesthey may possibly perhaps not be excellent, plus so they are able ton’t be any-way within this price tag, nevertheless they believed really balanced round the complete dynamic selection which may absolutely impress the most doubtful of consumers.

Final Thoughts For Polk Audio S60

Polk Audio never ever ceases to amaze us along with their own releases. They might possibly not be described as a new that’s renowned due to his or her premium speakers but they have their own fare share of superior line-ups nevertheless as it regards good acting low-cost speakers they’re always up near on top of the checklist. With this Signature show they demonstrated again they however have the capability to target substantial and get for much less the S set is fantastic for anybody searching for fantastic performance but have specified spending budget limits that can’t over come.

If it involves design exactly the Polk Audio S60, much like the others of the Signature show, have a totally distinctive appearance that cries Polk Audio from afar. The caliber might well not qualify as the most effective you can find however because for appearances it’s going to absolutely change a few thoughts and also raise some eyebrows. Even though appearances might just function as first belief their audio quality and also well balanced performance will undoubtedly impress many notably in the event that you think just how much these price.

And since the Polk Audio S60s may achieve such a well balanced performance on the other side of the plank using very powerful lowend, balanaced mid century, lively highs as a way enough to maintain cohesion over the complete dynamic selection rather than dismiss balance thanks to rough songs or loud noises is equally striking with it self.

One of the drawbacks that which we are able to say is the fact that if it has to do with their performance there wasn’t any specific area we believed that they were not lacking. A couple modest flaws occasionally but nothing to do with detract from your general expertise. Some smart upper-mids or any noises which experienced a greater than ordinary tone but those really are mostly nit-picking rather than a total issue with speakers. The cupboard’s plastic wraps reveal marginally their funding temperament and also the two hues available might be inadequate alternatives for a time the grille frames might be marginally of good-quality however that is all about this.

Final we could simply replicate that which we have previously mentioned previously. These speakers are perfect for everyone trying to go into the very low end hi-fi stadium. Both you would like them to get a home theater, music or some blend of the Polks will happily stick to and acknowledge that the challenge. The makers ought to take pride in fabricating such very good acting speakers together with most of the current funding constraints that they’d to get the job done together with generating the Polk Audio S60 acquiring our greatest advice. They deserve a audition and also your thought.

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