Osaki Vs Sogno – Massage Chairs Brand Comparison Guide

If you are looking for top-rated massage chairs, then you have probably stumbled upon the names of Osaki and Sogno. Although they are not as big and famous as Inada and Panasonic, these names have surprised most by developing top-quality chairs.

While both brands might appeal to you, you need to come to a decision eventually (unless you have so much money you can buy both.) So what do you pick? Make a great informed decision by reading this helpful comparison guide between the two labels.


Osaki is perhaps the massage chair world’s breakthrough company. Since it penetrated the market, it has been the top choice for those looking for great massage chairs – at a low price.

Osaki’s great massage chairs have been developed in facilities based in China and Europe. There, extensive research and development have been done in order to produce topnotch products, such as the top-rated Osaki OS-4000 Executive Zero Gravity Deluxe Massage Chair.

Osaki also seems to combine the best of all worlds, as evidenced by its massage chair features. Most of them come with the best capacities out there, such as body scan technology, zero gravity massage, human hand-like rollers and adjustable presets.


Sogno is the moniker of one of the world’s most popular massage chairs: the Inada Sogno Dreamwave. Launched in 2008, it has raked a number of awards and recognitions throughout the years.

Why it has earned its prestige is no surprise, given its many revolutionary features. For one, it can massage your entire body. Unlike other products, it can cover 1,200 square inches of your body. This is made possible by inflatable air cells, which compress to massage key areas such as the hands, arms, feet and legs.

Personalization is another feature of the Sogno, as it is equipped with infrared scanning technology. This helps create the personalized Shiatsu massage that will suit your body type. It also comes with an Auto-Adaptive design, so users with height anywhere from 5’ to 6’5 can use it.

Whatever massage you desire, you can have it easily with Sogno’s easy to use remote. You can take your pick amongst preset massages, or you can manipulate the specs to come up with different massage combinations.

The Verdict

Taking a pick between these two brands can be hard, but you can do so easily by determining your massage needs and desires.

Both labels come with body scan capacities, in order to choose the best massage for your body’s needs. They also feature models with zero gravity positioning, so that vertical pressure along the spinal axis is minimized. Sogno, as well as most Osaki models, deliver heated massage as well.

While they have several similarities, there are some differences that make one brand stand out from another. For example, when it comes to total body coverage, nothing beats the Inada Sogno Dreamwave. After all, this machine can cater to 1,200 square feet of your body’s surface area.

Osaki models, such as the 7075RC, have additional features, such as Thai massage. This is recommended for people who dote on stretching massages.

If you love to listen to music while having a massage, then set your sights on Osaki products, specifically the Osaki OS-7200H. It comes with a music sync massage, which delivers vibration massage according to the tempo of your tunes.

When it comes to cost, Osaki is the clear winner. It delivers high-quality, low-cost models such as the OS-1000. It is also the best choice for design-conscious consumers, as its products come in a variety of colored upholstery.

While both brands have their own set of pros, what makes the other one better will depend on your requirements. So make sure to consider the aforementioned pointers, in order to get the best value for your money.

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