Osaki Massage Chair Review - The Best 7 Options 2022

Osaki Massage Chair Review – The Best 7 Options 2022

Let’s check our Osaki massage chair review today. The massage chair shouldn’t just provide relief for aching muscles. It must also help relax your mind and help improve your posture.

In order to do this, you’ll require a massage chair that’s a bit higher than your average.

The majority of massage chairs come with features that aren’t as effective despite the claims, however, Osaki is distinct. It’s like stepping into a Zen zone! In addition to the amazing features, it’s awe-inspiring to observe how all the elements of the models function perfectly in sync.

But it is true that not all Osaki products are great. For this article, I’ve carefully reviewed Osaki’s best massage chairs this company has made.

This list was compiled by me with a focus on a mix of personalization, modern features, and stunning design.

1. Osaki OS-4000 Reclining Chair with Zero Gravity Heating Upholstery

Osaki OS-4000 Reclining Chair

Let’s check the first massage chair. It is the OS-4000 version of Osaki is at the top of this list of massage chairs due to its amazing zero-gravity technology as well as other adjustments. There are many models that have these attributes but the OS-4000 stands out by offering a unique way of relaxing. Let’s look at the features of this model.


Many people hate massage chairs because it costs their owners a significant amount. One of the primary advantages of owning the OS-4000 is the fact that it comes at a low cost given all the features. However, you wouldn’t pay for a product solely because it’s cheaper than you think, would you?

In terms of its capabilities In terms of its features, it is a massage chair that comes with a body scan computer that pinpoints exact pressure points and adjusts to suit the needs. The S-track is also movable. massage robots trace your spine, with specific attention to the neck as well as the waist and shoulders. All of this creates an empathetic and scientific method of relaxation.

In addition, features like the six auto-programs, massage types, automated massage for the lower and upper body, as well as Zero-gravity Technology help in improving circulation. The warming pads in the lumbar area further relax muscles in the lower region of the spine immediately relaxing your muscles beneath the torso.


It’s true that the massage chair doesn’t work quite well for those with a height of more than six feet. For those who are high (above 6 feet) and have large shoulders, you’ll find your head as well as shoulder massage a bit uncomfortable because it isn’t able to align with your height. In addition, it has a rather complex manual, making the process of installing it an arduous one.


  • Price for value
  • Top-quality construction material
  • Zero-gravity seating
  • Flexible
  • Six auto-massage programs


  • Poor rollers
  • Not suitable for taller people

2. Osaki OS-Pro First Class

Osaki OS-Pro First Class

It is the Osaki OS-Pro First Class is undoubtedly the most sought-after massage chair for petite to average-sized people in our showroom. those who want an outstanding neck and shoulder specifically, as well as an outstanding full-body experience.

It offers a gentle to deep tissue massage However, it is not too intensive. The roller mechanism is strong and the chair is beautiful The faux leather interior is of the highest quality and comfortable against your skin. It’s a fantastic and immersive experience.

3D Rollers J Type Track

Great neck and shoulder program for neck and shoulder. It features the exclusive “Grip” method, which isn’t present in every similar massage chair, the First Class’ rollers target to relax the shoulders and neck. With a single button to control the depth that can be set to up to 5 intensities.

Similar to the Osaki Maestro, the auto-programs are specifically designed to mimic the natural massage experience. Start with one part and work softly, then move on to the next area, etc. This mechanism appears to move gently or flex rather than being rigid. This is also akin to human hands. This chair is ideal for those who are petite, 4’11” to a 6′ average of fewer than 245 pounds.

The technology used in this Osaki First Class is absolutely top of the line and is packed with the latest features. To be honest, any review written about this massage chair will be an understatement. I’ll have to run out of adjectives, so I’m sorry for any review that reads overly.

The mechanism for the rollers in the chair is extremely precise and sturdy, but it doesn’t appear robotic. The rollers can be adjusted to 3 different depths with easy touch and three width adjustments.

When you insert it into the “Spine Care” massage “Spine care” massage position, the mechanism is so swift you’ll practically hear it “whirring”. The only other chair with this precise “tight” mechanism I would say is the Luraco i7 Plus. The spine-care relief program is simply outstanding.

Osaki Massage Chair Review - The Best 7 Options 2022

The latest mechanism is equipped with the ability to move simultaneously clockwise as well as counterclockwise massage strokes. This is huge! It doubles the efficacy of the strokes and relief by attacking the muscle in various directions with exactly the same movement. This is especially efficient and evident when using the previously described “Frozen Shoulder” program.

When you extend your arms and sit on the traps (tops of the shoulders – and extremely difficult to achieve in most massage chairs to achieve) the mechanism performs one knead stroke in a clockwise direction (pushing DOWN on the traps) and then reverses the stroke. This is evident in all of the auto-programs. It is a must to know more about the auto-programs this massage chair offers as well. Don’t miss it.

The mechanism also incorporates its “Grasp” movement. This is what distinguishes this chair in terms of massage of the neck and shoulders. The rollers extend out towards the side of the neck (again the majority of massage chair rollers can not extend outwards to this extent) and slide across the neck, pressing into and rolling out. However, it can also grab the neck and the traps, similar to the hands of a human. I have infirm neck and soft tissue injuries in the neck and shoulders.

A Full Body Massage Chair

Independent Operation of the Chair and Leg Rest Air. Many massage chairs come with a great compressor for air. What is it that sets Osaki OS-Pro First Class apart? Osaki OS-Pro First Class apart? Air compression functions separately from the massage chair and the leg rest. This permits the user to customize the air mechanism which isn’t available on any other massage chair.

For me, the compression of air on the calf, particularly during stretching is too strong. When I am in the first class, I could change the level from 3 (most intensive) to 1 (mild) or switch the air compression on the legrest off during an auto-program. Simultaneously, experiencing the most comfortable (level 3.) compression on the back, arms, and shoulders. This chair is unique to it.

Gliding Calf/KNEE Massager

One of the few massage chairs with an independent calf section that can be raised and lower, and is one of the very few massage chairs to offer true knee massage.

Large Touch Screen Tablet Style Remote

Great interface, with tablet-style remote. You can turn on or off every feature you want to use during any program, at any time.
25 well-defined massage programs from general to highly targeted i.e. Massage for Stress, Frozen Shoulder, Meridian Treatment, Brain Relief.

The Most Flexible and Customizable

The only massage chair that integrates intensity adjustments into an already-running auto-program. In the case of all other massage chairs, you are not able to adjust the maximum depth or level of massage during the course of the program. You might be able to temporarily adjust the settings however, during the next stage of the auto-program it will go back to the default setting.

3 User Memory

Customers frequently have questions about memory. Only a handful (Luraci i7 Plus and a handful of Japanese models) have built or memory for users. The OS-Pro First Class from Osaki has 3 recall configurations.


  • One of the easiest Massage Chairs to Operate And It’s easy to navigate!
  • 23 Auto Modes Make Sure Massage is Interesting for A Very Long Duration!
  • 3D Rollers, paired with a 50” L-Track makes for a very intense massage Experience!


  • It’s On The Pricey Side!
  • User’s Flexibility, especially Height Range isn’t there

3. Osaki OS 3D Pro Cyber Massage Chair Review

Osaki OS 3D Pro Cyber

I’d like to mention that this is a product I chose for tall individuals, but it’s more than that. It’s the OS-3D good massage chair is a flexible product that offers great relaxation all the way from top to bottom, with numerous features such as new-generation airbags, 2-stage zero gravity position, and so on. I’ll show you the process that leads to a completely relaxing exercise.


I’d like to begin with the six massage styles that use the acupoint technology. Although many massage chairs incorporate different types of massage, the Osaki zero-gravity massage chair includes acupoint technology that makes the difference with this particular style.

Acupressure therapy is a great method to work on all the pressure points in the body. Other than enhancing the circulation of your body, it’s beneficial to improve posture and balance.

I also appreciated that they reduced the number of airbags, and also added more surface area to each. Multi-layer airbags provide an excellent compression massage to the shoulders and hips, as well as the calves, arms, and feet. It also incorporates NASA-inspired zero-gravity technology that can manage your posture and relieve all pressure from your thighs, spine, and back.

A unique feature of this model, which I’ve not seen much of in high-end chairs is the auto leg scan technology. It’s the OS 3D Pro scans the legs by using the foot massager and the calf ottoman and pinpoints its pressure points.

As with its body scan technology, the ottoman adjusts to suit and is able to work around the pain points in the thighs and calves. Furthermore, the leg rest can be extended and is able to accommodate bigger feet, which increases its versatility.


I tried my best but could not identify a disadvantage of the machine that merits discussion. I’d say this body scanner system would have performed more precisely, particularly on the lower part of the spine. Apart from that this massage chair seems to be fantastic!


  • Six styles of massage using the technology of acupoints
  • Great full body air massage compression
  • Modern technology for auto-leg scans
  • Improves your body balance
  • Leg rests that extend can be adapted to those who are tall


  • The body scan system is not completely exact

4. Osaki OS 4000CS Review of Massage Chair

Osaki OS 4000CS

A lot of chairs are designed for smaller spaces, but the Osaki OS 4000CS great massage chair by Osaki is specifically designed to meet this. In addition to having an array of options, this model is also a space-saving one that requires only six inches away from the wall.

Let’s see what this option is suitable for your requirements, particularly when you reside in a smaller area.


The OS-4000CS has an L-Track Massage System that concentrates on your neck through your glutes and thighs. It assists in the horizontal massage of your body exceptionally effectively. Furthermore, the six automated programs, ranging from deep tissue massage to dual action mode are focused on every body part equally.

Zero-gravity seating also improves the L-track system. What it does is it eases the pressure on your back and increases blood flow throughout all areas of the entire body. In addition, it eases tension by putting your legs up higher than your body, which ultimately helps to relax the spine.

I also love my Computer Body Scan System for the chair. Every body is different and a single-size-fit-all program will not make sense considering the different proportions. It is a Computer Body Scan System that locates precisely the pressure points that are present and adapt them in accordance with the pressure points. A massage that is customized to your body’s needs always provides you with a more relaxing feeling.

In the end, the heating pad in the lumbar area helps loosen the muscles and release knots of muscle under the torso. It’s a fantastic option to ease and relax your muscles after a tiring day working.


People who want additional foot support will be an issue because of the lack of either spinning reflexology rollers or massagers. Rollers work better to treat sore feet as they loosen all joints and relax muscles, bringing blood to the body. I think that rollers would have helped make this model more perfect.


  • Space-saving technology
  • Excellent adjustability
  • For taller people, it is possible to support them
  • Extended shoulder adjustments for shoulder extensions
  • Zero gravity seating offers greater comfort


  • No rollers

5. Osaki OS 4D Pro Soho Massage Chair Reviews

Osaki OS 4D Pro Soho

OS 4D Pro Soho is another fantastic massage chair from Osaki you can try out. I would recommend this chair because of its adjustable heating system that is distributed throughout the chair from the neck up to the legs. It’s also equipped with a massage system in 4D that elevates your relaxing experience to a new level.


Let’s concentrate on the advanced technology of massage for a bit. It is combined with the variable heating technology to concentrate equally on all body parts. In case you weren’t aware that the 4D system is an improvement over the previous three-dimensional massage rollers. They’ve added variable speeds into the mix, in addition to horizontal, vertical, and in-and-out movements. This gives your body a “rhythmic” massage that provides you with more comfort within a short time.

Additionally, the 4D rollers travel a total of 32 inches from the spine to the. The S-track technology is a well-known feature used in the massage chair industry, it determines your spine’s position and adjusts its rollers in line with it. This is further enhanced by using the Computer Body Scan technology that detects the exact locations of tension for each person and ensures that the correct pressure is put on the body.

The heated back rollers of Soho’s advanced heated back rollers Soho massage all muscles in the torso, by gently heating the area of the lumbar region. They work in conjunction with 30 airbags situated on the shoulders, arms, and waist to provide you with an intense compression massage that greatly boosts circulation.


In truth, I did not consider this an ideal chair for people who are tall. This is an issue I’ve observed repeatedly in Osaki products. With the exception of a few products, the majority aren’t suited for tall people, and despite some great features, it is still short due to the lack of flexibility for users.


  • Airbags provide a wonderful compression massage
  • Six massage routines that are automatic
  • Space-saving design
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Variable heat therapy in the lower spine the calves, lower back, and waist


  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for tall people

6. Osaki OS 7200H Pinnacle Massage Chair Review

Osaki OS 7200H

OS 7200H pinnacle is an ergonomic massage chair that focuses on your shoulders and head. It is the perfect method to relax after a tiring day working. Consider the impressive array of features, including the leg scan system and dual foot rollers It is priced at an affordable price that cannot be beaten by competitors.


One feature that interests me most is their quad-roller head-massage technology which mimics the feeling of hands. These two rollers are equipped with three-width and five-strength controls that give you the perfect head massage that is custom-made, which isn’t present in the majority of mid-range chairs.

Additionally, the zero-gravity recline eliminates all pressure off your back, allowing for better circulation. The 31-inch S track system allows for a more efficient process because the rollers are aligned perfectly to your physique, removing additional pressure off your shoulders and neck.

The last standout characteristic is the shoulder-specific heating pads. They function together with the heating pads of the lumbar region as well as the 51 airbags to drain the excess fluids and scar tissue off the entire body. They are geared towards the pelvis, hips shoulders, calves particularly the head, improving the effectiveness that massage rollers for the head. massage rollers.


There is no reason to be unhappy with this model, however, assembling this chair is a bit difficult due to an unreadable and poorly written instruction manual that in English translation doesn’t really appear to be logical. However, don’t fret about it because you’ve plenty of excellent Youtube videos on the assembly procedure.


  • Head rollers work great
  • Airbags with separate airbags for calves as well as thighs
  • Superb shoulder heating pads
  • Easy to wash


  • Poorly written manual

7. Osaki OS 4000XT Massage Chair Review

Osaki OS 4000XT

There are very few massage chairs that can detect the precise sources of pain in your body and adjust their style of massage in line with the pain source. This is exactly how it does with the OS-4000XT accomplishes. Apart from a fantastic sensor for ache, it has numerous features that contribute to the flexibility of the device. Let’s look at what they are.


In the beginning, I’d like to discuss one of the most unique aspects of the product which is the ache sensor. When your fingers are placed onto the sensors, they are in a position to find the exact areas of pain and adjust the rollers to match. The massage will then concentrate on all affected regions that are in the body.

The ache sensor is integrated into conjunction with the 43″ L-track massage system which eliminates all knots in the muscles all the way from the neck to the glutes. The L-track massage system tracks the spine and its rollers begin to work from below the torso and wrap the glutes and thighs.

The zero-gravity two-stage seating improves the overall massage experience. Like the OS-3D model, it elevates your legs up to the heart’s level and releases tension on your spine. It’s among the most effective ways to sit that can have significant effects on circulation.

One of the things I enjoy in this product is the adjustability of foot rollers that provide space for feet of larger sizes and features a kneading type reflexology massage.


Despite all the amazing attributes as well as massage techniques, I missed the mechanism to stretch the body inside the chair. I’m wondering how wonderful an all-body stretch could be with a chair with ache-sensor technology. In other words, it looks great!


  • The sensor detects areas of pain
  • The release of knots in muscles is efficient
  • Ideal for taller people. heights
  • Adjustable foot rollers incorporate large feet


  • No body-stretch mechanism

Osaki Massage Chair Review Conclusion

The Osaki isn’t the priciest massage chair available on the market however, it is a punch over its weight in several areas.

It’s a more cost-effective alternative for many and offers the best full body human touch massage. Obviously, if you’re able to invest in this kind of product, there are Osaki chairs available with much higher quality and more durability.

We at whichmassagechair.com think you will be happy with the value for money of the Osaki 0s-4000 but if you want to compare other chairs on the market check out our other reviews.

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Is Osaki a good brand?

The majority of Osaki models have the most popular features, such as Body scanning, zero gravity recline, full-body massage tracks, and wireless devices that are compatible with them. Osaki massage chairs receive generally good reviews, with the majority of customers rating them with 4+ five stars in the marketplaces.

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