Optoma UHD60 Review | Is This The Best 4K DLP Projector?

Optoma UHD60 Review


Native Resolution


Picture Quality


Ease of Use


Set-up and Installation





  • Extremely sharp pixel shifter – although not true 4K (2716x1528x2, not 3840×2160)
  • Supports 4K HDR, enhanced color (BT.2020/P3)
  • Full set of calibration controls
  • Very good out of the box picture quality
  • Really good picture quality on all but darkest scenes


  • Although supports BT.2020 color, comes up more than a little short
  • Black levels: “Respectable” but definitely not “ultra high contrast” black levels
  • “Brightest mode” (never great on any projector) worse than most –very green

Together with 4K UHD it looked that projectors ended up overdue on this party because it required a little while to find some good of those who might basically screen 4K settlement with HDR. But when they seemed their price ranges were so much beyond what the majority of folks might manage to pay for. Even with a growing number of types coming outside to encourage that the format prices are all moving down along with now a number of these have found their own price ranges to become about par together with 4K TVs. So lets check out Optoma UHD60 Review –

Optoma can be really a conventional new in projectors and since this couldn’t keep a way from introducing versions which could encourage the format. Now we’ll be reviewing them and additional special that the Optoma UHD60. Are you currently really considering a fresh projector on the HomeTheater? Subsequently continue reading to learn whether this really will probably be well worth every penny.


Even the Optoma UHD60 steps at W490 x ray H141 x ray D331mm rendering it even a relatively sizeable projector in comparison to average dimensions of household entertainment projectors. I figure if you’re thinking about a projector that indicates you’ve got a quite sizable space but the projector requires lots of room and appears quite trivial, something that you ought to become mindful of.

It has lens has been placed in the centre and also this provides a definite charm I really like. Every thing is virtually regular with a few fine touches since the silver trimming making it seem excellent. Every one of the links are all from the trunk and also we receive a few hands switches onto a single facet. The pay remains white plastic and though it appears good-quality it might possibly be somewhat better but that I really don’t possess some huge grievances.


I enjoy just how this projector appears. That which it succeeds in dimension increases looks devoid of offering something more breathtaking. In case they can lower the measurement it’d really be perfect although that I think assembling a 4K projector at smaller-size really is a struggle for now. Hopefully later on we’ll notice lower sizes with all the exact very same specs.

Good Quality of Video

The projector’s main capabilities are it has 4K resolution capacity, so it has aid for HDR and it has full brightness of 3000 ANSI Lumens and each of them available at a harshly good deal. In the event you put in to those the claimed lively contrast spoonful of 1,000,000:1 then you definitely know that Optoma is shooting the HDR capacities of the Optoma UHD60 incredibly badly.

Ofcourse those dimensions will be theory and also could not be arrived at in real-world situations nevertheless they supply you with a sign of the capacities of this a non priced 4K projector. Regarding that HDR structure that the projector just affirms the HDR 10 regular. No more Dolby eyesight or even HLG service nevertheless awarded that the purchase price any sort of HDR is significantly more than welcome.

The projector has been outfitted with one 0.66″ DLP chip from Texas Instruments and even though in concept it is not pure 4K resolution with 3840 X 2160 count of pixels, either using a mixture of innovative processing along with rapid changing speed of DLP’s Digital Mirror Device does precisely the secret of supplying a 4K image. But you shouldn’t be surprised with this whilst the projector’s output signal undoubtedly resembles 4K which process has been licensed while the actual bargain from your individual Consumer engineering Association (CTA).


By analyzing a 4K Optoma UHD blu-ray what instantly strikes you’re your unbelievable hardness and sharpness of this film that basically resembles a legitimate 4K picture. Even the quantity of depth and also pixel count is significantly more than that which you’d watch over a conventional Total high definition 1080p projector in addition to some pseudo 4K projectors. I am able to state with certainty which the caliber is still around using a few Sony 4K projectors and that usually means much considering that we have been referring to a 2,ooo projector.

Subsequent to the unique sharpness that the following matter you listen to would be your amazing HDR it delivers offering the picture a more natural nearly 3 dimensional texture. But if Optoma is asserting 3000 Lumens it really is perhaps not sufficient to create precisely the exact same lively effect a number of those highend TV collections are still producing. And consider this is actually a theoretical range that’s never ever accomplished in authentic estate. But shades are brilliant and full of saturation supplying a gorgeous outcome.

The projector additionally asserts to supply SDR into HDR transformation that in all honesty isn’t too superior and ought to really be averted. Coloration saturation goes across the roofing and also shadowy scenes unfastened every one their nice detail leading to a nasty picture. It really is good they provide this kind of feature however, the outcome is unsatisfactory.

Still another attribute is H-D into 4K up-scaling and also here that the projector is currently accomplishing a fantastic job at adding the additional detail essential with out creating some significant coloration glitches or deflecting sound. Last but most certainly not least input signal is quantified round 50ms utilizing the overall game pre-set which will be good however if you’re a severe gamer it’s rather a little issue.


Optoma UHD60’s capacities might perhaps not qualify as the most useful of their very best however should you believe it really is selling price and begin looking what’s there in the degree you then recognise it really is tough to locate any such thing else good using exactly the exact very same specs. Optoma has created a buy projector and also something which you really ought to listen to in the event that you will want fantastic high quality projector nevertheless, you also have to abide by a budget.


Now you receive yourself a reasonably good quantity of relations all set at the straight back part of the projector. You obtain two HDMI inputs, 1 HDMI 2.0 plus yet another HDMI 1.4 S O for 4K you may use one of them.


Additionally you receive yourself a VGA interface for personal relationship, and also sound out mini-jack if you’d like touse the projector’s sound system and an sound from mini-jack, an Ethernet interface for wired web relationship, an RS 232 interface, double USB interfaces for linking external storage, also an 12V activate interface and also continue but most certainly not a virtual output interface.

In overall I’d state the Optoma UHD60 supplies quite a lot of relations which could render a lot of people fulfilled.

OS, Programs and Attributes

The projector supplies a large range of both bodily and menu assists that will enable the person adapt the picture with your own requirements. So far as the menu is worried it includes every thing from white and color stability to gamma presets. Dynamic Black assists to keep the comparison operation at great degrees.

The Intelligent Lamp atmosphere ought to be busy with HDR whereas the extremely depth sharpness booster shoold be retained as much as you possibly can prevent extra image sound. Be certain that you make use of the HDR placing to become auto triggered with HDR articles and also even better use the video for SDR. In addition, the projector features an Eco style . however, it’s wise in order to avert it makes the picture luminance shaky.

In terms of physical guides the Optoma UHD60 provides a wheel to get optically altering the picture which is hidden beneath a raise panel up. Additionally beneath the panel you are going to discover a zoom ring to managing the 1.6X zoom that the projector supplies. Finally there’s a focal ring at the leading part of the lens.

The projector comes with a quite easy handy remote controller featuring all the current fundamental functions and a back light. Even though I detect the back light include a necessity for the remote controllers that this 1 was somewhat too shiny for my own liking plus that I really could declare it’s border-line blinding particularly if you’re sitting at a wholly darkened space. The buttons to the opposite hands are major adequate space between the two and also you also may find all you’re going to require.


The projector is still quite silent together with all the exhaust vent and also heating dissipation perhaps not being fully a significant problem that provides you the capacity to put it onto a very low table involving the two screening chairs, but be certain to leave adequate space round it to breath openly. In this instance remember that the reduced portion of this picture will probably be in the peak of this projector so if you plan to get a 120″ picture you do not need to put it overly large.


Even the Optoma UHD60 indicates the launch of the fresh creation of DLP projectors that provide both equally 4K resolution with HDR and being cheap at cost. If you’re a household theater enthusiast and would like to receive yourself a upcoming projector at this time then I am unable to indicate anything besides that particular, within this budget.


You will find superior projectors facts to be educated however, their selling price would be way beyond exactly what you want to offer to your Optoma. Up to now there clearly was not any projector which will provide the entire offer and start to become cheap at price tag. Even the Optoma UHD60 stumbled on shift this all and also for I might be happy and excited. Excellent occasions are facing us and that which we all shall be visiting later on. Until afterward a Optoma UHD60 is still here in order to remain. Highly suggested.

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