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Optoma UHD51A Review


Native Resolution


Picture Quality


Ease of Use


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  • 4K UHD resolution (1920x1080x4 DLP chip)
  • First projector to work with Alexa (won’t be the last) and Google Assistant
  • RGBRGB color wheel for home “theater” quality color
  • Over 900 lumens for best mode, fine for 1080p movies, larger screens
  • Dynamic Black lamp dimming enhances black level performance


  • Black levels could be much better
  • A bit low on brightness vs claim. Claim: 2400, max we measured 1982 lumens
  • I prefer remotes to be backlit – helps when lights are out
  • Could be quieter in full power
  • Could have more zoom range and lens shift

Together with the brand new 4K projectors which contain pixel altering technology makers appear to have was able to lessen the values enough to be able to offer you image-quality nearer than to that which indigenous 4K projectors offer you with just 1/4th of this price tag that you would pay out to get a true 4K version so that as a consequence we view new types coming this out season who may attempt to find yourself a section of the main stream industry. But even though picture quality has improved and rates have been one area which projectors had been lagging behind why TVs ended up at their own smart capacities.

This really is the area where Optoma will come from offering a brand new 4K UHD projector which comes with the most recognizable right today quad pixel altering technology (1920 x 1080 x4 ) however in addition to most of it has motion and image bettering attributes, it’s likewise built with sensible technology along with Alexa integration rendering it among its very first projectors to incorporate such specs. However, a projector would be that the amount of it’s areas and Optoma ensured to likewise consist of capabilities like HDR service, Broad Colour Gamut (WCG), 3 d service and movement Interpolation as a way to offer you a comprehensive characteristic rich version. Thus lets commence our Optoma UHD51A review to get out exactly what this projector stays to people and also how excellent it is in fact.

Style and Design of Optoma UHD51A

Design shrewd that the Optoma UHD51A isn’t going to win some awards since it employs a reasonably cheap vinyl cap however that which amuses in quality that it increases in design since it employs a more dark coloured chassis which unites glistening and textured surfaces. As a way to put in somewhat of taste in a reasonably dull layout Optoma inserted a silver decoration at the midst that travels out of 1 facet of this projector, runs all over the lens and also finishes about the opposite hand which really is a really wonderful style touch. The projector can be also extended in white coloration using a golden coloured stripe which likewise looks excellent inside our impression.

Heating dissipation is likewise thought of venting holes plenty in either side covering quite a major region of the medial side covering and allow the inner Fanto throw the sexy atmosphere devoid of much issues. And due to the fact we now said that the admirer we saw it rather silent and based on exactly what Optoma says of committing it a more sound pace of 28db or even 25db in Eco manner rendering it rather silent throughout screening.


Using a diameter of 15.4″ x 11.1″ x 5.1″ (392 mm x 281 mm x 118 mm) and also 11.75 pounds (5.22kg) of burden that the Optoma UHD51A is somewhat an easy task to hold on notably in comparison for a different 4K projectors which have massive measurements in contrast however is still somewhat greater that additional 4K pixel changing projectors of exactly the exact same type. And also this can make mounting somewhat easier in addition to setting it at much bigger compared to usual press place. The lens have been put slightly into the left looking it by the trunk as well as so you can manually correct the attention which you flip the lens barrel from front.

Optoma has built with the Optoma UHD51A having a 1.3:1 zoom which delivers a little more versatility in comparison for a other competitions which have just 1.2:1 zoom capacities and also a vertical change of 15 percent which many other rival types at an identical budget range do not offer in any way. Without perpendicular change the base of the picture drops exactly in the lens centre. Offering 1-5% perpendicular transfer you are able to shift the picture 1-5% above that particular axis indicates that a extra independence when bettering your picture for the monitor. Both vertical and zoom alter might be calibrated utilizing both control knobs towards the cover of the lens.

We additionally locate some control buttons at a rectangular-shaped design for example menu navigation switches in addition to lighting, lamp worth and fever worth one of others. On front next to this lens we’ve got that a comparatively huge IR receiver although all of the links and also vents have been inherently situated in the trunk and we’ll chat about them somewhat further our review. Last but most certainly not least you can find just three twist flexible toes, 1 entrance and 2 back, which makes flat calibration fast and easy to the ones which can be maybe not ceiling lifting the projector.


Beneath the hood that the Optoma UHD51A is outfitted using all the 0.47″ DLP chip from Texas Instruments which makes this projector a quad core pixel changing version. This indicates is the fact that the indigenous resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels however by going them fire each pixel times we now capture exactly the essential 8.3 million pixels needed to categorize it like being a 4K projector.

As a way to prevent confusion that there are just two DLP chips with pixel changing technology. Usually the single we now have here using 1,920 x 1,080 quad and resolution pixel pixel changing and also another with 2,716×1,528 resolution along with double pixel changing. The subsequent is used such as while in the BenQ HT8050 we reviewed lately nonetheless in addition it conveys a much greater price . Using the 0.47″ chip Optoma was able to reduce the cost sufficient to create it among the very affordable 4K projectors from the marketplace while retaining the picture quality in a particular degree that’s characteristic of those new DLP chips.

Lamp life is rated at 4,000 hrs Bright mode which will be excellent in comparison to other designs and 10,000 in Eco style. That clearly was really a 15,000 hrs Dynamic manner but that presumes you just leave the projector consistently drops and on the lamp capacity into very lower degrees so that it can’t be viewed like a contrast amount. In full working hrs are extremely superior and as we’re speaking of a price-sensitive version, shoppers absolutely will desire to simply take this to account too.


Included from the projector have been just two 5 Watts speakers consequently that this escalates the projector’s liberty usage and it has utility in conditions in which there isn’t any audio system that is committed. Of class that the integral speakers aren’t such a thing to brag about however in scenarios of demand they do exactly the job satisfactorily.

The added remote comes with an odd appearing design and style, at the least than the additional projector remotes we’ve analyzed previously. Initially glance it’s going to remind you a bit of type of Apple TV remote having its own couple buttons along with minimalism design and style. Usually the main one which includes all the Optoma UHD51A has rather easy curves and buttons using just symbols showing the use of each and every button. Even though for a few that could possibly be fine for many others might be somewhat challenging to incorporate the symbols and might prefer a brief term to demonstrate each match’s operation. Additionally there’s not any back light functionality which really is A-Minus and certainly will be somewhat tough to utilize it in shadowy surroundings.

Video Quality of Optoma UHD51A

Being a real 4K projector we tried a couple 4K evaluation scenes. As-usual we all experimented with our 4K UHD disk of Pacific Rim: up-rising and first thing impressed us was clear and sharp the picture was. The caliber we watched is now beginning to turn into comfortable with projectors which make use of exactly the exact same DLP chip from Texas Instruments. Ofcourse you can find slight alterations whilst the last effect doesn’t depend solely upon the chip it self however, that the film reveal a selected amount of detail and clarity that we’ve noticed in various additional models within such a particular category.

Details such as scratches to the metallic armor of those Jaegers or lumps on your celebrity’s skin certainly are several cases of the number of particulars are shown by such a crystal clear photograph. Throughout the Jager duel from the snow that the image experienced a nearly three-dimensional texture while throughout the finished struggle at the town it felt as though you’re there.


The projector additionally supports HDR and also there are just four encouraging manners together with giving very excellent outcomes. These configurations are shiny, typical, movie along with depth and that which exactly the difference between these is the picture gets lighter or darker influencing the shadows aspect split. Optoma UHD51A affirms the conventional HDR 10 proto-col however, perhaps not HLG which can be definitely an HDR protocol for content. Excellent general HDR operation will help the resultant picture with amazing looking high-lights offering the photograph greater thickness.

Even the Optoma UHD51A supports vast colour gamut using Optoma asserting 100 percent policy of this Re-C.709 coloration room but in addition encourage to your DCI P3 and Re C.2020 coloration spaces significance more neutral colours and true from the manager planned. The total result might possibly not function as absolutely the absolute most true there is certainly however there’s a exact noticeable gap in between SDR and also HDR coloration also it has among quite a few users may love.

Optoma speeds the UHD51A in 2,400 lumens nonetheless this indicates actually that this variety is much reduced what we predicted this to become. You can find just five graphic ways together with those be-ing vivid, Cinema, HDR, HDR slender, video game and Reference. There’s also an individual style for private calibration. The manner which drew us exactly the maximum brightness has been Vibrant manner that reached nearly 1,700 lumens however in our view it really should not be utilised much whilst the film appears to own a small greenish shade which we did not enjoy in any way.

Reference style out-put brightness in approximately 750 lumens . however, it really is more true and may really be useful for non invasive 4K/HDR articles. In terms of 4K using HDR we’d urge the HDR manner that ignites about 1,300 lumens or even Cinema style at approximately 1,100 lumens and give an even less or more precise colour representation. With a little bit of calibration they are able to produce better results using slight changes towards the brightness output signal.


Let us talk a little bit about shameful degrees today. Generally speaking in the event that you understand the projector to the very first time plus also you don’t have a significant expertise in overall with projectors you’ll come to realize the black heights of those Optoma UHD51A are decent also in acceptable amounts for the majority of Projectors inside this budget consistently end up having black degrees using hardly any exceptions to ensure that the operation we receive here has been expected. Just more capable users when it’s than a more high priced models which may produce heavier elephants the gap gets evident.

Also important is the type of surroundings you would soon be using it in the slightest. At a wholly dark surroundings elephants will probably reveal just as heavy greys if your chamber will probably undoubtedly be lit that the outcome is going to soon be better along with also the blacks will probably reveal much better. Optoma has likewise built with the projector having a characteristic named Dynamic Black which works by using lamp adjustments to complete purge the picture whenever there aren’t any heavy very glowing locations. This really helps only a minor but no where close as when there has been a excellent lively iris.

Of the same quality since the 4K using HDR operation could be that the projector is likewise quite effective when showing 1080p along with SDR content material. The picture had been evident without a observable artifacts whereas image sounds was levels we’re utilized to watch within such a classification. Excellent . The projector also gets got the capability to car switch between both SDR and HDR some thing incredibly practical inside our impression. The projector can proceed black afew minutes while performing the exact switch although its better than needing to execute it by hand.

3 d might be described as a dying structure for home usage but there continue to be many who have massive libraries together with 3 d pictures and support it therefore it’s fantastic to observe that the Optoma UHD51A have whole 3D service for 1080p content material. We’ve attempted a couple of movies in 3 d and also we did not observe any cross-talk or even 3 d artifacts that are related. Clearly brightness required a dip as consistently when watching 3D articles however, that the ending effect was extremely satisfying using a fresh and immersive outcome.


Motion operation was broadly speaking on level with different projectors within this choice however, also the Optoma UHD51A comes with an attribute that a number of projectors happen while some others do not. And also this really is CF I, or Deadly Length Interpolation in the event that you would like, at which in fact the projector expands the movement of quickly panning digital camera motions. You may transform off it or utilize a few of those 3 settings obtainable with non function as most appropriate for overall screening while additional competitive settings can be far better to sport. For motion pictures it’s left completely flipped away or utilize the very low feeling since a greater setting will probably reveal artifacts across fast paced items.

Optoma H AS comprised from the Optoma UHD51A that a 2X coloration wheel which may cause a few folks find rainbow artifacts. Fundamentally what happens is the fact that if you have darkish scenes and also incredibly glowing white items go, you can observe rainbows. Maybe not many individuals are allergic for the effect and that means that you can find it or you also may possibly perhaps not. Generally a tiny fraction of all people are able to easily see it if you’re about the unfortunate side afterward superior to be in a position to reunite it if you’ve got the chance even more advisable to check the projector before obtaining. Inside our predicament we’d watched a few artifacts at certain moments however, it felt annoying or diverted in our seeing joy.

All relationship vents are in an inset such as spot to assist only a very little with wires direction. Optoma has built the UHD51A using just two HDMI v-2.0 interfaces with the two of those currently being HDCP 2.2 which signifies that they encourage 4K@60fps, HDR and Broad Colour Gamut. In addition, there are four usb a interfaces with a few of those meant for assistance and firmware updates just, a single to your own Alexa wi fi Dongle, still another for an standard wi fi Dongle along with the past to join with an external storage apparatus such as a flash or hard disk drive drive. There’s additionally a computer system VGA interface, an rs232 interface, a 12V activate interface which may be properly used for motorized displays to start and shut mechanically, a 3.5millimeter sound IN, also a 3.5millimeter sound OUT, an S/PDIF to get highres sound along with also an rj45 jack port for wired link with the world wide web.

We might be happy with the number of vents that Optoma chose to equip the UHD51A together with. Ordinarily within this cost range that the vents setup is less or more conventional using hardly any deviations amongst them and visiting that the Optoma UHD51A offer-so lots of really is a surprise that’s placing this version over your contest. Inside our adventure that this projector supplies you of their absolute most finish connection vents installation inside this classification.

OS, Programs and Attributes

Throughout installation and calibration you ought to bear in your mind the Optoma UHD51A will not possess keystone correction consequently employing the threaded foot to degree the picture would be the sole alternative and to get this really is way better because keystone correction lessens endurance thus a lot of men and women avoid deploying it.

The projector operates to the Android OS therefore if you’ve applied it earlier in an smart-phone afterward more or less it will probably undoubtedly be recognizable for you personally and the way touse it. It is chief menu contains three chief segments together with them currently being Projector, program, along with Preferences. Each portion isn’t hard to browse and can help you change different configurations of this projector.


From the Projector tab you may change origin, projector configurations plus also volume. From the Program tab we now find that the media-player, SmartHome and also wi fi Screen section whereas from the Preferences tab you may change terminology and community preferences.

One among those highlight characteristics of this Optoma UHD51A is both Alexa and Google Home Assist. We are not going to get in to really much information however only one thing we all ought to explain is the fact that calibrating the projector to do the job well with those wise home software are sometimes a little bit of a intimidating endeavor for some body which isn’t too much in to this category of matters. Adhering to instructions step-by-step may aid but we’d prefer this for always a little more possible for individuals who are fresh to projectors and intelligent home software generally.

That which we watched was that Google Home needed Google Assistant controls we might utilize when compared with Alexa controls that give it a little advantage. Commands reacted properly to your voice plus also we did not have some significant issues with it were able to put this up precisely. We’re confident from today on greater projectors will begin integrating smart performance we are eager to observe just how manufacturers may accentuate it later on.


The Optoma UHD51A also includes a construct in networking player you may utilize to flow articles during the USB interface. We attempted several varieties of articles out of SD, 1080p along with 4K using HDR and what looked to engage in efficiently and free of problems.And when you’ve empowered Alexa together with all the projector it’s possible to put it to use in order to difficulty standard play-back controls throughout screening.

We quantified input and the following we had been abandoned a little frustrated. Ofcourse our readings ended up changing according colour style, however less or more we have all around 65ms which really is just a little on the upper negative and even though for motion pictures it’s merely nice some severe gamers may possibly discover that it’s unsuitable.

Our Verdict For Optoma UHD51A

That Is a whole lot to enjoy from the Optoma UHD51A. Just before you choose every one of it has specs in to account you’ve got to stay in your mind which we’re speaking of a sub £ 2000 projector so that since such it ought to really be judged. Optoma tried to develop an attribute whole projector in the cheapest value feasible and therefore thing it’s our view they triumphed in accomplishing this.

Even the Optoma UHD51A presents great superior 4K picture that’s tidy and amazingly detail by detail, its own HDR capacities are Goodenough to get a projector inside this class, so it’s 3 d competent plus possesses rather good general motion overall performance. In terms of connectivity it provides a wide range of vents which exceeds the majority of your contest. And all of this we ought to remember that the abundance of characteristics that it really is armed with just like the integral press player such as one of many others as well to getting just one of those earliest projectors which is sensible empowered with the addition of service for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

However, opposite side becoming a really low priced 4K projector usually means which some matters wouldn’t be quite as excellent. Black degrees generally are so so and even though for lots of men and women are significantly more than ample to get image-quality buffs it’s going to likely be quite evident. Ofcourse inside this selling price we’ve never viewed any 4K projector that offers very heavy blacks which means this isn’t really a dilemma of this Optoma specially but appears like the overall benchmark with this particular budget. Additionally brightness but had been decent that it quantified much less than that which Optoma asserted it to become. Input Signal lag has been likewise quantified high rendering it tough to indicate that this projector to get acute on-line gambling. Last but most certainly not least we’d really enjoy a far better remote that might have back-light work and this really can be a quality which ought to be given inside this era.


Final we are able to declare we enjoyed what we watched with all the Optoma UHD51A since it sold many things at such a very low selling price that for the majority of people looking to generate a home cinema however do not need to devote an opportunity for tools that the Optoma is still strictly the things they require. Effectiveness is excellent, characteristics are price and plenty will be simply about suitable as a way to generate a exact excellent choice to take into account plus yet one we can recommend.

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