Optoma UHD50 review

Optoma UHD50 Review (4K DLP Projector)

Optoma UHD50 Review






Ease of Use





  • Astonishing color accuracy
  • Very bright
  • Easy to set up
  • Superb value


  • Loud fan in smaller rooms
  • High input lag
  • No Alexa support

Last year Optoma introduced two pixel altering 4K projectors with Texas Instruments 0.47″ DLP chipset and while the two of these first glance seemed quite much like specs and features that there certainly were some crucial differences which set them aside. The projectors we’re chatting about are Optoma UHD50 and UHD51A. A couple of weeks ago we all experienced the joy to try that the Optoma UHD51A which abandoned us incredibly fantastic impressions and we really are a little late on the party today we have the chance to decide to try our it is double brother, even ” the UHD50.

What’s instantly evident was the Optoma UHD50 can be a much “gentle” variation of this UHD51A we analyzed previously. Even though the primary characteristics continue to be exactly the exact same the budget pleasant Optoma UHD50 has been missing some features of it is double brother. Therefore today may be your opportunity for you to confirm their own similarities, then point their differences out and then find out whether the omission of those features make justice about this decrease price that the projector inquires. May be your basic Optoma UHD50 deserving or it high level brother would be your most effective choice? Read our Optoma UHD50 review to learn.

The typical expression of the Optoma UHD50 isn’t planning to entice any consideration together with it has uninspiring vinyl cap and though the protect of this UHD51A experienced the black color with silver white or strip color with gold strip variations right here we capture just white color using a silver decoration which travels out of 1 facet of this projector and also finishes about the opposite hand. The vinyl cover unites glossy and textured surfaces so as to create the total design a little somewhat boring however do not expect something elaborate in this aspect.



You can find a lot of venting holes allaround the projector’s human anatomy so heating dissipation is really fine with all the interior heating system blowing out each of the hot atmosphere and also keeping the unit temperature reasonably quite low. The fan is quite silent and Optoma speeds the projector in 28db for this specific number heading as little as 25db in Eco style rendering it an very silent . In reasonably silent pictures we couldn’t hear that the supporter functioning which was incredibly agreeable.

The projector actions 15.4″ x 11.1″ x 5.1″ (392 mm x 281 mm x 118 mm) and weights 11.75 pounds (5.22kilogram ) rendering it precisely the exact same since it is double brother plus we’d categorize this being a middle-sized 4K pixel changing projector rendering it not too difficult to put it in smaller sized than standard press chambers. Appearing at the projector out of front we all view that the lens currently being placed marginally into the best even though to it really is suitable we get that the IR detector. Manual attention is achieved by turning the lens barrel for simple adjustment.

Even the Optoma UHD50 includes a 1.3:1 zoom which we believe decent for this type of selling price and will be offering the projector a little much more flexibility when compared with other projectors within this price range offering just 1.2:1 zoom. That which we really love may be that the addition of A15% perpendicular move, some thing tremendously handy and yet one attribute that a great many additional cheap projectors do not arrive together with.

Even for those who have no idea very well what perpendicular alter stands to get is a projector with this characteristic is at got the underside of it has image at the lens centre. With A15% perpendicular shift this usually means the Optoma UHD50 can proceed it has image 1-5% above it has axis that provides additional freedom if compared to the picture with no picture loss. Both mic zoom and shift can also be calibrated by correcting both knobs which can be set in addition to your lens.

On top of the projector aside from both the 2 knobs which can be put specifically over the lens we receive yourself a set of controller switches put in a rectangular-shaped design plus comprise the customary navigation buttons in addition to lighting, lamp along with temperature controller lighting. The trunk of this system is really where we all receive the total amount of their projector’s relations which we are going to discuss a piece later on in our review. Last but most certainly not least that the projector is sold with about three screw-adjustable ft, you towards front and 2 on the rear which makes it simple to measure the system in the event that you choose to put it onto a few furniture rather than ceiling-mounting it.

Optoma UHD30 -daytime

As because of it has duplex life that the Optoma UHD50 is ranked just like the UHD51A and also this is ordinary since we’re speaking essentially in regards to an identical lamps and hardware. As such Optoma speeds the Optoma UHD50 in 4,000 hrs Bright mode whilst allowing the E CO style will expand that to 10,000 hrs. There’s also a more Dynamic way having a 15,000 hrs evaluation yet since this drops the lamp electricity down way presuming you simply leave the projector consistently on is perhaps not just a fantastic measuring attribute. However, 4,000 for Intelligent and 10,000 to get E CO style is much superior than ordinary plus a exact essential factor for those that’ll consider every previous cost prior to purchasing a minimal costly projector.

This machine includes double five volt speakers also whether those may not offer you any sort of immersion at a house entertainment that they absolutely raise the freedom financial value of their projector. In the event you would like to bring it for a buddy property to devote a fine sports activities match day you are not going to need to think about being forced to make some of speakers too. Ofcourse for anybody intending to make use of this at a home entertainment setup a more passionate music process is imperative.

Studying the distant of this machine we all detect that the very first major huge difference between the projector and also the UHD51A. As the UHD51A was included having a tiny remote that’d just quite a couple buttons and educated us quite much of the appletv remote usually the sole that we see from the Optoma UHD50 can be much fully featured distant with most of the current work along with input you will be needing. 1 thing which we liked in that compared to this UHD51A’s a single is this one also provide back-light role which can be unexpected to be available at such a very low cost version.

Video Quality of Optoma UHD50

Technology utilized In Optoma UHD50

Below the vinyl cap that the Optoma UHD50 is run with the exact very same hardware since we’d seen from the UHD51A revealing exactly how much like to the 2 projectors are. As such we locate the recognizable by today 0.47″ DLP chip from Texas Instruments which includes pixel altering capacities. If you’re not familiar with the definition of pixel changing, it’s really a technique which can be utilised by most cheap 4K projectors and that which it ostensibly would be touse their own indigenous 1920 x 1080 pixels and by simply going them and flame each pixel 4 days we all capture exactly the full total of 8.3 million pixels demanded by means of a 4K picture. The movements is currently completed at such a rate that’s practically undetectable to the attention.

Some thing which must be removed is there are just two separate DLP chips which encourage the pixel changing technology. Usually the main one which is utilised from the Optoma UHD50 in addition to if it is double brother, ” the UHD51A, comes with a 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution having a quad pixel pixel changing while there’s clearly was just another using 2,716 x ray 1,528 resolution having a double pixel pixel changing. 1 projector which we’d analyzed previously for this specific chip has been that the BenQ HT8050 . however, in addition it includes a high selling price. Even the 0.47″ DLP chips have been able to provide quite good picture quality and also in addition to this really low cost of those pixel changing projectors makes them perfect for anybody that wishes to really have a great 4K encounter without even ruining their own pockets.

For his very first evaluation we attempted the 4K UHD disk of Pacific Rim: up-rising and we’re pleasantly astonished the way the projector which costs close into this 1,300 markers can create such a sharp and in depth picture. Even pixel altering models come quite a ways along with the type of quality we’re becoming this is so fantastic even when we’re speaking about non invasive indigenous 4K resolution. All these DLP chips from Texas Instruments are actually making wonders using their performance.

You will find so numerous elements observable onscreen including the scratches onto the metallic armor of those Jaegers or even tiny pits about the celebrities skin which left the film much more living. We specially preferred the Jaeger duel in the snow whilst the picture sensed almost twice dimensional using all these information about display screen. Awesome performance by such a very low cost projector.

Even the Optoma UHD50 additionally offers HDR service and Optoma has included 4 manners using various outcomes. That which we acquired is shiny, typical, movie and specifics and each of those has been generating the graphics lighter or darker influencing shadows . There’s assistance for its normal HDR10 protocol employed in UHD play-back however no HLG or even Dolby eyesight service which was expected. Generally speaking we’re exceptionally happy about all the projector’s 4K performance and it has HDR capacities.

Full HD / / SDR / / 3D Content

The projector has the capability to create very excellent 4K graphics nevertheless if it regards HD/SDR additionally, it were able to amaze us. We analyzed a couple bluray disks and also the quality has been outstanding with really tidy picture, very low image sound without any recognizable artifacts. There’s also SDR and also HDR automobile switching that’s truly sensible and really is an attribute that other costlier projectors do not need whilst the switch has to be accomplished by hand. Fantastic perform from Optoma right here.

To begin with the Optoma UHD50 hadn’t any frame-pack 3D capacities however, this indicates that as afterward Optoma has included that this 3D operation using a firmware upgrade (C07 to become accurate ) significance it would currently engage in 3D Kinect disks. Needless to say you need DLP website link busy camera 3D eyeglasses which aren’t supplied which means this is sometimes an excess cost for those who are in possession of a significant household. Regrettably we could not take to out this because we did not possess some 3D content obtainable during the right time of creating this review . however, it really is a good idea to understand that Optoma extra such operation towards this machine.

Even the UDH50 supports vast color gamut with 100% coverage of this Re-C.709 color room with all the projector additionally encouraging the broader DCI P3 along with Re C.2020 color distances. As such the projector has the capability to replicate colors much more closely with the way they really should function as planned from the manager.

The Optoma UHD50 is graded with Optoma in 2,400 lumens which tends to make this type of exact smart projector awarded it has selling price. Using analyzed the UHD51A, which can be ostensibly the exact same projector, we are aware that legitimate quantities are much lesser compared to that and we’re interested to observe whether we’d acquire equal amounts since it is double brother. Ofcourse we are not able to expect just the exact consequences because that is dependent heavily upon the amount of operating hours that the system gets we were expecting that we’d find some good similarities in between them both.

You can find just five graphic manners you may pick from BE ing vivid, Cinema, HDR, HDR slender, video game and Reference in addition to being a User style to get manual calibration. Of course probably the most brightness we all watched with the Intelligent atmosphere with all the projector reaching 1,740 lumens and yet this manner offered essentially the most glowing picture we watched exactly the exact same greenish shade when utilizing it since we’d seen at the UHD51A therefore we’d advice never to make use of it.

To get 4K using HDR seeing our suggestion is to make use of the HDR placing which ignites 1,350 lumens or even Cinema style with roughly 1,160 lumens as these them reveal that the most exact colors. In terms of HD/SDR content we’d indicate to utilize the exact Reference manner since would be your most true if brightness is much decrease in 820 lumens. Together with SDR content footprint demands are much reduced along with also the Reference style offers significantly more than sufficient because of this.

Some of the most important issues of cheap 4K pixel altering projectors is the way it is not possible for them to display incredibly heavy blacks some thing specially visible whenever you’re seeing in a wholly darkened atmosphere. If that can be the very first projector or at overall that you never possess much knowledge with projectors then that probably won’t be a real challenge for you personally. In addition, if you’re likely to make use of this particular unit together with some dim lights afterward a issue is less observable. Taking all of the above mentioned in account the projector’s black levels may possibly perhaps not be that fine but are decent to the price tag that you pay out.

In the event you’d like heavier blacks unfortuitously do not expect you’ll pay for less than 2,000 as less or more by that which we now have noticed inside this projector’s budget array black levels performance is comparable. Even the Optoma UHD50 comes with a characteristic named Dynamic Black which works by using lamp adjustments to really make the picture additional dark whether there aren’t any distinct glowing items on the screen plus it can change things somewhat with no nowhere close as much fantastic as lively iris is.

So far as Input Lag we’re left somewhat frustrated because we now quantified the projector in 59ms which isn’t quite as fantastic as we’d enjoy and even though for motion pictures it really is absolutely ok to acute gambling it can cause matters somewhat jarring. For most casual players once we have been it’s going to perhaps not be considered a challenge because we all attempted a handful games onto our own PS-4 and also we did have possess some issues throughout our periods however in rapidly action video games you require divide next answer it may possibly truly feel somewhat slowdown.

At the motion office the Optoma UHD50 made available very fantastic results on par with different projectors within this budget. Optoma has built the machine together with CF I (C-Reative Interface Interpolation) they have called PureMotion and exactly what this generally will do always to sleek motion that’s most noteworthy if camera goes rapid. You’ll find respective alternatives you may utilize with reduced function as most appropriate for blended usage. For pictures we’d suggest both turning off it or employing the very low placing even though for sport that you could make use of a greater environment.

Inside this component we discover precisely the exact same 2X color wheel which we watched before from the UHD51A and thanks for the many folks can find rainbow artifacts. For those new to this specific effect what essentially happens is when very glowing things go contrary to a shadowy spectacle rainbows can show up. This isn’t impacting everybody, infact merely a little segment of individuals are vulnerable for the however in the event that you really don’t know whether you may see that or maybe not we’d advise one to try out this projector at first just before you choose to purchase it. Throughout our testing we all did notice that rainbow impact however not seen it overly distracting in the seeing experience.


Connections may also be somewhat different when compared with this UHD51A even though a number of the vents follow with a similar arrangement. As such the Optoma UHD50 is sold with two HDMI interfaces having just one currently being HDMI 1.4a and one alternative currently being HDMI 2.0 using HDCP 2.2 service so as to have the ability to produce 4K@60fps, HDR and Broad Color Gamut. Close into the HDMI interfaces we now find a VGA interface along with also an RS232c interface whilst about the most suitable side are two USB interfaces with a few of those used just for upgrades, an electronic virtual optical sound output signal, two 3.5millimeter jacks just one for sound input and 1 for output signal and a 12V activate interface to utilize aerodynamic displays to start and close mechanically.

The most obvious omission when compared with this UHD51A would be the Ethernet jack and two added USB interfaces but like that we believe this low cost projector includes all that you have to create all essential links into a residence entertainment.

First installation was easy and smooth even as we first used exactly the threaded foot to degree our projector properly. The machine also will come with ±40° keystone correction however we’d advice from deploying it lowers graphic quality and also you also do not desire to achieve this once you get a 4K projector.

Menus and preferences are quite simple to discover and are divided into classes predicated their own functionality. Even in the event that you might have almost no encounter you are not going to own a trouble to come across the feeling you’re searching for. Navigating via the assorted choices and menus has been quick as well as easy to use. No more issue there.

Even the Optoma UHD50 comes with a integral network player also simply by linking an external thumb drive in to the USB interface you are able to flow possibly HD or even 4K content together with HDR. Wanting a couple videos we did not come across any issues and what looked to operate perfectly.

The next huge difference we saw from the Optoma UHD50 in comparison to this similar UHD51A was the particular unit doesn’t have any Alexa or even Google Assistant service therefore that you are unable to restrain it together with voice orders however in most of honesty inside this price tag we are not able to whine of such a lost characteristic.

Our Verdict For Optoma UHD50

Even the Optoma UHD50 was able to carry out soundly through our 4K screening by providing really sharp and clear graphics, it’s amazing HDR capacities, motion performance was incredibly great, but it has lots of connect interfaces and also a exact wonderful remote with back light work and most of this in a high price that’s extremely close towards the 1,300 markers.

Ofcourse forcing the purchase price so low this usually means that a few elements of this projector couldn’t function good as we’d really like. Black levels are ordinary of course in the event that you’re likely to utilize the projector at an absolute dim natural environment then that can likely more clear than at dark colored predicaments. In the event you’d like heavier blacks afterward you definitely may absolutely must get to an even more costlier, pricier classification. Input Lag was maybe not too good of course should you are interested in getting the projector to get several severe gambling afterward we’d propose to check it out to decide whether or not it truly is acceptable for you personally. Last but most certainly not least we notice this model absolutely strips Alexa voice controller works while such as Windows 3D play-back you’ll need to upgrade your apparatus for the most recent C07 firmware.

When you compare the Optoma UHD50 using this double brother, then ” the UHD51A, it boils right down for it. Equally projectors supply almost precisely the exact functionality with all the UHD51A presenting added Alexa voice controller along with a couple additional connect interfaces. However, the other hand to the Optoma UHD50 will come from our impression using a far better remote that’s added back-light functionality. However, the UHD51A also includes a high selling price that in the present time with the review has been approximately £ 200. Can this greater cost worth? This is dependent upon which you would like. If voice-control along with a couple additional vents are crucial for you to simply go to your Optoma UHD51A, differently the Optoma UHD50 could be your best selection and also you save lots of wonderful quantity of dollars.

You will find many points we enjoyed within this respect pleasant projector it may be a superb choice for everyone who’ve exceptionally limited funding plus they’re only commencing their property entertainment knowledge. Even the Optoma UHD50 is just one of many best-performing 4K pixel altering projectors close towards the 1,300 value making us provide it our greatest recommendation.

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