Negative Effects of Massage Chairs The Best Guide 2022

Negative Effects of Massage Chairs The Best Guide 2022

What are the negative effects of massage chairs? Massage is widely recognized as a highly effective treatment to relieve muscle tension and pain in relaxation, stress, and pain reduction. Although it’s one of the most secure alternative therapies available, however, it is still a risky option with many negative unwanted side effects. The experience of having various problems following an appointment for massage is normal. Fortunately, however, it is rare for it to lead to something serious or even threatening.

This is true for different types of massages, though the side effects can be different. In the end, every style includes different techniques, focuses, and intensity. Some, for instance, reach the deep tissues of your body, while others just stretch your legs. So, it’s obvious that with chairs, there will be particular side effects of massage chairs that can be experienced.

Dangers Of Massage Chairs

Negative Effects of Massage Chairs The Best Guide 2022

Massage chairs good for relieving pain for example. But below are some possible negative side effects of using massage chairs, and ways you can minimize these.

Wrong Use Can Lead To Injury

A massage chair is intended to relax muscles and relieve muscle pain in your body However, improper use of the chair could cause injuries or, even more serious, aggravation of an injury or medical problem. Prior to the first time, you use it make sure you go through the user’s guide.

As opposed to regular chairs that are used for massage, massage chairs are specifically designed to provide back support and relax your muscles. The result is that improper use could result in injuries, specifically back injuries.

Simply put in simple terms, the massage chair is not a replacement for gaming chairs or office chairs. Instead, you should utilize your chair for times when you’re you need massages or for relaxing.


Due to the variety of features offered by rival brands, there aren’t any universal settings for massage chairs. Certain settings could be pleasant and relaxing for a more experienced user but may be difficult for some, particularly for new massage chair users.


In the case of massage chairs, it’s not unusual to suffer from the pain that remains after a long session. The discomfort is typically from the pressure applied to perform deep tissue massage.

Don’t fret, however, it’s because the pain typically isn’t severe and tends to last for a short period of time. To prevent suffering from discomfort after a massage, do not simply jump into the chair massage immediately after another person. Make sure to check the settings to make sure that you are using the right level of pressure and frequency to prevent injury to the muscles.

Circulatory Issues

Another potential side effect of massage chairs is blood circulation. As you may be aware that therapeutic massage is often used to stimulate the lymph nodes to relax muscles.

If you have an issue with circulation like blood clots, blood clots or thrombosis, it’s recommended to consult your physician before using a massage table. However, if you’ve no previous history of problems with blood circulation, you are able to enjoy the massage chair with no worries.

Bruises And Muscle Injury

In the list of negative effects, the chance of injury to the muscles is the most frequent. In order to put it into perspective, Your massage chair is not able to cause any direct injury to your muscles or skin.

If the wrong settings are applied, there is a chance that you could be injured or bruised particularly if you have weak muscles and skin that is soft.

If your muscles and skin are fragile, it’s recommended to begin with a few sessions and to use the lowest pressure settings to avoid harm to yourself. It is possible to work towards longer sessions as you become comfortable with your massage chair.

Only The Right Fitting Chairs Are Recommended

Only The Right Fitting Chairs Are Recommended

One of the biggest dangers associated with massage chairs is having one that is not able to accommodate your weight. According to a study by the American Psychological Association, to avoid muscle injuries to your back or muscles, it is essential to choose an appropriate chair massage
that is able to accommodate your weight.

While it may be tempting to disregard weight restrictions, doing this will increase your risk of suffering injuries. Be aware that in order for a massage chair to perform its job, it should be comfortable enough for the user to sit for many hours.

Can Be A Health Hazard For People With Low Blood Pressure

Effective massage treatments can reduce the blood pressure in your entire body due to the calming effects they create. Therefore, before you use the massage chair to relax your muscles and loosen your joints, talk to your doctor if there is an underlying issue with high blood pressure.

However, If you’ve never experienced any problems regarding your blood pressure the massage chair will be safe from any risk at all.

Overstimulation Can Cause Fatigue

Like other massage treatments, the overuse of your massage chair could result in tiredness and muscle soreness after the treatment. If you are using the massage chair, it’s easy to become absorbed and prolong your session every time. Check that your body can manage shorter sessions prior to beginning this.

In the event that you wish to go for a longer session, we suggest lower pressure settings to limit the over-stimulation of the muscles. If it does happen you don’t have to worry about it because the muscle soreness or fatigue generally subside within 12 hours.

The Risk Of Bone Fracture

While it is extremely uncommon, there is the possibility of breaking your bones when you use the pressure to a high setting on your massage chairs. Similar to other adverse effects, the danger of fracturing your bones does not have to be the case for everyone.

Rheumatoid arthritis sufferers of osteoporosis, cancer, or other conditions that weaken bones are at a higher chance of suffering from injuries. should seek advice from a doctor prior to making any decision.

Irritations On The Contact Area

If you are using the massage chair often for long periods don’t be shocked to develop minor irritations, particularly in the areas where you come into contact with the seat. These minor irritations are usually slight and disappear when you take a time off from the use of the massage chair.

A Massage Chair Will Make You Slow

Massage chairs help relax the muscles of your entire body; so, even after finishing the session, it’s normal for your body to be in a sluggish state or even ‘lazy’ mode while your muscles ease off.

Experts advise that after the end of any massage treatment it is important to avoid rushing your body back into aggressive physical exercises.

How Often Should You A Massage Chair?

How Often Should You A Massage Chair?

The ideal time to sit in a massage chair at a time is 15 minutes, and it’s not a lot. If you’re suffering from an abundance of pain, it’s tempting to be tempted to sit for longer, however, when you’re starting out, it’s best to stick with fifteen minutes.

The phrase, “Everything in moderation” certainly applies to this particular situation. Spending too much time receiving deep tissue massages can hurt your muscles, especially in the case of just making the transition to the massage chair. It could also cause damage to and cause inflammation to the body’s soft tissues too. We don’t want that.

The majority of models come with an automatic timer to make sure that you don’t exceed a specific time limit. Some models have massage functions that shut down after a certain time. If it doesn’t work or the software you’re using isn’t scheduled or at the proper time, set an alarm on your microwave, phone, or other appliance. to ensure that you end after a long. It is important to set an alarm or timer because sitting within a chair that massages could be so relaxing that you’ll be able to fall asleep!

Although it might feel amazing that you’d like to sit all day long in your chair. It is true that this obviously isn’t practical, and isn’t appropriate to do so. Additionally, it may sound strange, and yet there’s no benefit in having the chair used for extended durations in the course of a single day. Massage chairs’ benefits can be best enjoyed in shorter intervals due to a variety of reasons.

Massage Chairs To Minimize Negative Side Effects

It’s true that the majority of these harmful consequences can be prevented by hiring a professional and expert masseuse. But what happens is the case if, instead of receiving therapy from a skilled therapist or massage chair? That doesn’t mean you’ll be left with the option of dealing with the potential effects on your body. Below are models that you could look at to prevent experiencing side effects after massage therapy.

1. Kyota M673 Kenko 3D Massage Chair

Kyota M673 Kenko 3D Massage Chair

If your massage chair isn’t able to accommodate your weight and height the massage session may cause discomfort for you. It could cause discomfort in your body and possibly injuries. This chair is recommended by a lot of massage therapists.

This full-body massage chair is able to accommodate a range of heights ranging from 4’10” to 6’4″ and has a maximum load in excess of 300lbs. Massage chairs are available in a height from 5’2″ to 6′. However, the standard weight limit is 285lbs or 260lbs.

In addition to its capacity to meet a wider size and weight range in addition, it comes with additional appealing features. Its Kyota M673 Kenko 3D Massage Chair features a full body scanner that allows you to modify the massage experience depending on your body.

Massage rollers’ intensity may be adjusted to low, medium, or high. In the end, this model will assist in avoiding adverse effects such as soreness and fatigue, as well as injuries and even worsened health issues.

2. Synca JP1000 4D Japan Massage Chair

Synca JP1000 4D Japan Massage Chair

Another item that is extremely customizable can be one of the best customizable products is the Synca JP1000 4-D Japan Body Massage Chair. It can accommodate people with an average size of six feet four inches”, although the weight limit is 250lbs. When it comes to stopping side negative effects from occurring it could be more effective due to its pliable settings. It is also equipped with a body scan computer system as well as an automatic leg extension that can be adjusted to your body.

Contrary to the majority of massage chairs on markets, this one is not limited to three, but twelve levels of adjustment for strength. In addition, the pressure of the massage on the hips, shoulders as well as feet, can be adjusted to the level of five. Additionally, if you wish to make sure you don’t sit for longer in the chair for too long, you could adjust the timer. For people who are beginners or with poor pain tolerance 7-minute classes along with gentle massages are suggested.

Can A Massage Chair Cause Injury?

In the previous section, a correctly operated massage chair is very less likely to result in any form of injury directly.

Before you purchase the massage chair advise looking over the weight specifications to ensure that you choose the correct size. Be aware that you increase the risk of injury to your back when using an unsuitable massage chair. support your weight.

It is clear that the dangers associated with the use of massage chairs can’t outweigh the advantages. Fortunately, all of the above negative effects can be prevented when you take the proper precautions and pay a close eye on every detail.

If you’ve got any medical history We recommend speaking with your doctor prior to buying or making use of the massage chair.

After having read all of this, you may want to look over our article about the advantages of massage chairs so that you are able to make an informed decision about whether purchasing an ergonomic massage chair is right the right choice for you.

In Summary

Massage therapy may cause a variety of adverse unwanted massage chair side effects. Some of them are fatigue, soreness, and irritations, as well as injuries as well as complications related to the patient’s medical condition. Fortunately, there are two models available from famous massage chair manufacturers: there are two models that Kyota Kenko 3D Massage Chair and the Synca JP1000 4D Japan Massage Chair can aid in preventing them from happening.

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The Negative Effects of Massage Chairs FAQs

Can massage chairs be harmful?

The use of too much is believed to cause muscle damage inflammation, bruises, and inflammation of tissues as well as damage to the motor inside the massage chair. Also, make sure to take it slow and gentle when using a massage chair, particularly when trying it for the first time. The price of excessive use is not greater than any apparent benefits.

Can we use massage chair everyday?

You should make use of this chair approximately 3-4 times each week to get the most benefit from it for neck, lower back or shoulder neck or shoulder pain. If you’re using a massage chair to provide relaxation or stress relief 3 to 4 times per week will be enough.

Is sitting in a massage chair good for you?

One of the primary advantages of a massage chair has to do with the fact that it helps increase your circulation. This is especially helpful for people who spend hours sitting down, as it may help to lower the chance of creating blood clots.

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