Monitor Audio Bronze W10 Review (6G – 220 Watts Subwoofer)

Monitor Audio Bronze W10 Review













  • Nice dual color combinations
  • Good and tight control
  • Thunderous low end
  • Great design and build quality


  • Slightly expensive
  • Only suitable for relatively small areas
  • Cannot go extreme low

There’s no superior adventure than having this chest pumping atmosphere at home theater which may maintain you glued to the monitor and in the boundary of one’s feet whenever that the very low wind gets busy. And when we discuss devoted home theater sub woofers there certainly are a handful brands which have the dinosaurs mind out there that there are lots of other individuals available which may possibly perhaps not be enticed to select the performance crown nevertheless still can provide an astonishing and unforgettable performance. Inside our Monitor Audio Bronze W10 review we’ll be studying such a subwoofer out of a manufacturing company that’s not any stranger into dwelling audio speakers.

Monitor Audio has generated a different string with whole line up of speakers targeting the highend, mid tier or lesser ending categories and also for each them that they have special sub-woofer versions to match them. The Same Is True for your own Monitor Audio Bronze W10. Area of this 6th creation of this Bronze show that the Monitor Audio Bronze W10 sub-woofer was redesigned to comprise special technologies which attracts it around par with all the remaining part of the Bronze spouse and children.

This 220 watts subwoofer features a sealed design and utilizes a 10″ front shooting driver which might be anything from the normal but appearing deeper to the specs that you know there is much more to it than meets the eyeshadow. Even the C-CAM cone has been matched with a 10″ horizontal panel ABR and using its own strong Class-D amplifier and DSP processing it claims to leave each moan, shudder and judder of a picture soundtrack at the convincing and sensible manner. However, using such excessive rivalry inside this classification will exactly the Monitor Audio Bronze W10 handles to supply whatever it or more has lost within a sea of very good acting contenders? Let us figure out.

Design, Inputs and Features


Design shrewd that the Monitor Audio Bronze W10 follows quite carefully the remainder of the Bronze collection, either in color and looks mixes, to be able to suit ideally together with the remaining part of the speakers just in the event you opt to choose your sequence. Even the Monitor Audio Bronze W10 is surely a concise subwoofer despite having it has cubic sealed design and also this makes it best in the event that you’re in serious need of some good acting sub-woofer that has a little footprint. Measuring 147/16 x ray 125/8 x ray 145/16″ (366.5 x 321 x 364 mm) for example, grille and ft plus also a body weight of simply 2-9 pound 9 ounce (13.4 kilogram ) you are able to proceed that one not too difficult and soon you detect its sweetspot.

Continuing for the cupboard, the Bronze sequence can appeal into the reduce ending of Monitor Audio speakers line-up nevertheless they however meet up with certain excellent expectations that Monitor Audio is extremely renowned of. The Bronze 6G Monitor Audio Bronze W10 sub-woofer employs A18 millimeter M.D.F. internally braced cupboard which feels incredibly hardy and certainly will definitely retain those flaws to the very least. Front shooting driver has been included in means of a grille which accompany curved corners and also uses a pin/cup retention system to be sure it stays secure. Besides that the Monitor Audio brand is entirely on the low right corner together with it currently being very lively and not intrusive in any way.

Taking the grille we’re gritted with a 10″ steel-grey C-CAM motorist cone which was essential to be able to maintain parity with all the remainder of this Bronze string. In the base of this cupboard, concealed out of plain sight, so there’s certainly a 10″ horizontal panel ABR (Auxiliary Bass Radiator) which will help you to strengthen the bass further.

Even the back part of this subwoofer incorporates lots of controls and connections and we’re going to chat about them inside their own appropriate segments. Even the Monitor Audio Bronze W10 includes extended rubberized toes, actually more than everything you’d anticipate from front firing subwoofer and it must perform together with all the 10″ ABR in the base.

In terms of available hues that the subwoofer will come from four double color mixes with Black, White, Walnut and also Urban gray the people available. Even the Black and Walnut finishes include dark grilles whereas the remainder using a snowy version. We enjoyed very much what Monitor Audio did with all the exact colors whilst the double colour creates those sub-woofers look more silent and a lot more superior and also the colors collections fit well with each other.


In general the Monitor Audio Bronze W10 may be the sort of sub-woofer that matches the Bronze string and suits specifically with all the remainder of its own loved ones. However, even when your intention is on pairing it using a few additional speakers that this individual gets got the design and dimension for always a ideal fit whatever the design, colours or spot that you will put it in. It seems fine, it has cabinet caliber will be characteristic of Monitor Audio along with also the tons of coloring mixes undoubtedly help find the one which is going to satisfy one of personally the maximum.

Internal Hardware

As we mentioned previously the Monitor Audio Bronze W10 utilizes a really extended cast 250 mm (10″)’dished’ C-CAM subwoofer driver using a 2″ voice coil in conjunction with a 10″ horizontal panel ABR (Auxiliary Bass Radiator) positioned in the base of this cupboard to be able to fortify the reduced frequencies much longer and supply improved electricity managing. This combo may possibly perhaps not be due to as lots of different sub-woofers appear to use some thing like but is none we view daily plus it has an intriguing technology decision against Monitor Audio.

The smooth, aluminum building is rigid and light rendering it more likely to breakup as soon as the subwoofer has been pushed into its constraints whereas the higher magnet engine size contributes to better strength management and broader lesser frequency expansion.

As for your 10″ passive ABR (Auxcillary Bass Radiator) Monitor Audio chose to put this in the bottom which has particular benefits in comparison to putting it . The mixture of this front motorist together side all the ABR gives the Monitor Audio Bronze W10 6dB larger SPL in 40Hz in comparison to the design which appears fairly remarkable.

However, these motorists are without the proper amplifier which could have the required capability to reveal everything they are able to perform. As such the Monitor Audio Bronze W10 includes a 220 watts high-current (SMPSU) Class D amplifier) Even the W10 can also be DSP controlled also comes equipped with 3 pre set manners: Music, Film and Effect.

In 220 watts that really isn’t the absolute most potent subwoofer we have experienced inside this category but bear in your mind this is assumed to become relatively compact design plus is absolutely not intended for spaces exactly where bigger types with even bigger beams could fare much superior.


If it regards the available relationship vents the Monitor Audio Bronze W10 stipulates an even less or more conventional installment because of its own category. It follows that individuals receive the standard LFE perceptible input r ca which the majority of individuals will probably use together side a stereo unbalanced inputs r ca under this in the event that you wish to join into your stereo system. Even the W10 also features a 3.5 millimeter mono minijack 12V activate having a 6V brink which isn’t standard to watch within an sub-woofer. however, it may be convenient as in the event that you join your AV receiver/amplifier for it can offer that the sub-woofer an even accurate controlled on/off functionality. A wonderful touch is, in addition, the detachable power cable which makes wire direction much simpler.

Of course the one RCA interface would be your only a lot of folks could ever want . however, it is obviously good to view options furnished for anyone couple who prefer to have those additional connection choices.


Together side all the available ports the rear of this Monitor Audio Bronze W10 includes lots of controller knobs and switches to get a subwoofer. Close into this stereo r ca we see that the mains input voltage switch together side the most important on / off switch and over both rotation knobs to its very low Pass Filter (LPF) with a wide selection of 50 Hz to 120 Hz along with the amount controller near it.

At the best and only over the ability connector you can find 3 switches, the 1st recorded the 3 available pre set manners such as Music, Picture or Effect, either a zero or 180-degrees pure reverse switch along with also a Mode switch. As to its bass manners that the Film ranking provides a level response right down to 35Hz, the Music style comes at -2D B but has the potential to go reduce in 30Hz while still Impact style presents +3D B in comparison to this Movie style however just goes to 40Hz. It truly is wonderful to have selections to choose from and this will detect will fans as distinct men and women might prefer this various reply based upon its usage.

Aside for the pre requisite bass manners whatever is just about that which you’d hope to see at a subwoofer with the category therefore nothing more important to notice .

Extra Features

According to standard with active sub-woofers that the Monitor Audio Bronze W10 posseses an auto/standby quality that kicks in right after 20 minutes of inactivity and brings just 0.5 watts when in this condition rendering it really strength successful. It has Line auto-sensing Level was put in 3mV.


The consensus is the fact that sealed sub-woofers fare greater with music whereas sprinkled ones really are marginally superior with movies. That needs regarding how the sealed design may offer additional tight controller which will be critical in music while still an available port will enhance the very low stop that may provide increased immersion using movies. The theory is that the Monitor Audio Bronze W10s sealed design usually means it favors music movies but I will probably be studying which fleetingly.


Setting the subwoofer is definitely due to experimentation but bear in your mind that always in the event that you put it close corners or walls that which you obtain power that you unfastened in precision. In the event you enjoy to really go out loudly afterward your nearer to some wall socket that the higher. But in the event that you like more precision and resolution then you definitely really should leave sure breathing distance round it. That was not any correct or erroneous positioning of the subwoofer also it’s really a matter about that which you would rather the absolute most consequently that you have to devote time experimentation together with its own positioning if you’d like to acquire just the noise output you want.

With this particular evaluation we utilized a 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos system using just two overhead speakers along with one Monitor Audio Bronze W10 sub-woofer which has been put on leading corner of the testing region. We joined with the Monitor Audio Bronze W10 into your Onkyo AV receiver as a result of one RCA cable and also forced exactly the essential audio calibrations just before moving.


For his very first picture we made a decision togo out loudly therefore that we popped from the 4K UHD disk of Godzilla: King of the Monsters. The movie may possibly perhaps not be as highly considered the 2014 picture but surely isn’t lacking from the audio section. The added Dolby Atmos course is just as amazing as from the very first picture and also a few as you can because so much high-end activity the following it’s really a consistent shake upward.

Our principal attention would be that the bass so we jump ahead to regions of the picture at which in fact the titans duke it on another supplying a comprehensive mayhem within the entire world. Even the Monitor Audio Bronze W10 isn’t scared to really go loudly here plus it’s really astonishing that such a little cupboard can cause as much sound. However, that which had been more essential was this noise did not arrive at the price of bass caliber. Even the subwoofer can go loudly and down without atmosphere that the bass becoming boomy or complete muffled.

The decreased frequencies needed the essential punch if the situation required to this with all an Monitor Audio Bronze W10 never ever attempting to really go mad only because of the shake of supplying stronger sounds. It’s a specific hands within its output signal that has been excellent and generated a exact wonderful balance among your bottom and also the remaining part of the frequency spectrum.

We aren’t able to mention we sensed as the Monitor Audio Bronze W10 lacking any vital factors. Just about every Godzilla measure experienced the essential burden which caused you to believe that his expansive size even though his Travels arrived on the scene having a raw and all-natural tone. It truly is as in the event the W10 realized as it was subtle having its own low-end result signal and if to move out. After the struggle between Godzilla and King Ghidorah commences the sub-woofer will give you most of the vibration you could ever want and maintain slapping you right and left.

Then inline we attempted the 4K UHD edition of battle ship. The following S O and hence picture but using an superb DTS:X combination which has a lot of activity and very low ending activity rendering it well suited for your own Monitor Audio Bronze W10 screening.

Once more that the sub-woofer has been at complete charge of the decreased frequencies. After the submerged boat shoots off the pins onto the destroyer and split to bits with particles falling all around over the Monitor Audio Bronze W10 surely could leave all virtually having a fine and chest draining shockwave discharged through the duration of our screening field.

Throughout the previous stage at which the wasp Missouri cries its ordnance into the alien mother ship the sub-woofer retained all of the very low result in very good hands since each cannon flame experienced adequate punch and thickness required to have that the realistic burden of this ballistics concerned.

However, the Monitor Audio Bronze W10 wasn’t merely excellent with explosions. A picture like battle ship features a great deal of low-end exercise and also we felt it had been with a lack of electrical power or very low end expansion and so given the essential base bettering the total immersion of such a movie jelqing.

Even the Monitor Audio W10 may possibly be described as a sealed design but we felt it had been lacking overall ability for such films that were demanding. Yes, even some design may possibly have absent louder and deeper however, there is not anything whatsoever in its own performance that left us believe it turned out to be a real life encounter. It’d good energy, fine lower end expansion and decent controller. It left every thing well and even yet in scenes that were rough we felt that the bass in feeling or resolution muffled. If you’re searching to get a wonderful sub-woofer to supply your viewing knowledge together with the mandatory non conclude up grade the Monitor Audio Bronze W10 may be a great choice.


Next inside our review is how our music evaluations and also for that we’ve switched into your 2.1 channels system using only leading channels and also the Monitor Audio Bronze W10 joined to your Onkyo receiver. Since we consistently do this we chose some FLAC music records we streamed throughout the Onkyo’s leading USB interface for its optimal/optimally quality potential.

In the event the Monitor Audio W10 was very good inside our movies screening it undoubtedly did better with music. Even the subwoofer was amazing in offering the essential base that’ll be differently missing when we just had a 2.0 channels installation. Not merely given anywhere near this much wanted foundation but needed the endurance to behave so. Do you want to really go out louder? Even the subwoofer did only that using a exact linear, innovative method. Or you also would rather an even subtle outcome signal? The Monitor Audio Bronze W10 doesn’t have any issue with this .


Additionally it has sealed cupboard let it have a exact restricted and timed controller within its outcome which will be quite essential together with music. We’d decide to try a couple tougher music in the very low ending with exceptionally swift rhythms however, that the Monitor Audio Bronze W10 by no means sensed just like lagging left or behind to get breath. It had been always that retaining the speed so, hitting on the extremities using a punchy and all-natural tone and supplying each tune the essential thickness it had.

If you’re watching to get a great subwoofer on your own music requires that the Monitor Audio Bronze W10 6G can be actually a significant competition and certainly will provide you hundreds of hours of musical bliss.

Final Thoughts

Even the Monitor Audio Bronze W10 can be a remarkable section of audio tools. Perhaps it doesn’t possibly be the sort of sub-woofer that rough audiophiles could turn into such as SVS or even Monolith are such as but Monitor Audio’s goal was perhaps not the case. They left the Monitor Audio Bronze W10 to match the remaining part of the Bronze sequence and provide you with the most essential caliber at the very low stop that could get its selling price worthwhile to every penny. With the purchase price it’s it will have the ability to give some thing special since you will find a lot of additional cheaper sub-woofers out there there which may provide a commendable performance which may absolutely earn a whole lot of expected buyers believe double when the greater price may be well worth it’s

However, that which had been instantly evident out of our screening was the Monitor Audio Bronze W10 isn’t just excellent to match together with all the Bronze collection. It really is rather elastic using the sort of speakers you may set it together with generating its choice such a less strenuous you. The Monitor Audio Bronze W10 includes what you’d count on in the Monitor Audio version. It’s quite a excellent cupboard design and caliber of substances with all the double color mixes having truly a quite fine decorative touch. It has footprint and size can make it perfect for smaller to moderate sized chambers whether it has performance was way superior compared to that which we at first predicted.

In the event you’d like a profound bass and also a home vibration adventure that the Monitor Audio Bronze W10 could do nothing but that with no fuss. Perhaps it doesn’t seem too heavy as some SVS sub woofers may nevertheless we’d suggest not to take a look in the amounts just. Your mind is really a much superior estimate than some number may provide you with and also we promise you the Monitor Audio Bronze W10 could offer a thunderous lowend with very good tight and resolution hands. It has sealed design favors music marginally additional but also make no blunder. It’s really a power house with movies and also certainly will knock you round the chair since it strikes on the decrease ending into a remarkable chest draining feeling.

Is there some drawbacks for this. Effectively, perhaps not much. Many users may appear else where since it can certainly not dip as heavy as any other brands whereas it’s just appropriate for comparatively tiny distances as a result of the compact footprint. Additionally its selling price can be somewhat on the higher side for everything you buy and there’s ferocious rivalry at which it stands today.

Close the Monitor Audio Bronze W10 6G sub-woofer may be terrific accession for almost any home theater system you utilize it together with additional Bronze speakers or even using entirely distinct brand names. It appears very good and seems amazing that makes it a very severe competition despite its elevated selling price. In the event that you may believe it is using some wonderful discount it is really a nobrainer but with its authentic price tag it warrants least a audition.

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