Monitor Audio Bronze 200 Review (Floorstanding Loudspeaker)

Monitor Audio Bronze 200 Review













  • Affordable price
  • Very good and controlled performance
  • Good cabinet quality
  • Very nice design


  • Not ideal for wide open areas
  • Music extension could be better
  • Bass could be punchier

At your home theater stadium you’ll find several respectful brand names using a number of those controlling to continue to keep a frequent series of releases through recent several years. 1 such corporation isn’t any additional than Monitor Audio, ” the British producer that’s been around the subject for at least 4 years plus has recently speakers which pay most of selling prices and all of budgets. We have reviewed some in these speakers the Monitor Audio Bronze 200 and also Silver 200 to become precise, and also abandon us together with good opinions. Now we’ll move 1 step and at our Monitor Audio Bronze 200 review we’ll be considering the tiniest floorstander from the Bronze collection.

Monitor Audio is now a superb endeavor at differentiate their respective line-ups with all the Gold and Platinum string carrying the top rankings, the Steel string infused from the middle-tier room along with also the Monitor line-up staying in the reduce stop. That abandoned that the Bronze show be someplace within your Gold and Monitor line-ups since you may not only predict these middle-tier or very low conclude designs and so covering a definite difference between your 2 which many will love since it offers much more options at that particular budget.

The Monitor Audio Bronze 200 I will probably be appearing now is owned by the 6th creation of their Bronze spouse and children and Monitor Audio moved in advance and left definite changes in comparison with previous Bronze 5 speakers. The Bronze 6 G series have specified proprietary technologies which had been designed by Monitor Audio which include a CCAM Gold Dome tweeter using UD Waveguide, particularly designed CCAM mid-bass motorists along with also a cabinet having twin HiVe II interfaces to highlight a rather large excellent complete.

The Monitor Audio Bronze 200 can rely upon the decrease end of the purchase price ladder . however, it doesn’t appear to be this and we’re here in order to decide whether it performs both fantastic because it seems to be as Monitor Audio specifications have us accustomed to.

Design, Inputs and Features


With all the Monitor Audio Bronze 200 function as bigger of those 2 floorstanders from the show it undoubtedly features a exact slimlike footprint rendering it excellent from people who are searching to get a pair of speakers however are still exceptionally confined through distance. Measuring 3513/16 x-9 x ray 1115/16″ (909 x 229 x 304 mm) for example, outrigger ft and spikes along with also a burden of 2-4 pound 8 ounce (12.8 kilogram ) they cannot be less painful to take care of approximately.

Even though the footprint helps for restricted distances that the positioning of the air vents in the trunk will less the longer shut you set into some wall the larger the consequence it’s going to have with their own noise output when compared with speakers which use front atmosphere vents such as.

The Bronze sequence may possibly perhaps not instantly target for superior caliber but none the less Monitor Audio has impressed us with all an cupboard and design. With a rigid cabinet structure using sharp corners and edges offer you the Monitor Audio Bronze 200 a fresh and contemporary appearance whilst its stiff 1-5 millimeter MDF cupboard and 2-1 millimeter front , brilliantly positioned dentures across the building plus bolt throughout motorist technology supply the speakers exactly the essential durability, rigidity and decrease in unwelcome vibrations throughout the cupboard partitions.

The brand new cupboard designs have thoroughly clean and easy lines and also therefore are available in a choice of 4 modern day finishes having a slick contrasting lace painted. Even the acoustically clear hexagonal routine grille is surely exceptional and offer style towards the total appearance. Monitor Audio has found a design that even though will not have some fancy characteristics it presents wonderful fun appearing at this and it usually means a good deal. The double coloration variations comprise vinyl cupboards with lace front entrance and also the available shades are White (White vinyl with gentle gray front entrance ), Walnut (Walnut hardwood vinyl with lace black gray front entrance ), city gray (gray hardwood vinyl with gentle gray front entrance ) and Dark (Dark vinyl with dim gray front paned ).

Trying to keep in accord with its entire appearance the Monitor Audio Bronze 200 is having slick, audio translucent, cloth-covered magnetic grilles which have curved upper and underside and also insure both C-CAM drivers together side the most effective positioned tweeter. The decrease end of this grille stops only underneath the decreased midsize driver leaving the remainder of leading baffle uncovered. We enjoy this the grilles are magnetic as having exclusive fasten holes will certainly ruin an otherwise amazing design. In the base of front face a 3 d metallic new plate provides you the logo an even premium feel.


In the rear part of the speakers we now detect the bolt-through motorist fixings between your double HiVe II interfaces offering improved passing reply and larger bass, thanks to smoother air flow. We have realized that this HiVe II technology earlier in a number of those additional Monitor Audio speakers plus also these gets got the capability to move air in and outside much faster when compared to the usual traditional interface, as of its directly rifled design, leading to fast bass. In the very bottom, according to standard, we receive several top excellent transmissions.

The speakers are now utilizing a few highquality Out rigger feet which can be attached with the base of the cupboard with 2 screws, and a major twist plus something locking twist, whereas Monitor Audio supplies either endings, which can be astonishingly sharp and also perfect fitted to carpeting, and rubberized feet based upon to the flooring you will put them. Complete the Out rigger feet may possibly perhaps not be any such thing exclusive design shrewd however, also the people supplied by Monitor Audio tend to be far better compared to a few cheaper supplies whenever they are feeling hardy enough to get this sort of speakers.

No matter Monitor Audio does inside their own design section is very top notch. The Bronze sequence mightn’t fit into the top types of hi fi equipment nevertheless they nevertheless exude an awareness of high quality top quality. Cabinet quality and construction is very substantial which will be astonishing considering that the purchase price range we’re also for this we must redesign the designers to get his or her achievement.

Internal Hardware

Nevertheless, it is perhaps not merely the way a speakers search but they function that’s more essential and Monitor Audio never defeated us terms of the parts they utilize in their own closets both due to his or her premium line-ups or their cost ones that are friendly. As such the Bronze string is employing specific technologies we watched in a few of these additional speakers earlier.

The Monitor Audio Bronze 200 is essentially a 2.5-way design having one substantial frequency tweeter sitting down on exact top combined side just two CCAM mid-bass motorists getting set under it. Let us view those at a little greater detail today.

Monitor Audio was having one 25 millimeter CCAM Gold Dome tweeter using UD Waveguide from the Monitor Audio Bronze 200. Ostensibly this really is the development of these Gold Tweeter design which will be made by the ceramic-coated aluminium/magnesium metal, gold anodized into some particular depth for optimal durability and damping characteristics. The curved profile of this waveguide was optimized together with the assistance of both Finite Element Evaluation as a way to contribute gains such as for instance for instance a controlled directivity routine and elevated radiation efficacy.

Even the tweeter includes a controlled off-axis dispersion routine which permits increased speaker placement flexibility whilst the tonal equilibrium wont change somewhat when transferring out from your fundamental listening’hot spot’. The thickness of this waveguide usually means the tweeter voice coil can be found deeper inside of the cupboard plus can be significantly more in accord using all the mid-bass motorists.

A superior feeling of time is going to be sensed as the wave bottoms out of your tweeter and motorists will probably reach the speaker concurrently. And the higher radiation efficacy supplied from the waveguide permits the cross over frequency to become lessened which might help widen the directivity round the cross over area by interlinking a while into the tweeter.

As for its midsize motorists we now locate a duo of all 5.5″ C-CAM mid-bass drivers who utilize Damped Concentric Mode (DCM) technology. Traditional robes are accountable to bend or bend at performance, creating a substantial degree of perceptible distortion. CCAM cones have a much greater immunity to flexing anxiety and thus display much increased fidelity in excess of their whole operating scope.

Also Finite Element evaluation was utilized to improve the geometry at which the motorist cone and encircle overlap together with the aim of diminishing the amplitude and corrosion of their very first looping style of this thoracic, making a much far more correct time reaction contrary to your speaker.

However, Monitor Audio failed to merely prevent there whilst the speakers comprise high quality, bespoke polyester picture and electrolytic capacitors, air-core along with low-loss laminated steel-core inductors for optimum signal transport and also reduced sharpness. Additionally pureflow silver plated oxygen-free copper internal cabling makes sure the largest excellent current move throughout the signal chain.

Even the 25 mm C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter and all the double 5.5″ C-CAM mid-bass drivers permit to get a frequency response of 35 Hz — 30 kHz (in space ), 8 ohm of minimal impedance, 88 dB (2.83V@1m) of sensitivity, and a max SPL of 112 dBA whereas the crossovers have been put in 700 Impact for its low/mid along with 2.4 kHz for its mid/high. Monitor Audio proposes that an amplifier/av receiver at the 40 — 120W assortment.


The Monitor Audio Bronze 200 are making use of custommade, higher excellent gold plated terminals which can be put particularly underneath the reduce HiVe II port. With all the type of interfaces Monitor Audio utilised you are able to bi-wire or even biamp the Monitor Audio Bronze 200 based on the type of link you would like. Their design permits different sort of linking baits such as spades or banana sticks or maybe bare wires in the event that you would like this. Bi-wiring the speakers can, in some specific conditions, strengthen noise but that depends upon additional facets too like the others of one’s audio tools . however, it is usually a good idea to have this alternative.


Their somewhat modest footprint and lightweight left rather straightforward. Meeting of those Out rigger feet has been super uncomplicated as all desired is comprised. You attach the four-feet using two screws to each leg and also in the event you want to directly up them using a soul level you may fix each foot independently. For that challenging flooring of the testing place we utilised the added rubberized feet but tricky spikes ended up at the package deal should you will need to set those in your carpeting.

Even the Monitor Audio Bronze 200 guide supply really detailed guidelines about what best to set the speakers however we have to figure out these even though are accepted each chamber features its own acoustics hence that its always fantastic to experiment together with speaker rankings and soon you’re pleased together with the outcome. In terms of closeness towards the partitions consistently bear in mind the farther you put them the higher your total bass however increased significance you become.


Inside our instance we now have a few mended places we put our floorstanders for the our picture examining along with also our music auditions. The speakers have been put in a space of roughly 9 ft from each other whilst we abandon around 3 ft of breathing distance between the trunk wall. Today if you’re likely to toe-in them not depends completely the way you believe that they seem however in our instance we’d toein them marginally involving our listening posture so as to secure improved audio imaging.

The speakers are bi-wired or even biamped however we moved to get a easy wiring remedy because of all our screening. Monitor Audio indicates 50-70 hrs initial breakin but we’d indicate A-100 hour long breakin period so as to become certain they have reached their peak performance. In case your speakers are somewhat fresh plus also they don’t really seem just because you anticipated provide them with a opportunity to bend because here is true with the majority of fresh kinds.

In our picture evaluations we consistently make use of an easy 4.0 channels installation with just both leading channels accepted from the Monitor Audio Bronze 200 even though additionally utilized a couple of surround speakers to receive some good standard over-the-shoulder exercise. We aren’t using a core speaker, subwoofer or even Atmos speakers as a way to learn the method by which the leading channels may pay these omissions. Even as we all consistently check outside from our reviews, dependent on our observations, even for those who have an entirely operational environment system final results will probably be better compared to that which we now see. About the opposite hands because of the music evaluations we now switch into your pristine 2.0 channels stereo installment since it really is the form of taste for all music purists.


With this review we chose to test an old favorite of ours therefore that we surfaced the 4K UHD edition of Crystal Park at our Panasonic UHD player and chose just a couple picked scenes to try out.

Jurassic Pak could marginally reveal its age however, still stays one among their most useful, maybe perhaps not the finest at the complete franchise. Even the UHD variant features an remarkable DTS:X combination also we were not hoping to receive the whole treatment using all our half-baked encircle system we’d high expectations by your Bronze speakers.

Presently, Jurassic Park really is a movie that depends a great deal of surrounding air and ecological noise impacts as a way to make an even far more immersive setting therefore enables conversation on front soundstage initial. So what left an impact on us was much depth had been being released of those little floorstanders. The Monitor Audio Bronze 200 aren’t bashful of the noise stage infront people became saturated in quite subtle noises which created the experience more intriguing. At the jungle that you will discover these small sounds which is likely to force you to consider you aren’t for example insects and bugs flying round whilst tropical creatures seem very clear with this much resolution.

However, specifics was just part of the Monitor Audio Bronze 200 energy along with one alternative was that the diameter of this noise stage which was more bigger than we ever anticipated from such tiny floorstanders. To the footprint that the Monitor Audio Bronze 200s really can offer you a much better feeling of scale. The jungle felt deep and huge without even exerting attention around the foreground whilst expansion on either side of our acting field has been very superior even although how we have observed inside this classification.


In terms of panning impacts we were holding left with accuracy plus also we did not observe any recognizable delay or lag. Even as we did not have a centre speaker that the 2 leading channels did a exact excellent job in bringing conversation which has been clear and distinct also could keep in the guts in the least moments. We believed the conversation had been lost a few attention . however, it wasn’t a thing important also it undoubtedly did not disturb us muchbetter. It had been a dialog forced time or out actions the Monitor Audio Bronze 200s carried out in this respect.

Assessing a-little onto the mid century we saw the speakers rather well balanced with decent cohesion and without even putting any regularity specifically. Every thing came together well as though the speakers realized their own limits and also gave what they can without having falling short in their capacities. A number of the dinosaur seems were left unbelievably using a rather raw and organic feel in their mind which makes them feel genuine and living. The movie isn’t EX-treme in the top ending but if it was wanted that the Monitor Audio Bronze 200s did a exact excellent task whilst John Williams’ entirely flooring orchestrated music has been delivered together with finesse and dominate.

At the end you also might presume the 5.5″ drivers aren’t able to provide a decent bass performance but within our ears that they didn’t seem great. Yes course, it is not possible for them to assess to this ability, ability and punch with some passionate subwoofer however to get his or her size we all were surprised how heavy they can move without even making the bass really feel uninspiring or level. You are certain to receive the customary shake of this t rex floor or if he wreak havoc about your Park Explorers but in the event that you would like you’ll feel that the punching on your chest from the roar you may without a doubt require a subwoofer for it.

For the next analyzing we moved in advance with all Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers in its bluray format. All of Lord of the Rings movies include excellent dtshd learn Audio monitors which will be the most useful this growing older arrangement offers. For that 2 Towers that there are certainly a couple scenes we have picked to really go together with just like well-known siege of Helm’s Deep, the previous march of the Ents along with also a couple more conversation driven minutes.

Together with all the Siege of Helm’s Deep that the Monitor Audio Bronze 200s could render quite reliably the expansive scale of this group with quite thoughtful expansion and thickness which have become crucial whenever you have such substantial collection bits. We specially liked when a time asked to get longer concentrated focus the speakers could accompany before return with their own broader performance.

Again, the panning consequences ended up very well rendered whilst the arrows ended up falling like rain that the minute the uruk-hai commenced their assault about the Maintain. This really is really a especially crowded spectacle however, also the dialog never sensed underwhelmed by every one of the mayhem occurring close to. It’d good concentrate about the middle and remained free from the remainder of the activity even when it wasn’t the best we can capture. With protects and swords clashing, shouts and crying all dialog was readily dispersed without a fretting across the remaining noise results.

As soon as the uruk-hai breached the walls the immense explosion experienced good pounds and also draining noise that genuinely set us in to the activity. It failed to ship us that the standard burst wave a sub-woofer would however that has been expected. But the speakers moved deep to create the burst menacing as well as striking. And general we’d predict the very low conclude gratifying even when maybe not complete excellent. Sarumans’ military felt ghostly and mortal and also the uruk-hai battle yells could supply you with nightmares.

Treebeards’ voice had a exact demanding noise for it should with all the Monitor Audio Bronze 200s not revealing some problem in reliably replicating its audio touch screen. As soon as the Ents march on Isengard the completely floor orchestrated music gave the spectacle that the crucial expansive scale and also epic proportions whilst the 200s had been happy to bind every thing together tight and nice.

With regard to encircle audio the Monitor Audio Bronze 200s had been rather easy in our own surrounds as noises could travel round our chamber using decent precision and changing plus we did not feel as the performance misplaced any such thing from using speakers out of the other new.

Final this portion of the evaluation we’d express the Monitor Audio Bronze 200 carried out with all the films we all tried outside. They complained or dropped short of everything they’ve been inquired and certainly will consistently give you that their most useful over all of sort of picture stuff. Fantastic job Monitor Audio.


We switched into your 2.0 channels audio installation using only both leading speakers since it really is our standard installment when hearing music. As we have a selection of FLAC music monitors we flow during the USB of the AV receiver to receive its optimal/optimally quality potential.

We enjoyed the important points which those were competent to leave and also to his or her size and also type we’d state they concur a lot better than we anticipated. Definition was high and that led in significantly more precise representation of each good resource. The speaker may possibly perhaps not attempt and complete provoke you nevertheless they also don’t really will need to because their output signal is already high generating a exact fascinating performance which is likely to cause one to desire longer.

Stereo imaging was still fine enough but we felt as though this is down a step out of that which we’d discovered in a number of the high Monitor Audio releases nevertheless, you may not mention this bothered us somewhat of a Musical instruments might effortlessly be recognized in distance which makes the immersion bigger and also the noise stage longer living. Numerous panning consequences were put on and true using Monitor Audio Bronze 200s employed in stability for generating our ears inhale within enthusiasm. Additionally though we did feel noise stretching farther through the place the floorstanders did not have the capability of several different speakers we’d viewed to enlarge all 3 radius just as much as we’d really like. However, that has been a little encounter from the broader arena.

The high frequencies we’re lively, stimulating with enough vitality with no complete exhausting or bothersome. The Gold Tweeter which Monitor Audio is around for several ages today could be an established technology and yet more exhibits its own qualities.


However, the Monitor Audio Bronze 200s proved too to become excellent with bass which can be critical to supply the compulsory foundation for virtually any performance. The speakers may move quite profound for just having 5.5″ drivers as well as also the Hive II vents gave the speakers that the required air stream to improve the reduced registers. Wanting a couple of bass rough music demonstrated how these speakers are we sensed the bass to free hands, really feel muffled or boomy. Not probably the flooring performance and also the Monitor Audio Bronze 200s undoubtedly deficiency overall lower wind ability but that which they are able to offer, they supply in spades rather than neglect.

If you’re a music enthusiast but that really is the very first entrance while in the hi-fi stadium the Monitor Audio Bronze 200 can be a superior choice particularly in the event that you have a rather modest place. In such case the speakers will probably glow and also deliver you an superb performance to his or her course that exceeds a number of different speakers at exactly the exact same or equivalent price tag.

Final Thoughts

Monitor Audio never ever neglects to impress us along with their own releases. Together with their 6th creation of this Bronze show that the British maker moved and left lots of changes into a of these very favorite show and also the ending result warrant their work. The Bronze sequence 6 G is a remarkable entry degree hi-fi speaker set and also the Monitor Audio Bronze 200 could be excellent for everyone which have a little area but request more than the usual cheap speaker.

The Bronze line-up and also the Monitor Audio Bronze 200 in special have an remarkable design even when they’re maybe not the very high end or superior of designs. Monitor Audio has nailed it having its own double colour combination which produces them seem one-of-a-kind and agreeable for the attention catching. The technologies which can be contained inside these would be the standard Monitor Audio affair together with their proprietary CCAM Gold and drivers Dome tweeter together side all the freshly designed see-through hexagonal dispersion design.

Performance shrewd that the Monitor Audio Bronze 200s are equally as fantastic as you’d assume them. Fantastic work from the mid century, quite lively highs with no tiresome and incredibly controlled low-end which by no means feels uninspiring or level. Audio imaging has been very fine and you’d not loose trail of whatever happening near you personally.

One of the drawbacks we’d express that appearing in the overall photograph we did not feel frustrated with some thing particularly. The speakers have been longing to get a particular set of shoppers and also for them the Monitor Audio Bronze 200 can-do amazing. The bass might have somewhat more punch while still noise failed to expand just as much as we’d enjoy however that has to also do with all the magnitude of these cupboards. The speakers will suit for smaller rooms in which distance is quite confined and also they mightn’t have the ability to do precisely the exact same at a huge open location. However, besides that individuals can’t discover other things inappropriate to tell the truth with you personally.

We will need to near our review what we are able to declare is the speakers can readily be referred to being an superb choice for the ones that locate some of high quality, entrance level hi-fi floorstanders but do not desire to really go forward together with funding along with additionally distance is a very limiting variable. Iff that’s the event that the Monitor Audio Bronze 200 is going to perform good, but they are able to fit nearly everywhere, appear fantastic and function better. As such we may not give them our greatest recommendation.

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