Marantz SR7012 Review (9.2 CH 4K AV Receiver)

Marantz SR7012 Review













  • Many Channel Processing
  • Auro 3D with Auro-Matic Upmixer
  • Audyssey Dynamic Volume
  • 4K or 8K Video Passthrough
  • Many Analog Audio Line Inputs


  • No Auto Low Latency Mode Pass-through
  • No DTS Play-Fi
  • Old Bluetooth Version

Moving right into 20-19 we come across Marantz having published a trio of fresh receivers inside their SR show to maintain them upgraded using fresh technologies and also in accord with this contest. As such past season’s types have gotten really generous value reductions to make them line price-wise and also we feel that today could be really a significant chance to check to them whilst the most recent X013 sequence do not offer therefore many upgrades and differences over this past calendar year. Additionally Marantz is famous to encourage their goods so that as such a number of the brand new characteristics have already been inserted into the preceding line-up during firmware upgrades.

Thus now we chose to review among the past year old units offering exceptional value in comparison to this new ones. The version we’ll likely be reviewing now is Marantz SR7012 which was next in lineup in the past season’s set supporting the top rated SR8012. Marantz, as afterward, published SR7013 and put it involving both price-wise so that consequently the MARANTZ SR7012 dropped radically in selling price whilst specs will be nearly like the newest SR7013. Can it be worth every penny all to go with this particular previous season’s version and just how good it’s in relation to this existing models now? Keep on examining our Marantz SR7012 review to learn.


Even the MARANTZ SR7012 can be really a monster receiver measuring 17.3 x 16.2 x 7.3 in (440 x 411 x 185mm) and also weighting 31.1 pounds (14.1 kgs) rendering it a extreme item of devices therefore be certain that you have sufficient distance to get it and also in the event that you’re thinking about setting it at an cupboard you want to have ample breathing distance round it or even employ some sort of heating system so as to be certain to maintain the warmth in low degrees. Design shrewd there isn’t any gap how it appears than the previous ages therefore anybody acquainted with all the preceding 70XX designs understand exactly what things to anticipate.

But on front we all see that the 2 enormous spinning knobs to your own amount and enter collection, at the top centre the characteristic spherical exhibit, beneath it a gap hatch which pushes greater inputs and buttons whereas beneath the knob there’s the button. After the hatch is shut the receiver includes a rather tidy and minimalism appearance with front borders having fine curved outlines.

It truly is whenever you start the hatch you will discover a wealth of inputs and buttons you will barely utilize but suppliers even now prefer to supply. We’re astonished to find that together with all the MARANTZ SR7012 Marantz has given an instant screen display that offer more sophisticated details about the numerous purposes of this receiver. On the left and right over this screen you’ll locate different buttons to get real lead, D_MAX, Dynamic quantity and EQ in addition to menu navigation switches. Underneath the exhibit we now receive yourself a lean row of switches which have mirror control, information, standing and more powerful along with some others. At the base is the place we all capture all of the frontal ports which have a headset jack, also the calibration mic inputsignal, a USB interface, an HDMI interface, a composite video input and one analogue stereo input which coverall potential demands you could actually have.


According to Marantz manner the MARANTZ SR7012 includes higher excellent audio areas as a way to extend the most effective possible audio operation. As such underneath the hood we now receive advanced level reference-class 32bit AKM D/A converters on all channels, a number of HDAM modules that offer low sound functionality and present suggestions technology offering remarkable fidelity using wide band audio origins.

The added remote has each of the buttons you could ever desire however, it seems somewhat too packed with switches so as fair because if we enjoy remotes that decrease the range of switches necessary to accomplish many tasks. The buttons at the main one given are manufactured from rubber, and have sufficient distance between afterward but they are somewhat small into your touchscreen. Happily there’s a back light function simply pressing on the button in the face of the remote. At top we have mostly enter options buttonsunder there’s a set for settings and menu navigation buttons, either below play back controls and also in the base a numerical pad along with bright assortment buttons. In a era where by TV manufacturers are generating their remotes a growing number of buttons we would really like to observe that too with av receivers sooner or later in the future. Nevertheless, the remote is practical if not too practical . however, it doesn’t do exactly the work just nice.

Tiny to nearly non existing changes in the plan trace with the MARANTZ SR7012. Marantz are still provide superior excellent on their own chassis in addition to around the audio parts revealing just how much care to detail how that they placed onto the following annual re lease. Even the Marantz has been still an remarkable receiver as it had been discharged as well as much more today the purchase price has significantly dropped considerably.


Meanwhile, the MARANTZ SR7012 function as 2nd in lineup in the past season’s line up affirms most of famous alongside era audio tracks such as Dolby Atmos along with DTS:X in addition to Auro-3D. Additionally, it supports up-mixing technologies such as DTS digital:X and also DTS Neural:X used as a way to develop overhead and surround sounds out of speakers that are virtual. We have attempted these up-mixing technologies often days in prior reviews as well as the outcome vary between indifferent to good and that is determined very much about the audio supply in addition to the surroundings all around your audio platform. Yet it certainly is a good idea to take to them to to determine whether you discover them okay.

The receiver supplies 9 channels of builtin amplification using 1-10 W of electrical power for each channel (8 Ohm, 20 Hz — 20 kHz, 0.08percent 2ch generate ) and 2 sub-woofer interfaces with these we are able to head to get a range of audio set ups such as 5.2 along with 7.2 or utilize overhead speakers too to benefit from the highest coating and proceed to get a 5.2.2, 5.2.4 or even 7.2.2 channels audio installation. Even the MARANTZ SR7012 additionally give the power to join with an external amp as a way to induce the extra two speakers and also proceed for the entire 7.2.4 installation.


One minor draw back is the fact that whether you’d like togo to get a Auro-3D 10.1 audio installation you have touse this 2 nd sub-woofer interface as such you’re going to be capable of using just inch subwoofer, A-Minus setback however the one which individuals ought to state for the ones that are looking to make use of this particular installment along with enjoy double sub woofers. For the testing we now moved to your 5.1.4 installation using inch subwoofer and 4 over-head Atmos speakers to your own elevation coating.

With this review we chose to use various scenes from two distinct movies. The initial one we attempted was that the 4K UHD edition of the movie battle ship which is included by having a volatile DTS:X audio trail that’s merely that which we will need to check this monster receiver.

The MARANTZ SR7012 felt specifically in the home for this specific picture. We jumped forward into this spectacle by which in fact the Navy Destroyers very first match the submerged boat and also a barrage of volatile barrels have been launched in direction of these finally flapping it. Throughout the spectacle that the channels changing has been set on even though overhead and surround speakers supply the needed thickness and elevation into this soundstage. In the event the pins reach on the deck and then burst the non frequencies create the partitions shake off reliably the mayhem onscreen display screen.

Throughout the previous action of this picture at which the franklin d roosevelt Missuri faces the alien defense boat that the vitality sent front speakers to over drive together with it has characteristic lively sound influence. We have analyzed this spectacle with assorted receivers even though many ended up producing the exact consequence quite liberally that the MARANTZ SR7012 gave us exactly the optimal/optimally efficiency we have discovered to keeping us onto the border of our chairs upwards into the first conclusion.

The second movie we attempted was Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring which offers an even far more orchestrated oriented audio monitor. Even though the Kinect disk just supplies a dtshd learn Audio monitor the operation that we got out of your MARANTZ SR7012 was genuinely great along with also the receiver managed to elevate the immersion of this activity ten-fold. Separation involving sound results and orchestrated audio has been done with you not ever cooperating together with one other even though conversation has been retained crystal clear and different at the middle channel in the least moments. Dramatic overall performance along with the most useful person we have experienced at a home theater.

Of course a receiver with this quality supports many famous lossless and lossy audio formats which have MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC, ALAC, WAV, FLAC H D 192/24 piece, WAV 192/24 piece, ALAC 192/24 piece in addition to DSD streaming (the two 2.8 and 5.6MHz). As a way to check the receiver’s tunes operation we utilised that a variety of FLAC tunes monitors we streamed throughout front USB interface.

Hearing music together with all the MARANTZ SR7012 was shown to become a remarkable adventure. The receiver were able to successfully produce crystal transparent and exceptionally outlined sounds which has been a true feast for those ears. Supplying a profound and vast sound platform that the receiver was able to present excellent balance amongst bass, high speed and elevated frequencies. Much like a Maestro directing a fullyfledged orchestra you might truly feel that the ability and feel of control the MARANTZ SR7012 needed in any time which has been high in electricity and accuracy. Awesome performance in the remarkable receiver as they’re overly very little to clarify precisely our amazement. Just be certain you equip this remarkable receiver that has a fantastic group of audio speakers so in order for this to become able to bend muscles.

Input / Ports

Marantz-SR7012-remoteSince we all proceed near the very top of these units ladder we now have been used to how manufacturers attempt to put in just as much as you possibly can to warrant the purchase price of those superior versions. As such we’d large expectations about the MARANTZ SR7012 would offer you as it regards entry interfaces.

Only a little sooner we examined that the leading part of the receiver at which the couple vents will also be positioned underneath a twist in a position hatch using a headset jack, a USB jack, an HDMI interface, both the calibration mic port as well as also a trio of co-axial interfaces having a mixture video input along with analogue stereo audio input. Pretty regular design we arrive right here so let us proceed at the rear once again to find out that which we have there.

Initially glance we’re pleased with the number of vents we view Marantz inserted into this MARANTZ SR7012 therefore let us assess them see that which we have. To Begin Most. The receiver features 1-1 speaker knobs but just 9 of those have busy amplification therefore if you’d like touse the previous two you are going to have to make use of an outside amp. We also receive yourself a top notch 7 HDMI 3 and inputs HDMI outputs which tend to be somewhat more than ample for all types of audio process that you might desire to generate whilst each one them encourage HDCP 2.2.

Even the MARANTZ SR7012 offers a large quantity of legacy interfaces for anybody who still employs them along with exactly what exactly this individual has is 5 analogue stereo inputs, inch devoted analogue input PHONO, 3 composite video inputs and two outputs, 3 component video inputs and one output, 7.1 multichannel co-axial input signal, 11.2 multichannel Pre Outs, two digital audio audio inputs and two optical kinds. In terms of whatever else there’s likewise an Ethernet interface for wired link with the web, inch remote control input and one outputsignal, inch IR flasher inputan RS232c interface, two 12V activate interfaces, FM and AM antennas interfaces in addition to double wi fi and Bluetooth antenna connectors.

Even the MARANTZ SR7012 genuinely surpassed our expectations by simply supplying a large sum of vents which are ample for all types of audio installation we can consider. There’s nothing overlooking before which makes the MARANTZ SR7012 the perfect receiver for many of you requirements. Outstanding function from Marantz.

OS, Programs and Attributes

Even the MARANTZ SR7012 could possibly be this past season’s version but specification shrewd it is maybe not overlooking any such thing so much since it has HDMI vents will be anxious. As such the MARANTZ SR7012 supports 4K/60Hz full-rate pass-through, 4:4:4 colour resolution, HDR along with BT.2020, also Dolby eyesight compatibility along with Hybrid Vehicle Gamma (HLG) which is employed for broadcasting. Much like the majority of high quality of this lineup versions we additionally purchase SD and high definition up-scaling into 4K resolution. Even though this isn’t really essential as many 4K TVs do great excellent up-scaling on their own it really is wonderful to understand that being an extra characteristic.

Yet we see right here Marantz’s computerized calibration technique package named Audyssey MultEQ XT32. The machine was updated than some decades ago and it provides a exact precise and accurate calibration that’s extremely practical particularly in the event you aren’t to much in to direct calibrations of such variety. Ofcourse as we all urge a handbook pruning because it’ll always supply the most useful consequences but having attempted the device it self provide incredibly fantastic results if maybe not too true a few moments.

There really are some added features contained from the package that collectively provide more control within the own body behavior. Some is named Dynamic EQ which really helps keep the lively amounts and precision at minimal degrees. The other called Dynamic quantity accounts abrupt quantity spikes amongst TV programs and advertisements changes. Last but most certainly not least from the package are comprised the LFC and Sub EQ HT calibration techniques.


You have the choice to calibrate the machine through the receiver’s UI or by your Audyssey MultEQ E-ditor which supports both the Android and also i-OS apparatus and will be downloaded from each shop. Regrettably it isn’t totally free and also you might have to pay for a particular payment because of this which locates us against believing that you obtain such an pricey slice of components. But should you choose to receive it that the program stipulates a much much superior visual port in relation to the integral E-ditor in addition to more settings and options providing you with more independence along with your audio program’s calibration.

Aside from your Audyssey program there’s additionally the Marantz 20-16 AVR program you may down load from your shop also it allows you to control the typical purposes of this receiver throughout your cell apparatus like tablet or smartphone computer. Happily this program has no charge therefore that you may down load it and check it outside to determine whether you prefer it.

Even the MARANTZ SR7012’s UI has organized in to categories which makes easyto come across almost any feeling of characteristic demanded. However, that which we have explained before applies here. Even though menus are basic and intended in a sense which can be an easy task to trace we’d like to observe even a more higher level aesthetically user interface. Receivers are solid nowadays to become in a position to encourage far better images consequently that we usually do not observe any excuse never to complete therefore when we view that TVs have tremendously improved with this region.

The receiver obviously supports an E CO manner with Off and Auto selections. In the event you employ the Automobile the receiver will probably manage it has capability in order to lessen energy intake whilst having it Off it’s going to have the ability to present whole power in the least moments.

In addition, we locate a normal collection of online streaming providers service which include things like Spotify, Napster, Deezer, Tidal along with Sound Cloud in addition to TuneIn online radio or it’s possible to stream audio via your NAS server which might get in touch in a neighborhood community.

Connectivity shrewd that the receiver provides conventional wireless relationship during it has integral wi fi that encourage double ring 2.4GHz/5GHz or by way of the enclosed Ethernet port in the trunk side. Throughout our testing we’ve found that the radio option with no connection reduction but should you undergo streaming or connectivity issues it’s better to make use of a wired link.

With all the USB interface that’s roofed in front you may utilize an outside memory to automatically flow audio this manner too. Even the MARANTZ SR7012 additionally offers blue tooth service and also you also may use it to stream audio via a tablet or smartphone computer. The other flowing option would be by means of Apple’s air-play. Such an higher level receiver needs to offer lots of streaming selections along with that which we arrive listed here would be your complete collection available.

HEOS multi-room audio technology can be also present inside this receiver with this that you are able to make your ideal multi-room surroundings by means of wireless HEOS speakers you are able to put on the residence. However, Marantz has built with the MARANTZ SR7012 as well as the brand new air-play two from Apple which fundamentally is like the HEOS characteristic and substantially expands the multi-room capacities of this receiver.


The other extra function is Amazon Alexa voice control throughout the HEOS Home enjoyment skill in addition to Google Assistant assist. For those who have an Alexa empowered speaker such as Amazon Echo you are able to issue standard controls into the receiver such as quantity control, enter streaming and selections using voice controls and we aren’t too fond with the technique having attempted it all we are able to declare it is very true and operates well if you’d like this kind of controlling the own system. Marantz additionally included aid for supplying a great deal of choices as soon as it arrives in voice control.

Last but most certainly not least the MARANTZ SR7012 will encourage the brand new eARC by means of it has HDMI interface having a firmware upgrade which makes it directly in accord with all the more modern types.

Even the number of capabilities utilized from the MARANTZ SR7012 is very incredible. And Marantz ensured to maintain it characteristic whole by the addition of greater functionality during up grades retaining it pertinent much with more modern types rolling outside revealing quite how very good that this receiver has been once it came outside however now after a time out of this’s launch.


That is said in regards to a receiver including the MARANTZ SR7012. It’s really a receiver to the severe home theater fanatics supplying many attributes which is difficult to locate such a thing essential overlooking. While Marantz has rolled out new types moving in to 20-19 that the MARANTZ SR7012 is still one among the most useful receivers we have analyzed because of offering muchbetter.

Audio overall performance is a number of the most useful we all have learned using all the MARANTZ SR7012 supporting most of the major audio formats such as Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, Auro:3D and also DTS digital:X. The receiver supplies also aid for 4K/60Hz full-rate pass-through, Dolby eyesight along with HLG compatibility and also an abundance of streaming and online products and services. Audyssey is still there that will assist you calibrate your own body as accurate as you possibly can whether the quantity of flowing and multi-room characteristics available present flexibility that is amazing. Even the number of vents is actually tremendous with all the capacity to change their original purpose even though Marantz ensures you continue to keep their apparatus current by supplying firmware upgrades for brand new technologies which makes the MARANTZ SR7012 in a position to encourage eARC and DTS digital:X. Finally employing an outside amp you may make the entire 7.2.4 channels installation.

We’re therefore enthused in regards to the MARANTZ SR7012 which is difficult to supply any terrible things to this particular. However, if we’d to essentially locate some afterward one is the fact that even though it might encourage 1 1 channels of amplification you’re going to be needing an external amp to travel both the previous 2 channels increasing the price tag. In addition, the Audyssey program isn’t no cost and even though it comes with a 1 time charging payment we all feel purchasing such a superior receiver has to expansive you that the capacity to put in it to get free however that really isn’t the example of. Yet another minus is the fact that whether you would like touse the Auro:3D 10.1 audio installation you should have to forfeit the 2 nd sub-woofer jack in the event that you would like touse a two sub-woofers audio installation.

Together with the latest versions today from the market Marantz has steadily lowered the purchase price tag on the prior line-up into this purpose which have come to be a massive possibility to receive your fingers on a single if you’re thinking to earn a fresh audio platform. The changes are modest with Marantz encouraging their old types with upgrades retains them longer potential proof than . The sole real gap between the one along with also the more modern SR7013 is this year’s version has included I Max Improved operation, which in all honesty does not signify much nonetheless while there isn’t any content published to this particular. Even the Marantz SR7012 can be a remarkable av receiver which may meet the requirements of their absolute most hardcore audio and home theater audiophiles. Marantz has made a master piece which offer you the greatest home theater immersion.

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