Marantz SR6014 Review (9.2 CH 4K AV Receiver)

Marantz SR6014


Native Resolution


Picture Quality


Ease of Use


Set-up and Installation





  • Excellent sound performance
  • Huge amount of features
  • Plenty of connectivity options


  • Small additions over last year
  • Same design
  • No backlight on remote

Matters are conducting just a bit sluggish lately inside the AV receivers entrance and also that chiefly is because of the simple fact there are not a lot of new technologies developing which manufacturers might comprise inside their releases. To be fair A-few annual releases offer you a lot extra in contrast to annually which truly is maybe not worth purchasing. Although many manufacturers appear to stay together with their intended annual releases and attempt to incorporate every previous piece of fresh tech that they are in order to continue to keep their brand new models comparative. Such a version is your only we now examine now inside our Marantz SR6014 review concentrating with this particular brand new 20-19 version that attempts to supply us significantly more than only a repacking of last season’s already exemplary SR6013.

Back in 20-19, Marantz produced 4 brand new types to displace it has 2018 designs, with all the Marantz SR6014 along with SR5014 function as full-fledged replacements in addition to both the NR1710 along with NR1510 function as brand new slender sized designs. Initially, sight matters do not seem different as you’ll have to dig somewhat deeper to really locate the brand new upgrades that the 20-19 Marantz SR6014 has contrasted to its predecessor yet as we assess every one of the gaps it truly is your choice to decide on whether that brand new release from Marantz may be the value of one’s focus or you may associate one of those prior and by natural means cheaper supplies.

Ordinarily, we notice annual convictions have little developments however, also the Marantz SR6014 features two or three improvements which could possibly be well worth studying. Thus with no further delay let us get going.

Design of Marantz SR6014

The Marantz SR6014 relies upon the prior SR6013 the two regarding structure in addition to applications therefore huge pieces of the review are likely to soon be quite like your SR6013 essay. 1 element which appears to become just the exact same is that the design of this machine of course in the event that you have to browse on our SR6013 review afterward you definitely most understand that which we can mention here this section is for the ones which can be interested in a fresh AV receiver in the place of people that are hunting in case it’s well worth every penny to upgrade. Differences within this respect aren’t existing.


Doing this from the method by which in which the Marantz SR6014 features precisely the exact same design which the previous couple of SR60XX designs have which can be very different of Marantz together with their curved display from the midst using 2 enormous spinning knobs, 1 in each facet. The most suitable knob is right to get a volume controller whereas the remaining is to get the enter option. Beneath the knob, we now detect that the power switch while still near towards the ideal knob there’s definitely an IR detector. The different buttons in addition to front links are all hidden supporting the fundamental hatch that’s found directly beneath the round exhibit and so retains the typical expression of the Marantz SR6014 clean and clean. Additionally, it retains the connections and buttons clutter free of charge which will be an advantage.

Both type of switches and also standard design in the hatch is strictly the exact same before as such exactly what we get is really a set of switches put in a right thin lineup and also comprise Pure immediate, M-DAX, Zone two and tuner controllers, Dimmer, standing and audio Mode assortment. Under those we now get yourself a couple of interfaces which will be exceedingly convenient for simple and speedy access which range from the normal headset jack, also the Audyssey calibration mic interface, a USB interface for linking external memory, an HDMI input for simply linking input resources, also a composite-video input in addition to an analog stereo input We like Marantz’s design since it provides you only a small amount of what at the front which is able to get your daily life much simpler.

However, in the case seems and design is still 1 area the Marantz SR6014 shines that the opposite needs to become from the elements utilized which create this receiver tick. Marantz is popularly notorious for having premium excellent audio elements and also that particular one this is not any distinctive. With AKM AK4458 32 bit D/A converters, HDAM circuit planks along with present suggestions circuitry for optimal fidelity and greatest dynamic array looks like always a customary issue for your own SR60XX version scope.

We also receive exactly what Marantz requires for a Hybrid pl-l Clock Jitter Reducer for a lot more immaculate noise that’s resistant from disruptions of their nearby circuitry. Therefore it will become evident for you personally from all of the above Marantz places a great deal of awareness of their hardware as a way to make sure the very best potential acoustic response that producer is therefore renowned of.

Let us view the distance which is sold with Marantz SR6014 now. Usually, the only one we receive listed here is just the exact same one we analyzed annually which originated with an SR6013 which could be that the RC035SR. That clearly was not any changes at all our impression of this stays mainly unchanged. It’s an enormous remote in contrast to others we’d seen however, it stays a nice and practical 1.

The button’s design is quite superior and contrasted for others makes it will not feel much bloated with switches you probably won’t ever utilize. On the most effective we now receive the inputs, navigation buttons at the center, and also a few smart assortments in addition to sound manner buttons at the ground. An exact easy and sensible design that isn’t hard to consider very fast by the beginning.


Buttons really feel very receptive if in usage and have a wonderful rubber texture. Differentiating between your switches will be adequate therefore that you are going to have not to issue pressing on the correct individual in subdued surroundings. When there’s one particular minus this we’re able to detect is there is not any backlight functionality which will be unquestionably hurting it has usability but the switches have been luminescent and have a mild shine from the dim which may help only a bit.

Finally, that section that our opinion keeps mainly unchanged from this past calendar year. Matters inside the design and hardware are rather much exactly the exact same and also this isn’t just a terrible factor. Even the Marantz SR6014 can be just a superior apparatus and since such Marantz ensured to make use of the most effective audio parts to maintain in on very best of it really is a match. Exactly the exact same is said to its distant which is quite a good offering if it loses a piece out of not having any back-light functionality.

Audio Quality of Marantz SR6014

Even the Marantz SR6014 supports a Broad Range of audio formats out of the aged Dolby Digital and DTS All of the solutions into this Hottest Dolby Atmos along with DTS:X. There’s also assistance for the two Dolby Surround and DTS Neural: X up-mixing technologies and also exactly what all these really do will be always to upmix uncomplicated stereo audio tracks right into full-blown surround noise.


What’s fresh in 2013 is sold from the manner of engineering technologies. Until the past year that the SR6013 was encouraging just DTS digital:X. In that past year we now additionally get Dolby Atmos peak Virtualization. What these two features perform will be always to generate the illusion of elevation impacts minus the current presence of real ceiling speakers. This is sometimes ideal for the ones who do not have the capacity to make use of any sort of Atmos ceiling speakers however want to go through exactly the additional immersion that this raised coating attracts.

What ought to be noticed is the fact that Dolby Atmos peak Virtualization is utilized for Dolby Digital or DTS monitors even though DTS digital:X may be properly used just for DTS monitors which really is somewhat perplexing and could flip the tides in direction of Dolby’s supplying. The following matter we ought to explain is the fact that allowing the Dolby Atmos peak Virtualization could become described as a little perplexing for all because there isn’t an immediate option for this specific name anywhere available.

It takes a little while to find out it but fundamentally you want to come across that the Speaker Virtualizer alternative from the Audio menu beneath the encompass Parameter and let it after which use a few of those noise manners which features Dolby encompass. Perhaps not super simple or sensible plus also we expect Marantz will boost the method that you are able to allow this element later on.

If it regards amplification items stay exactly exact same as year whilst the system contains 9 channels of built-in amplification with each channel having a theoretical 1-10 volt of electricity (8 Ohm, 20 Hz — 20 kHz, 0.08percent 2ch generate ) and also the capacity to join two subwoofers which will be quite common between home theater followers. As such this receiver has been competent of easy 5.1 audio installations all of the up to Dolby Atmos empowered 5.2.4 or even 7.2.2 installations using 4 or even two overhead speakers. The fantastic issue is the machine may additionally encourage an 11.2 installation however, you’ll require an external amp to travel both the previous two channels which will up the fee much.

For this specific review, we made a decision to choose the 4K UHD edition of Bumblebbe whilst the Dolby Atmos path we see from the disk will likely give us the essential stuff required to bend the muscle groups with the awesome receiver. We hauled the disk into our Panasonic UHD participant and checked that the opening scene with all the struggle of Cybertron.

Inside this scene, Autobots and Decepticons have all-out warfare plus it provides the most right chance to listen to exactly what this receiver is about. The cause of 1 phrase? Magnificent. Audio consequences come in prosperity in spite of explosions and laser flame shooting center stage and also the receiver felt as though it had been at home for this specific one. Bass was incredibly authoritative whilst the Marantz SR6014 ensured to nourish all of the speakers using the essential data that led within an immersion bubble together with us directly from the exact middle of it.

Lots of all projectiles traveling here with noise traveling over the channels using top-notch, outstanding accuracy, and precision as the guts channel presented the essential dialog with no overlapped at all from the remaining part of the mayhem since it stayed distinct and different all through the spectacle. Even the Atmos speakers in addition to the encircle had quite a busy period and felt incredibly busy throughout their semester. Notably, the Atmos outcomes had been amazing with all jets traveling across our ears which forced us than 1 time to switch our minds to seek out from where the noise has been forthcoming. Even the soundtrack of all bumble-bee can be a quality instance of noise technology and also the Marantz SR6014 ensures you replicate this good that results in an exact strong outcome.

The type of performance we have was what we predicted from such a version because Marantz has got us utilized in equivalent performances out of their components also it had been especially intriguing that however much we’ve pushed down the quantity to unwelcome degrees the receiver certainly not sensed just like tripping equilibrium or control which was incredibly characteristic across the total dynamic variety.


The machine also supports one of the many normal audio formats which have exactly the lossy MP3, WMA, and AAC however in the event that you’re an even far more hardcore audiophile subsequently your Marantz SR6014 received you covered there and the receiver has been High Placement Audio competent with FLAC, ALAC along with WAV documents as much as 192/24 staying encouraged. DSD streaming is additionally available for as many as 2.8 and 5.6MHz. Inside our instance, we now left a choice of FLAC audio tracks we streamed throughout the USB interface as a way to try the music performance of the receiver.

Having essentially exactly the exact hardware at the past couple of releases implies when it comes to it has music performance items haven’t changed a tad. Marantz receivers have been famous for their musicality and also this has this specific person whilst the machine was able to offer whilst the type of precision and precision which we just detect at the very top quality of AV receivers. You might discover at which each musical tool had been set to distance while rapidly changing involving channels has been accurate providing you with a remarkable encounter.

The receiver can send irrespective of the type of music you’d like to know that the many with exemplary mid that’s surrounded by way of a pleasing nonselection and incredibly rich highs. If music is something afraid less the receiver is more seriously serious regarding your fun and is likely to be certain you deliver in the toughest scenarios.

Inputs / Ports

If it concerns connectivity that the Marantz SR6014 genuinely packs a great deal of significance. Generally that the SR60XX designs the past couple of years arrive with precisely the exact same connectivity possibilities and also the 20-19 that is the same. Aside by side comparison reveal that both the SR6014 and past calendar year’s Marantz SR6014 arrive particularly together with the exact very same interfaces.


We discussed that a little sooner inside our review in regards to the electrical interfaces we get underneath the middle hatch that comprises a headset jack, also the mike calibration interface, a USB interface plus also an HDMI interface together with a mixed video along with analog stereo inputs which may be useful for quickly and effortless entry.

Turning the machine round that which we put onto the backside is genuinely extraordinary. The machine has an impressive 7 HDMI inputs and 3 HDMI outputs which could be exactly the exact same number too. However, this season of them is encouraging the more recent HDCP 2.3 which signifies 4K/60 Hz full-rate pass-through, Dolby eyesight compatibility, HDR, HLG along BT.2020.

There’s also eARC service yet that past year we additionally get HDMI car low-latency Mode (ALLM) which will be employed by an x box and also a television which affirms it all as a way to deliver an even far more reactive behavior for your own commands. In addition, there are 1-1 speaker terminals nevertheless just 9 is employed with only the receiver since you may desire an outside amp to be able to induce the previous few channels. As such the Marantz SR6014 may do a 5.2.4 or some 7.2.2 Dolby Atmos installation together with it has internal amplification.

Regarding the remainder of the vents let us simply take a deep breath and also maintain counting. You can find just 5 analog stereo inputs using another analog stereo interface devoted to mobile, 7.1 analog inputs, and 11.2 analog pre-outs interfaces. In addition, we capture 3 composite video inputs and one output signal, two component video inputs and one output signal, two optical and two coaxial digital audio inputs1 handy remote controller input and one output signal, inch IR flasher input signal, inch RS232c input signal, inch 12V activate, an Ethernet interface for online relationship and antenna interfaces to your wi-fi, Bluetooth and wireless recorder. Few…

The quantity and sort of vents remain the exact very same together with the one big difference being that the HDCP 2.3 allowed HDMI vents which likewise encourage ALLM. Even the Marantz SR6014 can truly meet even the toughest users with all the sum of connectivity alternatives available. There might be a couple of incredibly technical interfaces overlooking which can be retained to your most notable versions but what’s available will probably soon be enough for the majority of people taking a look at the budget.

OS, Apps, and Features of Marantz SR6014

If it regards features the Marantz SR6014includes what we have annually, however, Marantz even was able to squeeze out a couple of extras to sweeten the bargain. Therefore let us commence mainly because we have a great deal of earth to pay. The receiver supports 4K/60Hz full-rate pass-through, 4:4:4 color resolution, HDR along with BT.2020, also Dolby eyesight Hybrid and compatibility Gamma (HLG) which will be really an HDR protocol for loading articles. The receiver may additionally upscale SD content material from your HDMI and also analog inputs to 4K resolution which will lead by way of the HDMI outputs.


And due to the fact we’re talking concerning the HDMI vents, we have to cite a handful of new features we do this past year since their features have enlarged just a little of a Primarily we receive HDMI car Input re-name which will because its name claims. In the event, the attached device also supports that afterward you definitely are going to undoubtedly be spared the issue to rename your own HDMI vents by hand something which is able to save a little bit of time. The new attribute is HDMI multiple-input Assign and exactly what this generally does is you may watch the online video out of the HDMI input at an identical time pay attention to music via an analog or digital input interface.

If it has to do with audio calibration Marantz works by using their particular Audyssey system which based upon the version they scale so to be able to supply a lot more features and selections. Within the instance of this Marantz SR6014, we now get the Audyssey MultEQ XT32 which likewise incorporates Audyssey Dynamic quantity which balances abrupt quantity spikes amongst television programs and advertisements changes, Audyssey Dynamic EQ which really helps keep the lively degrees and clarity at low floors, Audyssey LFC and also Audyssey Sub EQ HT.

Calibration could be achieved either by way of the integral UI or rather you may download the Audyssey MultEQ E-ditor into your cell apparatus and also make calibrations like this. The program will be available either for Android along with i-OS apparatus and will be offering many additional options on what exactly the integral E-ditor includes. The sole big drawback is the fact that Marantz comes with a 1-time price to get its program which we come across unsatisfactory especially whenever you cover such a superior price with this particular AV receiver. At the least, to its maximum premium types, they really should offer a few down-load codes free as an incentive to get your own purchase price.

If it regards programs there is certainly just another available that Marantz generated and you’ll be able to utilize to restrain both the machine rather than working with the distant. Even though we nevertheless choose the standard remote it truly is fantastic to have this as an additional solution and this is to get free which means that you may download and examine that to find out if you want yourself.


The user-interface around the opposite hand would be the exact same one we have observed Marantz with for most decades. Today you can state that what isn’t broken does not need mending and also we could not concur but we still dwell in an era of visible interactivity and also at least a visible overhaul would be wonderful to have notably if we observe many television suppliers have improved inside this respect. AV receivers sense as they have now been stuck before. However, whilst menus and possibilities look old fashioned what are properly arranged and no problem to get. If that can be the very first AV receiver it may possibly have a little while to receive your bearings but should you have somewhat of an encounter you’ll locate everything comparatively rapidly.

1 factor we must state is the way sexy the Marantz SR6014 runs. This item can acquire bloody alluring towards the purpose we’re scared something could lighten indoors therefore that you have to guarantee the machine becomes enough venting if you want to have it at a closed cupboard or at a certain spacious cupboard. Make certain breathing distance will be sufficient all around it and also in the event that you may find some good cooling system it’s going to soon be preferable. Even Marantz implies you simply use the available E CO feature which produces the machine modulate it has power which may reduce the total temperatures as well as also little.

This machine arrives fully packaged as it regards connectivity features whilst the receiver includes integral wi fi with double ring (2.4GHz/5GHz) capacities in addition to blue tooth. In the event, you would rather a wired relationship due to poor signal afterward an Ethernet jack is readily available however in our instance that the wireless relationship was good and also we did not encounter any issues.

Having these connectivity selections implies the Marantz SR6014 includes strong loading capacities since it may flow audio possibly out of the NAS driveway that’s linked to the community network or by a number of many internet streaming companies available offering internet-radio, Spotify, Amazon primary Music, Napster, Pandora, Sirius-XM, Tidal along with Deezer.

But the internet really isn’t the only real streaming alternatives you can purchase since you might also make use of the front USB interface and flow audio by the connected outside memory. Together with blue tooth additionally available you are able to stream music by a smartphone or even tablet computer while the receiver additionally supports Apple’s air-play for streaming audio in Apple units. Lots of alternatives available which greatly raises the worthiness of this machine.


Multi-room capacities may also be strong within that 1 because we now get precisely the HEOS multi-room audio technology which allows you to join with the receiver together with HEOS empowered wireless speakers about your residence. Furthermore, you have the choice to utilize Airplay 2 which’s an identical technology produced by Apple, and certainly will utilize it along with Airplay 2 empowered gears.

Even though 2 3 years past voice control options had been rather limited this indicates that slowly and gradually it will become conventional to encourage most of the significant solutions available. It follows this year we now receive aid for both equally Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant but in addition Apple Siri along with wise property Voice Automation. Needless to say, you’re going to demand an Amazon Echo or even Google property to allow all these products and services to get the job done but in the event that you chance to have these subsequently your distance may be a thing in the last because possible are able to have entire hands control within your receiver.

Still another attribute that appeared annually also proceeds in that 1 is that the addition of distant system tracking and direction throughout the Domotz Guru and IHIJI programs. These enable one to track the machine while still being connected and trouble-shoot to the move out of another spot which is often quite convenient in sure conditions.

Last but most certainly not least it ought to be noted the Marantz SR6014 can be an I Max Increased product or service but we don’t have an obvious idea this is going to be out of the user point of opinion since I-Max Improved content continues to be not commercially available during the right time of producing that review. However, having this postage definitely prospective evidence it to if articles have been published which will be to get sure that the incentive.

And that finishes that this region of the review so when you are able to observe that this receiver presents a great number of features and operation you will be difficult to uncover something overlooking rendering it well suited for practically any user.

Final Thoughts

We have claimed something similar inside our prior SR60XX version reviews and we’ll say exactly the exact same this past year. Even the SR6014 can be a remarkable unit that handles to supply therefore much even though the purchase price sounds a little high in comparison to other manufacturing companies. To begin with when in regards to design and quality an additional 12 months Marantz will be having the most effective potential audio parts which will lead to the most effective potential acoustic outcome. If it regards purposes and features the machine fundamentally is very similar for that which we have annually but includes several extras which might or might well not be crucial for your requirements personally.

Even the Marantz SR6014 provides stunning performance, it supports all famous audio monitors in addition to up-mixing and digital technologies using Dolby Atmos peak Virtualization function as a brand new characteristic we see within this fresh launch. HDMI performance continues to be enriched with the Accession of HDMI Multiple-input Assign along with HDMI Car Input Re-name features but in Addition from the addition of HDMI Car Low-latency Mode (ALLM).

Everything remains exactly the same such as exemplary flowing and multi-room capacities with HEOS and also air-play two and the addition of some myriad fresh and heritage interfaces which are ample for all types of installation. Controls comprise the complete package presenting the distant, program, and most of the famous audio controller services whereas the set of contained extras moves on with features such as bump ability, material up-scaling, E CO functionality, and also the I Max Improved postage.

The drawbacks also keep on being exactly the exact same even as we’d like to observe a back-light allowed remote as the purchase price is somewhat on the top side especially in the event that you choose your rivalry to consideration that provides much reduce prices within the particular segment.

Finally, we’ll let you know. If you’re an operator of all those prior to the latest SR60XX collection afterward updating with you will not make much sense unless of course you of these brand new features tremendously pursuits one. However, another hand in the event that you’re checking to invest in a fresh receiver subsequently your Marantz SR6014 can be a remarkable section of audio tools and though you might have to pay a top price because of this we’d purchase that 1 with closed eyes every moment; point. Our high advice for this incredible item.

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